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Cycling clothing guide: shoes


Cycling shoes are usually chosen to be compatible with the pedals.

Like ski boots they are very important and are made purely for riding.

The uppers are made of soft leather with a man-made plastic sole, which is perforated to allow water to drain out and to keep the foot cool.

The hard, slick soles are curved up at the toes and made of tough carbon fibre plastic which makes them difficult to walk on.

Cycling shoes

A form of clamp called a cleat is attached to a mounting socket on the underneath of the shoe which then fits onto the pedal and locks the foot into place.

The shoe is held tight to the pedal so that the rider can both push and pull when climbing.

In the event of a fall, a quick-release system saves the rider from sliding along the road with the bike.

When you want to get off your bike you just twist your foot a little and it's free.

The shoes should fit snugly.

When buying cycling shoes choose one half size less than you would for a regular shoe since good contact with the pedal is essential.

A good fit is important because the feet don't get much exercise while riding and can easily go numb.

Adjusting the cleats should be done carefully because riding with your feet at a funny angle will hurt your knees.


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