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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 February, 2005, 13:36 GMT
Salute Ellen MacArthur - part three
Here are some more of your tributes to Ellen MacArthur - the fastest person to sail single-handed around the world.

A truly awesome achievement! You deserve the highest meaningful honours that can be bestowed for persistent endeavour and resulting success. This nation excels at world class in minority sports like sailing and gliding, which have fundamental similarities and are accessible to all. However they suffer lack of interest in headline awards produced for and decided by thousands of couch potatoes.
Phil G., average glider pilot., England

You have put the "Great" back in Great Britain. I feel very proud of you. If anyone should have "Dame" or more its you. Not these silly recording artists or Footballers.
Jill Lear, UK

Well done and a hearty congratulations. Not many of us achieve greatness, but the one thing that comes to mind when tasks get difficult is Ellen words reminding us that "it is never easy!"
Tim H, UK

Absolutely fabulous Ellen MacArthur. You are a fantastic sea person and once again us exiles (welsh) have something to rub in to the Ozzies and we beat England.

Hope you are feeling very proud of your magnificent achievement, you will be an inspiration to all women Yachties. Am a boat club member over here. (stink boats) Once again so very well done. You deserve any honours that are going for lady boaties.
Tony Davies, Australia

You're such a star! What an amazing achievement!
Pete Horsting, England

You are amazing and an inspiration to all of us who put off until tomorrow what we can do today - congratulations Jane
Jane Goffe, UK

We anglophiles in Kiwi land are so proud of you. We are speechless with admiration. Bravo Ellen !
Harry Ward, New Zealand

You will be riding on the crest of the waves for a very long time. Congratulations
Chris Hall, England

Ellen, Many, many congratulations. You make us all feel very proud indeed. You will be riding on the crest of the waves for a very long time. Congratulations.
Chris Hall, England

You are an inspiration to us all. Many Congratulations. Wendy
Wendy Palmer, England

I have followed your magnificent achievement and you have made every Brit proud . History is brightened by you.
John Gough, USA

Congratulations Ellen, you are an inspiration to us all - what a wonderful achievement - so very proud of you and your team. (from a non-sailor!)
Jackie Thomson, United Kingdom

Congratulations on an utterly fantastic achievement. This underlines what sporting achievement is all about. Ellen is up there among the UK's other sporting heroes and deserves every recognition. Ellen should be the Sports Personality of 2005
Duncan, Britain

You must feel fantastic I feel so proud that a British woman has achieved this amazing feat. Well done from all here at Oceanair Marine Ltd
Sarah Vanes, UK

An awesome achieve. Heroic, Inspirational - words out of fashion now days. I wonder if the British Media will convey this to Britain. The British have someone very special among them.
D Laurin, Spain

I have never sailed in my life, but your achievements make me weep. You are a credit to your country and to women everywhere. The world and humanity are richer for your presence. You are truly awesome and an inspiration. Congratulations, Ellen!!!
Georgina Porter, UK

Congratulations from Chichester House at Warlingham School!! Sir Francis would have been amazed at your speed and endurance.
Chichester House, England

Well done! You are truly an inspiration to us all. Have a well earned rest now, you surely deserve it. My very best wishes to you. Shirley
Shirley Keefe, England

Brilliant, fantastic, well done. I'm keeping today's newspaper for my Grand-daughter (aged 10 months) to show her what a wonderful woman you are and as an inspiration for her. Enjoy the moment and your hard earned rest.
Jill Chapman, England

Personality of the Year? Not good enough. Personality of the Century.
Shirley, Brussels, UK
Fling your arms around yourself Ellen and give yourself a big hug. Personality of the Year - not good enough - Personality of the Century. Well done. Shirley, Brussels, Belgium
Shirley May , Belgium

Magnificent - what an inspiration. So very, very proud of you and what you have achieved.
Deborah, England

I watched Ellen cross the finish line from my apartment in Brooklyn. Even on my little computer screen, with the train clanging past outside my window, I was utterly transported. Just seeing her little boat, dwarfed by the night and the waters of the Channel, made me realize what an incredible battle she has been fighting and has just won. I'm thrilled for you, Ellen! You make us all believe in greatness!
Tim Heffernan, USA

Well Done!!! Brilliant you didn't break the record, you shattered it!!
John Rushton, Bedworth, UK

She's done it, and the whole nation should stop a moment and say well done. The media should drop football, racing and rugby's hyped up and spoilt sports stars for a week at least. This is like winning the World Cup, and it should be celebrated as such. She is a true personality and a real success.

