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World Snooker final as it happened

Neil Robertson wins the 2010 World Snooker Championship
Robertson becomes the first Australian champion at the Crucible

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By Saj Chowdhury

0113: So what can I say? It wasn't a classic, but it was tense, gritty and, towards the end, pulsating. Neil Robertson becomes the first champion from outside the British Isles since Canada's Cliff Thorburn in 1980. In what has been a difficult Bank Holiday weekend for snooker it's nice to see a little ray of Aussie sunshine grace the sport. Thank you for reading.

0112: The official finish time for the match was 0054 BST - so that equals the latest ever finish to a final, which was the 2007 match between John Higgins and Mark Selby. So there you go.

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Ian, Leicester via text on 81111: "Well done Robbo... Unlucky Saj on missing out on longest text story by a minute."
Ben Dirs still holds that record - who'd have thought that an hour ago.

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Will, Melbourne via text on +44 7786200666: "They'll be a big party in Melbourne tonight! Them love their sport here will."
You enjoy and spread the snooker love.

0100: Robertson moves up to world number two - nudging past Ronnie O'Sullivan.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Robbo: 'It's incredible. If this doesn't do anything in Australia, then I'll stop being an Australian' Men at Work boom out at the Crucible."

Robertson 18-13 Dott
A brilliant, brilliant frame from Robertson. The best he played in the last two sessions. A 40-point lead followed by a 53 break after Dott's unfortunate kiss early on in the frame. Once he knew it was game over, there was the fist salute, his mother rose from her seat and cheers erupted. A magnificent win for the Thunder from Down Under. The first Australian world champion at the Crucible.

Champagne moment

0051: Australia's first Crucible world snooker champion? Robbo's potting beautifully - arm's relaxed. Lots of cheers. He's there. His mum's up off her seat.

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Richard, Caracas via text on +44 7786200666: "How much is the prize money for the winner?"
It's £250,000 for the winner - I believe if Robbo wins then that should pay for his mum's airfare.

0047: Robbo's in the balls and potting well - very reminiscent of Higgins on his way to beating Selby. He has a 40 point-lead before the cueball ends up tight among the pack of reds. Break over.

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GJS, NSW via text on +44 7786200666: "I'm a Brit working in Sydney. Tuesday morning here. None of my Aussie colleagues know who Robbo is! Poor show - he's doing them proud"
They'll know about him before the day's out over there.

Robertson 17-13 Dott
Robbo needs one more. A very good 36 from the Aussie breaks down when he misses the blue. Dotty is in but cannot get going. Plenty of nerves as both players seek to play another safety game but it's Robbo who seals it with a final red. Dotty stays seated then leaves the arena priot to what could be the final frame.

Steve Davis on BBC Two: "I think the standard would be better if the final sessions began at midday and 6pm."

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GJS, NSW via text on +44 7786200666: "Thanks for the updates. I am at work here in NSW, Aust. and its the only way I can follow the game. Come on Aussie!!"
I hear that they're showing it live in OZ now

0027: You can always dig out some comedy in tough times. Dotty plays a shot to nothing which splits the reds. Three of the reds tease the jaws of the pocket, but Dotty's out of luck. The 2006 champion finds something to smile about despite his poor luck.

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Colin via text on 81111: "Keep up the good work Saj. Working night shift this is passing the time well "
Cheers Colin. This is for you night-shift workers.

Robertson 16-13 Dott
The longest frame of the match - 47 minutes. Although it went on a bit, there wasn't a massive amount to talk about. A 39 from Robbo set him on his way before the now almost inevitable breakdown. Players became engrossed in a safety tussle with four reds. Robbo put them away one at a time before finally seeing off Dotty, who could have come back to the table needing snookers. He refused.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Right. Who's still up and wavering? We can do this together. Who's got the most important thing to do in the morning? I need to know."

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Fraser via text on 81111: "Hi Saj, was just wondering what is the latest time they can play to, or will they play all night??."
As far as I know, it will go on until it reaches its conclusion.

0006: Frame 29 update - Robertson 46-9 Dott. Lot of safety play. Four of the five remaining reds clustered near the bottom - black tight against the left cushion and the pink tied up among the reds.

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Maria, St Albans via text on 81111: "This final is providing me with the perfect excuse to stay up late on a college night. It's riveting! (Not just because Neil Robertson is total eye candy !)"
So people still use "eye candy". I'm not as out-of-touch as I thought.

2359: By the way thanks for all your texts - sorry I can't use them all. They have kept me thoroughly entertained. To quote Jacko again, "it's close to midnight".

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Ian, Bedford via text on 81111: "Before this tournament I was not a Graeme Dott fan at all, the opposite in fact, but the sheer character, grit and determination he has shown over the past two weeks has really won me over."

2350: Regarding me laying claim to possibly the longest text commentary of one single sporting event. Yes, the cricket and golf run what I meant was the longest text commentary of any single sporting event involving snooker balls.

2346: Robbo with a 35 in frame 29, but both pink and black are tied up now. Safety played by the Aussie.

