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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 February, 2005, 17:56 GMT
Salute Ellen MacArthur - part four
Here are some more of your tributes to Ellen MacArthur - the fastest person to sail single-handed around the world.

Congratulations. We have followed your progress every day. A magnificent achievment. Our best wishes on your amazing feat. Now enjoy some land time.
Dean and Matt Outerbridge, Bermuda

Ellen, quite simply, you are incredible.
Matt, UK

The only person in the world to take a 72 day cold shower.& come out smiling.. Wot a woman...
M Nelson, N Ireland

Ellen, A POEM

An example of endurance you are. So petite yet a giant of the world. You teach so many and inspire even more. Well done Ellen, your joy is shared by all who know. And many more who will know tomorrow. And those who aspire for their own triumph over physical endurance. You show how well done it can be achieved, all alone. And now you can taste sweet necter of success. For you are you and many will follow. Relax now and know this for sure. Many have learned and many more will aspire. To what it is that has driven you so well, to succeed in your hard-adventure. Absorbing your pain, all alone. But we were with you, forget not your public and remember those, some who are mighty strong, yet still too weak to share dreams as mighty as yours. In mind and spirit your mental strength we do wish we can share. In dreams and ambition seen active in you we aspire and take courage. In your passions of will we live our lives, your are a hero like stars of great movies. So many Ellen, try to remember us who you will never meet, but whose wishes you have granted. Well done Ellen, a great deed you have done. An achievement for so many, yet so few can follow in truth. Well done dear Ellen, you have awakened the spirits and conquered the waves.
Ronnie, England

Her courage is a monumental lesson to us all
Joanne, Jersey

In these times of celebrity overkill Ellen is a true inspiration, proving that sheer willpower and spirit triumphs over all. A'donf, Ellen!
Ingmar Collinson, East Yorkshire, UK

I attended a women's sailing convention in Newport Beach, CA yesterday with over 300 female sailors. We are so, so proud of Ellen's uncompromising drive, inner strength and sailing skill!!
Lisa Lewis, USA

Ellen is remarkable. She is more than a yachtswoman - she is a great teacher! She is a wonderful example of one who dared to dream big and who had the guts to make it happen. Even during the toughest times when she cried and yelled, she DID NOT GIVE UP! Her courage is a monumental lesson to us all. GO GIRL!
Joanne Reid Rodrigues, Jersey, U.K.

Mount Everest has had hundreds of people conquer it, the Moon has been visited by many yet,we have here is the fastest single handed sail around the world and how many people have attempted this feat let alone succeeded. This has to be ranked amongst the greatest achievements ever!
Amar, London,UK

Great job! About time England/Britain got back on the map for an awesome acheivment. Maybe now we can win the world cup. Awesome job.

Splendid accomplishment! An inspiring young woman in a world where persons of this calibre are few and far between.
Dale, USA

Well done Ellen. You continue to be an inspiration to us all
Peter Devlin, UK

Well done Ellen!
Mike Goodman, England

Ellen, what an achievement! The persistancy you show!Followed you every day, what a race! I am so proud of you! Congratulations!
Heidi Lakeman, Netherlands

You are a very brave lady. Congratulations for staying at it. You make me proud to be British.
G.Freeman, UK

What a remarkable achievment in the true spirit of our wonderful "Land of Hope and Glory" Congratulations!
David Graham Walker, England

Brill job! Think you are fantastic- well done.
Maurice, UK

Very well done young lady,you have made me proud to be English again,you are so very brave.
Ken.Hawker, England

Please, please, please come to the Tall Ships at Newcastle / Gateshead this summer so that your northern fans can say 'hello' x
Ken & Jean Riley, england

Truly an incredible performance in skill determination courage Very very well done!! DAME ELLEN" arise !!
Pat Edwards, England

Ellen makes us feel proud to be English. Her courage, determination and sheer guts are an example to everyone!! Well done, record or no record.
Ann and Graham Brookes, England

