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Page last updated at 03:31 GMT, Monday, 7 February 2011

Super Bowl XLV as it happened


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By Martin Gough

0323: Years ago, I would have crawled to bed at this point and set the alarm clock for work in the morning. These days, at least I get Monday off. It may not have been the sort of classic game we've had in the last five or so years but we saw two tough teams going toe-to-toe and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Check out the work of two colleagues - Tim Love writing the match report and Mike Cunliffe editing a highlights package .

You can watch the whole game again on iPlayer in a few hours time and look out for an updated Inside Sport Special, with interviews and match footage, on BBC One at 2305 GMT on Monday.

As the Vince Lombardi Trophy returns to Titletown for the first time in 14 years, I'm going to bid you goodnight.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers: "We've got to give credit to our defence. This is a great group of men, it's great to be able to share it with them."

Packers coach Mike McCarthy: "It was a very emotional half-time. We had some bumps in the third quarter but Vince Lombardi's trophy is finally going home."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: "The smallest city in the country has won the biggest game. We congratulate you and your fans. Vince Lombardi is coming home to Green Bay."

0316:Roger Staubach, the former Cowboys quarterback who named the first "Hail Mary" pass and the head of the Dallas Super Bowl organising committee, brings the trophy to the stage and Terry Bradshaw, who won the Super Bowl four times with the Steelers in the 1970s but stand by as it is presented.

0313:Of course, the trophy the Packers will hoist shortly at the halfway line is named after their legendary coach Vince Lombardi, who led them to victory in 1967 and '68 in the NFL-AFL Championship Game, an event that would the following season be named Super Bowl.

Dan Lockwood on Twitter: "Twas an awesome game, well done Packers. Well deserved winners."

Greg Jennings, who caught two touchdown passes: "We've overcome adversity all years. Our captain goes down, our number one receiver goes down but we find a way to bottle it up and exert it all out on the field."

0306: GREEN BAY WIN 31-25
Rodgers takes a final knee and Green Bay win their 13th NFL title, their fourth Super Bowl with an opportunistic but deserved win against a Pittsburgh side that had chances but failed to capitalise on them.

0304: They go for it on fourth and five with the game on the line. Incomplete! Wallace gets a hand to it in double coverage but Tramon Williams does well to knock it loose. Green Bay take a knee and that's the game.

0302: Pittsburgh in their two-minute offence - shotgun formation with a single back. Ward takes a grab for five. Roethlisberger goes deep on third and five and there's no one close.

0258: There is a personal foul on Pittsburgh's Keyaron Fox after the kick return. We're at the two-minute warning with the Steelers down by six. Ignore what you may have read before I deleted it.

0255: FIELD GOAL Green Bay 31-25 Pittsburgh
Third and goal from the five, Rodgers goes for a fade to Nelson on the right but he's well covered. Mason Crosby slots it home from 23 yards out.

0253: One second and nine, James Jones has back-up corner William Gay's number, hooking behind him to take a catch on the right sideline at the eight-yard-line with just over three minutes remaining.

0250: Massive catch on third down, Jennings taking it over the middle from the left slot on a skinny post pattern. Starks takes the packers' 10th running play of the game for another first down.

0249:SACK! End Ziggy Hood takes Rodgers down on first down. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

0246: Seven minutes and 29 seconds left as Green Bay take over at their 25-yard line. The Super Bowl has never gone to overtime, just in case you were wondering.

0242: TWO-POINTER Green Bay 28-25 Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh's coaches do the maths and they aim to run for two rather than kick for one on the extra point. Antwaan Randle El is there to take a college-style option pitch-out from Roethlisberger to score.

0242: TOUCHDOWN Green Bay 28-23 Pittsburgh
If the Steelers win, Mike Wallace is my choice for Most valuable Player as he takes his ninth catch of the game over corner Sam Shields to paydirt.

0239: A holding call on tackle Flozell Adams makes it tough for Pittsburgh to continue their momentum, Wallace grabbing a few yards back with his eighth catch of the game. Ward grabs a tough 15-yarder over the middle.