Text in your views on 81111
Lal, via text on 81111: "Just convinced my mum to let me have the day off so I can watch the snooker. Please show this!
Now I don't condone truancy, but...

2342: Frame 29 update - Robbo looks good. Reds split, although he only has the pink to play with because the black is tied up.

2338: Here's another stat for you lovely lot. If this goes past 0054 BST it will have been the longest text commentary of any one single sporting contest. So at least, I'll go home with something.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Robbo still without a century in this match. Did you know, if Robbo wins his world ranking will rise to number two?"

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John, London, via text on 81111: "Just got back from an awesome Iggy Pop gig at Hammersmith and the snooker's still on! Bonus!
One texter at Courtney Love, another at Iggy Pop - both back home to watch the snooker. Now that is rock n' roll.

Text in your views on 81111
Jasper, via text on 81111: "I have loved the coverage this year but would like to see more different camera angles. Like directly above the table to see the angles they hit the balls"
I'm a big fan of that new angle too. Love them to put a camera in the cueball - that'd be freaky.

Robertson 15-13 Dott
It's Dott's turn to steal. Well, sort of steal. Robbo attempts to cut the black into bottom left with two more reds left. The Aussie set to go 16-13 up? No. He misses and Dott takes his chance brilliantly.

2309: Sorry 606ers. The messageboards have shut down for the night. Thanks for all your postings over the last two days and during the championship. As a treat for all your hard work, click here to watch the highlights from the fortnight-and-a-bit.

Robertson 15-12 Dott
A 45-minute frame. Shall I summarise each visit to the table? No. Midway into the frame there was a long moment when more than 20 shots had been played without a ball potted. Eventually it came down to Dott needing 17 from 22. But no luck for the Scot. Robbo pots a pink, which has been his nemesis all match, along the top cushion. Massive cheer from Robbo. That meant a lot.

2255: It's the longest frame of the match so far. Coming up to 40 minutes. A lot of the frames have been 20 minutes-plus.

2247: A very audible shriek of "yes" from a member of the Crucible crowd after Robbo pots a red in the 27th frame. Agony over.

2247: Twenty-one shots since the last pot - Robertson 37-40 Dott with two reds lefts on the table.

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CJ, Glasgow, via text on 81111: "I am at a Courtney Love gig in Glasgow and following the match online...hopefully they will still be at the table when I get home...come on Dott!..."
They will be.

2241: Another late-finish stat alert. The latest finish to a Crucible final was in 2007 (I was there and have the imaginary T-shirt) when Selby v Higgins went on until 1254 am. Only 31 frames were played. Imagine if it had gone the distance?

2237: Late-finish stat alert. The latest finish for a match (second round) at the Crucible was 3.51am for Cliff Thorburn v Terry Griffiths in 1983. That is surely under threat tonight. Thanks to my colleague Bryn for that. He'll be staying with me until the bitter end.

2228: Frame 27 update. Almost every ball appears to be rattling the jaws of the pocket before dropping - or they're missing by a country mile. Nerves have set in. Tiredness too. First person to get second wind wins. Dott has a 24-10 point lead but Robbo's in the balls.

2216: They're back out. The final session. Robertson 14-12 Dott. Frame 27. Neil Robertson to break.

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Peter, Swindon, via text on 81111: "I can't believe that there hasn't been a 147 yet in this year's championship! I hope that either Neil or Graeme can produce one for the crowd."
I know judging by tonight's snooks it's unlikely, but stranger things have happened - I think.

Get involved on 606
Frank on 606: "Saj are you staying on with the live updates after 11?"
Yes. Oh yes.

2201: OK. This may help ease the pain a little. I remember that the finals between Ebdon and Dott and Selby and Higgins both speeded up after the final mid-session. Most of us in the Crucible press room thought both matches were going to finish at 'very silly o'clock' whereas they actually finished at 'silly o'clock'. There is hope.

Robertson 14-12 Dott
Another long one. Unsurprisingly, it was the case of one of the players making a decent-sized break before breaking down before potting the frame-winning ball. This time it was Robbo. He put 55 on the board before nudging that up to 62. But with Dotty needing just one more snooker, the frame was far from over. The Scot, however, could not do what the Aussie had done to him in earlier sessions. A long red into the bottom right seals the frame for Robbo. It's the mid-session. Breather time.

Get involved on 606
ronaldoforthewin on 606: "The snooker when they get in has been terrible for a final....."

2146: Guess what? Dotty needs a snooker with 62 on the board for Robbo. Here we go again.

2138: On to frame 26, Robbo makes 55 then makes a mistake in trying to get a position on black after potting the wrong red. The nervous 50s again.

Text in your views on 81111
Adele, Vancouver, via text on +44 7786200666: "I'm following the final online at work in Vancouver - so tense I can hardly concentrate! I miss going to watch in person at the Crucible but glad i can still keep in touch with what's happening live!"
If the Grinder read this, he'd be smiling

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Dott takes the next. I mentioned the teabags. It's now time for the slippers. It's 13-12 to Robbo. The final rumbles on."

