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World Snooker 2009

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield
18 April-4 May 2009

World Snooker Championship

The Crucible, Sheffield

Final (best of 35):

J HIGGINS (Sco) 18-9 S MURPHY (Eng)


To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111 with the word SNOOKER before your message. (Not all contributions can be used)

By Mark Ashenden

2056: That's your lot folks. The silverware has been buffed up and heading towards the hands of Mr Higgins. First up, Shaun Murphy - he had a brilliant tournament, but here's the champ. He pumps his fist, massive smiles, and with a big sloppy Scottish kiss on the side of the trophy, he waves it in the air." Amazing effort John. I genuinely thought you were going to be too tired. Thanks for all your words, all your opinions, all your thoughts on 606 and text. I am quite literally snooker-loopy. Well done John Higgins. Snooker lives on. Who said it was dying? Good night.

2055: Higgins says: "I've won two out of the last three and there's no reason why I can't go on and win some more."

2052: Sensational scenes. The whole Higgins clan pile into the arena. "All credit to John" says Mr Murphy.


2047: Massive screams, clinched fists. It's close to victory. Break goes over 50. Two reds left. C'mon John - let's have a firework.

2044: Advantage back to the Scot after a Murph miss. How many times have we said that in the last two days? John Higgins' dad is looking excited. And whose dad wouldn't be? He piles into the reds attempting a split. Yep - there's a loose one he can pick off.

2042: This looks very ominous. Is that stating the obvious? Tricky black though - one of those shots where you play and you can't see the pocket. The Murphy fans love it and it wiggles in the jaws.

"If we are going to have one heck of a comeback (see 2023), what time do you think the deciding frame will be - I've got to go and finish an essay."
anon, via text on 81111

2040: Is that the last shot the Murph plays at The Crucible this year? Higgins is in.

"Well done for Murphy, now can he get into double figures?"
eirebilly on 606
Join the debate on 606

2037: Higgins 17-9 Murphy
The comeback is back on. A really cool break of 59 from Murph gets him within eight of Higgins. Top top effort knowing one mistake is costing you.

2035: Murph has been great with the rest for most of this tournament and he pokes in a cute red to put himself in a great position.

2032: The Murph is in and it's now or never. For this year anyway. Break goes to 31 and he's got a 44-0 lead. Reds spaced out nicely.

2023: Higgins 17-8 Murphy
Now this really would be one heck of a comeback. Can anything stop the Scot? Higgins breaks off at the start of his 1000th frame at The Crucible.

2021: The Higgins break goes to 40 - only the colours to tidy up. He's going to be one away from a crushing victory.

2019: The comeback is paused. He misses a black off the spot and Higgo is looking for an early finish here. Are Celtic playing tonight?

2015: A great long red from Murph. Really nice stun for the black as well. The comeback begins.

2013: Another double attempt for Higgins but his break ends on 48 - he can afford to take a few risks but he was straining for a maximum there.

2009: STAT-ATTACK - Higgins has a 92% success rate for his potting for the whole tournament. Amazing. And he starts the night bang in the middle of the reds again.

"Cup of tea, roaring fire, faithful mutt by my side, Villa v Hull on radio and live text snooker on the i-pod. Who sung "heaven is a place on earth"? They were right."
anon, via text on 81111
I wonder if Belinda Carlisle is watching the drama?

"Here we go again then! This final will be over by 2100 BST!"
RKW - Heart and Pole on 606
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1959: We're back. A few minutes away from the start of the final session. It looks done and dusted but you never ever know. Do you? We shall find out very soon.

1717: Higgins 16-8 Murphy
Frame over. End of session. He only needs two more tonight and the world crown's his. Thanks for all your amazing contributions this afternoon - 606 and text. Let's get back on it just before 2000 BST (That's 8 o'clock to most of us.) It's a date yeh? I'll be here anyway. I'm still dreaming of a comeback. I really am, but that's the optimistic head I was born with. Naive? Maybe, excited? Yep. See you later.

1713: Mr Murphy's snookered on the yellow. He misses twice in a row and Higgins may have a go at this. He drops it in - just. The green goes in and this looks like frame over.

1708: The squeaks are returning to my body. Lord knows how Murph is feeling. He's seven points ahead and plays a brilliant black to go down for the yellow. Stay calm. And boom - and it was a big boom - he misses and sets the yellow up for Jiggins.....

"Y jiggins? Grow up and use his actual name it's ridiculous."
anon, via text on 81111
You had better speak to Anna (see 1524). She's 110% responsible for that one and a few of us liked it.