0238: Steelers start on their own 34. Tight end Matt Spaeth gets his first catch then Roethlisberger finds Wallace for successive first downs.

laurajomeara on Twitter: "Steelers are architects of their own downfall - most of the Packers points have come after turnovers"

Yep - Steelers shooting themselves in the foot here.

0230: TOUCHDOWN Green Bay 28-17 Pittsburgh
Greg Jennings is all alone, breaking on a corner rout to the right and Rodgers hands him his second score of the game - just his third reception.

0229: Faced with a blitz from the right, Green Bay go for the same play to Nelson over the middle and he makes no mistake, catching over the middle and riding blocks to the two-yard line. SACK! Loss of six with no obvious receiver open and loads of pressure.

0227: James Jones makes up for his earlier error with a 12-yard grab off the ground on third down but Jordy Nelson can't hold on with a chance to get into open territory across the middle.

0226: FUMBLE! Clay Matthews forced a fumble from Mendenhall, recovered by inside backer Desmond Bishop and the Packers get it back on their 40. That's the third Steeler turnover of the game. Teams with three or more turnovers are 30-4 in Super Bowl history, says a helpful Fox TV graphic.

0221: END OF THIRD QUARTER Green Bay 21-17 Pittsburgh
Mendenhall runs for eight to close out the quarter and the Packers' inability to defend the run and to establish a running game of their own is costing them dear this evening.

0220: The call of incomplete pass is upheld. Antonio Brown returns to the 42 but there is an ineligible man downfield for the Packers, who have been terrible with penalties in this third quarter. With a five-yard penalty the re-kick comes from their endzone and Brown takes it at Green Bay's 41 with 11 seconds left in the third quarter.

Jack Weston on Twitter: "@martingough_bbc Hey, you think the Steelers can pull it back now? And can you say hi to Alex, Andrew & Tahmeed for me?"

I certainly do now and, as they used to say on Saturday Superstore, you just did.

ravaj on Twitter: "My 85-yr-old aunt in Wisconsin is a cheesehead and I'm hoping the Packers can hold on for her health and safety!"

0213: On third and 10 Rodgers looks to have pulled it off but third-string receiver Brett Swain can't hold on. Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy throws the challenge flag but it doesn't look like there's much to debate.

0211: Mendenhall runs for a few and Wallace takes a short one but there's a rare failure on third and two as Big Ben is too high for Wallace. Pitt punt and it takes a good roll to the Packers 25. Tramon Williams of the receiving team is goaded into lashing out and - rather than having decent field position - Green Bay are back on their 12-and-a-half - that's 66 yards net on the punt.

0206: Rodgers can't make it happen here, with Pittsburgh in blanket coverage and a Tim Masthay punt gives it back to the Steelers at their 13. That's what Pittsburgh should have done, rather than going for goal on the last drive.

0202: Constitutionally important news from our colleagues at BBC News in Washington, who spotted that Christina Aguilera fluffed a line of the Star-Spangled Banner as she belted out a version of the US national anthem earlier.

Nelson makes a grab for 20 on first down to put the Steelers back under pressure.

Suisham is asked to try from 52 yards out and it's not even close - shanked wide left. Green Bay now get the ball back at their own 40 with the chance to go two scores up.

0158:SACK! Roethlisberger just avoids a sack on second down but he can't manage it on third and 13. The running lane he was offered earlier is stopped up.

0157: Mewelde Moore is bottled up in the middle but breaks right for a first down. Roethlisberger goes ultra-deep to Mike Wallace - who has four catches for 33 yards so far - but it's well past him. More about keeping the Packers honest and opening space to run. Ward takes a grab for 15 over the middle. Just remind me, which team held an 18-point lead?

0152: The receiver screen is the new flying wedge - Wallace takes it for nine. At third and one Roethlisberger takes a time out.

0147: Another drop, on second and seven, from the normally reliable Jordy Nelson, who has caught five passes for 73 yards so far. SACK! Steelers linebacker James Harrison is double-teamed and knocked to the ground but he gets back up to take Rodgers down for a loss of six at the 15-yard line. Steelers get the ball back from the punt on their own 40 with 9'00 left in the third. Game well and truly on.

Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber: "The Steelers do not get intimidated. This is exciting, this is why you watch the Super Bowl!"

0146: That drive saw five plays cover 50 yards, all on the ground, in two minutes 20 seconds. Green Bay only allowed an average of 69.7 yards per game in the regular season but Mendenhall and Co have their number.

jarl1994 on Twitter: "Oh my. What a drop by James Jones. If he caught that, its off to the endzone and momentum shifts."

This was tweeted before the touchdown but it was spot on - massive turning point with that third-down drop by Jones with room to run.

0142: TOUCHDOWN Green Bay 21-17 Pittsburgh
Mendenhall back in the game and he follows the pulling left guard Chris Kemoeatu for eight yards and the score. Extra point just good.

0139: Rashard Mendenhall busts it outside right for 15 yards and runs head-first into a cameraman on the sideline. Roethlisberger runs himself and is just a yard short of another first down. I know Ben was a bit battered in the first half but he's never been ultra-mobile - he's just fine. Third and one and Isaac Redman gets the first down and more.

0136: Don Banks of Sports Illustrated points out that the record for a Super Bowl comeback is 10 points, equalled by New Orleans last year. Steelers were down by 18 at one point here but they're marching.

0136: Another penalty call against Green Bay but this one is wrong. Special teamer Tom Crabtree is called for 15 yards for grabbing the facemask of punt returner Antonio Brown. He didn't but that's no comfort to the Pack.

0135: False start by the Packers and a nine-yarder to Nelson sets up third and five. Rodgers has lots of time and hits James Jones on the right but he can't hold on so they have to punt.

Receiver Emmanuel Sanders (foot) out for the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger OK but "hacked off with the way things are going", says Fox's sideline reporter.

0132: Some injury news as Green Bay start at their 20: corner Charles Woodson (collarbone) is out but corner Sam Shields (shoulder) and receiver Donald Driver (ankle) are expected back. Packers called for holding and are backed up on their 10.

0130: We're about to get back under way in North Texas.

0125: In my continuing effort to educate the boy Tim Love in the finer points of the game, I have been recounting the story of Max McGee, the 34-year-old wide receiver who was a surprise star for Green Bay against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl in 1967.

Wikipedia tells us : "Because McGee didn't expect to play in the game, he violated his team's curfew policy and spent the night before the Super Bowl [in Los Angeles] out on the town. The next morning, he told starting receiver Boyd Dowler, "I hope you don't get hurt. I'm not in very good shape," alluding to his hangover.

"Dowler went down with a separated shoulder on the Packers' second drive of the game, and McGee, who had to borrow a teammate's helmet because he had not brought his own out of the locker room, was put into the game.

"A few plays later, McGee made a one-handed reception of a pass from Bart Starr, took off past Chiefs defender Fred Williamson and ran 37 yards to score the first touchdown in Super Bowl history.

"By the end of the game, McGee had recorded seven receptions for 138 yards and two touchdowns, assisting Green Bay to a 35-10 victory."

As we enter the small hours, tell us your favourite Super Bowl story. We'll have to find another hashtag. How about hashtag #bbcsuperbowl #telltim ?

Text in your views on 81111
Andy Griffiths via text:"Do you think there's any chance the Steelers will get back into the game and what do they have to do?"

I think this game is anyone's. Green Bay have not yet marched the length of the field and they need to do that to really establish their dominance. Otherwise, Pittsburgh can just keep chipping away, especially if those injuries to the Packers defensive backfield are game-ending.

0114: and Co kick off what looks like a Star Trek convention at midfield. Lots of light and neon, best watched on video rather than text-commentated upon. Is it really seven years since Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction? The NFL has been ultra-conservative with their half-time acts since, with the likes of the Rolling Stones and The Who. First song is I Got a Feeling. Then Slash, formerly of Guns N Roses (born in Stoke on Trent dontchaknow) puts in a cameo for a short blast of Sweet Child O Mine.