Robertson 13-12 Dott
BBC commentator Willie Thorne's calling it "tough matchplay snooker" - you can come up with your own description of it. Gritty and tense is certainly what is it. Robbo begins with fluked red and looks set to make a decent score. But Dott is back in with a 57. Again he fails to pot the final red to secure the frame. Safety battle commences with Robbo needing a snooker - how often have we said that? Dott seals the frame.

2123: By the way 606 folk. I don't think you'll be able to post any more messages after 2300 BST. Sorry. Just to give you a warning. We'll probably still be on frame 25.

Text in your views on 81111
Jay, Nottingham, via text on 81111: "Of all nights I choose tonight to lock myself out of the house. You're my life line to the final Saj"
I can't promise internet text writing will protect you from the elements but glad you're getting some joy in these testing times.

2115: Still on frame 25. The Dynamo from Larkhall is putting together a decent break. Set to reduce the deficit again?

Get involved on 606
Steveo77 on 606: "Why did the afternoon session start at 3pm???? They were never going to complete all eight frames."

2102: We're in frame 25 now. Extraordinary fluke from Robbo - JV would have been proud of that trick shot. Sorry, I had another Big Break flashback.

2059: BBC commentator Willie Thorne believes Robbo and Mark Williams are the greatest single potters he has ever seen. When Shaun Murphy came on the scene he was pretty useful with the long pots.

Robertson 13-11 Dott
Robbo's got his two-frame gap again. Again, he still hasn't hit his fluent best. Dotty was handed two chances to take the frame but didn't take advantage. A 55 from the Aussie seals it. Neither player has got a grip of the match. Robbo needs five to win.

2046: Robbo's in among the balls and has a 36-13 lead. Will he regain his two-frame advantage?

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, via text on 81111: "Got to choose between revising for 1st year exams in 4 weeks.... Or watch the snooker for 4 hours. What to do?"
Four hours?!! You should be so lucky.

A celeb has been spotted
2038: The first celebrity spot - former cricket umpire Dickie Bird. That's an excuse to use the accompanying graphic. I interviewed Dickie about eight years ago in the Question of Sport Green Room in Manchester. Nice man. Lot of chat.

Robertson 12-11 Dott The fact the highest break in that frame was 36 says it all. Tense and scrappy. Aussie Robbo fires in a long red with some pace. But he can't build on it. Dotty's in the balls but gets a kick when he pots the green. The Scot then plays a brilliant two-ball plant but fails to find a route to the black. Dotty makes 36 and has a 65-12 lead. Robbo needs a snooker - we've been there before haven't we? But he fails to make anything of his chance. Dotty gets the points he requires - that's another frame for him. Remember 2006? The Dynamo knows how to finish.

2027: I might as well ask you guys to post your time of when you think the match will finish on 606 . Amuse yourselves. The winner will get a cyber pat on the back from me. Worth its weight in cyber gold.

Get involved on 606
U7653824 on 606: "The average frame time has been 35 minutes. If it goes the length that's about 3am it will finish. Looks like I'll be missing school tomorrow morning."
Teachers are cool about truancy these days.

2021: Dotty's built a small lead in frame 23 but has given away foul points after failing to clip a red in order to leave Robbo snookered behind the yellow at baulk.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "The boys are on the baize. Robbo leads 12-10 and we have a potential 13 frames. I said put the kettle on earlier. We'll buy some new tea bags."

2014: We haven't heard from the lad Ashenden - he was watching the earlier session and, shockingly, you're not allowed to tweet in the arena. What next? No phone calls?!! Anyway, he's back now.

2008: There's a chance to vote on the final on our PULSE application. Go and have a gander - it's pretty.

2006: BBC snooker presenter Hazel Irvine introduces the pair on stage. They look tense. Not surprising. Robertson breaks. Here we go. Strapped in?

2002: By the way, you may have noticed that I've got rid of the text from day one of the final. It was getting unwieldy and getting hard to save the new info I was typing. Techy chat, I won't bore you too much with. I'll put in back in here when all is said and done.

1959: Jeremy Paxman's about to say farewell to BBC Two and make way for the snooker. He'll be a busy man on Thursday. But that's then, this is now. It's Robertson 12-10 Dott. First man to 18 wins.

1950: Well, I've taken myself out of the wall socket - I'm showing five bars. Fully charged. This could be the latest ever finish for a final, then again it could end before 11pm. The beauty of snooks.

1942: Would just like to say there's 147 comments on the 606 snooker thread . A little thing that made me happy. What I'd pay to see a maximum tonight.


1824: I'm off for a recharge but will be back just before 2000 BST. See you then.

1818: Well, to my anonymous texter below and the thousands watching the coverage and reading this text marathon, be prepared to be bleary-eyed tomorrow. It's Robertson 12-10 Dott, with a possible 13 frames left to play.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, via text on 81111: (Refer to 606 comment below) "Dear Cheladian, I work on the doors at snooker and starting on the evening session... let's hope it's not 3am... "

1810: That's it for the third session. Dott's back just being two frames down, but he needs to make a good start tonight - he can't afford to continue to exchange frames with Aussie opponent. Robbo needs six, Dotty needs eight. The match resumes at 2000 BST.