I am 7 years old and am proud to share my name with someone so brave and strong. I hope that she breaks the world record.
Ellen Moore,

What an inspiration this courageous young lady is.
Michael Holland, England
Brilliant achievement, keep going we are gunning for you - ALL Darwen in Lancashire..........
Kathleen Lowe, UK

they give out medals for so many trivial things now just lets see what this brave young lady will be offered,it should be the highest medal for bravery possible she makes me proud to be british, god bless her and all who have helped her achieve this wonderfull goal
jill mclaughlin, england

An inspriation to the world - what a wonderful woman
P Clare, England

What an inspiration this courageous young lady is. She gives a new and brighter meaning to "Rule Britannia"!
Michael Holland, England

Im sure the team of people who guided her through this and made it possible are all very pleased. I hope there efforts aren't forgotten in the hype which Ellen deserves
Mike, England

HI. WELL DONE Ellen you have led where others will follow in their own way. best regards john morris

So, with January barely over, the BBC Sport Personality of the Year is already in the bag......or so it should be! An awsome performance beyond any that will be seen on the playing fields of England this year
Mike, uk

You truly an inspiration to all of us!!!! Well done
kate, UK

Ellen, you are an inspiration to everyone
Jan Beugel, United Kingdom
Such a wonderful and amazing achievement, you are a very determined and very brave young lady. Well done, a terrific thing for England and the whole of the UK.
Diane Middlewick, Scotland

Go on girl you can do it we are all very proud of you,safe home and take care.
Tom Slattery, Scotland

You are one amazing lady now you should be made a dame we dont need to see you get a gold medal to show how great you are well done and all the best for the future
kevin, England

I have no doubt that you will make it so Congratulations Ellen

A True living Hero of our time!
Lea Painter, UK

Ellen, you are an inspiration to everyone and every British person should be proud of what you are achieving. Well done Girl!!!!
Jan Beugel, United Kingdom

Well done Ellen, one very brave lady!!!
Judy Hicks, Great Britain

You have my utmost admiration. Go for it Girl. Great to see firstly a Brit but mostly a member of the fairer sex. Good luck for the last 147 miles. You can do it.
Robert T Ryland, England

Inspirational. Brilliant. Enjoy your success!
Peter Drummond, UK

Well done Ellen, one very brave lady!!!
Judy Hicks, Great Britain

Ellen...this time you HAVE to be BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
Stuart Turner, Scotland
Ellen, you are an amazing person whether you beat the record or not - i hope you make it - well done!! what an adventure.
Jo, UK

great job, totally inspired
Mike Cobb, Great Britain

Well done, you are so close to finishing I am sure you will suceed! You set sail on my birthday and that seems such a long time ago. I bet you will be glad to get back onto dry land!! Enjoy your celebrations wonderwomen! Congratulations
Claire, UK

Ellen...this time you HAVE to be BBC Sports Personality of the`re an inspiration to so many people across the country..well done!! You`ve just proved "You can do it!" B&Q - what a wise investment...!!
Stuart Turner, Scotland

Over the waves, Ellen.
Nick Hunter, Scotland

what you are doing is amazing for those of us who are trying our best at we do this is a massive inspiration for us. Thank you for setting new boundaries.
Adam, UK

What you have do beyond my comprehension
Alan, uk
We are so proud of your achievements. Whatever problems you encounter you never give up. Well done and enjoy the celebrations.
Colin and Gillian, UK

A fantastic achievement against all the odds. Deserves all the alcolades she gets. A true hero in every way.Her enthusiasm and perseverance is absolutely tremendous. Congratulations on her great achievement.
David Holland, England

Dame Ellen MacArthur She deserves nothing less, after her courageous epic voyage.
Alexander, UK

Once for all, let's forget the so-called "celebrities". Ellen is a true heroine. My admiration and respect.
Roger, England

Well done are a credit to the country and to the sportswoman and men of this country.
Stuart Turner, Scotland