1705: Murph just played a ridiculous plant. The two reds were about 2 feet between each other and now he's set up Higgo. But he misses the red. Scrappy stuff all round. The Magician got lucky there. A great red in the middle sets him up.

1702: There's hope for Murph. Time for the Murphle jig. Jiggins slips out of position and he cuts a brilliant black in but he's not on a red.

"Gd on higgs striking a blow for the oldies! Do u think at the age of 32 and with a highest break of 55 I've missed the boat to turn pro?"
Matt Thorpe, Felixstowe, via text on 81111

1700: Jiggins is back in. Murph got careless there and went for a brave one. Scores level at 23-23 but the Scot's on a roll.

1657: NEWSFLASH: "Anon 1640, the guy in the front with the big hair is still there he has just had a hair cut!"
santista02 on 606
Join the debate on 606 You don't know how relieved I am to hear that news.

1655: Get in there. A classic Murph pot. Last frame before din-dins. Must-win is it? Yep - got to be. My polite names didn't work. Murph plays a cracking red with the rest and cannons into the reds to set himself up for the black. Nice work.

1650: Higgins 15-8 Murphy
Sensational chat from an absolute legend. Ray Reardon. In fact, he's better than a legend. What would you call that? He says: "The players are playing better than in my day. They are making lots of centuries. I had been playing for 15 years before I got a century break." What a cracking man.

1647: Oooof. That's the noise of a bad kick and Jiggins gets a biggie. Out of position and he leaves Murph in trouble with a cracking safety. Murph needs the red AND the black and then he hits the black. FOUL. Doh. Red goes in and that will be that. Shame. That was a lively one.

1645: STAT-ATTACK. I'll let Jiggins tidy up. In the mean time - here's a little fact. If Jiggins wins he will join Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Spencer on three world titles. He would also be the oldest Crucible champion since Dennis Taylor in 1985 won at the age of 36. He turns 34 on May 18.

1643: Jiggins edges ahead in this frame. Five reds left. Two easy ones and two stuck on the rails.

1640: Murph's break goes to 25. Hard work this but he's hanging in there. You've got to admire this. Nine reds left and they are sitting a little tricky on the bottom cushion. But jiggle jiggle jiggle. Forget my dancing. That black jiggles in the jaws and then Higgo messes up with his position.

"Can someone tell me whats happened to the guy with the big hair who has sat in front seat for every session - I cant believe he's not at the final"
anon, via text on 81111
I have no idea. Perhaps he's hiding behind his hair.

1635: Cries of "C'mon Shaun" echo round The Crucible. Jiggins plays a shoddy plant and sets Mr Murphy up. (I'm going to try the super-formal approach because ever since I dropped the Murph he's come roaring back.) If he wraps this one up, I'll be calling him sir. Perhaps.

1631: It's a safety showdown. No points yet and both doing well. Apparently Ray Reardon is in the crowd. He won six world championships don't you know. He also looks like one of my friends - which is incredible because he's half his age. Don't tell him I said that.

"If Shaun Murphy does manage to win the next two frames and only be 14-10 down. I think that he will carry more momentum into the last session. This could still be very close."
eirebilly on 606
Join the debate on 606

1625: CharlieDavis123 - you think I'm going to fall for that old chestnut? Get some more words on 606 and I'll do the honours.
Join the debate on 606

1624: Higgins 14-8 Murphy
All the balls disappear. A break of 79. Out of all those balls potted in that break I recon I'd have got two of them. Superb fightback. At last, he's showing some form. At least Jiggins will be sitting in his chair thinking about a game of snooker rather than when Celtic are playing next.

1622: Blue for the frame.....

1621: In she goes. Brilliant red. Down to the green and he's five ahead. Stay cool baby.

1620: Crucial shot coming up. Last red on the cushion.....

1618: A magical brown and goes down sweetly for the three loose reds. Keep your nerve Shaun. It's first names only when he's on the baize....can he do it? Two reds left and he's six behind JOHN.

1615: Seven reds left. Murph's 36 points behind. In normal circumstances, this would be game over. There aint nothing normal about this match. Murph's just cranking it up a bit. His cueing arm is looking smooth. He'll miss now. So I'll keep quiet for a few seconds...

1612: The worm has turned a little there. (well a little wiggle anyway) Jiggins is away from the table and Murph's eyeing up another long one. And DING DING DING. Michaela Tabb is annoyed with a mobile phone going off. Murph screws his face up. It's bad enough in the theatre or the cinema - but the final of a World Championship?

