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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 February, 2005, 16:09 GMT
Salute Ellen MacArthur
Ellen MacArthur
Send your tributes to Ellen MacArthur - the fastest person to sail single-handed around the world.

MacArthur, 28, broke Frenchman Francis Joyon's world record of 72 days, 22 hours, 54 mins and 22 secs.

She and her 75ft trimaran B&Q left Falmouth on 27 November last year.

She crossed the finish line at 2230 GMT on Monday, completing the 27,000-mile voyage in 71 days and under 13 hours.

Here are a selection of the thousands of e-mails we received congratulating Ellen.


Hi Ellen Congratulations. There are no words to say that haven't already been said to sum up your courage and sheer determination. I lived on the Isle of Wight for 30 years and worked in Cowes. We are so very very proud of you.
Eve Furber, Spain

Well Done! It's inspiring to see how much one person can achieve. Congratulations Dame MacArthur!
Ian Farr-Williams, Milton Keynes, UK

I have been enthralled by this epic adventure. A truely inspiring and courageous achievement! It makes me proud to be British! Congratulations!!!!
Chris, New York, USA

I can't begin to imagine the determination and stamina required
Steve Carroll, USA
Well done Ellen. You've played a game of chess against the weather and won.
Mark, Derbyshire, England

Followed the event from day one, along with the Vendee Globe. You are one fine sailor and the accolades to come are very well deserved. Well done, Ellen, and well done Mobi! A donf!
Chris, Mindarie Keys, Australia

Awesome - life's full of challenges. What you have done helps put them into some sort of perspective. Although I can't begin to imagine the determination and stamina required - beautifully extreme!!
Steve Carroll, USA

I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in sailing before Ellen's latest adventure but after keeping daily track of her progress, I have been captivated by her sheer bravery and great skill hoping that she would be ultimately rewarded for her determination with the record to her name. Congrats to Ellen, you made it home and proving to all that nothing is impossible.
Dean Ianno, Australia

As an old salt from the US Navy, I understand the beauty and the hardships of the sea. To sail it in a small boat and set a record is totally amazing. Congratulations and may you have fair winds and following seas in all your endeavors.
Paul C. Yates, United States

I can only admire the sheer determination and mental effort you must have to complete this passage
Glyn Harris, Switzerland
I raise a toast to a phenomenal achievement. I used to think that thre great adventures of this world were part of history. Ellen, you've clearly shown us that there are many worthy challenges left for us to conquer. Three cheers!
Marco, South Africa

As a part time amateur sailor also from Derbyshire, I can only admire the sheer determination and mental effort you must have to complete this passage in that short a time. Well done and best wishes for the future!
Glyn Harris, Switzerland

You did a great job, in my class we have been tracking you as you sail around the world well done!!!!!
Elizabeth, USA

"The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one's opportunities and make the most of one's resources" "To achieve great things we must live as though we were never going to die" -Marquis De Vauvenargues Congratulations!
Andy, UK

The pride and the passion, two words that I believe sum up the British Nations feelings and Ellen MacArthur, a little lady with a big heart. Congratulations Dame Ellen on your well deserved success.
Paul Williams, UK

Ellen has been a incredibly brave and courageous
John Ledward, Stafford
This 83 year old salutes you,"Well done!"
Shin, Japan

As a Briton living abroad you make me feel immensely proud (and not a little jealous). I wish I had the gumption, nerve, strength of character and everything else it takes (including, I guess, being a little crazy) to get up off my chair and do something like you have just achieved.
Andreas Kakanis-Silk, Greece

Ellen Fantastic. It was well covered in Australia and all we ex poms felt extremely proud of you. Inspiring, thats what it is.
Adrian Berry, Australia

Ellen has been a incredibly brave and courageous, the success of achieving her ambition to sail around the world has been truly and extraordinarly amazing. Sending my warmest congradulations to Ellen.
John Ledward, Stafford, England

I have followed your race from start to finish and for me you have produced one of the greatest sporting achievements in the world and shown that who ever you are that if you are determined enogh you can reap the rewards. Thank you
Kevin Rowe, UK

