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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 03:31 GMT

NY Giants v New England Patriots
Sunday, 3 February
Glendale, Arizona

Super Bowl XLII, Glendale, Arizona


New England 14-17 New York


By Martin Gough

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0327: The Giants team who barely managed to beat the worst team in the league at Wembley just three months ago has just beaten one of the best teams ever in an amazing game. Thanks for joining us tonight. It's been a blast. Sleep well.

Highlights are on the red button on Monday from 1300 GMT, which will probably be when you wake up. The game will also be streamed on BBC iPlayer from Monday evening.

Mike Carlson
"This was the best game we could have seen. I loved every second of it."
Mike Carlson

Rod Woodson
"I hope everyone in England thinks this is the best reality show they have ever seen."
Rod Woodson

0324: If, like so many people on 606 and the texts, you're a new convert, you could see an NFL game in the flesh on 26 October. Head to the NFLUK website, where you can find out how to get hold of a ticket for Wembley.

0321: Michael Strahan, who missed the first few weeks of the season while he decided whether or not to retire, is rewarded for making the right decision as he takes the Lombardi trophy from TV presenter Terry Bradshaw and takes it on a lap of honour.

"We've believed in ourselves all year. You want to have the ball in your hands with the chance to score. There were so many big plays on that drive. David Tyree, Plaxico, everyone stepped up."
MVP Eli Manning

"We knew we had to get after the quarterback and the response we got out of our team was unbelievable."
Coach Tom Coughlin

"The greatest victory in the history of this franchise, without a question. For the fans from 30 years at Giants Stadium, for all those years at Yankee Stadium and for some of you back to the Polo Grounds this is for you."
Giants co-owner John Mara

"The world expected a great game tonight and you got an awesome game. The New York Giants are once again world champs."
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

0314:The podium is out at midfield as we prepare for the presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy. Former Redskins QB Doug Williams (once an assistant coach with the Scottish Claymores) brings the trophy out and all the Giants players get a touch. Lots of whooping and hollering.

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"Congrats to Greenock born and bred Lawrence Tynes, surely Scotland's first Super Bowl winner?"
Chris, Glasgow by text

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"That's the first time I've ever watched a whole American football game. Well worth it."
DefensiveCaptain on 606

0310: There have been some thrilling Super Bowls over the last decade but this one was right up there, and it was decided by a touchdown rather than a field goal, which to me makes it the best since the Rams just held out the Titans eight years ago.

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"I'm now a convert to American football. What a game!"
billymcvilla on 606

Mike Carlson
"I'm happy for Steve Spagnuolo, who has coached in Barcelona and Frankfurt, is one of the nicest guys I know and may just have made millions of dollars as the next head coach of the Washington Redskins."
Mike Carlson

Rod Woodson
"I'm happy for the Manning family. The Giants knew what they wer doing four years ago when they moved up in the draft to take Eli."
Rod Woodson

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"I thought it was gearing up to be a slow defensive struggle - I hang my head in shame - What a fantastic Super Bowl!"
djdom_no1 on 606


0305: Eli Manning takes a knee and that's your lot. Tom Brady, Cliff Clavin, Wade Boggs, Mike Dukakis, your boys took one hell of a beating.

0301: Ten seconds remaining and the corks are popping in Miami, where the 1972 Dolphins look like remaining the only perfect team of the Super Bowl era after another incomplete Hail Mary. Everyone is on the field, although there is a second remaining.

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"The Giants have been incredible. I don't particularly like American football, but this has been a tremendous end to the game."
chrisox on 606

0301:Hail Mary on third and 20 and it just pings off the fingertips of Randy Moss. Pats need it on the Giants' 45 to stand a chance of a field goal but they're on their own 16.

0300: There are 29 seconds left as Brady takes over on the 26-yard line. He fires deep and incomplete. Sack! Jay Alford comes up the middle and takes Brady down for the fifth sack of the game. That must be it.

Manning fires speculatively but Burress is all alone in the left corner of the endzone and he hauls in a 13-yarder with 35 seconds remaining. Ellis Hobbs was looking in the backfield and paid the price.

0253: The Pats get their man as Adalius Thomas brings Manning down for a loss of one. Tyree can't hold on on the left sideline but Steve Smith can on the right on third and 11 and he gets out of bounds after gaining the first down on the 13.