"If this session finishes 15-9 we still have a match on. At 16-8 Murphoids dead a buried. COME ON MY SON GIVE IT SOME"
anon, via text on 81111

1607: Murph goes for a red in the baulk end. He misses and wallop - the white goes in. Not clever. He's clearly made his mind up to go for everything. Jiggins gets a cracking long one to get going again.

"You've referred to Higgins as Jiggins three times now and I'm beginning to get excited - Jiggins is my surname!"
Simon, via text on 81111
Well, we'll just call you the Higg-meister then. Do you play snooker? Scottish? And where's Christopher BIGGINS when you need him?

1602: Higgins 14-7 Murphy
Get in there my boy.......frame's safe. And the evening session is in the bag after a 47 break.

1601: Right, hold your breath. Murph is 33 ahead with two reds left. One's easy, one's not. He only needs one and a colour. This is for the frame.........

1558: Murph is five points behind and on the baize. He lines up a red from 11 feet away with white on the cushion. Head down, cue arm pulled back and goes down. Crowd erupts. And after a nice pink, he stuns brilliantly into the reds. He's on. Or in. On and in actually.

"Best celebration - the completely understated "get in" from Hendry after his 147! Best hair - Neil Robertson by far!"
Gaz and Taf, via text on 81111

1553: Jiggins slips out of position and his face screws up like a four-year-old being told he can't play on the swings. Has he forgotten the score? Chill Johnny. He lets Murph in and knocks in a brilliant red with the rest. When I say brilliant, it was under the hugest of pressure. Fair play to the boy. It's now or never Shaun my son. I want to give the boy a hug and tell him everything will be OK.

"Come on Murphy! Get one frame in and we go to an evening session. If he does come back it will be one of the most memorable in all sport, not just snooker."
maestro267 on 606
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1547: Jiggins breaks off. He only needs four frames and he's world champion again - for the third time. He could finish this without needing tonight's session. I don't want that to happen. I'm going to do a little Murph dance. Excuse me for a couple of minutes.

1543: "Mark King's 'haircut' will make you go blind under all those lights..."
e_mistry on 606
Join the debate on 606 The first nomination of the day. Kind of. Martin Gould's golden locks were a thing of beauty. Any sartorial errors you can think of? Oh for the days of Doug Mountjoy and his fluffy shirts.

"Can't believe I'm stuck at work and missing the final :( just hope there is an evening session with the way The Higgster is playing!!
David Moffat, Edinburgh, via text on 81111

1530: Higgins 14-6 Murphy
The players head back to the dressing room. Guess who's going to be the happiest as they sip on their tea? Or avocado juice, or whatever these professionals imbibe. It takes me 25 minutes to finish off a hot drink so a tea would be rubbish for a 15-minute interval for me.

1527: Oh poops. Murph leaves the red in the jaws. Higgs is tidying up. Lucky boy. And at a time he didn't need any luck. How unlucky is that? Lucky old Jiggins.

1524: Hold your horses. Murph is back on the hunt. He cracks in a brilliant blue. A shot Willie Thorne calls his "best shot of the match". He's 10 points behind. One red left. And it's a nasty cut-in. Murph's got me fired up again....

"Obviously, higgins should be called jiggins, if you're looking for a decent nickname."
Anna, via text on 81111
Love it.

1519: The mini-break's coming up with Higgs (I actually like that - a Scottish Ryan 'Higgs'). I have a challenge. Get your tournament nominations in. Favourite break, worst dressed player, favourite celebration, best shot, favourite/worst hair cut. It's a blank canvas. Whatever you want but don't be too rude. I want to repeat most of them without getting in trouble from my boss.

1515: Oh blimey. Murph went for it. He had to I guess but he misses and he's only gone and sprayed those reds around. The Higg-meister (how do you like that redredsaddler ?) looks revved up for a whole bag of points.

1511: Higgins 13-6 Murphy
So many questions. How does the Murph get back? What would your advice be? He can't afford to miss anything but that's how he's played all tournament. Surely he's got to stay aggressive. What are we going to call Higgo? Higgins backwards is SNIGGIH - thought I'd throw that in.

1508: Unbelievable. Higgo sinks a brilliant blue. But he's snookered on the pink behind the black. Does he swerve it? He has to do the double and the white comes rolling along, Ken Doherty thinks he's missed it, the white gives the pink a peck on the cheek and nudges it in the pocket to steal the frame. Boom. Big frame that one.

1505: This is an interesting finish. Let me paint the picture. Black on its spot. Pink stuck inside the jaws in the bottom corner. 49-49. The pair are trading cheeky blows on the blue. Murph has half a chance.

