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Judd Trump v John Higgins as it happened


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By Jonathan Stevenson

2232: Kate and Wills, QPR, Ted Lowe, Sir Henry, Alec Weeks, Osama and Obama, Norwich, Higgins and Trump - ladies and gentlemen, you've just witnessed the most memorable Bank Holiday weekend of them all. I've been Jonathan Stevenson, and this has been a most delightful pleasure. Sweet dreams.

From SnookerUSA on Twitter: "Congratulations to John Higgins for his amazing performance in winning his fourth World Snooker Championship title!"

From Sean in Swanage, Dorset, on text: "I think snooker has definitely found its next star. Judd played amazing and his long pots were unbelievable!! I was supporting him all the way but John also picked his game up dramatically. Probably the best final I have seen for a long time. I am sure Judd will go far and I look forward to next year's championship! Well played to both players."

From footballer Wayne Rooney on Twitter: "Higgins. What a legend. The last two years he has had. He is an inspiration to us all. Well done. Truly happy for him."

2221: In case you missed it, the final score was Higgins 18-15 Trump. I'm still trying to work out how Higgo won that last frame. Maybe Trump's next tweet will make sense of it.

From footballer Michael Owen on Twitter: "What a snooker final. In fact, what a tournament. Glad to hear snooker is making great strides next year to get back in the big time."

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden at the Crucible: "Can you believe that? Everybody was writing off Higgins. Anybody who's watched this boy over the last 17 days will know Higgins would not have given up until the final ball. Brilliant. And four world crowns. Three behind Hendry. Thank you Sheffield."

From Chris, on text: "John Higgins disagrees with you there, Russell. I hope you understand when I tell you that I'll take his opinion over yours."

2214: The previously pristine baize is now covered in ticker-tape, it's like the 1978 World Cup all over again. John Higgins holds the World Championship trophy aloft for the fourth time as the photographers get their pictures for the morning papers. And us, obviously.

BBC Sport pundit Steve Davis: "Only John Higgins could have beaten Judd Trump today. I think John Higgins is the best snooker player I've ever seen in my life."

From snooker legend Jimmy White on Twitter: "Fair play. Well done to John Higgins and well played to Judd Trump - the start of a new major star... Got to congratulate John and his family especially with the loss of his father! I hope he dedicates it to him! God bless John Higgins senior."

2209: John Higgins's dad passed away in February. The world champion is in tears in Sheffield. Incredible scenes at the end of a quite exceptional tournament.

World champion John Higgins: "I've got to disagree with Judd there, I thought he was the better player in the final. Judd Trump was playing a brand of snooker that I've never seen before in my life. We've got our new sensation of the game, which is great."

Judd Trump: "To get to the final was a good achievement. John played the better snooker over the two days and he deserved to win it. The support has been unbelievable. Seventeen days ago I was no-one, and the fanbase I've created is incredible. Obviously it wasn't enough, but I'll come back next year."

2205: Amazing. What a last frame that was. Higgins needed a snooker and got it, I don't think Trump can believe what has just happened.


2203: Higgins has doubled the pink!! That's pretty much it. He needs black to win the tournament.

2201: High drama. Higgins needs a snooker, and he's trapped Trump right behind the black with only pink and black left. Trump's missed, this is unbelievable.

From Russell, on text: "You probably won't publish this as it's not pro-Trump, but he's anti-snooker. He's a glorified pool player going for every shot without a thought for positioning. It's just thump thump thump in the hope the balls go in. Comparisons to O'Sullivan are an insult given his cue control. Unsurprisingly I'm very much in Higgins' camp."

2157: A cannon on a red seems to have prevented Higgins from clearing up - but he still goes for it, trying to play a cut red into the middle pocket and not getting it close. Trump then rams the red into the top left-hand corner, but we're back to safety. You could cut the tension with a knife.

2155: Higgins is in, here. He's 60-22 down, but my word he's got half a chance you know.

2153: Trump's just made a break of 36 and missed the most routine pink you'll ever see. That's an absolute sickener for the Bristol lad. What can Higgins do - balls are now brilliantly placed.

2152: Trump's in the balls, Norwich have just been promoted to the Premier League and people keep texting me to ask why I'm covering snooker. Maverick end to one of the great Bank Holiday weekends of all time, I reckon.

BBC Sport commentator John Virgo: "No easy shots now, he can't afford to make any more mistakes."