Congratulations - a wonderful achievement that very few will understand or appreciate
Alan Lush, Ireland
Congratulations on your phenomenal achievement!!!!
Ian, New Zealand

Congratulations - a wonderful achievement that very few will understand or appreciate. Very well done!
Alan Lush, Ireland

Well Done Ellen! Your courage and determination is much admired.
Pamela, Wales

What's a wonderful achievement!! When Joyon set the record last year everyone agreed that it would last for years!! But nothing seems impossible for you and you broke it at the first attempt. This is really incredible. Congratulations Ellen
Philippe Marchand, France

Persons like you keep hope alive for everyone, everything is possible, whoever you are. Congratulations and wish you more successes.
Aziz Rakla, Canada

An awesome achievement by Ellen "Britannia" MacArthur - Britannia Rules the Waves!
Matthew Harding, Scotland

As I've watched your progress you have inspired me never to give up and filled me full of determination
Stuart, Macclesfield
Your success is a fantastic inspiration for everyone. An incredible achievement!My children think you are "Very cool."
Dougie Smyth, England

What a fabulous achievement!! Hearty Congratulations and all the best for your future endeavours.
Seshu, USA

Well done Ellen you have made us all proud. You are the pride of Britain.
Chris Selby, England

Congrats Ellen, I never thought you would do it!!
Ranvir Ruprai, England

As I've watched your progress you have inspired me never to give up and filled me full of determination.
Stuart, Macclesfield, England

Congratulations and well done Ellen. You are a quite remarkable person.
Mandy, UK

Congratulations! You have done it for all the girls! Proud to be British again!
Amy, Devon, England

Lieutenant Commander and Dame Ellen. No words can be enough to indicate my admiration for what Ellen has achieved. Remarkable - well done.
Les Woods, Lincoln/England

You have shown us what determination and skill can achieve. Congratulations to you and your team on this and on your future accomplishments.
Sean Perkin, Canada

Well done Ellen you have wiped away all my January blues. I feel completely inspired.
Oliver, London

A wonderful achievement. Proving that the word 'can't' has no room in the English Dictionary. Truly remarkable!
Jayfeller, England

Congratulations Ellen. There are a lot of things that others in the world can do better but when it comes to the true challenges in life, the Brits show their true strengths. Rule Britannia!
Ray Fisher, New Zealand

Well done Ellen. Your determination has led to millions of people around the world being inspired and I hope that you continue to break many more sailing records. Good luck for the future!
Sam, UK

Many congratulations Ellen. A truly awe-inspiring achievement.
Eamon, UK

Many congratulations, you are a very brave girl, it must be the Scottish Blood in you.
William Marshall, Scotland

What a fabulous achievement
Mike, UK
Well done girl you deserve a medal! hope the Queen takes note. makes you feel pround to be British.
Caroline, Bangor Co Down

Well done girl,never doubted you would do it!!! Cant even begin to imagine what you went through but your comments make it sound easier than anyone can possibly imagine. So whats next? Well done again and what a star you are. Now i want to go sailing!!!!!!
Stuart, uk

Congratulations Dame Ellen! What a fabulous achievement. It makes you proud to be British.
Mike, United Kingdom

Well done, we are all so proud of you
maureen young, britain

Another star resides in the nautical firmament - well done Ellen!
Laurence, Landlocked Kiwi in Cambridge

congrats you have done a great voyage lucky you now just look after yourself.
uma, england

Ellen - Many congratulations on a truly outstanding achievement. We're all very proud of you. Thanks for restoring some pride in our country and our young people.
John Horrell, UK

You will take these experiences with you through life - Nothing can defeat you now! Congratulations!
maureen, canada

Ellen, you're a true inspiration to so many. You've followed your dream and you've made everything happen. Your success is truly remarkable and quite possibly unbeatable.
Sharon Orr, UK

Congratulations on your spectacular achievement. Best Wishes!
Ken Mathur, Canada

You are a true inspiration. It's people like you that make this country great
Sam, UK
Ellen, I'm sure that it will be days before you can sleep properly. I have been deeply moved by your achievement (and that of your very committed team) - I know nothing about sailing, but I understand a lot about courage, determination and sheer bloody mindedness! Be proud and when sleep comes, I hope it's blissful. x.
Biddy McMeel, Nottingham, England