Robertson 12-10 Dott We've waited 22 frames and eight hours but finally we've seen a century in the final. To quote Andy Gray, "take a bow son". The Scot finishes off the session in style with a 112. It's his eighth ton of the tournament.

1804: I reckon Pocket Dynamo's got the 22nd sewn up. Putting the reds away brilliantly. No reds on the cushion. Happy days for the Scot.

Get involved on 606
Rick on 606: "Aussie revolution 2010, Simon Whitlock makes PDC final, Robbo makes Crucible final... what's next, an Aussie in the badminton final, tell 'em they're dreaming."
I'm guessing that's said with tongue firmly in cheek?

1754: By the ways guys and gals, the 22nd frame will be the final one of the session. The final session will be the mother of all final sessions.

Robertson 12-9 Dott Better rhythm from the Thunder from Down Under. He slams down a decent break but then goes in-off after cutting a red. His wily Scottish opponent fails to take advantage and Robbo makes 51 to take the frame. He's six frames away from victory. Fact.

1743: Here's an update from frame 21. Robbo's made 38 and in the balls. He cuts a great red but he goes in-off. "Where's the cueball?" says Dennis Taylor. Standard.

Get involved on 606
cheladian on 606: "This match will go on till 3 in the morning if this continues and it goes 18-17"
Correct. I'm prepared though. Got my rations in.

1734: They're back. This is a massive session. Two frames still in it.

Robertson 11-9 Dott That was tough going. Dotty makes 52 and holds a 53-point lead. Robbo gets on the scoreboard before missing an easy pink - yup, the pink again. The Aussie then takes more than four minutes over a shot - four minutes!! Dotty gets back on the table but fails to see out the frame. He has a 66-31 lead with just the colours left - Robbo is gagging for snookers. Robbo tries in vain to leave Dotty in trouble. No luck. Dotty takes the yellow - tea time.

1715: Robbo needs snookers. He's 66-31 down with just the colours remaining.

1704: Apologies for my mathematical error below. I said that Robbo held a three-frame advantage for the first time in the match - in fact he was 8-5 up on Sunday. And yes, that is a three-frame advantage. Back to school Chowdhury.

1700: Robbo is taking more than four minutes to decide whether to play a shot or get Dotty to play the shot following the Scot's foul. Ironic round of applause from Dotty when Robbo finally decides. That was not a champagne moment for Robbo. Even JV in the BBC commentary box was getting agitated.

Text in your views on 81111
Mick, Greenock, via text on 81111: "Thanks to the BBC for this text coverage. Stuck in work and have money on Dott to win. Lets have it Graeme!"

1649: BBC commentator John Virgo's voice level ascends like a lift in the Burj Al Arab after Dotty pots a black into bottom left and flicks off a red to find position on another red into centre.

Robertson 11-8 Dott Robbo has a three-frame advantage for the first time in the match. A two-ball plant comes off fro Dott before he undoes his good work by missing a blue into centre. Robbo comes in and makes hard work of an 82 - but it's 82. Frame over.

1639: Now I'm sure some have you noticed that there hasn't been a ton in this match yet. But despite that I think the scoring's been pretty good. I wonder which was the last final that did not contain a century? Is that bloke from the Eggheads still around?

1632: Frame 19 latest: A superb two-ball plant comes off for Dotty. Smacked it in from baulk. He then misses an easy blue into right centre. What is it with these two missing the easy ones? Robbo's in, pack split.

Text in your views on 81111
Luke, Sydney, via text on +44 7786200666: "Must just be Perth that hasn't caught on, Sydney here and I'm enjoying live coverage. Will the final fortress of British sport fall tonight...?"

Champagne moment
Robertson 10-8 Dott This match is anything but predictable. Robbo regains his two-frame advantage but it could have easily gone to Dotty. The Scot looks to have it after making a 38 and would have made more had the cannon into the red come off. A safety battle on the final red, then brown ensues. Robbo finally seals the frame with a superb cut on the blue into left middle before leaving the cueball with the pink in view. Robbo takes and then produces the umpteenth fist-pump of the match.

Text in your views on 81111
Neil, Perth in Australia, via text on +44 7786200666: "No coverage here. A choice of movies from French with subtitles, black and white war movie, something with Holly Hunter, re-run of Popstars and an old episode of Macleod's daughters too important:.. No wait macleod's daughters is finishing...maybe... maybe... nope it's now Spyforce with Tony Wagner."
If they were showing the original Macleod I may have forgiven Aussie TV.

Get involved on 606
powerdel on 606: "hmm from Oz and let's say if i didn't visit the BBC website i wouldn't have known this is going on! (It probably is just me though)."
Shame on you Australia!

1601: Bit of a safety battle on the final red. Dotty 51-49 ahead.