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"We're knocking on the door...what a catch!!"
BrownEyesBlue on 606

0250: Backed up on third and five, Manning somehow evades three would-be tacklers and fires deep to Tyree, who holds on despite being molested by Harrison. A gain of 32 - this is amazing stuff with just 59 seconds left and the Giants on the 24. Down by four, they need a touchdown.

0246: On the sideline Brady looks like he's spent - there's no sign of that boyish grin. Manning finds Toomer but the chains show he's a yard short. Jacobs converts on fourth and one. and the Giants get a first down on their own 39.

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"The Giants would be wise to put in a draw play to Bradshaw at some stage."
Bright Blue Shorts on 606

Mike Carlson
"Brady has had two good drives and he's scored on both but it comes down to him doing something he hasn't done before and that's throwing to Moss inside."
Mike Carlson

0241: The opening riff from the Guns and Roses classic Welcome to the Jungle rings out as it has at Foxboro all year and an outstanding tackle by Ray Ventrone on the kick-off leaves the Giants starting at the 17. Manning finds Toomer for a first down but there are two desperate incompletion to reach the two-minute warning. Deep breath.

On third and goal from the six, Brady finds Randy Moss on the left, with corner Corey Webster falling over. Gostkowski adds the extra point to leave the Giants requiring a touchdown of their own. Manning will have 2'42 to do it.

0236: Brady has completed on seven of eight attempts before over-throwing Moss in the left corner. Welker is almost decapitated trying to take a catch in the middle of a pack of backers.

0233: Moss hasn't had much success wide on the left but he has now taken two crucial catches from the right slot. Faulk takes the dink over the middle and Giant defenders are starting to look tired. First and goal on the seven.

0228: The clock ticks under five minutes as Brady finds Welker, who goes almost the width of the field to find space for a first down after taking his Super Bowl record-equalling 11th catch.

0228: The Patriots get another go from the 20 with a four-receiver set. Suddenly Brady looks to have his mojo back, with successive completions to Welker and Moss. Maroney busts it out left for nine then Brady converts with a 13-yarder to Welker over the middle.

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"Special Teams hasn't had much of a mention tonight but the Giants punting team have done a top job keeping the Pats inside the 20 everytime. Brady facing a long field once again."
James1811 on 606

0223: Manning takes over on the 29 and just manages to spin out of a potential sack by Richard Seymour. He finds Toomer on third and nine but it is just short thanks to a massive hit by Rodney Harrison. Three and out.

Rod Woodson
"This defence is very good - they can get pressure with four rushers. Then you add co-ordinator Steve Spagnuolo and everything he brings"
Rod Woodson

0217: Brady looks to repeat the touchdown play, finding Randy Moss over the middle with a play action pass. Not only must they score but the Patriots must chew time off the clock on this drive. Brady has enjoyed all sorts of time all year but he is being hurried on every play and is looking like a mere mortal. Incomplete towards Welker on third and seven and they have to punt again.

Rod Woodson
"Players have to make big plays to win championships and these young guys are stepping up for the Giants"
Rod Woodson

0214: Maroney returns to the 34 but the Patriots are pulled back by a holding penalty and they start on their 11-yard line with 10'59 remaining.

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"The Patriots are like a kid teasing a big bad dog with a bone by holding it precariously above its jaws... The Patriots just got their arm bitten off."
ForeverWishing on 606

The Giants get the score they deserve as Manning runs play action to Bradshaw then finds receiver David Tyree on a post pattern from the right for five yards. Tynes adds the extra point.

Tyree caught only four passes during the regular season but that is one of the biggest in the team's history.

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"Hello! Let's all welcome the Giants offence to the game!"
Carra_XI on 606

0207: There's the spark. Manning finds tight end Kevin Boss for 45 yards and safety Rodney Harrison only just manages to take Boss down with an ankle tackle. Up in the executive boxes, Peyton Manning punches the air in delight for his little brother. Steve Smith gets free over the middle and there's another FD.

0204: Chris Hanson's punt flies through the back of the endzone to start the fourth quarter and the Giants will take over on the 20-yard line needing to make something happen. Surely if they look to the running game again they will be able to spark something.

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"The other fella may have been John Smith, but wasn't the main man Mick Luckhurst?"
Rory, Birmingham - not Alabama - by text

You're a year or so too late, Roy. And you've forgotten the Dangerous Brothers, or whatever their name was. My favourite was Albert Thompson but I'm biased as I blocked for him once.