My comment is more about sexism and peoples' attitudes. Well done to Ellen, but not because she is a woman, it's because she is a good sailor. Women are just as competent as men and it should not surprise people that women can make achievements. I wonder if there would have been so much hype if a man had done this?
katharine Friedmann, Leicester, UK

There are not many things lately that you would make you say you are proud to be British and this is one of them. Not only that I can also be proud to be from Derbyshire. Well done Ellen.
Anon, Derby, Derbyshire

You are a true inspiration. It's people like you that make this country great. McCarthur for Prime Minister!
Sam, UK

What an amazing human being Ellen MacArthur is! A truly inspirational voyage for the world to admire. Ellen has shown true strength of mind & she & her team have demonstrated that anything is possible. Awesome!
Bobbie, UK

Well done, you are a fine example to young and old alike. Comment of my 5 year old son on explaining what you had done; 'did she buy her boat from B & Q'
Vanessa Blane, UK

You go girl!! :D

Congratulations on this amazing feat
David, Canada

You Rock !!!What an inspiration to everyone.
Ellen Garten, USA (Bermudian though)

Congratulations Ellen
Frank Clarkson, England
At last someone to put the GREAT back in Britain - well done Ellen. Take a well earned rest now!!
Lyn McLeod, England

Well done Ellen!! You are an inspiration to us all, I'm so proud to be British, my very best wishes.
Lisa Scott, USA

Cheers to an amazing accomplishment. best of luck in the future
Kevin Spirlet, USA

When I read your book, I thought you had courage and determination then. Your latest achievement despite all the odds is simply awe inspiring! What's next :-)
Mike Shelton, UK

Congratulations Ellen You've put England back on the Map
Frank Clarkson, England

Congratulations Ellen , well done !
Lois Chater, Canada

Dear Ellen, Your strength and deeds have furthered respect for women 'round the world; smashing the 'weaker sex' myth yet again. God Bless you, we'll all look toward you for leadership in the future. You are the best. Clayton Munsey, Southampton, New York USA
Clayton Munsey, USA

Thank you for helping me show my young daughter that nothing can stop her. Thank you so much.
James W, USA

I find no words to describe your achievement
Purna Lankapalli, USA
Ellen, You have proven that nothing is impossible. No venture, no success. I strongly commend your courage and zeal, and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Omorodion Osula, Benin City, Nigeria

Ellen, you are an inspiration to all, such an amazing achievement. Welcome back, glad you're home safe and sound!
Steve, U.K.

I find no words to describe your achievement. Congratulations. You have guts. I request you to tour around the world and share your adventurous stories and experiences to younger generations, so that they will be inspired and get courage. You set an example and now you have responsibility too. God bless you.
Purna Lankapalli, USA

Your fellow English seafarers Chichester, Frobisher, Drake, Grenville, Nelson & Raleigh are raising a ghostly toast to you today!
John Chudleigh, England

I am truly in awe of your courage. Best wishes from Shelburne Vermont USA....go girl go
Jeff Noyes, United States

Lisa and I have been following your progress intensely during the last 71 days with the help of BBC we would like to send you are warmest congratulations on your magnificent achievement. Kindest Regards
Michael and Lisa Smart, South Korea

A true wild woman!
Jenny Tough, UK/South Africa
It is an absolutely stunning achievement. To keep going at such a fast pace for so long and on your own is truly amazing! Ellen you are the best. Enjoy the glory that you so richly deserve.
John Trotter, UK

I think you are amazing to achieve what you have at your age. My daughter Louisa is climbing Mount Aconcagua on the Argentina/Chile border at the moment but not on her own and not at your age.
Joan Redman, England

Ellen, after all the difficult challenges we've read about on your voyage, not to mention the fatigue, you now know that you really earned that record and your place in history! Congratulations!
Jon, UK

It's so nice to see something positive to watch. This is what life's about, not war. Congratulations Ellen!
Hayley Grist, UK