Text in your views on 81111
Neil, Perth in Australia, via text on +44 7786200666: "Snooker getting plenty of coverage here at the moment but for all the wrong reasons. Hardly a word on the actual final. I'll stay up as long as I can keeping track on the BBC web content."

1555: Robbo misses another easy pink after making 49 in frame 18. Not sure if it's Robbo colour. I have a pink v-neck but rarely wear it.

1548: There are snooker stats on the final for every man, woman and child on the PULSE application. Want to find out about frame points? What about pot success? Or even visits to the table? There's only one place for that - PULSE . I'll stop now.

Get involved on 606
SirWilliam99 on 606: "I've been really impressed with Dott - I never used to enjoy watching his pragmatic, nuggety style of play but this tournament he seems to have re-invented himself as more of a shot-making break builder. It's great to see a final with two players who go for their shots."

Robertson 9-8 Dott Oh Robbo! - a shocking miss on the pink which should have found its way to the bottom left. He was in a great frame-winning position. Dotty, looking fresher today, steals it brilliantly with a break of 79. Quality.

1536: By the way I'd love to hear from anyone from Oz who's planning to stay up to watch the conclusion of this match? Actually, are they showing it anywhere Down Under? What's the media coverage been like? Feel free to text in using the number above or use our 606 messageboards

1529: The players haven't quite settled down yet. The pack is split but it's a safety-first situation.

Get involved on 606
emin500 on 606: "Anyone else get a bit of Alec Baldwin from John Parrott?"
That's quite disturbing

1517: Welsh referee Eirian Williams announces: "Frame 17, Neil Robertson to break."

1515: MC Rob Walker, enthusiastic as ever, introduces Dotty and Robbo to the Crucible crowd again. Huge cheers for both. Are you ready? It's 9-7 to the Aussie - first to 18.

1511: On BBC Two they're just running an interview with Graeme Dott's wife Elaine about the tough times he has gone through in his personal life over the last few years. It's heartening to know that Dotty's come through the tough times.

Get involved on 606
MU-18-CC on 606: "Interesting session ahead. See it coming to a final frame decider, Robertson to win."
I don't think I could cope with a final-frame decider

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Snooker has been rocked to the core over the last 2 days. But now its time to focus on the baize. Dott v Robbo. Boom "

1454: The story so far - Dotty won the first session 5-3. The Scot looked impressive despite having endured a taxing semi-final against Mark Selby the previous night. But in the second session the 2006 champion hit the wall. Robbo fought back brilliantly winning six of the eight frames to turn the match around. Dotty looked like he hadn't slept in 10 days whereas Robertson looked like a human incarnation of a fizzy caffeine drink. Robertson goes into the final two sessions 9-7 ahead.

1450: Hello again. This is it, as Michael Jackson once said. Who will be crowned the 2010 world champion, Scotland's Graeme Dott or Australia's Neil Robertson? Grab a cuppa and settle down.


2334: So there you have it. It's tight. Dott won the first session 5-3 but then Robertson showed his Aussie spirit to win the next 6-2. He holds a 9-7 lead going into the final possible 19 frames. Will Dotty win his second title or will Robertson become the first Australian winner at the Crucible? It's just like the General Election - sort of. Play resumes at 1500 BST.

Robertson 9-7 Dott Dotty's confidence seems to be up but he fluffs his lines with a risky two-ball plant into the right centre. Robbo misses a simple cut into the centre but his Scottish cue-fellow misses the same red completely. Robbo's gains the foul points he needs before going on to win the frame.

Text in your views on 81111
Brad, Sydney, via text on +44 7786200666: "If only it was televised here. Good feed thanks BBC. C'mon Neil!! "

Robertson 8-7 Dott
BBC presenter Hazel Irvine said Dotty was apparently up until 2:30am following his semi-final win - no wonder he was tired earlier on. I think he's got second wind now. A 53 from the Scot proves enough after Robbo misses an easy black after a brilliant two-ball plant.

2307: Apologies 606 users but you're time is up today. Thanks for all your contributions. Tomorrow is another day.

2304: Nice little factoid from 1985 winner Dennis Taylor, who is commentating for the BBC - Robertson has made 42 centuries this season. That's a lot more than the other players on tour. We're still waiting on the first one in the final.

Text in your views on 81111
Glen, west Yorkshire, via text on 81111:"I think if Dott gets out of this session 9-7 down he'll be well happy. If it's 8-8 he'll be over the moon"

2259: Am I the only person who misses Big Break? That was 'sportainment'.

Text in your views on 81111
Claudia via text on 81111:"Hopefully winning that frame will have given Dott some confidence for the remaining frames of the session"

Robertson 8-6 Dott
Huge frame for Dotty. The Thunder from Down Under looks set waltz to his sixth frame on the trot, but fails to pot a relatively simple red into the middle left. Dotty is in - on his current form you would not back him. But the 2006 champ smacks in a superb 56 to win the frame.

2242: Touch of PULSE chat from BBC commentator Dennis Taylor. "Will this session cost Dott the match?" Go here to vote.

