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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 February, 2005, 16:23 GMT
Salute Ellen MacArthur - part two
Here are some more of your tributes to Ellen MacArthur - the fastest person to sail single-handed around the world.

You are a smasher in more ways than one Well Done
Tom Bunting, N Ireland

Brilliant job!
Subrena Smith, USA
Congratulations - you make all us women proud. What a fabulous achievement!
Glen Urquhart Palmer, Canada

Dear Ellen
I have watched your rise to the top. You have proven that size has no bearing on determination and resolve. This has to rank as one of the greatest accomplishments of human endeavour and adventure. I am the youth sailing coach at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Everyone of my young sailors will be required to know this story. Best wishes for the future. "Qou Non Ascendam" ( To what heights may I not Ascend! " Paul Doughty
Paul Doughty, Bermuda

Well done Ellen!
you truly are a star and a fighter in life.
A model for all of us to look up to.
Rest now, rest.Till the next challenge.
all the best
Pako, UK

Brilliant job! You are awesome!
Subrena Smith, USA

What an inspiration to us all - way to go Ellen!
Max RAABE, Malaysia

From a Scottish family wintering in sunny Florida far from their beloved Scottish waters, congratulations and thanks for the inspiration you will have given to so many young and old.
Jim and Gill Gordon, UK

Now enjoy a nice hot bath and a fabulous glass of wine!
Ashley Doran, USA

Bravo Ellen!

An amazing finish to an amazing feat! Now then enjoy a nice hot bath and a fabulous glass of wine!
Ashley Doran, USA

Dear Ellen,

I have only started following your fascinating story a few days ago, and you have changed the way I look at challenges in life. Congratulations and sincerest best wishes from America for your miraculous and courageous feat!
Amanda Mowbray, USA

Absolutely fantastic achievement...stunning performance. It's awe inspiring!!!!
claire roberts, USA

In spite of your advantages Ellen, eg, brilliant support from team, specially designed boat, etc. Sailing at such high speed carries its own risks and being 5'3? limits reach... I wonder what else you would say were disadvantages - in spite of the bad weather you've shown that a passion to accomplish and immense determination plus long experience make a formidable combination for survival. You've demonstrated to the post-war generations that women can stand up to heavy pressures and make a successful landfall - brilliantly well done!
Georgina Natzio, UK

Ellen, I think you must have "Dolphins" in your blood. Well done you deserve the highest honour the nation can possibly bestow on you.
John Robinson, GREAT BRITIAN

Wonderful. You Have every right to be proud. J.J.
Johnny Johnson, U.K.

You are awesome. Thank you for proving a person can do whatever they really want to do. You have inspired a world of sailors and women to the sport.
Kathleen Dolan, USA, San Francisco

I love you Ellen - best of British, Peter.
Peter, Scotland UK

True grit. What bravery and determination she has. An inspiration to us all. It makes me even more proud to be British.
Holly, Edinburgh, UK

Amazing achivement, and a fantastic inspiration. Ellen should be honoured for her achievements, and am so glad to see her making the front pages of the national press - enjoy the after parties Ellen, and the success you've hard-earned. Have followed your progress at least once a day - you've certainly kept us on edge! Best Wishes.
Rebekah, Great Britain

I've thought long and hard about your journey. I've been transfixed to your web site. I simply have NO idea what you've been through and how you've done it. Quite simply out of this world. Congratulations to you and your magnificent team.

We've kept an eye out for your progress right through..Well done Ellen, an outstanding achievement!!!
Mally, Great Britain

I have been in constant awe of your courage, fortitude, and tenacity
Chris Stanford, UK

I am 70, oh how I wish this could have been mE. Good luck, God bless, well done. xoxooxoxoxoxoxo
Bobute,mE, U.S.A.

sailor, england

I can't say I know much about sailing but this has been absolutely inspirational. The sheer grit and determination, not to mention skill, this much have taken is beyond comprehension. I can think of no plaudit high enough to praise you and all the 'major' sports that hog all the headlines are practically pointless in comparison to this. An absolutely magnificent achievement.
Naomi Elliott, UK

Congratulations. Enjoy your homecoming and a well earned rest. Whats next?
lesley alldis, England

Congratulations, it is an amazing achievment will try and spread the name throughout Bolivia. It makes me proud to be a Brit.
Alex Pollen, England - in Bolivia

Well Done! You truly are an amazing inspiration to us all. She has to be the Sport's Personality of the Year. WELL DONE!
Stephen, USA

What a magnificent achievement, Congratulations, you'll be the toast for many a day.Enjoy your glory and history-making effort.Hugs all round!!!
Sue and Les McDowell, Vancouver Island - Canada

Congratulations Ellen!

The whole world celebrates with you.
You are an inspiration for us all.
May your life be filled with joy.