0103: Some interesting stats from my assistant Tim Love. Pittsburgh are up 204-174 in terms of total yardage, and dominated time of possession, with 18'56 to just 11'04 for Green Bay. Difficult to get massive time of possession when you score with an interception return but there's enough for the Steelers to take heart from.

0100: HALF-TIME Green Bay 21-10 Pittsburgh
Starks runs for three then Green bay allow the clock to tick down for the end of the half. The two turnovers, and resulting touchdowns, are the margin at the moment but that Steeler touchdown keeps them in it. Packers will receive the kick-off after what is likely to be a 45-minute half-time break, featuring the Black Eyed Peas.

0059: Nick Collins - who scored on the interception earlier - is the third member of Green Bay's defensive backfield to leave for the locker-room, although the closer we get to half-time the less worrying it is for the Pack. Thirty-nine seconds left in the half as the Pack take over.

0056: TOUCHDOWN Green Bay 21-10 Pittsburgh
Veteran Hines Ward is the man again, taking an eight yarder on a out-and-up for his 10th career post-season touchdown.

0053: Nearly an interception there as AJ Hawk got a hand to the pass, knocked down between two sprawling defenders. Third and 10 and Ben does it again, with a 14-yard completion to Hines Ward. Roethlisberger took a hit there and he shakes his hard to clear the fug as he removes his helmet. Woodson leaves the field and Sam Shields is injured too.

0051: Green Bay get the ball to start the second half so Pittsburgh must score here. Big Ben goes for it all to Wallace, it's incomplete but corner Charles Woodson - one of only two Super Bowl veterans on the Packers - is shaken up on the play.

0049: Pittsburgh start on their 23 and Roethlisberger goes big, down the left sideline to Mike Wallace for 37. That's the two-minute warning and the Steelers have two timeouts remaining.

swissss on Twitter: "Is the Freezer bigger (and cooler) than the Fridge?"

I've been holding onto this tweet for hours, just waiting for the Packers to get the ball in the red zone and bring in their short-yardage back BJ Raji. Thing is, they haven't needed to - two scores have come from throws outside the red zone and the other was an interception return.

0046: TOUCHDOWN Green Bay 21-3 Pittsburgh
Greg Jennings makes a 21-yard catch on a post pattern on the goal line and may not be aware that he crossed the line because of the ferocity of the hit delivered by Troy Polamalu. Not enough to stop the score and this could be a rout. Four plays and 53 yards after the pick.

0045: Nelson, formerly a high school quarterback from Kansas, makes a grab left for a first down then James Starks runs right for his longest gain of the day so far and moves that down marker again.

0042: INTERCEPTION! Jarrett Bush makes the pick as Roethlisberger tries to force one to Mike Wallace over the middle. Simple read and Bush just snuck in there. Green Bay take over at their 48.

Echo2907 on Twitter: "Why haven't any fast food companies made a Super Bowl meal yet? Roethlisberger and fries please! "

They used to be available in Miami, Ohio, when Ben was at university there. Lots of chilli.

0039: Roethlisberger does what he does best. Pressure on at third and six and he slots it through the middle to Antwaan Randle El to move the chains. Randle El won the 2006 Super Bowl with Pittsburgh - throwing a touchdown pass - and is back in Steeltown after four years with Washington.

0037: Roethlisberger's left knee and right shoulder were examined by the team doctor before this drive, we're told, but he doesn't look bad as he runs for six. Better than Moore as he loses a few feet on the next play.

0035: Steelers start on the 22 and Mendenhall runs for seven but it's pulled back with another penalty, for holding on Heath Miller. Driver leaves the field just before Wallace makes a grab on the left sideline for 16. Back-up runner Mewelde Moore gets the first down and three more.

0030: Steelers wideout Emmanuel Sanders has some sort of knee injury - he left the field on a golf cart and his return is questionable. James Jones takes a catch right and is punished by Steeler corner Ike Taylor - best hit so far. On third and five, Donald Driver gets four-and-a-half, and he limps off too. Tough stuff here.

0025: It's celeb-tastic in North Texas, with boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Wales's own Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas all among the attendees. Sitting next to George W is legendary commentator and computer gamer John Madden.

