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O'Sullivan: I thought about suicide
Ronnie O'Sullivan sought help at the Priory clinic
Ronnie O'Sullivan sought help at the Priory clinic
World snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan has said he considered suicide after his father was convicted of murder.

As he attempts to regain the UK Championship, he told Radio Times magazine that checking into the Priory clinic last year, was "the best money I've ever spent".

In September 1992, O'Sullivan's father, "Big" Ronnie, was jailed for life, convicted of stabbing Charlie Kray's driver Bruce Bryan in a brawl.

"Dad was in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said.

I don't think I'd have had the bottle to go through with it
Ronnie O'Sullivan
"I was always happy-go-lucky with lots of confidence, but after Dad went, it seemed 50 times worse when I got beat because I felt he'd be sitting in prison thinking it was his fault.

"Maybe it was my destiny to have to go through that.

"I could have crumbled, and there were times I thought if this is as good as it gets I'd rather live on a beach in Spain.

"I thought about suicide and checked my will to make sure the money goes to the right people.

"I phoned the Samaritans when I thought, 'Enough is enough,' and didn't want to participate in life any more, but I don't think I'd have had the bottle to go through with it."

A stay at the Priory clinic in south-west London last year has built his confidence once more, but O'Sullivan - who is 26 this month - said he initially walked out after three days.

I believe something makes the world go round and my life has a destin
Ronnie O'Sullivan
"I couldn't handle the intensity, and thought it was a big wind-up, but then I returned, stayed a month, and realised it was the best money I've ever spent - it's not cheap," he added.

" I thought that people only liked me because I was Ronnie, the successful snooker player, but this woman doctor said I'm a nice person with a lot going for me.

"I was so fed up because life was just a 12ft 6in table wherever I went. I was fanatical. They still help me because I have my bad days, and get frustrated if I don't win, but I no longer have to beat myself up over it.

"I believe something makes the world go round and my life has a destiny, so let's go right to the end and see what happens."

This interview is taken from the 8-14 December issue of Radio Times, on sale on Saturday 1 December.

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