A true wild woman! Part of the elements, part of history, part of a new and beautiful future! Your achievement cannot be described. Such huge congratulations to you. Hurray for English Women! Hurray for Dame Ellen MacArthur!
Jenny Tough, UK/South Africa

Congratulations! Here is my suggestion, perhaps when someone accomplishes a great achievement, instead of saying "well done", we should say "Ellen MacArthur!"
Kay Guest, USA

Heroes are thin on the ground in Derbyshire
David, Derbyshire, UK
Extensive congratulations goes out to one who has demonstrated on a tremendous scale just how far someone can push themselves if the incentive is there. You deserve all the commendations that have & will come your way. Nice one girl!
Dean Sturgess, England

A Herculean effort Ellen... Savour this world-conquering moment and revel in your achievement - then harness the elation for use as inspiration, during the dark times of your next phenomenal endeavour!
Alex Blaney, UK

Welcome home Ellen, You are a very brave & extremely courageous young LADY. Barry xxxx
Barry Hyner, England

Dear Ellen You have made me proud to be British, God bless you
Bill Mattinson, UK

Heroes are thin on the ground in Derbyshire and it is such an irony that from the land locked village of Whatstandwell, should grow up a great sailor to stand in history along the likes of Nelson and Sir Francis Drake. Well done!
David, Derbyshire, UK

Well done Ellen
Alex Sutton, England
You are an inspiration to us all. If we all had a tiny bit of the courage and determination you have the world would be a better place. Congratulations.
Darya Wotherspoon, England

What you have achieved is nothing less than inspirational. I have never really sailed but my dad use to be a boat builder and I have always felt there is something inside me that would just love to get more involved in this wonderful sport. You have achieved the unthinkable, your determined and courage is amazing and I send you many many congratulations. You didn't deserve anything less!
Sandra Cragg, England

Well done, you make us all proud to be British. Thank you for your courage and inspiration, we need more like you.
June Murray, Great Britain

You are absolutely amazing. But that sounds so twee - there are no words to describe what you have achieved. Unbelievable. Wonderful. Unforgettable. With love and very best wishes for you for ever.
Ann Fortescue, UK

I am thirteen years old and would love to be able to achieve such a thing. I have been looking at the pictures on the internet and think it is a great achievement. Well done Ellen
Alex Sutton, England

Congratulations, you are wonderful!!!
Jerzy Karczewski, USA

Well done, Ellen!!!! You have really cheered us up with your achievement!!!
Lynda Edwards, United Kingdom

You are an amazingly brave & tough young lady. Many congratulations on your achievement. Words can not say what you have achieved. Fantastic
Pauline Gratton, England

Well Done Ellen. Today I have been off school ill but seeing you come home a world record holder has really cheered me up. Congratulations on becoming a Dame you really deserve it !!!
Rachel Gorton, England

Ellen - you're our girl!
Ali Knapp, UK
Ellen - you are glorious!
Jeff Walker, USA

Congratulations. Yours is an incredible feat, both in terms of sailing and in regard to testing the strength of the human spirit.
Susan, England

What an awesome achievement. You are an inspiration to both sailors and non sailors. Just to let you know many English people tracked your progress from Bermuda with pride. It would be great to see you here in Bermuda one day. Once again awesome
Danny Moore, Bermuda

Dear Ellen, I've followed your exploits ever since you the Vendee Globe and now you hold a world record. Absolutely amazing feat in my eyes. You're an inspiration to all, and not just the sailing community.
Stefan, UK

Congratulations Ellen. Your bravery, determination and motivation are an inspiration to us all. Bask in the glory you so deserve.
Paul Walters, Wales

Many congratulations on your achievement - you are an inspiration to all fellow women sailors.
Sue Russell, UK

Ellen - you're our girl! We're so proud of you - well done on your incredible achievement. You are an inspiration to women everywhere.
Ali Knapp, UK

Spare a thought for Francis Joyon. At least he still has the record for fastest non-stop solo circumnavigation by a man!
Mark Thomas, UK

I am not worthy - but you've made me feel great. Well done and thank you.
Graham, England

You have made so many people smile today. Bringing joy and pride to the fore. Modern society needs people like you to inspire the young to reach for the stars. Bless you.
Christie Ley, U.S.A.