Pat Lee takes the kick return to the 25 and we'll see Rodgers in action again.

0023: FIELD GOAL Green Bay 14-3 Pittsburgh
Sean Suisham holds his breath as his kick from 33 yards out skews right but it makes it inside the upright to get the Steelers on the board with 11'08 left in the second quarter.

0021: Roethlisberger runs from trouble for a couple, Mendenhall tries to go to the corner but can only get two more. Wallace takes a catch over the middle on third and seven but is brought down for a gain of four and we're likely to see a field goal here.

0019: Steelers on the Pack 32, there's a stuffed run and an incomplete pass but Emmanuel Sanders takes a 13-yard grab to the right for a first down.

0016: END OF FIRST QUARTER Green Bay 14-0 Pittsburgh
Emmanuel Sanders takes a receiver screen left for a first down, guard Chris Kemoeatu is another called for a block in the back. Roethlisberger slips and is shaking his knee after throwing incomplete on second down but he manages to run for a first down and more, with Green Bay spread against an empty backfield. Gain of 18 there and the Steelers will be knocking on the door when we return for the second quarter.

0010: Steelers start at the 36 and Mendenhall hogs the ball again, plunging for four then breaking right for a first down.

0007: TOUCHDOWN! Green Bay 14-0 Pittsburgh
Roethlisberger pumps once and goes deep left for Mike Wallace but it's a little short and Nick Collins grabs it at the 37, weaving through traffic to score. There is a flag and it's against the packers but it's for excessive celebration so will be assessed on the kick-off. Replays show Big Ben was put under real pressure by tackle Howard Green.

0005: That touchdown came completely out of the blue. Green Bay had established the run nicely through James Starks and had been throwing short. You don't fling it on third down and nine - you bash for a yard.

0003: As we move past midnight in the UK (Happy Birthday, Mrs G), Antonio Brown takes the kick-off out to the 38-yard line. But there is a penalty for an illegal block in the back, so the Steelers will be backed up on their own seven.

0000: TOUCHDOWN! Green Bay 7-0 Pittsburgh
A huge gamble on third and one sees Rodgers fling it 29 yards left to Jordy Nelson, who tumbles into the corner of the endzone to complete anine play, 80-yard drive.

2358: Rodgers dodges out of trouble and finds Brandon Jackson out of the backfield to move into Pittsburgh territory. Starks takes it to the 31-yard line.

2355: Third receiver Jordy Nelson has been seeing plenty of action so far, taking another catch for nine to the left which Starks converts for another first down. Time out with 5'53 left in the first quarter.

2354: Rodgers has been amazingly accurate passing left during the play-offs - completing 13 of 17 short and medium that side - but he overthrows on first down. Hits Nelson right for nine, though and Starks bounces for seven over right tackle to move the chains.

2354: Rodgers has been amazingly accurate passing left during the play-offs - completing 13 of 17 short and medium that side - but he overthrows on first down. Hits Nelson right for nine, though and Starks bounces for seven over right tackle to move the chains.

Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber on Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall:"I love the way that he runs the ball. He's a full bodied running back. He's got power and speed, he's a smart runner."

2347: Steelers called for a false start. A receive screen to Mike Wallace can't recover it and, on third and two, Roethlisberger is uncharacteristically wild as he throws high to tight end Heath Miller. Another punt, another touchback so the Packers start on their 20 after this message from your local station.

2347: Steelers take over on their 20 and Mendenhall follows his blockers well over right tackle, busting loose for 15 yards. Next play goes over right guard for nine. Not looking good for the Pack defence if they can't stop the run.

onphyr on Twitter: "Love to watch a great defence game but let's not have too good of one please! We want to see some points on the board!"

Sorry, onPhyr, I'm hoping for a scoreless tie. Thank you, though, for playing your part in making #bbcsuperbowl trend on Twitter!

2342: James Starks is the feature back for the Packers but he can only get a couple. In the face of some pressure, Rodgers overthrows on the right Jordy Nelson on third and seven and Green Bay have to punt.