0201: Brady looks deep for Moss but the receiver is double covered and Brady again is hit as he throws. Brady looks sweaty and rattled here as he connects with Stallworth on a screen but can't make the first down as time expires on the third quarter.

0158: Maroney runs twice for a first down then Brady finds Welker again. You guessed it, slant pattern from the left slot, 19 yards, first down on the Giants' 49.

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"I wouldn't call it dire - it's an excellent defensive chessmatch, and the next touchdown will break this one open."
Stevie357 on 606

0156: A false start penalty on Watson backs the Pats up on their five-yard line and Brady just throws it away before Kawitka Mitchell knocks him over. Welker hauls in the first down on the 22 and the Pats breathe again.

Rod Woodson
"How long can a defence play this well without the offence taking advantage of it?"
Rod Woodson

0149: Manning has plenty of time on a play action pass to look for the home run to Burress but is about a yard long with the receiver triple covered. Randall Gay gets in front of Burress on third and six from the 41. Feagles punts it out of bounds at the 10.

0146: Kevin Faulk is heading back to the locker room with what looks like a pulled hamstring as Manning finds Toomer on the right for successive first downs.

Get involved on 606
"Strahan should be MVP in my opinion, but he wont unless Manning starts to turn on their offence."
Carra_XI on 606

0142: Michael Strahan fires around the corner from left end for the fourth sack of the game - more than has been recorded against the Pats in a single game all year. Pats go for it on fourth down but there's no one open and Brady throws it away through the endzone.

0140: Left tackle Matt Light is called for a false start but an amazing catch-and-run from Faulk sees the third and 13 converted. If the Pats win this one, Faulk should be MVP. The QB always gets it, though.

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"Pats all the way! Giants won't have enough in the tank!"
Mike by text

Calls like that empty your tank, Mike.

0136: The replays show back-up linebacker Chase Blackburn was about two yards short in his dash to the sideline when the ball was snapped for the punt. The five-yard penalty gives New England what could be a crucial first down. I'm afriad that's the sort of letter-of-the-law tactic that makes the Pats unpopular around the rest of the league.

0133: Ages since the punt, Bill Belichick throws a red challenge flag, claiming there were 12 Giants on the field on the last play.

0132: gogonzola, I hope you're watching BBC TWO as there are highlights from Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV, both 49ers wins.

0131: Brady has been in the shotgun formation for much of the game but has been under pressure thoughout. Brady finds Faulk again on third down but he is stopped short by Antonio Piece, forcing a punt.

Get involved on 606
"When God wanted to make the perfect QB he created Joe Montana. There will never ever be another as good as him if we all live to be 1,000."
gogonzola on 606

0126: Brady finds Welker for 15 yards on a crossing pattern and the Pats machine is back in action. Strahan tips a Brady screen but Brady finds Faulk on third and three.

0120: As we prepare to get back under way, some stats for you:First downs: NY 7-8 NE
Total yards: NY 139-81 NE
Rushing yards: NY 61-20 NE
Passing yards: NY 78-61 NE
Time of pos: NY 19'27-10'33 NE

Rod Woodson
"Bill Belichick is saying, 'We have to protect Tom Brady and we have to make plays.'"
Rod Woodson

Mike Carlson
"The Patriots offence is going to look different. They may try to run the ball to put the Giants on their heels."
Mike Carlson

Get involved on 606
"What has happened to the New England's offensive line, it's showing it's age and looks tired after 18 games. Never seen Brady hurried, sacked and put on his back while throwing so many times."
James1811 on 606

Text in your views on 81111
"Pats winning at the half after playing poor. They will win this by seven."
Daz by text

Get involved on 606
"Tom Petty was good... in 1981 but there's more life in a carton of yoghurt."
cavehillbhoy on 606

0114: Petty has so far been through American Girl, I Won't Back Down, Freefalling and something my colleague Mark doesn't recognise. All on a stage shaped like a guitar on the half-way line. Bet the players love this.


0058: It's likely to be around 40 minutes until the second half starts. Don't expect in-depth coverage on Tom Petty and the Pacemakers. I'm popping off for a coffee.

