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Aintree, 5 April, 2008

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A fence-by-fence analysis of how your horse fared


  • First place:
    Comply Or Die (7-1 joint-favourite)
    Jockey Timmy Murphy: "It's everybody's dream to win the National. David [Pipe, trainer] prepared him fabulously and said he was a certainty and wouldn't get beat, so what more can you ask for?"

  • Second place:
    King Johns Castle (20-1) Four lengths behind
    Paul Carberry: I was a bit short at the second-last but he winged the last and I thought I was going to pick Timmy [Murphy] up at the Elbow. But he pulled out a bit more. The whole way up the straight I thought I was going to get there."

  • Third place:
    Snowy Morning (16-1) 1l
    David Casey: "He ran great, he jumped super and I just wish I had held on to him a bit longer, but he gave me a super ride. When Hedgehunter won I'd schooled him round for Ruby (Walsh) the year before and the same might happen again."

  • Fourth place:
    Slim Pickings (10-1) 16l
    Barry Geraghty: "He ran a blinder, I had a great spin off him and I just said to the lads it is the best craic you'll have all year. He's only nine so hopefully he'll be back next year."

  • Fifth place:
    Bewleys Berry 8l
    Denis O'Regan: "A brilliant run. I got a great run and he jumped great. He probably didn't get home, but he's run to his mark."

  • Sixth place:
    Cloudy Lane 3l
    Jason Maguire: "He gave me a great ride. He's run really well and he's jumped great. Turning in, I thought if I could tag on to the winning bunch that he would pick up, but the trip has taken a bit of the quickness out of him and he just kept going one pace to the line."

  • Seventh place:
    Nadover 13l
    Robbie Power: "He was deadly. He gave me a serious spin. He'll not be 150-1 next year."

  • Eighth place:
    Baily Breeze 9l
    Paddy Flood: "Fantastic. He jumped well and travelled well."

  • Ninth place:
    Chelsea Harbour 1l
    Davy Russell: "A savage spin. He jumped from fence to fence. He did jump a bit left, but he is a game. Perhaps I made a bit too much use of him."

  • 10th place:
    Mon Mome 1l
    Aidan Coleman: "He gave me an absolutely brilliant spin. He was going well but Tony McCoy's horse fell in front of us at Becher's second time and half fell in front of my horse and that took him out of the race."

  • 11th place:
    Hi Cloy 3l
    Tom Doyle: "He jumped round, I thought I had a chance jumping Becher's second time round but he just didn't get home from the second-last."

  • 12th place:
    Cornish Sett 1l
    Nick Scholfield: "He gave me a serious spin. He was starting to get into it, but was flat out and for me to finish was just like winning it."

  • 13th place:
    Hedgehunter 13l
    Ruby Walsh: "He was grand. He jumped round, but he just wasn't good enough."

  • 14th place:
    Idle Talk 28l
    Brian Harding: "He gave me a great ride. I was getting excited at Becher's second time, but he just fell in a heap."

  • 15th place:
    Milan Deux Mille dist
    Tom Malone: "He's such an exuberant horse, but I knew if I dropped him in he'd be too keen. In the end I wasn't competitive, but I got round and he's a fantastic old horse."


  • 30th fence:
    Mr Pointment (pulled up)
    Sam Thomas: "He just got very tired, but he jumped serious."

  • 29th fence:
    Dun Doire (pulled up)
    Richard McGrath: "He got a bit tired, but had jumped really well."

  • 27th fence: D'Argent (fell)

  • 25th fence:
    Turko (fell)
    Richard Johnson:"He was running a very good race though he dragged his hind legs through a couple. For a six-year-old he took to it well and could come back here again."

    Knowhere (fell)

    Simon (unseated)
    Dominic Elsworth: "He went at the same fence last year, but he was only going OK this time. He did travel well for over a circuit."

  • 22nd fence:
    Butler's Cabin (fell)
    Tony McCoy: "I was having a good ride. He was travelling nicely and just tipped up at Becher's the second time."

  • 20th fence:
    Joaaci (fell)
    Johnny Farrelly: "He clipped the top of the fence and came down."

    McKelvey (unseated)

  • 19th fence:
    Vodka Bleu (pulled up)
    Paul Moloney: "He jumped too deliberately."

    Bob Hall (pulled up)
    Noel Fehily: "He jumped well but he just got tired."

    Naunton Brook (pulled up)
    Andrew Tinkler: "He didn't really want to go today. He likes leading and he couldn't get his own way."

  • 17th fence:
    Point Barrow (pulled up)
    Tony Dobbin: "He wasn't enjoying it as he seemed to remember his fall at the first last year. He was very careful at his fences."

  • 11th fence:
    Contraband (fell)
    Keith Mercer: "I just got squeezed up and was half pushed to the ground. He was a bit unlucky, he was still travelling well but it was still a long way out."

    Kelami (fell)
    Barry Keniry: "I was getting a great ride when he just touched the top of the fence down the side."

  • Eighth fence:
    Madison Du Berlais (fell)
    Tom Scudamore: "He just got in too close at the Canal Turn."

    Philson Run (fell)
    Daryl Jacob: "A horse fell right in front of him and we could not get out of the way."

  • Sixth fence:
    No Full (fell)
    Shay Barry: "He got in a bit tight and clipped the top of it."

  • Fourth fence:
    Ardaghey (fell)
    David England: "He got in a bit tight."

    Paddy Brennan: "He got in far too close."

  • Third fence:
    Tumbling Dice (unseated)
    Tom Ryan: "He just took off way too early."

    Iron Man (unseated)
    Christian Williams: "He just took off too far out."

  • Second fence:
    Black Apalachi (fell)
    Andrew McNamara: "I didn't think he was going to fall, but I was on the way when he was on the way down."

    Backbeat (fell)
    Wilson Renwick: "The way he jumped the first I didn't think he'd get very far."

    L'Ami (fell)

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