"Murphy has to just keep up, sneak this session by a couple and then it's all to play for. I think there's still a lot of snooker left in this one"
redredsaddler on 606
Join the debate on 606

1503: That's Murph's pot of the day. Under pressure, bang in the middle and Willie Thorne was screaming for a safety. Shows what they know. Down to the colours, he's 7 behind but the pink is in a shocking spot. Officially squeaky bum times. And that's only me.

1459: Crucial times. Great red along the cushion. Slams in the brown and gets down to the final red. Good little recovery this but Murph has to settle for a safety.

1458: Woh there. Perhaps the magician unleashed a spell there. Higgo gets a kick on the blue - it jumps an inch off the baize, wobbles in the pocket and Murph is in.

1455: Missed long red by Murph. Sloppy. And the Scot jumps out of his chair and he means business. There's seven reds left and they're all nicely positioned. Easy pickings for the Celtic fan.

1450: Higgins (I'll mix it up a bit) gets a break of 18 and then 'ooohhhs' from the crowd - he plays the pink but his wand (see what I've done there) caresses the red. Strange. Murph is in though. That's a let-off.

1444: redredsaddler - I'm sorry you aren't a fan of the magical O. There's 62% of me that totally agrees with you. You try working in a sport's department with everybody's name ending in a 'Y' or an 'O'. It's tongue in cheek I assure you, trying to keep the coverage a little less formal. Thanks for your 606 chat though. Asho better get back to the baize.

"well done shaun, this is better, keep it going lad, make this an interesting final not like the boring final last year"
sgtpotter89akaTheIncredibleSulk on 606
Join the debate on 606

1440: Higgins 12-6 Murphy
The comeback has begun. Brilliant effort from the Murph. That really was. Cool as you like and rarely got out of position. I applaud you sir.

1437: Break goes to 52 and he's got a tough black. White stuck on the cushion (how I hate these shots) but it strolls in, didn't even wipe its feet. Top effort from the Murph. 68 break and four reds left. Looking good, real good.

1431: Murph is in. Great little cannon to nudge the red away from the black. He's on 34. It's one of those breaks where your heart is in your mouth on every shot. C'mon pocket jaws - stay open for the fella.

1427: Higgins 12-5 Murphy
I don't need to tell you that wasn't the start Murph will have been looking for. Higgo put his slippers on and let Mark Allen back into the semi-final but he is looking one sharp cookie this afternoon. Could be almost time to book that table for two with the girlfriend tonight.

1426: Murph is down to the colours and he's two points behind after tickling a tricky red down the rails. Oh lordy - he misses the yellow and Higgo slaps it in. Murph is back in his chair looking gutted.

"What's higher in top trumps, wizard or magician?"
Kieron on the M6, via text on 81111

"The Wizard v The Magician? All we need now is Harry The Potter."
Dan Beazer in Cardiff, via text on 81111

1422: First dabble of drama. Higgo misses and almost flukes the pink. Murph's back. C'mon lad - I'm rooting for you. This is going to be a nervous little break.

1420: Higgo's on 32. Looking strong. Murph better start conjuring up one of those wicked spells.

"It will be in the back of Shaun Murphy's mind how Mark Allen came back against John Higgins, where Allen was 13-3 down at one stage. Has Shaun Murphy got it in him to come back? Yes he has."
John From London Town MBE on 606
Join the debate on 606

1415: Big sigh. Higgo mistake and Murph is in.....but he misses a pretty easy yellow. Oh dear. I'll say it again. Oh dear. Forgive me but I'm probably going to be cheering on the Murph for a bit. I want to see a close game. I want the tension. We all do don't we? Don't we?

1411: I love that sound when the ball goes crashing into the pocket. It's Higgo who's in the balls for the first time. That sound is up there with hearing the clattering wickets when one of your inswingers takes out the opening batsman who just smashed you for six. Hold on, back to the snooker.

1408: It was all smiles at the start of the match yesterday. Today, Murph looks focused, determined, dogged. Higgo's looking cool.

1402: The Wizard of Wishaw - that's John Higgins by the way and Shaun 'the magician' Murphy stride out to an electric Crucible. Noisy start. Calm down peeps.

1352: I had a dream last night. Shaun Murphy was clearing up the colours to win the World Championship. I was sitting in the front row and spilled a cup of tea over some electric leads near the TV camera and all the lights went out. The match had to be postponed. I am still feeling a little shaken.

But I've overcome my wobbles and I'm super-fired up for this match. Welcome. Can the Murph make a sensational comeback against Higgins who was looking unstoppable at the end of last night? Can there be one more twist or a couple more turns in this phenomenal tournament? Give us your thoughts on 606 or text 81111 and let's enjoy this beautiful game.

The action gets going just after 1400 BST.

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