Robertson 8-5 Dott
A very scrappy opening with wayward shots and poor positioning. Robbo finally gets in with a 35 before a red played with the rest fails to fall into the bottom right. Dotty has a chance with a red along the left-side cushion, but it suffers the same fate. His Aussie opponent clinches the final red then snooker's Dott behind the pink. Dott doesn't bother getting up.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "If Robbo wins Ozzie snooker council secretary says: "He'll be regarded as better than Eddie Charlton and the greatest player from outside the UK"
What about Cliff Thorburn and Kirk Stevens?! But fair comment.

2224: If you're wondering where the next frame update is, the finalists are playing a tactical one. There have also been some missed shots and poor positioning.

Get involved on 606
NotReallyHere on 606: "Dott really does look tired, I hope from a neutral point of view that he doesn't end up 6 frames behind by the end of tonight's session. Let's hope for a great finish tomorrow - and a tight one."

2209: Former champion Peter Ebdon, who lost to Dott in 2006 , believes the Scot looks "incredibly tired" and the freshness of Robertson could make a "big, big difference". The players are back out. Four frames remaining.

Text in your views on 81111
Charlotte, Cambridge University via text on 81111: "What a day it would be tomorrow for Neil if he won the championship and his girlfriend gave birth to their first child. 'Come on Neil' we're rooting for you down here in Cambridge!"

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "The Thunder is rumbling - 7-5 up and four frames on the bounce. Great session so far for the Aussie. Ahhh his mum's going to be delighted."

Get involved on 606
BulletMonkey on 606: "The highest losing break in the World Championship was Neal Foulds's 80, 10 reds and 10 blacks, which Terry Griffiths won needing four snookers."

Text in your views on 81111
James, sunny Sydney, via text on +44 7786200666: "As a patriotic Englishman living in Sydney, I have followed the whole tournament on the BBC, and it's come down to this! A Scot and an Aussie! I am hoping for a draw."

2153: Mid-session cuppa.

Robertson 7-5 Dott
It's only gone and happened again. Dotty breaks down after building up a sizeable advantage. Robbo needs to clear all but the final black to claim the frame - he does so. Dotty looks tired - he keeps rubbing his eyes, it could be in disbelief, of course. The Thunder has won all four frames played in the second session so far. Quality.

Text in your views on 81111
Simon via text on 81111: "Dott made a 72 and lost the frame. Anyone know what's the highest break made by someone who went on to lose the frame?"
Now that my son, is a question.

Robertson 6-5 Dott
Robbo takes the lead for the first time in the match - on a re-spotted black. Dotty scores an aggressive break of 72, which ends when he plays a double instead of opting for a safety on the red - 38 ahead with 35 on the table. Robbo puts him in a tricky snooker at baulk which the Scot escapes from but then is powerless to see the cueball trickle into the top right. Robbo clears for a re-spot. Dott wins the toss. Robbo pushes black and cueball to either side of the side cushions from the break. Dott tries a poor double and leaves the Aussie with a long black. It's there. Fist pump from Robbo.

Text in your views on 81111
Chris, Storrington via text on 81111: "I think it would do a lot of good for snooker in Australia if Robertson won this final. Maybe get the people out there playing the game more. Might even be able to get a tournament out there."
I hope it's outdoors in St Kilda.

2113: A Crucible anecdote - a couple of years ago I asked a guy I didn't recognise whether the press seat next to him was free. It was before the start of a Ronnie O'Sullivan match. I watched the session then went back to the press room where I was asked what it was like sitting next to a superstar. I looked puzzled before I was told I had parked myself next to sheep-splitting artist Damien Hirst. Had I known I would have got him draw the table on my notepad. You can come up with the moral of the story yourselves.

Get involved on 606
stevieboyc on 606: "Interesting stat not long ago regarding average shot times - 23 secs for Dott and 27 secs for Robbo. Surprising?"

Text in your views on 81111
Neale, Haddington, Scotland via text on 81111: "I think this will go the full 35 frames. Seems to be a fascinating final so far. Being a Scot I'm rooting for Graeme Dott although i hope we all get a great final."

2058: I haven't mentioned referee Eirian Williams yet. But he did get a mention from BBC commentator, and former Big Break co-host, John Virgo following an incident which saw the Welsh official trip over a TV cable in the last frame. It tickled the Crucible crowd.

Robertson 5-5 Dott
Now then, it's all level. Great break of 90 from the Aussie. Dott gains control until he misses a regulation black into the bottom left. There has been a lot of jaw rattling this championship. Robbo comes in and makes the biggest break of the match. Should have made a ton but missed with a red along the rail. Only a matter of time - Robbo's motoring.

Robertson 4-5 Dott
First frame of the evening to Robbo. Another cagey start before the Thunder from Down Under pots a long red with enough screw to nudge the red out of the way for a sighter on black to bottom left. Deserved luck. A break of 61 follows - Dotty stays in his seat.

Get involved on 606
Jun Ho on 606: "I want Robertson to win. I think all of Cambridge is rooting for him too! He just played magnificently the past 2 weeks, and no doubt that him winning would bring a nice touch Australia and also here in Cambridge."