Rod Woodson
"The Giants are beating the Patriots up, they're running down the middle and the defence is all over Tom Brady."
Rod Woodson

Mike Carlson
"The Giants are doing almost everything you have to do to beat the Patriots."
Mike Carlson

0054: Randy Moss is in as an extra defensive back with a Hail Mary expected from Eli. Interestingly, the last 12 teams to lead at half-time have gone on to win.

Text in your views on 81111
"The "other guy" on the Channel 4 coverage in the '80s was John Smith, ex-New England kicker who was born in England."
Tim in Holyport via text

Are you sure Tim? I thought John disappeared when Nicky Horne did. Memory's not what it was though...

0050: FUMBLE
Any momentum the Pats may have gained is thwarted as Justin Tuck knocks the ball out of Brady's throwing hand and London-born Osi Umenyiora falls on it on the Pats' 49-yard line with 10 seconds remaining in the half. It is, Steve Smith gets closest to it but it falls incomplete and we're at half way.

0049: Two successive screen passes, first to Welker then to Faulk gain the first down then Brady finds Randy Moss for the first time in the game for a gain of 23, running out of a three-receiver set.

0046: Faulk dashes for a first down on a draw play but Pats tight end Ben Watson is called for holding and it is brought back. Pats take a time out.

0043: This is a horror show for the Patriots. First, Giants free safety Gibril Wilson hits Brady as he throws then Maroney is stuffed in the backfield by three tacklers. At last, there's a first down as Brady finds Stallworth on a play action pass to the right for 18 yards.

0040: Jeff Feagles, at 41 the oldest player in Super Bowl history, punts to the 11-yard line, where Kevin Faulk makes a fair catch. Both teams have all three time outs so this could be one of the longest two minutes you've ever experienced. With just 33 total yards so far, Brady and the Patriots just don't seem to be able to get it moving so far. Brady should look to Welker and Faulk short if he can.

"Wow what a call to make!"
djdom_no1 on 606

Mike Carlson
"When they're running the ball you can see the Patriots - who have no depth at linebacker - are starting to get tired."
Mike Carlson

0036: Absolute chaos as Adalius Thomas knocks the ball from Manning's grasp. New York recover through Steve Smith. Bradshaw is called for illegally batting the ball but it could have been a lot worse. Manning goes mad on third and 14, throwing wildly, and Randall Gay could have picked that one off.

0030: Giants take over on their own 43. Ahmad Bradshaw finds the seal over right tackle and stays with it for a first down. Jacobs takes over for a first down over left tackle and the Giants running game is making the Patriots defence look powder puff at the moment.

Mike Carlson
"The first time the Giants came with rushers from unexpected places but the second time it was just a four-man rush."
Mike Carlson

0025: There's 8'35 left in the second quarter as the Patriots again look to Maroney. Brady is under loads of pressure. Justin Tuck and Michael Strahan combine for the first sack and Tuck gets a second on the very next play. New England's offensive line did a great job all year and this is not the time to buckle.

Get involved on 606
"The Patriots are like a boa constrictor. They get a grip on, then everytime you breath out they tighten their grip."
Bright Blue Shorts on 606

0023: It's all happening here. First Jarvis Green sacks Manning for a loss of three them Ahmad Bradshaw fumbles, although the Giants get it back. New York forced to punt and Wes Welker returns to the 30.

0020: Four years on from Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction", the NFL is sticking with ancient male rockers for the Super Bowl half-time show. This year it's Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Should be pacemakers by the looks of him.

0016:Apologies that you have been unable to read updates over the last two hours. I put my old helmet and shoulder pads on and cracked some skulls in the server room so we're back in action. Very conservative drive from the Pats, running Maroney twice, and they go three and out.

Hobbs makes amends instantly as Steve Smith falls over making a catch at the 10-yard line. Hobbs scoops it in mid air and returns it 22 yards. Expect Brady to go deep soon.

0011: The Giants are hit by a delay-of-game penalty and coach Tom Coughlin looks like he could melt steel girders with his stare. The Pats are getting no pressure whatsoever here, even when they send blitzers.

0007: After an opening drive that was the longest in Super Bowl history, the Giants are out for another go. Burress drops the pass and Harrison recovers but it is ruled an incomplete pass rather than a fumble. Manning has a ludicrous amount of time on third down, though, and finds Amarni Toomer for a 38 yard gain deep on the left. Ellis Hobbs was the culpable corner on that one.

