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Thursday, 25 July, 2002, 10:57 GMT 11:57 UK
Racewatch: Stage 17
All the action live from stage 16 of the Tour de France
Stage 17: Aime to Cluses - 142km.

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1604: Frigo makes a surge in the final straight and claims victory in the 17th stage. It is the first win for his Tacconi team.

1603: Guerini goes again and looks to be pulling away but Aerts responds once more.

1603: Guerini attacks, but is too far out. The three remain together.

1600: The leading trio speed past the 2km to go banner.

1558: Another attack is launched by Aerts, but he is caught again by his two long-time companions.

1555: Aerts, Frigo and Guerini are back together and less than 10km from the finish.

1549: Aerts is making a daredevil descent and has pulled away from Frigo and Guerini. The former BMX racer is using his experience to good advantage.

1547: Armstrong is arriving at the summit flanked by huge crowds. The sheer number of people in attendance has reduced the road to barely the width of two cycles.

1544: There is just two minutes between the group of Sastre and the group of the yellow jersey. And with Botero only one minute behind, Sastre will not move up as many places in the classsification.

1543: Aerts takes the climb, from Guerini and Frigo.

1540: The front three riders have only kilometre left of the last big mountain of this year's race.

1537: Botero is now a minute ahead of the chasing group. If he manages to maintain his advantage he will leap into fourth place in the rankings.

1534: A tricky, treacherous descent awaits the leaders. The man who copes the best - and possibly takes the most risks - will claim the stage victory.

1532: The leading trio have less than 5km of the Col de la Colombiere to climb.

1528: Santiago Botero attacks, sensing an opportunity to push for fourth place.

1524: There is less than 28km to the finish - and the winner of the stage looks set to come from the leading trio of Aerts, Frigo and Guerini.

1520: Sastre is receiving no assistance in his group as the ONCE team members are aware their team-mate Jose Azevedo's fourth-place is in jeopardy.

1517: Rabobank realise Levi Leipheimer's ninth position in the overall satndings in under threat as Sastre continues to make up ground. He currently lies in 11th place but is set to move up the rankings.

1512: The leading trio reach the foot of the Col de la Colombiere. Frigo gives a mighty sigh as he prepares for the final 12km ascent of the stage.

1506: The peloton, which has caught Jalabert's group of three riders, reaches the summit 7'50" behind the race leaders.

1458: Results of the Col des Aravis:
1. Mario Aerts 2. Giuseppe Guerini 3. Dario Frigo

1446: Laiseka and Casar and Baguet are the next riders to drop as Sastre increases the pace.

1444: Having helped team-mate Sastre into a strong position, Jalabert drops off the back of the group of 13.

1440: Jalabert's group has been joined by another six riders.

1435: Armstrong's group are now over five minutes behind the leaders, while Jalabert's chasing group of seven are three minutes adrift.

1432: The leaders are at the base of Col des Aravis - the third climb of the day.

1427: Gutierrez, the fourth-placed rider at the summit, has been caught by the yellow jersey's group.

1424: Jalabert picks up another 14 points from the second climb to add to the ten he won in the day's first climb, extending his lead in the King of the Mountains competition.

1420: Result of the Col des Saisies:
1. Mario Aerts
2. Dario Frigo
3. Giuseppe Guerini

1419: Floyd Landis leads the peloton over the summit 4'05" behind the stage leaders.

1416: Aerts is the first rider over the summit of the second climb followed by Frigo and Guerini.

1410: Lance Armstrong's US Postal team is under pressure. Trying to fend of multiple attacks, the overall race leader is now in a group of nine, which includes his team-mate Roberto Heras.

1409: The yellow jersey's peloton trails the leaders by 3'45".

1404: The group of 13 riders is attacked by Carlos Sastre.

1358: Frigo attacks and the leading group is split as Aerts and Guerini follow, but the two Spanish riders - Laiseka and Gutierrez are dropped.

1354: With 80km left to race, the peloton starts closing on Jalabert's group of four. The gap is now 1'15". The five leaders are a further 2'25" ahead.

1350: Jerome Pineau, who at 22 years old is the youngest rider in the Tour, begins to tire and falls behind.

1348: The Rabobank and US Postal teams lead the peloton, which remains nearly three and a half minutes off the pace.

1345: With three big climbs still to go before the finish, the field is stretched. The leading group of five is being chased by four riders. And the peloton is headed by a further group of 13.

1338: The leaders begin the second climb of the stage, the Col des Saisies. The peloton is almost three and a half minutes behind.

1335: The leading five riders are ahead of Jalabert's chasing group by 45".

1328: Sandy Casar is trying to keep pace with Jalabert but is losing ground.

1325: Jalabert, who increased his lead in the climbing classification after claiming 10 points in the first climb, is now chasing the leading group.

1315: Results of Cormet de Roselend:
1. Mario Aerts
2. Dario Frigo
3. Jose Enrique Gutierrez

Earlier action:

  • A group of 21 riders catch Aldag, but soon the pack is split as Jose Enrique Gutierrez, Roberto Laiseka, Mario Aerts and Dario Frigo break away.

  • Telekom's Rolf Aldag is the first man to attack. He quickly builds a lead and stays in front for the first 45 minutes of the race.

    The 142km climb stage is one of the shortest of the Tour but, with three first category climbs, is still a major obstacle for the riders.

  • All the actiion from the world's greatest bike race



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