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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 18:35 GMT 19:35 UK
Mixed reaction to 2012 decision
A fan celebrates London being awarded the 2012 Olympic Games
Many reacted gleefully to the news
BBC message board users have provided a mixed reaction to the news that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games.

The scenes at Trafalgar Square were jubilant as IOC President Jacques Rogge announced that London had beaten off competition for Paris to stage the 2012 Games.

However, not all Britons were delighted with the decision.

Below is a section of comments reacting to the announcement taken from the Five Live message boards.


Great news. Had tears in my eyes at the result. I can't wait to take my children to Olympic events in London. Fantastic.

London is our nations capital and the whole country will benefit from the games. The regeneration plans for the east end of London will improve the area. The additional tourism the Olympics will attract will be phenomenal, as well as the extra investment in grass roots sport development. Open your eyes, this is a fantastic opportunity for the nation. Show some pride and back the bid!

The best city in the world meets the best sporting event in the world! No doubt the result will be extraordinary!

I was stunned and happy in equal measure at the same time. I don't think it's a bad thing at all if we've patriotic now - Haven't we spen enough time knocking ourselves down? I say we enjoy it while it lasts.

A great day for a great city! Three cheers for London and Britain! I couldn't be more happy for the people of London and Britain! You will do the world proud!

I'm Scottish, but I'm also British and proud of it. I will back any British bid before I would back another country in any sport, simply a case of pride. No wonder we lose out on so many potentially wonderful sporting and other opportunities in Britain, we are too good at knocking our own people! Get behind the team and the country folks.

A lot of credit must go to Lord Coe. He has a lot of respect within the Olympic movement not just for his athletic achievement but also as a spokesman. His presence gave the London bid a lot of credibility that it didn't previously have.

The same criticisms were levelled at Sydney by all and sundry right up until the games started. The games were a great success for Sydney, and for Australia as a whole. It made all Aussies very proud despite inter-city rivalries. I think London is a good choice and was promoted really well, as providing an opportunity to develop a maligned community in a huge city of linked communities. You'll be delighted once the games get under way, let me assure you.

I'm surprised that people are making such a big fuss about tax. It's 20 per year for goodness sake! That's barely the price of a music CD. Or, seen another way, the average Brit spends more on pints of beer in a week than that. It's not a massive price to pay for something that'll hopefully inspire youngsters (and maybe even adults) to take part in more sporting activities, not to mention the host of other benefits the Olympics offer.

I am overjoyed that we have the chance to host a major event like the Olympics in my lifetime

Just like in the old days, Seb Coe sat on the shoulder of the race leader for most of the race, only to power away in the finishing straight! It's fantastic news! I live in East London (Four mins from the proposed new Olympic Stadium) and I know how much this will do for the area. I have a daughter and she could well be taking part in those Olympic games and you couldn't pay to see the shine in her eyes when the result was announced.

I live in London, I am overjoyed that we have the chance to host a major event like the Olympics in my lifetime, and I'm happy to pay extra tax for the privilege of doing it. I'm very proud of my country - all of it, and I don't just limit that to where I live or where I was born. We have a beautiful country and some amazing athletes - why not combine the two and show the whole world what a spectacular job we can make of hosting the Olympics.

I am ecstatic - this is unbelievably wonderful news for Britain.


Gutted. I, along with 50 million others in the UK who don't live in London, am going to have to pay inflated tax bills for the next 20 years to pay for two weeks of fun for Londoners, who are already the richest people in the country. If they want it, make them pay for it alone - hike the London council tax.

Sydney is still paying for the games and is struggling to make the venues that they built for the games to pay for themselves. I have talked to people all over the country and have found that the majority of people either don't want London to get the bid or don't care.

Proof that the IOC. never: 1. Use public transport. 2. Go to pubs. 3. Eat in affordable restaurants. 4. Notice architecture. 5. Carry cash. 6. Go to Peckham.

I'm from London and I don't want it. Why should only London get a rise in tax? Londoners have to suffer over crowded journeys now what do you think it'll be like when the Olympics start? It bad for travel and don't see how any IOC member thought it would be good after travelling on our transport. Gutted London won, knowing the way things run in this city it'll be London 2013.