2340: Flags fly as Rodgers completes a 24-yarder to Donald Driver on third and nine. Offside against Pittsburgh's James Farrior, declined.

2339: And here are the Green Bay Packers, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose performances this year have been such that the Wisconsin faithful have forgotten all about former favourite Brett Favre. "We'll miss you Bert", said a banner at Lambeau Field when a retirement-bound Favre returned with the Vikings earlier this year.

The Steel Curtain of the 1970s, Blitzburgh of the 2000s, this Steeler defence has a reputation to uphold and it is doing it well this year, ranked toughest in the league in points conceded. Their leader is NFL defensive player of the year, strong safety Troy Polamalu, the man whose hair is insured for $1 by the famous shampoo company he represents.

2338: All hell has broken loose on the punt, after Packers returner Tramon Williams fumbled the recovery. A great pile of bodies but the call of "green ball" from the referee settles things. Packers start at the 21.

2337: Receiver screen to Hines Ward with the first play but, tellingly,Mendenhall is tackled for a with his first carry to make it third down and 10. Big Ben fires out of bounds, looking for Brown. Three and out. Not what they wanted.

2335: Steelers Ben Roethisberger is playing in his third Super Bowl and could join an elite group as only the fifth quarterback to have won three or more championships. The success of running back Rashard Mendenhall will be key if they are to establish themselves.

Green Bay's "amoeba" defence, coached by Dom Capers, was second only to the Steelers in this year, with an average of 15 points conceded per regular-season game. Clay Matthews is their beating heart, with 14 sacks this season but watch out too for BJ Raji - a monster 24 stone (153kg) nose tackle nicknamed "The Freezer" in a reference to Bears legend William "Refrigerator" Perry - who lumbered 18 yards to score with his first career interception against Chicago a fortnight ago.

2334: And we're off. Antonio Brown receives the kick-off and runs left to the 36 yard line to set the Steelers up nicely to start.

2330: Coin toss time, attended by new Hall of Famers Chris Hanburger, Richard Dent (Most Valuable Player in the first Super Bowl I ever watched, in 1986), Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders.

Steelers call tails, former Dallas Cowboy Sanders tosses. It is heads. Green Bay win and defer their choice to the second half. Pittsburgh to receive.

2328: Sam Shields, the rookie Green Bay cornerback who made two interceptions during the NFC Championship game spoke to 5 live earlier this week.

''I'm pinching myself every day. This is something I've always wanted to do. I've watched this on TV and now I'm here. We've got to go in, play like we've been playing as that's what got us here."

Almost game time!

If you were listening on 5 live sports extra, they're moving to 5 live now. If you're in the UK, watch while listening to 5 live commentary using the options at the top of this page.

2322: Christina Aguilera has worn some dubious outfits in the past but is in a sombre black number, with peroxide blonde hair, as she gives a a full-throated rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

2320: Lea Michele belts out America the Beautiful. Former president George W Bush - who used to be a football cheerleader at Yale University, dontcha know? - is in the stands with wife Laura.

2318: First up, the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award, for players who have made the greatest contribution off the field. Winner is Madieu Williams, the Minnesota Vikings safety. he is currently in the gulf, visiting troops.

Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber on Ben Roethlisberger:"He's spectacular in clutch situations. It's for this reason that he already has two Super Bowl rings. He always wins games and that's why his team-mates love him"

2313: And here are the Packers, to the sound of 2 Unlimited's Get Ready for this. A few Cheeseheads in the stands too, having travelled down from Titletown. Coming up, the national anthem from Christina Aguilera.

2309: The Steelers are ready to take to the field. Plenty of yellow Terrible Towels in the stands. Ben Roethlisberger is last man out, jogged self-assuredly to the sidelines in a baseball cap.

Since Jake Humphrey mentioned the Twitter hashtag on TV, it's gone crazy. My able assistant Tim Love will attempt to pick out the best.

Nick182 on Twitter: "@Stuart in Bearsden: Once Rodgers breaks all the records that Favre holds then you can start talking about him being great."