No doubt about that. The Pats put two tight ends on the right, including Super Bowl star Mike Vrabel, and Laurence Maroney runs in behind them for the score. Stephen Gostkowski adds the extra point but then puts the kick-off out of bounds - a major no-no in the NFL, which means the Giants will start from the 40.


2356: Brady finds runner Kevin Faulk out of the backfield for a first down but he still isn't clicking with his passing corps. First he overthrows Randy Moss then he puts it behind Faulk underneath. There is salvation, though, as linebacker Antonio Pierce commits a pass interference penalty on tight end Ben Watson and the ball is placed on the one-yard line.

2353: After a miscommunication on first down, Brady finds Donte' Stallworth on a crossing pattern then dinks left to Wes Welker for the first down on the 27-yard line.

2350: Tom Brady threw for a record 50 touchdowns during the regular season. Let's see what he can do here. They try a fake end-around first up and it is a bit of a shambles. Maroney, who was restricted to 835 rushing yards during the regular season because of injury, runs on successive plays for the first down.

2347: Starting running back Laurence Maroney is in to return the kick-off 43 yards for the Patriots. Our first Super Bowl memories on BBC TV are Phil Simms against the Broncos in SB XXI and that boy Norwood in game XXV. Your memories, please, on 606.

Mike Carlson
"They Patriots are blitzing Eli Manning to see how he deals with it but if it doesn't work they'll try something different."
Mike Carlson

Jacobs is stuffed on second down, Manning finds Smith again on third down but he is short and stuffed by Harrison. Greenock's own Lawrence Tynes comes on to slot home from 32 yards with 5'01 left in the first quarter.

2342: Manning and Smith hook up again on third and seven and the Giants are in the red zone, or green zone, as coach Tom Coughlin apparently likes to call it. They're inside the 20-yard line anyway. Manning fires deep to Burress and is lucky not to be picked off.

Get involved on 606
"Nice start for the Giants, though I'm a bit concerned about how the Pats are handling Jacobs with ease at the moment."
Stevie357 on 606

2339: After bashing with Jacobs, the Giants switch to Ahmad Bradshaw at running back. He converts on third and one and bounces out of the tackle to move to the 29-yard line.

Rod Woodson
"The Giants are doing an excellent job of mixing it up and giving them some different looks."
Rod Woodson

2336: The Giants keep trying with Jacobs but he is being held up so far. On third down and six, though, Manning finds Steve Smith to his left. Patriots d-backs Randall Gay and Rodney Harrison collide on the play and both limp off.

2333: If you've got a red button on your TV screen you might also want to have a look at our guides to the basics of the game, al demonstrated by former Miami Dolphins, who generously gave up their time when the team came to London back in October.

See former receiver Nat Moore claim "I used to teach Marino how to throw", watch an in-depth guide to how to block with former linebacker Twan Russell and find out quite how mad former All-Pro John Offerdahl is as he shows you how to tackle in one easy "Boom!" As a box of frogs.

2330: Amid a sea of flashbulbs, the Patriots kick off and it is returned to the 23-yard line. Eli Manning takes the helm with two tight ends to start with. Monster running back Brandon Jacobs gets the ball first and he will have to play a key role. Plaxico Burress makes a 14-yard catch for the first down but his ankle doesn't look good.

Mike Carlson
"The Giants are suited to beat New England but I've picked New England for 18 weeks straight and they've won each one."
Mike Carlson

Rod Woodson
"I think it's going to be the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. I think Eli is going to be the key."
Rod Woodson

2326: In triubute to recently-departed former San Francisco coach Bill Walsh, three of his former stars, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young and Jerry Rice are at the coin toss. The Giants call tails and it comes up their way. New York will receive.

2322: The commentary on BBC TV this evening is from veteran US broadcaster Dick Stockton and former All-Pro receiver Sterling Sharpe, on the world feed provided by the NFL. Should you prefer an English accent (even though it's a Leicester accent) hit your red button for Arlo White, along with Greg Brady.

Arlo and Greg are also commentating on BBC Radio Five Live, if you can't manage to keep your eyes open over the next few hours.

2320: We're already running a little late as last year's American Idol winner Jordan Sparks, daughter of former New York Giants cornerback Phillippi Sparks, belts out the Star Spangled Banner.