I'm sure the French are over the moon to not have this tax drain on the horizon. They might even be more open to continuing the rebate to UK, because with the Olympics, and British expertise (everything named after the Millennium, Rover), it's sure to be a roaring success. The Games will be probably be good for London, but what about the rest of the country getting more investment?

The residents of the UK will now get even more ripped off in so many ways. I pay 30 a month to use all the transport (buses, trams and trains) in a large German city and the infrastructure works nearly all of the time. In London that would be what, 60-80 at the least and it rarely performs as advertised. All this ra-ra now about the Olympics but wait for the construction, transport and minister scandals that will inevitably arise.

The average Londoner already pays 1000 more per annum in tax than they receive back and this is the gratitude they get. Londoners will be funding this Olympics themselves anyway.

I am a sports fan, but I am also against the 2012 Olympics being staged here. I'm not saying the Olympics should be held - I just can't understand how the IOC can justify millions if not billions of pounds being spent every four years to create new stadia in which every country has been chosen to host the games. Would it not make better economical sense to keep the Olympics in a set venue each four years and the money saved from bidding and building new venues spent on sports in schools?

Will the last person to leave the country please turn out the lights? What on earth has happened to this country? I'm not going to pay for something that isn't going to benefit the country one bit and will make a laughing stock of this nation that I love.

I am delighted that the UK has won the Olympic bid; at least neither my life in Paris nor my taxes will be affected by this result. Being somewhat cynical, I have a question for Mr Blair. Why does he think that this will be any different to the Millennium Dome fiasco, other than the fact that he will drain billions more from the pot designated for 'good causes'?

It's a victory for London not Great Britain

This is an utter disaster for all those who are dependent on Lottery funding - good causes, arts, sport outside London. Lottery funds will now be hijacked. The juxtaposition of this profligacy with the "Make Poverty History" is worthy of biting satirical comedy.

Why is this a national victory? It's a victory for London not Great Britain as a whole. If somebody can convince me that this will benefit me or my community (rural Norfolk) then I'll be all for it but until then, I don't want to pay for it.

The Commonwealth games in Manchester were quite a spectacle and well organised. But what legacy? The flags and flowers that adorned the major routes into Manchester have gone and the people living in these inner city areas are no better off. Mind you, Manchester City Football Club have got the use of a first class stadium on the cheap! Who are the winners?

Excellent news. Sadly now watch it turn into a disaster. The vultures (consultancies, experts, building and engineering contractors etc) are hovering waiting to empty the coffers. It will no doubt run over budget, only just be completed on time and develop into a major embarrassment similar to the Millennium Dome, only this time the world will be witness to the fiasco.

What has happened here is nothing short of disgusting! A few years ago the government promised Manchester or Birmingham the right to the national stadium - it never happened. It makes more sense to have a 'national' stadium in a central place rather than locked away in London, far away from the majority of the population, but as always, London-centric thinking won the day.

I live up North and couldn't be less excited about this news

London and the south-east ALWAYS get whatever is going - remember the Manchester Olympic bid? No central government support, so therefore it failed, and they had to settle for the Commonwealth Games. There are as many people living and working in the Leeds/Bradford-Manchester corridor as there are in London, but they never get any support or funding in any major way from central government. I hope to goodness the London Games are a gigantic flop!

I live up North and couldn't be less excited about this news. English sports fans in the regions are already alienated enough when it comes to international sport. All football internationals are soon to return to Wembley, all Rugby is at Twickenham, tennis at Wimbledon, half of international cricket hosted at Lords and The Oval. With all the resources that are going to be now poured into the capital, this is only going to extend further.

Great for London, not for the rest of the country. How much will it cost me to travel from Glasgow and stay in London and go to see some Olympic events, too much I will bet. I would love to have seen if all this political help would have been given to Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle or Glasgow, I doubt it. Just another waste of tax payer's money. London gets everything and the rest of the country suffers.

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