2149: The balls are spread and Higgins is tight in behind the yellow. He's fouled and missed three times. Trump's now in amongst them. What a chance this is to pull one back.

From Neal Foulds on Twitter: "Steve Davis spot-on as ever. Higgins cue ball control the difference between these two."

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden at the Crucible: "16-16 or 17-15? How gargantuan was that frame? A long pink seals it. 17-15. Has there even been a player stuck in his chair, on the ropes, needing three frames in a row to win the World Champs, and still smiling like he's won a day out at the Crucible and loving just being there. Brilliant."

2144: After a break of 11, Trump misses a blue, but the white lands safe - my word he's a lucky, lucky boy. But how lucky?

2143: Trump will probably have to go for everything now. Oh, hang on... Anyway, he nails his customary long-range red, but he cannot afford to let Higgins in once now because it could be game over if he does.

BBC Sport pundit John Parrott: "That brown is why John Higgins is the champion he is. To get to that point he was absolutely fantastic - the balls were in a horrible position for a lot of that break. The determination in his matchplay is incredible, John Higgins. He should've lost twice in this tournament already. He's the archetypal match player."

Higgins 17-15 Trump
That was top-notch break-building from John Higgins, with a twist. With frame ball in sight he misses a brown with the rest along the right-hand side cushion. He redeems himself by snookering Trump and the youngster misses his first attempt before hitting with his second - but he's given Higgins a 50-50 shot and he nails the brown. Higgins then misses the blue and Trump only needs one snooker, but he can't get it. Higgins is one frame away from his fourth World Championship crown.

2136: It's too tense. Higgins is leading the frame, Trump needs a snooker, but no-one's giving an inch out there.

From Ann Kittenplan on text: "Trump's potting outstanding but too often it needs to be to salvage stray position."

2130: Cor blimey that was class. Higgins plays the cutest of all shots to get the black away from a brace of reds towards the bottom right-hand pocket and then a fabulous positional shot on a red up towards the baulk end - he's gone ahead in the frame and it's his to lose now.

2125: Forget that - Trump plays an outrageous pot into the bottom-left pocket and he's got another chance to win the frame. "Has anyone told Judd he's playing in the World Championship final?" asks Dennis Taylor. They might have just done, because Trump misses a very gettable red and now Higgins can really turn the screw.

2123: I don't think any footballer has ever had a long-shot success rate like our Judd. He's in the balls again after that sizzler, but a stray pink ends the break at 33 and we're back to safety time.

From chris_webster on Twitter: "This snooker is amazing. Judd Trump has got an unbelievable long shot on him. He's snooker's answer to John Arne Riise."

2120: Judd Trump must hate the colour red - he fairly demolishes another one down the right-hand side into the corner pocket, it'd be a screamer to anyone else, but that's just how Trump rolls. The boy's got a bit of genius about him, you'd have to say.

BBC Sport commentator Dennis Taylor: "This is one of the best World Championships we have had for many, many years. Regardless of who wins it."

Higgins 16-15 Trump
Have some of that, naysayers - that is a performance of sheer brilliance from Judd Trump. He slams in a glittering 70 and he then out-foxes the wily Higgins, who was trying to get back into it by snookering him. Trump's pulled the deficit back to one. Cojones.

2112: Who'd have thought Trump would enjoy drinking in the last-chance saloon? Everyone, clearly - have you seen this boy play? He's briskly made 50 and the snooker world remains on tenterhooks.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden at the Crucible: "My nerves are shredded. I can't even spell the word COURGETTE in my tweets. That's what it means to me. My fingers are quivering, my brow is moist + I'm eating jammy dodgers just to keep my hands busy. Ridiculous. Higgins needs two. The Trumpster needs four. If ever there's a time for the spiky-haired Bristol boy to waggle his wand it's now. Higgins super-cool."

2109: Super ball control from Higgins, who has notched up a break of 46 and is right in the middle of the reds after crashing into the pack via the blue. But no!! He misses a long red to the baulk end and Trump is back at the table. Huge moment.

From Amie, Duncan Moris' fianceé, on text: "Re: Duncan Moris: it's nice to know your rock and roll lifestyle stretches to following snooker online but not texting your fianceé who you haven't seen in nearly a week. BIG TROUBLE MISTER! At least I get to watch the snooker without your extra running commentary though!"