Text in your views on 81111
Endzonemum via text:"My soccer mad friend in Indianapolis says he's doing Super Bowl night for the junk food. Great build up on the BBC. I've saved my last piece of Christmas cake for tonight."

2259: We're under way on BBC One, with Jake Humphrey hosting in the studio, joined by veteran analyst Mike Carlson and former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber.

Text in your views on 81111
Tom in Croydon via text:"I've been following BBC Sport for years and I was just sitting there wondering why this 'anon' chap gets all his texts on the live feed! Feeling a little stupid now I've realised!"

2254: It's a bit chilly this evening but former Packers guard Jerry Kramer - who has just been talking to 5 live - played in the Ice Bowl, the NFL Championship Game of 1967, when temperatures were at -49F at kick-off.

"I might look a bit of a sissy wearing gloves then I thought, who the hell am I kiddin' it's 50 below zero!" he says.

Kramer goes on to describe his work in scouting the defensive weakness that brought a game-winning score for Green Bay on a quarterback sneak by Bart Starr in the dying seconds. Doesn't mention his later admission that he jumped offside on the play, though.

2252: If you're in the UK, give your page a refresh and you'll be set for the BBC One live video coverage, starting at 2255.

2246: We're expecting the game to kick off in about 45 minutes' time. Before that is the pre-game show, featuring Maroon 5 - who, according to their profile on the MTV website, promise mix of polished pop/rock and neo-soul sex appeal - "Glee" songstress Lea Michele, Keith Urban and the Blue Man Group.

2245: As a Cowboys fan, I get very jittery when snow falls in Dallas. I get flashbacks to Thanksgiving Day 1993. If you type "Leon Lett" into YouTube, you'll see why.

I spoke to another Cowboys fan, Olympic sprint great Michael Johnson, earlier this week, for a column that appeared on the website on Friday . Once we had stopped being misty-eyed about the days of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, he told me what makes the Super Bowl special for him, and why he will be watching at home rather than at the stadium.

Text in your views on 81111
Stuart in Bearsden via text:"Will a Packers win finally bury the belief that Favre was the greatest? Rodgers should be held in the same esteem if he delivers."

Who said Favre was the greatest, Stuart? He's somewhere in my top 10 after Unitas, Montana, Aikman, Manning, Brady, Steve Grogan ...

GavJB on Twitter: "Anon - Where's your commitment?! I've got to be work at 7am tomorrow and I'm watching it! (Exempt if you're a surgeon)"

2236: The Steelers have been out on the field warming up and there is a cheer as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers take to the turf.

The fact the Packers are favoured says a lot about the topsy-turvy nature of this season. No play-off sixth seed from the National Football Conference has ever progressed to a Super Bowl before, let alone won one.

The pack got this far with a narrow win over Philadelphia in the wild-card round, blazing past Atlanta with a 48-21 victory, then knocking out Jay Cutler and the Bears in Chicago a fortnight ago.

The only other sixth seed to win it all was the Steelers, from the American Football Conference, in Ben Roethlisberger's rookie season, 2006.

Four years later, Pittsburgh were seeded second in the AFC after ending the regular season with a 12-4 record. They battled past Baltimore in the division round then had a few nail-biting moments in defeating the New York Jets in the conference game, despite taking a 24-0 lead.

Text in your views on 81111
Paul in Southampton via text: "I grew up in America and when I played my first football game in Britain I picked the ball up and was sent off ... I was only 6, bit harsh I thought. Steelers to win! "

2234: For many, this event will be a blast from the past, pitting the Packers - who won five NFL titles (including the first two Super Bowls) with legendary coach Vince Lombardi in the 1960s - against the Steelers, who won four Super Bowls for Chuck Noll in the 1970s.

But these are very modern teams. Mike Tomlin - who aged 36 two years ago became the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl - leads a Steelers side who combine bruising defence with a dogged offence that always comes through when the chips are down.

Mike McCarthy's pass-happy Packers are the antithesis of the Lombardi-era bruisers, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the fore, flinging bombs left, right and centre.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon via text: "Couldn't get Monday off work. Will the game and build up coverage be available on iPlayer so I can watch tomorrow night?"