Iv,e never sailed in my life, although I,d love to. I climb mountains, thats hard enough. What you have do beyond my comprehension. Brilliant
Alan, uk

You are doing so well! keep up the good work - you're going to do it!
Sarah Newton, United Kingdom

Purely inspirational! Many congratulations.
Tess, Nantwich, England

I am completely overawed by your achievement. Whatever next?
Tim Westlake, UK

The humility and strength, determination and sensitivit
Duncan Richards, UK
Ellen, after the past few months you alone have got me through my Estate Agency career and you have made me realise that i should return to teach sailing in greece (what i was doing before). You are awesome...well done
John Gilbert, England

The humility and strength, determination and sensitivity. Ellen is an inspiration. In an era of hype, ego and spin, its wonderfully refreshing to have a truly honest high achiever and achievement.
Duncan Richards, UK

You are doing so well! keep up the good work - you're going to do it!
Sarah Newton, United Kingdom

I think you are incredibly brave - and totally mad! I get seasick just going over the Channel so can't think what it must be like to have enormous waves coming at you for hours and hours on end. I've got everything crossed for you to beat the record. Three cheers for you!
Sally, England

We think you are an amazing woman. It is so inspirational to see someone the same age as me doing something so amazing! Keep up the good work we know that you have got what it takes to beat the record! Come on Ellen! from everyone at Precision Units in Poole!
anne burton, england

Arise, dame Ellen. Fair winds and following seas
Sue, UK

Ellen is quite clearly THE real 'superwoman'
Tom Dry, U.K.
Not only an inspiration to us all, but an example of a highly competent team addressing all the risks, personal, financial and technical, pivoting on Ellen's courage and tenacity. What an investment!
Andrew White, UK

You are a courageous lady and your inner strength is amazing. My man has been glued to the internet since you left, willing you round, don't know what he is going to do when you finish, (looks like on his birthday, what a present). You are a star.
kate B, Norway

Well done, Ellen. What a fantastic achievement! You are a brilliant role model for other young sailors. Everyone is so proud of you - congratulations!
Lesley Povey, England

Ellen is quite clearly THE real 'superwoman'. She transcends greatness in this achievement. What she has done leaves us mere mortals in awe and disbelief, and I have nothing but respect and unqualified admiration for a person who has not merely cast down the barriers of sex and race in this feat, but will remain a model of human courage and determination for eternity.
Tom Dry, U.K.

Here in Spain her achievements will be regarded almost as much as in the UK
Peter Green, Spain
Ellen is a legend, and should go down in history for this superhuman mental and physical effort. Wish I could be in Falmouth to welcome her in. We should all be so proud. Well done.
Claire, England

Simply an inspirational & good news story in an era of negativity, depression and disaster. Thank god for individuals like Ellen who still have the strength and vision to inspire us all. I truly hope you reap the rewards of your endeavours.
Adam Wakeley, England

Here in Spain her achievements will be regarded almost as much as in the UK, as they will in France, how does a relatively small person undergo such a gruelling voyage, just determination and willpower, she is an inspiration to us all, well done a true Brit heroine!
Peter Green, Spain

Probably the most courageous achievement in any field of personal ambition The physical and mental strengths required are beyond this landlubbers comprehension Congratulations--and enjoy all the adulation you deserve
Chris Dongray, England

Ellen is a one-in-a-million human being not only for her unparalleled sporting achievement but for the determined and courageous manner in which she is attempting to broaden, by example, the traditionally elitist activity of sailing in the U.K. to all Britons.
Wilson Ng, U.K.

We have been praying the winds would turn
C A Clifford, England
My immediate reaction is that her courage, stamina and skill in her chosen sport puts every one of our pampered Premier League footballers to shame. Contrast her determination and her quiet dignity with Craig Bellamy, Wayne Rooney et al.
John Wilson, England

Absolutely awesome, keep it going Ellen. I really hope you make it.
Morgan Jones, England

A truly awesome achievement. At only 28 one wonders where she goes from here- the moon maybe?
Colin Barrows, Scotland

What an inspiration! Mute for words to describe the courage and determination that Ellen has to have come this far. "Ellen! you are genius, you thought you would do it and indeed against all odds of the wildest waters of this world, you are just a mouth-to-nose distance to breaking the new world record.