Inge Uddin, Canada

Well done, a very tough and courageous young woman who is an inspiration to us all. Irish people are so proud of what you have achieved on your own.
Ciaran, Northern Ireland

Welcome home and congratulations.
Rachael, UK

I have been in constant awe of your courage, fortitude, and tenacity
Chris Stanford, UK

What a fantastic Odyssey! Incredible passion, courage and determination. Congratulations Ellen!!
Stefanos, Greece

Ellen has put the Great back in Great Britain, she's an inspriration.
steve harsant, Great Britain

We are absolutely thrilled for you. It is a remarkable achievement.
Ann, England

There is not much I can say that has not already been said, so I will just add my voice to the multitude and hail your magnificent achievement. Since before the start of this venture when the situation turned green until now I have been logging in as often as possible to follow your progress. I have been in constant awe of your courage, fortitude, and tenacity. Congratulations.
Chris Stanford, UK

FANTASTIC what more can anyone say.
neil mckay, uk

Absolutely tremendous many many congratulations. You are an inspiration to everyone, may your achievement be properly recognised by HMGov, you deserve it. Well Done
James Hyde, UK

Ellen, my family and I are so proud of you for this magnificent single- handed around the world record achievement. You are truly a superb and fine example of individual courage and determination. You deserve every successs and acclaim. You are an absolute inspiration to us all. Very very well done indeed.
Alison Moss, UK

Congratulation on a fantastic achievement, sailing round the world! And to add a world record too, wow. I have followed your progress regularly, and to think just a few days ago it looked like the record was just a step too far. No not for you, a magnificent achievement. What next! Sleep and just let it all sink in! Britain and the world solute you.
Kevin Elson, England

Ellen that was JUST fantastic, inspirational & I think one of the most significant feats of endurance and competitiveness we have seen in a long time. Heartfelt congratulations to you and your team.
Fiona, UK

Well done Ellen. You're my daughter's hero, she's followed your progress on your website each day. She's only 12 but would love to follow in your footsteps. Have a well earned rest!
Ruth Goodyear, Isle of Wight, UK

Congratulations on a fantastic voyage and record. Your courage, determination and stamina make you an example to us all. If there were more like you Britain would still be Great. Thank you for restoring our pride.
Dave Fox, Droitwich, England

Congratulations ellen very very proud of you well done hoping to see you in derbyshire soon.
susan tate, derbyshire, uk

An inspiring young woman for all sailors around the world
Angel Luis Martinez, Spain

I've been following the journey for most of the time. Congratulations to you Ellen, you sure are one tough cookie!. It's going to take something special to beat this run.
Adrian Powell, Wales

Mermaids exists !!

An inspiring young woman for all sailors around the world. A model to follow. Well done Ellen !!!

Once I sat upon a promontory, and heard a mermaid on a dolphin's back uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath that the rude sea grew civil at her song And certain stars shot madly from their spheres, to hear the sea-maid's music.

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
Angel Luis Martinez, Spain

I am very impressed by you, keep it up !

Thank you for being so strong for the rest of us girls !
Eva, Germany


Ellen, your determination and fortitude are a huge inspiration to me. I have the words "a donf" taped to my computer monitor. It helps me get through the day.
John, USA

well done - so brave
maureen, england

You are a wonderful woman - a true champion among champions - you are a credit to yourself, your family and the country. Well done Ellen , well done!!!
Linda, UK

Congratulations! I'm totally awed by your courage, determination and physical and mental stamina. You're an inspiration to women everywhere to dream big and then make it happen.
Fiona Hunter, UK

What an inspiration you are to us all. I am 16 years old and if I grow up to have even a hundredth of your determination and courage, I will feel myself a very very lucky person.
Emily, Jersey, Channel Islands

Ellen, one day you will look all around you and see what you have done for sailing in this country, by inspiring people from all walks of life with your guts, determination and failure to accept defeat. We'll all be thanking you for that!!
David Summerville, Great Britain

Congratulations Ellen! Masterful achievement! You've shown us all how strength of character and determination can overcome incredible odds.
Ted Milne, USA (Canadian though)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ellen, for giving us something to smile and shout about, after so many weeks of world tragedy. What an achievement...we never doubted you would achieve what must be your, and our, proudest moment. Congratulations to you and all your team, you have made Britain..Great!
Sandra Clark, Scotland

At last a person that this country can rightly be proud of - no glitz, no glamour - just sheer skill and hard work.
Kevin Griffiths, England

Without parallel - you are remarkable
John Simpson, UK

I have tears in my eyes for your victory
Judy Wiles, USA

Francis Drake, Francis Chichester, Robin Knox Johnston... Arise Dame Ellen!!!!!
M.Mackenzie, UK

Absolutely fantastic !!! Well done Ellen. You make us proud to be British regardless of our colour, creed or religion.
Mohammad Jamil, Manchester, England