2106: Ouch. Judd goes for broke at the start of frame 31 and after missing by a whisker he gets a double kiss, leaving Higgins at the business end surrounded by a few easy reds to get himself going.

BBC Sport pundit John Parrott: "John has lasted the distance before. The frame before, when Judd lost it after being 50 ahead, was absolutely crucial. He's got to win this frame for me."

From snooker legend Jimmy White on Twitter: "At 16-14 is it over?? A must-win next frame for me for Judd Trump I feel... That was such a massive frame. 15-15 so so so so different."

Higgins 16-14 Trump
Higgins nails a mid-range yellow, tougher because of the pressure on it, super pot that from the three-time champion. He plays a fine shot on the green to bring the brown back off the cushion, but it's not pot-able and he plays safe again. Trump tries an audacious cut on the brown, so close, wriggles in and out of the pocket and Higgins cleans up, he's got a two-frame lead now. Brutal for the young man.

2059: The Wizard of Wishaw looks in complete control of the frame, but he dramatically under-hits the blue - to oohs and aahs from the crowd - and he's in no position on the yellow. He plays safe, and this one is still in the melting pot.

2056: Higgins garnering points, keeping his cool, he's now gone ahead of Trump in the frame, but couple of super tricky balls left before he wins the frame. Crucial moments at the Crucible.

2053: Just when it seems like Trump's running out of luck, he attempts to play a cannon, misses, and watches on with glee as one of the reds rolls all the way down the table into the top right-hand side pocket. But no!! Trump's black ball then refuses to go in after wiping it's feet on the same pocket and now Higgins is in the balls.

From michaelibowers on Twitter: "EPIC final, margins of error so tight on almost every shot. Brilliant."

2049: Trump knocks in a 31 but he's running out of position for the last three or four shots and eventually cuts his losses and plays a decent safety. We're back in exchange mode - whose currency is worth more?

From Kris in Crete, on text: "Just finished a four-course meal in Crete in record time. Feel so full I'm ill. Now to find a bar showing the final, reads thrilling so far."

2044: Higgins misses a red to the left middle pocket, was a perilously difficult shot, but now Trump's got a decent chance of winning the frame in one visit. How are those so far non-existent 21-year-old nerves?

2043: Deadlock, for the moment. Trump keeps playing the ball from the bottom cushion into the reds, and Higgins is playing them back to where they came from. A change is as good as a rest, but it probably won't last for long.

From snooker legend Jimmy White to Judd Trump on Twitter: "Go on son well done. Lap it up, great experience! You've done yourself proud!"

2039: Trump gets a bit straight on a red and tries to ram it down the pocket. He's hit it too hard and it jumps out of the pocket, but he hasn't set Higgins up so we're back to more safety.

2037: Ah, a safety exchange - I remember these. Trump tries a cheeky cannon, it doesn't come off but they're both playing sensibly from the baulk end, until Trump thumps home a quite ludicrous red that wasn't a million miles away from the left-hand cushion. Wonderkid.

2034: Two minutes after tweeting, Judd Trump gets us back under way at the Crucible. Now if that isn't rock and roll snooker, I don't know what is.

From Judd Trump on Twitter: "Win or lose what a atmosphere!!"

Snooker legend Ray Reardon: "It's wonderful, very exciting, great to see new blood and Judd Trump pots balls from all over the place, it's fantastic. Good luck to both players, I'm going to enjoy this very much."

From BEZERS on Twitter: "Can Judd Trump do for snooker what Happy Gilmore did for golf?"

From Duncan Moris, on text: "I'm missing the final for the third year running due to travelling back from playing at the Derry Jazz Festival. Managed to catch the final two frames last year and I'm hoping nerves will set in and they'll miss some balls so I can see the end!"

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden at the Crucible: "A small emergency kit required to survive the next two hours. A small towel for sweaty palms, headache pills + a needle and thread to sew up the hole in my jeans. Sorry mum but I was too excited leaving the hotel and stuck my foot through the denim. Shocking. What a four frames though. Have we run out of words to describe Higgins? Gritty, dogged, battling... just amazing. Trump far from out of it. Another MASSIVE frame coming up. The Crucible and planet Earth being treated to a feast of Bank Holiday baize drama that would give the most hardy eater indigestion. Stunning. Feel stunned? Strap yourself in folks. This ain't over yet."

