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Netball rules explained

Major rules

Netball is a non-contact sport, and players cannot make physical contact with one another on the court.

A good thing about this rule is that it stops taller and bigger players using their size to unfair advantage.

Defenders have to stand 0.9m (3ft) away from the player with the ball.

From this distance a player can try and win the ball back, but ONLY when it has been thrown into the air.

Players can defend a member of the other team who does not have the ball but they cannot touch them or snatch the ball from under their nose!

If a player makes physical contact and disrupts play then a penalty pass is awarded.

But remember to be careful, because even if you trip over your shoelaces and knock another player over by accident - the referee will still give a penalty pass!

Moving the goalposts

No-one would notice if you just moved that 3m (10ft) goalpost just a little nearer would they?

Well, if a player is caught leaning on a post then a free pass will be given.

But if you try and move the thing then you will give the other side a penalty pass. So moving the goalposts is definitely not allowed!

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