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Page last updated at 02:01 GMT, Saturday, 16 August 2008 03:01 UK

Schedule - Monday 8 September

Overview of the main events. All times BST. Beijing is seven hours ahead of the UK.


0200-0630: Men discus throw F55/56 final, men shot put F33/34/52 final, women 200m T44 round 1, men 200m T46 round 1, women javelin throw F42-46 final, men triple jump F12 final, men 200m T52 round 1, men 800m T12 round 1, men 400m T54 round 1, men 100m T12 round 1, men 100m T36 round 1, men 100m T44 round 1, women 100m T11 round 1, women 100m T12 round 1.

1000-1445 Men discus throw F33/34/52 final, women shot put F54-56 final, men 100m T11 round 1, women long jump F42 final, men 200m T46 semi-final, men 4x100m T53/54 round 1, men javelin throw F35/36 final, women 100m T11 semi-final, men shot put F44 final, women 100m T12 semi-final, women 800m T13 round 1, women 5000m T54 final, men 5000m T54 round 1, men 5000m T54 round 1, men 5000m T54 round 1, men 5000m T54 round 1.


0200-0400: Men's 100m butterfly - S10 heats, women's 100m butterfly - S10 heats, men's 100m freestyle - S6 heats, women's 100m freestyle - S6 heats, men's 100m freestyle - S7 heats, women's 100m freestyle - S7 heats, men's 400m freestyle - S13 heats, women's 400m freestyle - S13 heats, men's 50m backstroke - S4 heats, men's 50m backstroke - S5 heats, women's 50m backstroke - S5 heats, men's 100m breaststroke - SB11 heats, men's 100m breaststroke - SB12 heats, women's 100m breaststroke - SB12 heats, men's 100m freestyle - S8 heats, women's 100m freestyle - S8 heats, men's 100m freestyle - S9 heats, women's 100m freestyle - S9 heats

1000-1410 Men's 100m butterfly - S10 final, women's 100m butterfly - S10 final, men's 100m freestyle - S6 final, women's 100m freestyle - S6 final, men's 400m freestyle - S13 final, women's 400m freestyle - S13 final, men's 100m freestyle - S7 final, women's 100m freestyle - S7 final, men's 50m backstroke - S4 final, men's 50m backstroke - S5 final, women's 50m backstroke - S5 final, men's 100m breaststroke - SB11 final, men's 100m breaststroke - SB12 final, women's 100m breaststroke - SB12 final, men's 100m freestyle - S8 final, women's 100m freestyle - S8 final, men's 100m freestyle - S9 final, women's 100m freestyle - S9 final.


0900-1100 Individual-BC2 groups pools 3rd round

1100-1200 Individual-BC1 groups pools 3rd round

1200-1300 Individual-BC4 groups pools 3rd round

1300-1530 Individual-BC3 groups pools 3rd round

1530-1630 Individual-BC2 1/8 finals

1630-1745 Individual-BC1 quarterfinals

1630-1745 Individual-BC3 quarterfinals

1745-1845 Individual-BC2 quarterfinals

1745-1845 Individual-BC4 quarterfinals





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