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Atmosphere in the Crucible a little more upbeat than earlier. Buzzing like a gaggle of bees glued to a hedgetrimmer."

Claudia, Leeds via text on 81111: "Come on Graeme Dott"
Straight to the point. Admirable.

Get involved on 606
SirWilliam99 on 606: "Dott's the marginal favourite for me - this is his third final and he knows what it takes to handle the pressure of the big occasion. Both players have played some tremendous snooker in the tournament so far though, it's gonna go right down to the wire..."

2021: Dad's Army's finished, BBC legend Hazel Irvine's done the intro, MC Rob Walker's re-introduced the players. Robertson to break. The second session begins.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "I'll chuck out another one before play gets under way. What's the longest frame of the tournament so far? Nearest gets THREE free tweets."
He's a generous man.

Get involved on 606
TeleKemis on 606: "I'm still going for Robertson. He grew into that last session steadily and I still back him. He needs a good start though."

2005: We're just waiting for Dad's Army to finish on BBC Two. You heard me.

2000: Remember guys and gals you can post your thoughts on the final on 606 and text in your comments to 81111, if you're in the UK, or +44 7786200666 for our worldwide fans. Love some chat especially if you're in Australia. (Not all text message contributions can be used. Messages will be charged at your standard operator rate)

1955: Good evening and if you're in Australia, good morning. Melbourne's finest cueman Neil Robertson is 5-3 down to 2006 champion Graeme Dott. Robbo has not quite found his rhythm having made just one break over 50. Dotty, on the other hand, has done enough, no more, for the two-frame cushion. Both players are likely to push their game up a level this session.


1751: So there you go - Robertson 3-5 Dott. It's not been a classic so far but it certainly hasn't been a scrap. I expect the pair will be back in their stride come 2000 BST. I'll be back then.

Get involved on 606
gallantgerrard8 on 606: "Not taking anything away from Robertson, but I just think he needs to pick his game up especially his safety and decision-making because if he gives Dott the chances he gave Ali Carter and Steve Davis on occasions he will take them."

BBC commentator Steve Davis on Neil Robertson: "He wasn't terrible. It was tough, hard granite snooker from Dott. Neil knows he's up against it."

BBC commentator John Parrott on Graeme Dott: "He's made of stern stuff. He looked tired at first, but then showed his grit and detemination."

Robertson 3-5 Dott
A superb long red from baulk by Dott begins the scoring. The Larkhall player makes 38 before Robbo hits back with 46. But Robbo's not quite at the races yet and leaves Dott with a simple red who then goes on to clinch the frame and a two-frame advantage going into the next session.

1731: A caption just flashed on BBC Two: 'Dad's Army will follow the snooker' which was followed by "don't tell him your name Pike" from commentator John Virgo. Pure JV.

Robertson 3-4 Dott
After an early safety scrap, Robbo takes a punt and misses a red into right middle. Dotty is on 49 before firing in a brilliant long red, he takes the black and ends with a break of 57. The Aussie cuts in a red into the middle left before leaving Dotty snookered tight behind the pink. The crafty Scot escapes with a beauty then goes on to to regain his advantage in the match.

1711: If you've ever wondered what music Neil Robertson likes listening to - I haven't - then his website reveals that Timbaland, Metallica and Guns 'N Roses get his toes tapping. Eclectic.

1709: It's interesting to note that neither player wants to play the 're-rack game' with nudged shots into the pack. Good positive snooker.

1703: Am I cheating by making a prediction now? I reckon 18-14 to... Robbo.

Robertson 3-3 Dott
Robbo opens up with a great long red before missing a mid-range red to let Dotty in. But Dott breaks down after making 31 and is then snookered behind the yellow. The 32-year-old Scot is playing a little erratically following a great start to the match as the Aussie pinches the frame again on the black.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Lookalikes for Crucible final day. Jimmy Greaves. A blonde Delia Smith. Picasso. Maggie Thatcher's back and my favourite: A 68% Dame Edna. Sweet."

Get involved on 606
RKW - Bred Pole on 606: "I don't think many people expected Dott to get this far - therefore I am rooting for him in this year's final."

1638: Although this little part of Sheffield is enjoying a sporting spectacle, spare a thought for the home crowd at Hillsborough - BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher was there. Sorry Owls fans.

1631: BBC presenter Rishi Persad managed to catch up with Robbo's mum, who has flown in from Australia: "It was a leap of faith. We had to wait until we got here to find out that Neil had got to the final. My partner and I had made a promise that if Neil ever made it to the final then we'd come over to watch him." Sweet.

Robertson 2-3 Dott
Superb red from Dott which ends with a brilliant cannon to split red and black. The Rangers fan makes his sixth break over 35 in the match. But Dott then misses a black into the bottom left. Robbo is back at the table and finally makes a break over 50 (62) to pull a frame back.

Get involved on 606
Knowlesy 2009 on 606: "Robertson can't lose another mini-session. Neither player has got going, Dott's been luckier but he shouldn't have needed it."

1608: Robertson and Dott are back from their mid-sesh break. I wonder what they got up to?