The whole of the BBC One programme will be available on iPlayer in the morning, Anon. There will be a short highlight package on this website too, if you get time to watch while in the office.

2226: Steelers quarterback Ben Roethisberger is playing in his third Super Bowl and could join an elite group as only the fifth quarterback to have won three or more championships.

However, he had a troubled start to the season, suspended for the first four games of the season after allegations of assault in a nightclub, although charges were never brought.

"It starts with my faith," he tells 5 live. "You always go through changes in life. When you're faced with challenges in life you try to overcome them. I want to be the best I can be."

2224: I'd say there's a fundamental problem with the roof being closed, too. The old Texas Stadium was built as a partial dome, with a hole in the roof. "So God can watch," said the team owner. Others thought it more plausible that he had run out of money. Anyway, should the almighty want to keep an eye on this evening's action he'll have to rely on his omnipresence.

2222: The retractable roof is firmly closed at the glittering Cowboys Stadium this evening. Built at a cost of $1.3 billion and opened two years ago, the stadium was set to pass the previous Super Bowl attendance record of 103,667.

There may be a little doubt on the numbers, though as the NFL released a statement 40 minutes ago - barely two hours before kick-off - saying limited number of sections in the temporary seating areas are not completed. The stadium normally seats 80,000 but was supposed to have 25,000 extra seats added for this game.

5 live are quoting local media as saying 6-9,000 fans received a letter when they arrived, saying they would get a triple refund, which won't start to cover air fares and hotel costs.

2219: For those of you who stumbled here by accident, check out our guide to the basics of the game, with video fronted by former London Monarch Gerry Anderson.

Crash Davis on Twitter: "Day off work tomorrow booked ... beers in the fridge ... 5 live sports extra on ... bring it on!!"

5 live sports extra

2215: The 5 live team were at media day on Tuesday, and you can hear some of the highlights on sports extra now. Media day is famous for off-the-wall questions. Packers linebacker AJ Hawk took it all in his stride when asked, "Would you take a ride on Wonder Woman's private jet if it were invisible?"

"I said, if anyone wants to give me a ride on a private jet, I'll take it."

2210: Of course, this greatest show on turf wouldn't be complete without your involvement. Get in touch by tweeting with the hashtag #bbcsuperbowl or text us your views & comments on 81111 (UK only; not all contributions can be used).

2206: We're expecting the kick-off to be at around 2330 GMT but it's always a slightly moveable feast. Meanwhile, NFL expert Neil Reynolds has already given his thoughts on who will win the big game and taken a look at the two quarterbacks on display in his blog. He is tipping Green Bay to secure their third successive upset by winning the big one.

Neil has also been asking some famous fans for their predictions , including England rugby coach Martin Johnson, who said: "If Green Bay and Pittsburgh were to play each other several times over, I think the Steelers would win more of those games. I give them the edge in this contest but only ever so slightly."

The bookmakers reckon Green Bay will win by around three points but I'm plumping for Pittsburgh to establish themselves early then hold on for grim death towards the end.

2202: First, a quick run-down of what's on the BBC around the match. If you're in the UK and haven't already watched the Inside Sport Special with Olympic legend Michael Johnson, there's time before kick-off to do so now on iPlayer.

You can also listen live on 5 live sports extra right now, and on 5 live from 2330.

You can watch the game live in high definition from 2255 GMT on BBC ONE (and this website if you're in the UK), where New York Giants legend Tiki Barber will join Jake Humphrey in the studio.

And you can watch while listening to 5 live commentary on the BBC Red Button and online.

2200: Piles of snow, the field a sheet of ice, the Green Bay Packers prepare to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers for the NFL title. It feels like a nostalgia-tinged highlights package from decades ago. This game isn't taking place in frigid Wisconsin or ice-bound Pennsylvania; it's in normally balmy North Texas, which has been hit by some unseasonable bad weather this week.

But these two teams from the frozen north have plenty of experience of the cold and they will both be at their best when Super Bowl XLV kicks off at around 2330 GMT.

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