After her achievement there should be nothing but laughter at the overpaid planks of wood who win Personality of the Year for running around a football pitch for not even ninety minutes. Ellen, may you sail on forever in the true place that you deserve - first, and foremost in our hearts for this wonderful feat. And congratulations to her team and everyone involved!
Kim, UK

Congratulations on beating the record. Have a very well earned break. From one islander to another.
Jo Harris, Guernsey

Absolutely outstanding. Can not begin to imagine the courage of someone to set out on a challenge such as this. Makes you very proud to be British!!!
Adrian, English in Australia

Absolutely awesome. What an inspiration. To have achieved this on her own makes me feel that I can never again say ' but I can't do that'
Claire , UK

Congratulations Ellen, what a fantastic achievement, you deserve to be honoured, well done!!!
Lyn Tyrer, England

Sports Personality of the Year 2005 surely!
Luke, UK

You are a truly inspirational lady, I want to applaud your endeavours and cry at the sheer grit and determination you show. My love and best wishes aren't enough. Take care
Terri, UK

Ellen doesn't seem to be from the usual (posh)yachtey set. I have never been so enthralled and amazed as ever with this wonderful adventure endured by Ellen, a fantastic person, with more guts than money can buy. Have a good sleep in a lovely soft duvet!!
Lee Harper, United Kingdom

Ellen, you have been an inspiration to me and many. Congratulations on you amazing achievement - simply the best.
Ken McCaw, N. Ireland

Well Done Ellen!!! Huge congratulations to you and your team, your determination shows the world the true British spirit. Britain should be proud of you!
Wayne Tuckwell, UK

Sports Personality of the Year 2005 surely! Way to go Ellen!
Luke, UK

Absolutely superb! What a courageous woman - well done Ellen!
Kathy Reynolds, UK

Ellen you are amazing. I spent my youth sailing on Windermere. I have just the vaguest idea of what it's like to sail in such conditions. All I can say is well done and a nation is proud of are an inspiration to the next generation
Jo, England

I've not been a follower or fan of sailing before - but in recent weeks I have started to become one. Well done Ellen - blooming well done through sheer hard work and determination! Well done. Well done also to the support team - without a good team behind, I am sure that Ellen would have struggled more. Glen
Glen Duncan, UK

Fantastic makes us feel so proud and brings a great big smile to our faces an example of fortitude and endurance for everyone of all ages and creed a huge well done.
Len &Jean Gazzard, England

Perhaps the most astonishing sporting achievement ever; move over Geoff Hurst, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Pele, et al.
Mark Skingley, UK

I am so proud of her - she is a magnificent example of what can be achieved by mankind and a wonderful example to her generation. Ellen - you have raised us all by your incredible fortitude and courage. God bless you.
Ian Ramsay, Scotland

Thanks for giving my daughter a true enduring spirit to admire. Well Done!
Siobhan Hansen, USA

You are just the most inspirational woman around in the world today. We are very very proud of you Ellen.
Joanna, UK

I think you are an extraordinary person
Carmen, Canada

An amazing feat - all congratulations -have been going into Team Ellen at least 2 times a day for your whole voyage. Our admiration knows no bounds. Anne
Anne Aston, U.K.

An amazing young lady with more grit and determination than most can dream of. A true inspiration !
Andrew, England

Utterly Amazing, 27,000 miles at see on your own and breaking the world record to boot, that's impressive. Well done Ellen
Andy Blunn, UK

You are an extraordinary woman, and an inspiration to us all. Congratulations.
Paul McElligott, Canada

Outstanding effort Ellen! My eight-year-old daughter and I are amazed by your bravery, determination and sense of adventure.
Amy Cairns Harrison, USA

Dear Ellen, Congratulations on your epic voyage, understand a little of what you have gone through, no the feeling, bet you cannot wait to curl up into bed. So proud of you with our best wishes
Joseph & Mary Duncan, England

You are truly an inspiring person. As an expat I feel particularly proud to be English. Well done and thank you.
Brook Gardner, Canada

Well done Ellen! I was behind you all way and I am so happy that you got the record and I think you should be called Dame Ellen.
Evonne Okafor, London, UK

I'm absolutely delighted for you Ellen! I've been telling my small children about your escapades on the high seas ..Amazing... Enjoy the final stretch... Well done.... Nigel Stead
nige stead, uk

Ellen, Well done. UK, please share Ellen with the rest of the world. Lord knows we need more real heroes like her.
Denzil, USA

For the last thirty days I have eagerly followed your progress on the net. It has been a privilege in some small way to have been associated with your courageous and indominatable spirit , I wish you all the luck. merit and honours you so richly deserve . You shine out to modern youth like an inspirational beacon.
john Watson, Isle of Wight

All my respect to you Ellen! I think you are an extraordinary person, I would feel most honoured if I could meet you one day. I hope you'll have the chance to read the messages posted by these wonderful people here. We all send you a warm salute for calm waters! Best regards!!!
Carmen, Canada

Sincere congratulations Ellen, you are an inspirational young lady and a shining beacon for the youth of today. Enjoy your homecoming and a well deserved rest. We celebrate your achievement with a passion.
Mary Lowe, New Zealand

Ellen your courage help me fight against my disease
Sophie, France

Magnificent acheivement. Well done in proving your the best in the world.
Terry D., England

Congratulations Ellen, few people alive can imagine the sheer guts and tenacity it has taken you to achieve this record - and even fewer could come close to what you have achieved - you are a marvel and hopefully you and the sport of sailing will get the recognition and support you deserve in the UK, myself and all the sailors of the world salute you.
Mike Arstall, UK

