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Outside the three-point arc

Shots scored from outside of the three-point line - the D-shaped arc surrounding each team's basket - earn three points.

The shooter must have at both feet on the floor outside the three-point line prior to the attempt.

Three-point shooting is highly prized by teams and spectators alike, especially if the winning basket is hit from distance on the buzzer.

Inside the three-point arc

Shots which find the basket from inside of the three-point line are worth two points.

An unsuccessful free throw attempt which is tapped into the basket also counts as two points.

Free throws

A free throw is an unchallenged shot at the basket from the free-throw line, taken while the clock is stopped.

They are worth one point.

They are awarded after a technical foul a personal foul on a player in the act of shooting or a personal foul after the team committing the foul has exceeded four fouls in that quarter. The number awarded (1-3) depends on the offence.

If a player scores despite being fouled, he also gets free throws.

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