2022: Oh, and if you weren't lucky enough to watch the players' entrance at the Crucible tonight, it's on our website for you to have a good look at now. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

2019: Confession: I've never done a snooker commentary before. But this is seriously addictive, I'm gutted they've gone in for a 15-20-minute break. Chance, then, for you to have your say - either send us a text to 81111, tweet me @Stevo_football or tweet the hashtag #bbcsnooker. If it's good enough for Stephen Fry, surely it's good enough for you and me?

BBC Sport pundit Steve Davis: "Ronnie O'Sullivan is a genius at the snooker table, but I have to say this guy Judd Trump is making my jaw drop more than anyone I have ever seen."

BBC Sport pundit John Parrott: "I think Judd can feel pretty hard done by in that frame to be honest - he's been totally robbed after that positional shot on the red."

Higgins 15-14 Trump
Trump gets out of the snooker, but he leaves Higgins right in amongst them - and that spells danger. D.A.N.G.E.R. A break of 44 ends when he jaws a tricky red playing with the rest and Trump replies by coolly slotting in that pesky red before missing a relatively routine black. Higgins digs deep to bag the frame, taking on and potting a super brown along the cushion. Mid-session interval. Toilet break for everyone.

From SMOKEYFORMBY on Twitter: "This is great snooker, and what a climax to come! Looks like the atmosphere in the Crucible is something else!"

From Barlow in Durham, on text: "I could watch Trump play all day and not get bored. I've never seen anyone pot the balls like him. Come on Judd."

2003: Super break of 42 from Judd Trump but he is desperately unlucky not to be on a colour after splitting up the reds. He takes his time - more than two minutes, would you believe? - and plays a safety shot, but Higgins replies with a crackerjack and now Trump's trapped behind the green. I'm peering through a hole in my fingers, it's too tense.

1958: Trumpo clatters in another dazzling long red and then traps Higgins tight behind the green. Higgins misses twice and then, when he eventually hits a red, he leaves Trump in and amongst the balls. Chance for the 21-year-old to re-take the lead. Meanwhile, there's a new Pulse question for you - who will win tonight's epic final? I'm going Trump 18-17.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden at the Crucible: "Higgins spent a lot of last night heading for toilet stops in between frames. It's now Judd's turn. Perhaps it's time for a tweet Judd? 14-14. It's now a best-of-seven match. Drama with a capital Deeeeee. Is it only me with sweaty palms?"

From YorkyFozz on Twitter: "Oh well, my Mrs won't be getting much sense out me this evening. No change there then. Frame 35 here we come."

1952: If there's one person more excited than me, it's got to be the one and only Mark Ashenden - our man in Sheffield. Trust me, he'll have spent the afternoon interval jumping up and down screaming "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" if I know him. Get involved with his tweets and you'll see what I mean. Snooker loopy, our Ash.

Higgins 14-14 Trump
Fabulous tension. Higgins misses a red to the right side pocket and Trump responds with a belting red at the baulk end of the table. Trump then misses a black and Higgo keeps his cool superbly, couple of difficult reds and a brown to the left middle pocket in particular showing his temperament. But Higgins then forces the issue with a black and sends both balls jumping into the air. Trump doesn't let him back on, showcasing his own maturity to hit a break of 35 and level it up. You feeling OK?

James from Canford, on text: "I hope Higgins starts to get a little more praise over the next few frames. He's in the lead yet everyone still can't stop talking about Judd - although fair enough to Trump, he is playing exceptionally well for someone of his age."

1941: Might as well copy and paste this sentence: Judd Trump gets his chance first with a (yawn) long red. But this time he doesn't have the position to carry on and John Higgins responds with a cracking long-ranger of his own. Lots to do still for the Scot, though.

From olivercross on Twitter: "I haven't seen cueing like this since the last general election."

BBC Sport pundit John Parrott: "That black was a brilliant shot in the circumstances, having watched Higgins win frame after frame after frame. The intro earlier was unbelievable, the two players were totally blown away - Judd couldn't stop laughing when he was trying to break off!"

Higgins 14-13 Trump
Nerves of steel, this 21-year-old Bristolian. The balls are spread when he gets to the table, but that wasn't easy - and a brilliantly executed shot on the black enables him to make a break of 41 and wrap the frame up. He's put an end to Higgins' run - just a frame in it. Whoosh.