1608: Women's number one Reanne Evans has told BBC presenter Hazel Irvine thats she's looking forward to playing on the men's tour at the World Open in Glasgow. Interesting to see how she fares.

1605: Bit of good Dott news. The Scot will be back in the top 16 next season having reached the semi-finals. He's had a tough couple of years. Good to have you back!

Get involved on 606
Knowlesy 2009 on 606: "Robertson yet to really get going."
He has, but I expect a fightback in this session - I thought Dott was lucky in making some unintentional snookers.

1555: It's difficult to avoid today's snooker story concerning former world champion John Higgins. Read our latest update.

Robertson 1-3 Dott
Dotty goes into the mid-session with a 3-1 lead. He's been quite pacy with his shots and has had a good run of the balls. He makes 31 before missing a black after he was left with tough bridging over the pack of reds. Robbo makes 33 then fails to cannon into a couple of reds. Dotty is left with a tasty yellow into the left middle - he makes no mistake then takes the frame. The Scot is looking good.

1540: Bit of interesting Robbo chat fired my way. The 28-year-old "Thunder from Down Under" has been told by his girlfriend to stay in Sheffield for the final despite the fact she could give birth today. Good luck to the pair.

1534: By the way, if you want stats then there are stats-a-plenty if you go over to the PULSE. Here's a stat for you guys - I've never made a break over 21.

Champagne moment
Robertson 1-2 Dott
Dotty makes 45 then tiptoes back to his seat after the cueball ends up on the edge of the top left pocket. Bit of comedy for the Crucible crowd. Robbo pots a great long red but eventually breaks down after missing a red in the bottom left. Dotty wraps up the frame, which includes an exhibition double prompting BBC commentator Dennis Taylor to utter, "the crowd love a double". They do Dennis, they do.

Get involved on 606
FranMerida on 606: "Both players look very nervy, but for the sake of the final, I think it was very important that Robbo won that frame."

1513: Now it was interesting to hear Dotty hinting that he finds it difficult to play against a dogged player like Mark Selby. He said the match reminded him of his final against Ebdon - which if I remember rightly, was not high on entertainment. Let's see how he fares against the speedier Robertson.

Robertson 1-1 Dott
Robbo takes it but it should have gone to Dott. The Aussie makes 27 then finds himself out of position after over-hitting a blue. Dott pots a long red then misses an easy red during his break. Bad miss - he could have gone on to win the second frame. Robbo misses a long yellow but is allowed back in by his opponent. The Aussie goes on to level.

clarkfg on 606: "Come on Robbo! don't think I have ever wanted an Aussie to win something, it's a strange feeling..."
I've had strange feelings's normal

1457: Apparently there are important football fixtures happening up and down in England. Follow Sam Lyon's football updates

1445: Now I like my Snooker Loopy as much as the next person, but is that the only snooker-related ditty ever released? Peter Ebdon's musical efforts don't count.

1441: If you feeling like venting your spleen (what does that really mean?!) then there's a thread going on 606. Ask me any sensible questions... or ones slightly off-sensible.

Robertson 0-1 Dott
Cagey start. Fair enough, it is the opening frame of the final. Dott scores the first point of the championship final with a long red to the top right. Dotty then gets in the balls after a screwball-scramble type shot where he manages to fluke a red off the black. Crazy. He goes on to make 80 - didn't take long for the Scot to settle.

1434: Nice quotes from Robbo. His parents scrimped and saved for him early in his career, before he took on responsibility for his own finances. He said when he came over to the UK for the fourth time he had "£500 pounds in his pocket and that was it."

1427: We've had the first "where's the cueball" from BBC commentator Ken Doherty. Take a bow.

1419: The Scot beat Robertson in the quarters en route to winning the title in 2006. Asked whether his 3-0 match-record over Robbo mattered going into the final, Dotty said "no".

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "Aussie Aussie Aussie. Not my words. Someone with a yellow shirt on. Big Scottish cheers."

1414: First to 18 frames - best of 35. Neil Robertson to break.

1412: The players have been introduced into the packed Crucible by MC Rob Walker - who is as enthusiastic off the stage as he in on it, fact. Robbo lets out a massive puff of air. His mum's flown in from Australia. Bless.

KPhillips10 on 606: "Think this will be a classic final and put snooker on map for right reason and think Dott's grit will see him through either 18-16 or 18-15"

1407: Admit it. Who thought Mark Selby would end up turning it around in the semi-final against Dott yesterday? I did. But then I remember Dotty against Ebdon and remember what the gritty Scot did then. Quality player.

BBC Sport's Mark Ashenden on Twitter: "11 fans asked about the final. 5 going for dott. 2 unsure. Others are robbo all the way. 'Gonna be tight' is the general vibe."

1355: OK, now that we've digested the news about John Higgins, there's the small matter of a World Championship final to be getting on with. And it promises to be a cracker - 2006 champion Graeme Dott and Australian Neil Robertson, playing in his first Crucible final. I'm not going to predict this one... OK... I might.

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