All from British Swimming which you success in the last lap of your record attempt. We are all gunning for you and look forward to you crossing the finish line Well Done from Great Britain Swimmers
Wendy Coles, Great Britain

Mr Blair, what about scrambling the "Red Arrows" and re-stocking the red, white and blue smoke canisters...our nautical heroine deserves nothing less than an aerial tribute. Well done young lady
Brian Cain, Isle of Man

Ellen shows day in and day out that she truly is, a GREAT Britain!...
Adrian Humphreys, Great Britain

The achievement is so extraordinary it is difficult to put into context. Most (successful)sportspeople have to dig very deep - but how many in these conditions over such a time? And then there's the monumental skill to keep the boat at peak performance.
Will, UK

Fantastic! You're an amazing, determined woman and one of the many sportsmen and women who make me proud to be British. Well done Ellen.
Pamela Brooke, UK

I find the whole journey just so unbelievably brave and courageous. At last Britain has a true world heroine that can make us all proud. Go Ellen, go - we're all right behind you and praying that the last few miles go well. If we could hug you we would!
Holly, London UK

Well Done. I am very proud of you. Whilst most of us cannot truly appreciate the pain you go through for this, we do sense it is special. WELL DONE!
Mark, England

Congratulations on completing a voyage of epic proportions - us mere mortals can only wonder at how you found the strength to keep going.
Ron Pearson, USA

Congratulations, you are an inspiration to the young people of our Country. Very best wishes for the future.
Dennis Heffernan, England Uk

We are all so proud of your stamina, courage and determination - an inspiration to all women
Linda Craven, Cornwall UK

Well done Ellen. As a sailor I appreciate the difficulties you have faced. Best wishes from the crew of Creacendo. Killyleagh Yacht Club
George Cromie, N. Ireland

This lady is absolutely remarkable. Britain should be very proud of her achievements, bravery and determination - Sportsperson of the decade I reckon!
Russell Taylor, UK

Both me and my 2 young sons have been watching your progress almost every day. You are an inspiration to us all. You are the brightest of stars !!

Tracey Purves - DuBois, England

Those of us who've sailed deep sea understand the significance of your achievement - both from the personal stamina and the seamanship standpoints. My sailing mentor, the legendary Bill Tilman, would have openly stated his admiration for your accomplishment, and that would have been rare praise indeed. Ignore the talk of awards, your voyage will go down in the history of British seafaring, there can be no greater award than that. Stand tall, be proud of your achievements. We are!
Bob Comlay, England

Welcome Home, what a fantastic achievement, you are simply the best and an inspiration to us all
Keith and Christine Smith, England

Ellen your courage help me to fight against my disease. thank you.
Sophie, France

Congratulations Ellen on your achievements. You are truly courageous. Hoping to see you sail into Falmouth. Welcome back. Well done - you are the best sportswoman in the world!
Sally, Peter, Andrew and Sarah Wilson, UK

I'm usually knackered after a couple of hours in a 420. I can't imagine how tired you must be after 72 days! Good on you. Congratulations.
Andy James, Wales

I've followed your progress from C Horn all the way back & I'm astonished how you do it. The adjective to describe the magnitude of your achievement has not been penned yet! Llongyfarchiadau !! Dyfed Thomas
Dyfed Thomas, SWANSEA, WALES

This feat of strength, willpower and courage by a 5'3" female puts us 6'+ males to shame. An extraordinary feat and to be highly praised by us all. Well done Ellen!!!!!!
Trevor bailey, USA

Your achievements are breathtaking and the whole of the country is so proud of you. Wishing you every success.
Anthony, England

Fantastic effort and congratulations. Your stickability is an inspiration!
Marjorie Bosman, England

Congratulation Ellen Just cannot believe the physical and mental strength you have, Proud to be British.
Lawrence & Diane Hill, Sedgley West mids

What you have done is remarkable, and yet you are only 28! Enjoy every moment of your success. I am sure you will inspire many people of all ages.
Alan C, England

Absolutely fantastic achievement. She should achieve the same status as Kelly Holmes and also be leading contender for BBC sports personality of year.
Perry Barrett, UK

Congratulation Ellen Just cannot believe the physical and mental strength you have, Proud to be British
Lawrence & Diane Hill, Sedgley West mids

Congratulations on a fantastic achievement; you are a model for all.
David Burkitt, England

We, as a school, have followed your every inch of the 27,000 odd miles of your circum-navigation. You are a remarkable young lady. I only wish it was within my powers to close school for a day, hire a double- decker and come down and cheer you all the way to your berth in Falmouth tomorrow. Thanks Ellen for the best ever Geography lessons!!!
Hazel Wheatley, Lincolnshire.

Ellen makes us feel proud to be English.
Ann and Graham Brookes, England

The physical and mental strains Ellen has endured on her record attempt are far more than most all of us will ever encounter let alone truly understand. I know of no man or woman stronger. Well done Ellen! A true British athlete, celebrity and star!
Ollie, London, England

Well done - a fantastic feat of endurance. Best wishes and welcome back
Mr Saleemi, UK

Simply the best!
Adrian Tapping, UK

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Salute Ellen MacArthur
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