I am way over here on an island off the coast of Washington State, and I have tears in my eyes for your victory. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!
Judy Wiles, USA

Wonderful news for an inspirational Derbyshire lass. Well done!!! (me duck) ;?)
Iftekhar Shaikh, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

Wonderful Ellen.You have once again inspired countless people to aim high and achieve their own dreams by hard work, skill and determination. Thank you for being so inspirational.Have a good sleep! Robin
Robin Rowland, UK

Wonderful. Best news ever in my 85 years.
Dr L Parker, England

Your voyage has given new meaning to endurance and endeavour. You are a genuine star and positive role model for young women all over the world. Warmest congratulations from a very proud Brit in the City of Sails!
Kate, Auckland, New Zealand

I've decided to name my new boat after you, Ellen. You're one in a billon!!
Ted Asnan, Malaysia & United Kingdom

Inspirational..brilliant..great..hope you achieved as much of a gift on your inner journey as you gave to us with your world journey. Heroic, sensitive,strong woman-welcome home.You make me proud to be british and a woman. Thankyou.
Catherine Stringer, England

You will never know how proud we are of you
John Bryant, England

Ellen, You are an inspiration not only for sailors but for all the world. When the going was tough, so were you.
Ian Kindon, England

What a magnificent and brave achievement - well done!
richard burns, UK

A magnificent achievement, showing guts, determination and the spirit necessary to overcome all obstacles, on a par with Drake in the annals of nautical achievement. Congratulations and well done. Mike Whiteman
Michael Whiteman, UK

Welcome home Ellen and congratulations on completing your epic voyage.It's an amazing achievement by an amazing person. You will never know how proud we are of you.
John Bryant, England

Fantastic achievement, true grit or is it Brit.
Nigel Lock, UK

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Ellen! We knew you could make it, and of course you did it! From a french expat in London, and a modest seafearer, All my admiration for your great feat, and "a donf" for the next competitors to challenge your marvellous record!
J. Kergoat, French in London

Well done! Words fail me, Dame Ellen.
dudley smith, Ireland

Legendary, absolutely legendary. Up there with Scott of the Antartic. Your endurance is of the highest calibre.
Alex Calder, UK

What a day for women all over the world!
Jenny Hill, UK

Ellen, I've never written something like this before but you are fantastic!!! I don't know whether to cry or hug everyone or both!! THANK YOU FOR BEING SOOOOO INCREDIBLE...x
Tonya Williams, ENGLAND

Proud to be British again. You did it. You did it.
Nigel, Uk Derbs

Congratulations Ellen! What a magnificent achievement. You are such an inspiration - you are living proof that nothing is impossible if you believe you can do it. Well done.
Liz, Sutton Coldfield , UK

Congratulation on you achievement Ed!!! A dream from Anthony Gell school days come true eh!!! We've been following you closely since early Kingfisher days and even more closely through your latest challenge... CONGRATULATIONS again. xx
Rachel Perrott (nee Henderson), Derbyshire. UK are an inspiration to myself and everyone else. It puts the worlds troubles into perspective and makes clear what can be acheived if we only put our minds to it. fantastic job and very very very well done
Mary, england

Congratulations 'Dame' Ellen Macarthur
Colin Stangroom, Scotland

The British sometimes forget that we are an island nation who grew knowledgable about the world and its peoples through our skill as sailors and navigators. Ellen MacArthur not only follows a great British tradition, but clearly demonstrates that the present-day vision, energy and determination of this old seafaring nation is now young and female!!! Congratulations Ellen. You make us proud!
Rick Spurway, United Kingdom

It is with enormous pride that we congratulate you on an achievement which has taken the world by storm. Yes, this has gone beyond the boundary of UK and France to capture the hearts and minds of decent people over the globe. Thank you for your courage and indomitable spirit
Graham Shove, UK

Very, very well done!!! Now please get some rest, good and regular meals and the opportunity to spend time with you family and close friends. God Bless you.
Jenny T, United Kingdom

What a day for women all over the world!! Dr. Rice in her new role and Ellen with her latest accolade!

This 65 year old salutes you and thanks God that times for women have changed so dramatically!
Jenny Hill, UK

Thanks for making me proud to be British. You are an inspiration to every sportsman and sportswoman in this country. Congratulations! You are now the best in the world - ever!
David Constance, England

Thanks Ellen for reminding us of the true spirit that lies at the heart of every human. Well done and rule Britannia!
Arran Mitchell, UK

Stupendous. Words cannot express your achievement. We have watched your progress from the middle of Lincolnshire with awe, and pride. Congratulations.
Janet, England

You have put the Great back in Great Britain
Jill Lear, UK

I am old enough to remember Francis Chichester being knighted as he landed. You deserve the same honour for the pride you have brought us all. Well done, you are so very brave
Pauline Garnett, UK

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Salute Ellen MacArthur
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