From David Crighton in Edinburgh, on text: "Most anticipated final in years. Let's hope it goes down to wire. The real winner tonight will be the game itself."

1931: Shocker for the young man. Judd Trump gets down to business with another sizzling long red but after a break of 29 he runs out of position and has to play a safety shot on the green. Higgins misses with two attempted safety shots, though, and Trump is in the balls again...

From Fpickthall on Twitter: "Judd needs the next frame otherwise he's finished."

BBC Sport pundit Steve Davis: "From this position, I think John smells blood. That was the monster of John Higgins, winning that frame in one visit."

A celeb has been spotted
Higgins 14-12 Trump
Hammer blow for the young man - looked like he might get away with the white going in, but Higgins makes him pay in typically clinical fashion with a flawless break of 62 (even with some clown's phone ringing twice). Meanwhile, umpiring legend Dickie Bird is spotted in the crowd, which gives me opportunity to crash out my celebrity graphic. Snooker = showbiz. Higgins has now bagged five in a row.

From Jack, on text: "Stevo, I'm stuck on a train from Plymouth to Cardiff, so I'm gonna miss a good three hours of the juddernaught! Please keep me informed of every ridiculously outrageous long pot. Cheers."

1917: Break of 38 for Trump before he pots the white - there doesn't seem to be anything on, but Higgins plays a stunning shot to nothing and he's in the balls now, the Scot.

From snooker legend Jimmy White on Twitter: "What an atmosphere! Snooker is well and truly back! Good luck to both lads! And well done to Barry Hearn! No coincidence... Happy for both to win as great lads but am rooting for Judd being his first time and so entertaining, he's just got to keep it together."

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden at the Crucible: "I've had to wolf down a whole chicken breast and a large slice of chocolate cake in six minutes to be ready for this. My gut is killing is me. Perhaps it's just nerves. This first frame is blinking massive. The spiky-haired Trump was eight when John Higgins won his first world title. He's leading in most of the stats in the first three sessions but he's down 13-12 to the three-time champ. My insiders saw Trump chomping on pasta an hour ago looking cheery. Don't worry about his attitude but can he stop the rampaging Higginator? Have a great night."

1911: Judd Trump breaks off in frame 26 and it takes the crowd a little while to settle down. Trump settles down, though - he rifles in a long red to get the session off to a truly memorable start for every possible reason.

BBC Sport commentator Willie Thorne: "I've never had tears in my eyes on walk-ons before - that is the best atmosphere I have ever heard at the Crucible, truly incredible. Judd Trump knows what it's like to be a pop star, seriously, that was amazing."

1909: Wow. The wonderful Rob Walker gets the Crucible crowd on their feet even before the players get into the arena, and the ovation for Judd Trump is truly astonishing. John Higgins gets a pretty decent hand too - this isn't snooker as I remember it, I can tell you. Fabulous.

From RoeDent on Twitter: "There is nothing like final night at the Crucible. One of the great nights of the sporting calendar."

1905: Hazel Irvine introduces coverage on BBC Two holding the World Championship trophy aloft. Only one other human being will have that honour this evening - either John Higgins or Judd Trump. Gonna need to know where your money's heading, very much so.

1902: We are under way on BBC Two, if you were in any doubt as to where you could watch tonight's proceedings. The theme tune, the setting, the majesty of it all... when sport and music collide, there's nothing quite like it. May, Bank Holiday Monday - it's world snooker final o'clock.

1900: And this is where you come in. I'm Jonathan Stevenson and I'll be your guide throughout the beautifully poised evening session. You can finish the Bank Holiday weekend in a baize of glory by tweeting me @Stevo_football or tweeting with the hashtag #bbcsnooker. Get the texts in to 81111 to boot. Cue you.

1856: You don't have to be a snooker expert to appreciate that this is sporting theatre at its absolute best. Three-time champion John Higgins, a 35-year-old Scot who arguably knows drama better than any cue exponent in history, up against new kid on the block Judd Trump - the all-singing*, all-dancing**, all-Tweeting future of the sport. So where are we? Higgins 13-12 Trump. Trump had led 10-7. Settle down, for a Crucible classic awaits.
* I've never heard him sing
** I've never seen him dance

1850: Dramatic conclusion to a thrilling World Championship snooker final as a suitable conclusion to one of the finest tournaments in recent memory, anyone?

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