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  Friday, 14 February, 2003, 21:29 GMT
GBR Challenge skipper Ian Walker Skipper carries the can
GBR Challenge skipper Ian Walker insists that it is vital to gain the respect of your crew.
GBR Challenge helmsman Andy Green A helmsman's guide
Andy Green specialises in the cat-and-mouse sailing of the pre-start which requires a liberal dose of confidence and aggression.
Greg Searle is a grinder on Great Britain's America's Cup team The daily grind
Former Olympic gold medallist Greg Searle reveals the day-to-day grind of being one of the team's power providers.
Role of a tactician
Adrian Stead needs to weigh up all available information to get GBR Challenge on the right track.
Tales from the sharp end
Bowman Matt Cornwell describes the highs and lows at the sharp end of an America's Cup boat.
Keeping in trim
GBR Challenge's Ian Budgen tells BBC Sport Online of his role as an America's Cup trimmer.
Peter Harrison
Harrison is the driving force behind Britain's first America's Cup campaign in 15 years.
Ian Walker
The skipper has proved himself as a world class sailor over the last few years.
Andrew Beadsworth
Beadsworth has been competing in top level sailing events since the age of 18.
Ian Budgen
As a specialist trimmer, Budgen is an invaluable member of the team.
Matthew Cornwell
Cornwell's experience will give a number of options aboard the boat.
Mark Covell
Grinder Covell is a multiple world champion keelboat sailor.
Simon Fisher
Despite his tender age, Fisher has some top class sailing experience to fall back on.
Simon Fry
Fry will perform a key role as the principal sail trimmer.
Mo Gray
Gray has competed at all levels having taken to the sport at the age of five.
Andy Green
Green will use his match-racing experience to take the helm for the pre-start in Auckland.
Toby Iles
Iles has taken time out from his day job to devote himself to the Cup campaign.
William I'Anson
I'Anson will be GBR Challenge's master of rigs in New Zealand.
James R Lyne
Lyne is an integral part of GBR Challenge's grinding team.
Christopher Mason
Mason is an America's Cup veteran with three outings in the last 20 years.
Chris Main
New Zealander Main has experience in the afterguard having raced in Japan.
Ben Morrison-Jack
An Australian-born sailor, Morrison-Jack has plenty of experience as a grinder.
Craig Nutter
Nutter is a survivor of Britain's 1987 America's Cup campaign and will take his place in the pit.
Mal Parker
Australian Parker was a late addition to the GBR Challenge campaign.
Nik Pearson
Bowman Pearson has been undeterred by a potentially fatal sailing accident.
Guy Reid
Grinder Reid has taken part on some of the biggest stages in world sailing.
Julian Salter
With a wealth of top sailing experience Salter is just the man for the job as navigator.
Greg Searle
Olympic gold medallist Searle has swapped sports to take part in the America's Cup.
Mark Sheffield
Sheffield's electronic wizadry will prove invaluable onboard.
George Skuodas
Skuodas is a highly sought after mastman with a history of success at the highest level.
James Stagg
Regarded as the best bowman in Britain, Stagg has been a top class sailor for 13 years.
Adrian Stead
Former Olympic sailor Stead is the man who makes the calls in the tactician's hot seat.
Richard Sydenham
Trimmer Sydenham has built up an impressive reputation on the international sailing scene.
Jonathan Taylor
With keelboat experience in boats of all sizes, Taylor will be a valuable asset.
Peter Thomas
Auckland-resident Thomas will have a home advantage at the Hauraki Gulf.
Jim Turner
Turner will take his place in the pit as a trimmer in New Zealand.
Ian Weighell
Former rower Weighall followed Olympic gold medallist Greg Searle into the team.

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