Well done on such a fantastic achievement
Dominic Simms, England
Brilliant achievement. You will be an inspiration to modern women. Politely turn down these ludicrous "honours". They are so arcane and inappropriate. Fair winds.
David O'Rourke, London

Ellen congrats As a marathon runner who has just started sailing...I admire your endurance and strong will and stamina. I would love to do what you did but would not have the nerve or the self confidence so thank you for showing it is possible to push the boat out!!! Enjoy your rest!!!!
Carol McCabe, Ireland

Ellen. You influence us all to achieve more. Thanks.
Woody Linton, Canada

You are truly an inspiration to the whole nation. You are once again leading the way under the British Flag. Britannia Rules the waves once again.
David, England

Well done on such a fantastic achievement. You deserve all credit you will be given, what you have done is such a brave thing which takes an enormous amount of courage. once again well done x x x
Dominic Simms, England

Absolutely amazing feat.
Adam Wichlacz, USA

Well done Ellen. Your courage is amazing. I do wonder why you put yourself through this ordeal? . I guess you could say the same of Edmond Hillary and the like. Well done.
Ashok Raman, UK

Joseph DeBor, USA

I have been astounded by Ellen's sheer courage and determination.
Louise McKay, UK
I have followed your career and especially this voyage. Ellen, without doubt you are a most determined individual who never talks about herself you always refer to the "team". What a team you are and what courage you have to have completed this undeniably difficult task. Well done!!!
Douglas Hamer, UK

A poem to Ellen:-Super Ellen's quite fantastic circumnavigation. Everyone was rooting for her from the world of nations. The highs the lows, the news reports, we watched with fascination. Super Ellen's record breaking circumnavigation. What an achievement.
Helen Dudley, UK

Dame Ellen, Congratulations, you are an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations and well done on your enormous feat. I do not think anyone can truly understand what it must be like to suffer what you have suffered over the last couple of months and I am sure you and your family must be the proudest people in the country today.
Jenny Casey, England

From myself and all members of my family, we send our sincere congratulations ,you make us proud to be born and bred in Derbyshire. xxxxxxxxx
Sue Hallsworth, Belper. England

Congratulations to you Ellen
Liz Spinks, England
I must say that being someone, whose idea of sailing heaven is the Channel tunnel and who'd never survive 72 days without her hairdryer, I have been astounded by Ellen's sheer courage and determination. Congratulations - what a star! A true inspiration to us all - womankind especially.
Louise McKay, UK

Congratulations you deserve our full admiration and praise. Thanking you for helping to put the Great back into Great Britain
Alison Smits, Scotland

This proves with guts and determination (and good planning) anything is possible. What incredible inspiration for young people today. Well done Ellen!
Liz Piper, England

Not being particularly sailing-savvy, I do realise that Ellen has achieved something quite extraordinary. What a *great* adventurer and inspiration to anyone who has ever felt the urge to push oneself to the limit. Brilliant.
Julian, England

Congratulations to you Ellen you have done really well to break the record. I was watching you live of television this morning and it brought tears to my eyes to see you come in and when you broke the record I had tears in my eyes of the joy and excitement. Well done Ellen!!!!!!!!!
Liz Spinks, England

Fantastic. What a wonderful achievement. The whole country is so proud of you.
Joan Williams, England

You are a smasher
Tom Bunting, N Ireland
You have made Great Britain feel great again. Good to see you back safe and sound..
Kevin Howell, UK

What an outstanding achievement. Good job.
Doug Johnson, USA

Dear Ellen, having visited the excellent Teamellen web page more times than I can remember during your trip, and for me your achievement will rank alongside that of my other hero; Joshua Slocum. So to close this, congratulation on your Dame-ship, in all a super-human effort. Peter, Yacht Scorpio.
Peter Tutton, UK

A truly awesome achievement. People like you are an inspiration to us. I look forward to reading your next book.
Gregor Wyness, Cirencester, UK

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