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Results - Sunday 7 September

Overview of the main events. All times BST. Beijing is seven hours ahead of the UK.

Cycling - track

Men's 1km time trial (LC 3-4) final

1 Simon Richardson (GB) 1 min 14.936 secs Gold

2 Masaki Fujita (Jpn) 1:17.314 Silver

3 Greg Ball (Aus) 1:17.681 Bronze

4 Paolo Vigano (Ita) 1:17.696

5 Tobias Graf (Ger) 1:18.515

6 Lu Zhang (Chn) 1:18.603

7 M Teuber (Ger) 1:18.941

8 Laurent Thirionet (Fra) 1:20.561

9 Michael Milton (Aus) 1:21.578

10 Antonio Garcia (Spa) 1:21.954

Women's 1km time trial (B&VI) final

1 Aileen McGlynn & Ellen Hunter (GB) 52.124 km/h Gold

2 Felicity Johnson & Katie Parker (Aus) 51.089 Silver

3 Lindy Hou & Toireasa Gallagher (Aus) 49.680 Bronze

4 Karissa Whitsell & Mackenzie Woodring (US) 49.459

5 Jayne Parsons & Annalisa Farrell (NZ) 48.617

6 Genevieve Ouellet & Mathilde Hupin (Can) 47.594

7 Catherine Mary Walsh & Joanna Hickey (Ire) 47.239

8 Ana Lopez & Marina Girona (Spa) 45.162

Men's individual pursuit (CP3) gold race

Darren Kenny (GB) Gold bt Yong-Sik Jin (Kor) OVL Silver

Men's individual pursuit (CP3) bronze race

Jean Quevillon (Can) 4:03.277 Bronze bt Maurice Far Eckhard (Spa) 4:08.430

Men's individual pursuit (CP4) gold race

Christopher Scott (Aus) 3:40.144 Gold bt Masashi Ishii (Jpn) 3:40.157 Silver

Men's individual pursuit (CP4) bronze race

Cesar Neira (Spa) 3:45.753 Bronze bt Jiri Bouska (Cze) 3:48.912

Men's individual pursuit (B&VI) gold race

Kieran Modra & Tyson Lawrence (Aus) Gold bt Christian Venge & David Llaurado (Spa) OVL Silver

Men's individual pursuit (CP4) bronze race

Bryce Lindores & Steven George (Aus) 4:26.626 Bronze bt Daniel Chalifour & Alexandre Cloutier (Can) 4:28.171


Men's -66kg gold contest

Sidali Lamri (Alg) Gold bt Satoshi Fujimoto (Jpn) Silver

Men's -66kg bronze contest

Jan Kallunki (Fin) Bronze bt Reza Golmohammadi Andarian (Ira)

Victor Sanchez (Cub) Bronze bt Sergii Karpeniuk (Ukr)

Men's -60kg gold contest

Mouloud Noura (Alg) Gold bt Saeed Rahmati (Ira) Silver

Men's -60kg bronze contests

Ramin Ibrahimov (Aze) Bronze bt Ben Quilter (GB)

Xiaodong Li (Chn) Bronze bt Said Shakhmanov (Rus)

Women's -52kg gold contest

Na Cui (Chn) Gold bt Sandrine Aurieres-Martinet (Fra) Silver

Women's -52kg bronze contests

Alesya Stepanyuk (Rus) Bronze bt Minako Tsuchiya (Jpn)

Michelle Ferreira (Brz) Bronze bt Sheila Hernandez (Spa)

Women's -48kg gold contest

Huaping Guo (Chn) Gold bt Karla Cardoso (Brz) Silver

Women's -48kg bronze contests

Victoria Potapova (Rus) Bronze bt Yuliya Halinska (Ukr)

Carmen Brussig (Ger) Bronze bt Maria Gonzalez (Cub)


Women's 10m air rifle standing final

1 V Vaidovicova (Svk) 494.8 pts Gold

2 M Schmermund (Ger) 490.2 Silver

3 N Gomez Lopez (Pur) 489.2 Bronze

4 L Kosmala (Aus) 489.1

5 M Lillehagen (Nor) 488.3

6 L Helsinger (Swe) 487.2

7 IY Kim (Kor) 486.3

8 M Amiel (Fra) 483.8

Failed to qualify:

10 D Coates (GB) 385

Men's 10m air pistol SH1 final

1 V Ponomarenko (Rus) 672.4 pts Gold WR

2 S Malyshev (Rus) 665.8 Silver

3 JH Lee (Kor) 664.6 Bronze

4 A Lebedinskiy (Rus) 663.7

5 D Ru (Chn) 662.8

6 J Li (Chn) 662.2

7 SK Park (Kor) 660.9

8 MK Yamac (Tur) 658.4


Men's 200m freestyle S2 final

1 D Kokarev (Rus) 4min 45.43secs Gold

2 J Anderson (GB) 5:00.03 Silver

3 G Kapellakis (Gre) 5:05.91 Bronze

Men's 100m butterfly S13 final

1 D Salei (Blr) 58.89secs Gold

2 C Taiganidis (Gre) 59.24 Silver

3 A Strokin (Rus) 1:00.83 Bronze

Women's 100m butterfly S13 final

1 V Grand Maison (Fra) 1min 06.49secs Gold

2 K Cote (Can) 1:06.62 Silver

3 C Gotell (Can) 1:06.93 Bronze

selected others:

5 R Henry (GB) 1:07.51

8 J Coughlin (GB) 1:12.99

Men's 100m freestyle S3 final

1 J Du (Chn) 1min 35.21secs Gold

2 D Vynohradets (Ukr) 1:35.65 Silver

3 H Li (Chn) 1:44.22 Bronze

Men's 100m freestyle S4 final

1 D Smetanine (Fra) 1min 24.67secs Gold

2 R Oribe (Spa) 1:26.62 Silver

3 J Povysil (Cze) 1:26.75 Bronze

Women's 100m freestyle S4 final

1 N Miranda (Mex) 1min 44.11secs Gold

2 C Angelelli (US) 1:50.25 Silver

3 A Bruder (US) 1:55.33 Bronze

Men's 100m freestyle S5 final

1 D Dias (Brz) 1min 11.05secs Gold WR

2 D Kryzhanovskyy (Ukr) 1:12.73 Silver

3 R Perkins (US) 1:15.31 Bronze

Selected others:

4 A Stephens (GB) 1:16.07

Women's 100m freestyle S5 final

1 MT Perales (Spa) 1min 16.65secs Gold WR

2 I Pezaro (Isr) 1:21.57 Silver

3 B Hlavackova (Cze) 1:22.20 Bronze

Women's 200m IM S6 final

1 M Uhl (US) 3min 13.05secs Gold

2 M Goetze (Ger) 3:14.59 Silver

3 N Jones (GB) 3:15.20 Bronze

Selected others:

5 E Simmonds (GB) 3:18.41

6 N Lewis (GB) 3:23.93

Men's 200m IM S6 final

1 S Kindred (GB) 2min 42.19secs Gold

2 Y Yang (Chn) 2:43.85 Silver

3 Q Xu (Chn) 2:48.45 Bronze

4 M Whorwood (GB) 2:55.06

Men's 200m IM S7 final

1 R Garcia Tolson (US) 2min 35.92secs Gold

2 R Tian (Chn) 2:46.20 Silver

3 M Walker (GB) 2:50.10 Bronze

Women's 200m IM S7 final

1 E Popovich (US) 2min 54.61secs Gold

2 M Huang (Chn) 3:00.65 Silver

3 C Jordan (US) 3:07.96 Bronze

Men's 100m butterfly S8 final

1 P Leek (Aus) 1min 00.95secs Gold

2 Y Wei (Chn) 1:01.49 Silver

3 X Wang (Chn) 1:01.68 Bronze

Selected other

8 S Fraser (GB) 1:08.36

Women's 100m butterfly S8 final

1 J Long (US) 1min 11.96secs Gold

2 A Everlove (US) 1:12.16 Silver

3 X Jin (Chn) 1:15.32 Bronze

Selected other:

7 R Latham (GB) 1:18.61

Men's 100m butterfly S9 final

1 T Sors (Hun) 59.34secs Gold WR

2 M Cowdrey (Aus) 59.46 Silver

3 Z Guo (Chn) 1:00.11 Bronze

Women's 100m butterfly S9 final

1 N Du Toit (SA) 1min 06.74secs Gold WR

2 E Cole (Aus) 1:10.92 Silver

3 A Williams (Aus) 1:10.98 Bronze

Selected other:

6 L Simpkin (GB) 1:12.19

8 C Cashmore (GB) 1:13.47





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