You are, indeed, a role model, keep up the spirit". All the best for in the nutshell of your trip, well done!
Golden Siapolya, United Kingdom

We have been praying the winds would turn and favour Ellen's last few hundred miles. Everyone knows she really has done everything in her power and now some good fortune would be good, so as to keep her spirits high for a record breaking finish. The B&Q team have done a very good job supporting her and yesterday I was over the moon when the Nimrode went out to say hello and let Ellen know we are all with her in the ether!
Mr C A Clifford, England

Who said that women are the weaker sex?
John Moore, U.K.
I am tracking her progress now as she gets ever closer. It is a fantastic achievement and an inspiration to everyone. I will stay up till she finishes. The last time I was like this was when Muhammad Ali was in his prime
Don Bruce, UK living in Serbia

Congratulations on your many achievements. Have a good rest I shall miss the daily bulletins
Annette Watkin, Wales

I cannot imagine what drives someone like Ellen but I take my hat off to her for her courage and determination. I wish her luck during the last miles of her journey and shall be tuning into the television to watch her arrival most likely moved to tears. She deserves front page news and a Sports Women of the Year award without a doubt. Well done
Barbara Goody, England

This incredible woman's courage and tenacity continues to amaze us all. Britain is rightly proud of her.
Tony Nicholas, Britain

Now let us reward courage, fortitude and determination.
George Styles, UK

Who said that women are the weaker sex? I do hope that No. 10 are watching and that the instant result a civil recognition far beyond that awarded to pop-stars. Well done young lady
John Moore, U.K.

A very tough and courageous young woman
Richard Hester, UK
What an awesome women she is, my admiration for her is unlimited congratulations Ellen you've done England proud!
Kim Murphy, England

All of us here would like to wish Ellen a successful end to her epic voyage. We will certainly be cheering her on in the closing stages!. With best wishes.
Class 9 Upper School, England

An absolutely astounding achievement. She deserves all the praise she gets. Amazing!!!!!!!
Daniel Precious, England

Outstanding! Definitely gets my vote for Sports Personality of the year. An amazing woman good luck Ellen.
Diane Griffin, England

An amazing achievement and an inspiration to everyone. We're all right behind her for the final push - come on Ellen x
Lorraine, UK

A very tough and courageous young woman who is an inspiration to us all. We should all be very proud of her achievement and once again "Britannia Rules the Waves". Good Luck Ellen.
Margaret Offley, England

There is only one thing more spectacular than Ellen's achievement, whether she crosses the finishing post ahead of the world record or not, and that is her incredible modesty at achieving a feat, the magnitude of which is almost unimaginable. She really is an amazing woman.
Richard Hester, UK

Ellen is fantastic, what an inspirational person, she deserves to break the record she works so hard. Good luck Ellen.
Carole Voyias, UK

Ellen is an inspiration and a truly courageous heroine. We should all be unbelievably proud of her. Well done!
Michael Green, England

What mental and physical strength - I am absolutely in awe of Ellen and her achievements!
Naomi Ball, UK

Chances are only a small proportion of British people will realise the absolute enormity of her achievement
Mike Middleton, UK
To be honest whether Ellen makes it or not, what she has done so far is an absolutely great achievement. I'm sure she'll make it, her background makes it even more of a spectacular achievement.
Amrit Labana, UK

We as a nation should be incredibly proud of this young woman's achievement. This is the story that should be front page news as it is this kind of inspiration that our youngsters need to encourage them to make the most of their lives.
Steff, UK

Chances are only a small proportion of British people will realise the absolute enormity of her achievement. Sports personality of the year surely, by a country mile.
Mike Middleton, UK

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Salute Ellen MacArthur
08 Feb 05 |  Grandstand: Have Your Say


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