Mike Carlson
"We inflict American football on a British audience and they inflict Simon Cowell on us."
BBC analyst Mike Carlson

2317: My boss pulled me a side for a "quick Super Bowl chat" the other day. "Listen Goughy," he said. "Not everyone knows that Max McGee was out drinking all night before Super Bowl I but still managed to score two touchdowns. The fact that Tony Franklin scored the first Super Bowl points for the Patriots, in January 1986, may have passed some people by. They may not even understand your reference to the Greatest Show on Turf. Try not to show off."

Of course, he didn't really say that. He doesn't even know the story about Bronko Nagurski and the plough.

2314: Tom Brady waits until he's out on the field before he puts his helmet on. There may be a little superstition here. The theme for the Giants was "resilience". The theme for the Patriots is "team work". It has got them three Super Bowl titles already and they have a fourth in their sights.

2311: Here come the NFC champion New York Giants. Eli Manning looks a little subdued but then doesn't he always? London-born defensive end Osi Umenyiura gets a close-up as he takes the field.

2308: During the breaks in the action, BBC TV will be looking back on some great moments in Super Bowl history and we want to hear yours. Picking from my personal vault, there's William "Refrigerator" Perry rumbling for a touchdown in SB XX; Joe Montana to John Taylor to beat the Bengals in game XXIII; Scott Norwood's missed chip for the Bills in 1991, Cowboy Larry Brown's two picks against Pittsburgh in SB XXX and either of Adam Vinatieri's game-winners for the Patriots. Get nostalgic on 606 or text 81111.

Get involved on 606
"One of the greatest plays in SB history - SB XL ... Hines Ward 43yd TD on the end around option by Randle El. Great because the execution is perfect (check out Roethlisberger's block); perfect because of its timing."
Bright Blue Shorts on 606

Mike Carlson
2303: OK, maybe Carlson will be forced to mention Wesleyan. The BBC researchers have even found a photo of that Wesleyan lacrosse team of 1972 (I was a few years out). Belichick has a bowl cut, Carlson has King Charles II ringlets.

2250: Ladies and gents, we're under way on BBC TWO. Joining the BBC's television coverage this evening is former Steelers, Ravens and Raiders defensive back Rod Woodson, who played in a Super Bowl for each of those teams, winning with the Ravens at the end of the 2000 season.

With Woodson is Mike Carlson, a man those of you who watch the NFL will know appears more regularly on another channel.

Appearing live at a Super Bowl first the first time in 22 years, he's ours for the evening and he will have his work cut out as he and Woodson will have to keep talking when most of the rest of the world's TV companies go to commercial break.

Mike is unlikely to mention that he was part of the same Wesleyan University lacrosse team as New England coach Bill Belichick in the late 1960s.

Get involved on 606
"Well as a long time fan of the Giants (started back in 85 in the days of Channel 4 coverage with Frank Gifford and the other fella) I have to go with the G-Men by three"
niloc22 on 606

Who was the other fella? It was pre Mick Luckhurst, post Nicky Horne. I'm drawing a blank.

2236: There's some concern about how much of a part Giants receiver Plaxico Burress will play tonight as the ankle injury he has been nursing all season seems to have worsened. Burress has been Eli Manning's favourite target all year so this could have a massive impact.

2227: Of course this evening won't be the same without your input so let us know now how you think the game will go and discuss the action as it happens through the night on 606. Or you can text us on 81111.

Where are you watching this evening? What's the atmosphere like at your place? Are you heading to the NFL's Super Bash in Battersea? Let me know what I'm missing by sitting in an office.

Of course, the big news tonight is that 606 is open all night. Get having your say!

2221: New England look to become the first ever team to win 19 games in a season while the New York Giants look to upset bookmakers who have made them 13-point underdogs and win a season record 10 games on the road.

I haven't had much time for a 606 prediction piece this week but I'm going to get a prediction in before the action really hits up. My record so far this season is 16-8, mainly messed up by the recent success of the Giants. Why change a year-long habit now?

I'm going with the Pats and my reasoning goes back to 1987, when a fellow called Bill Belichick played a major part in a shock victory for the Giants over the Denver Broncos. He was the defensive co-ordinator for the Big Blue, going up against quarterback John Elway.

With two weeks to come up with a scheme, Belichick went with just two down linemen for most of the game, flooded the defensive backfield and completely foxed the league MVP on the way to a 39-20 win.

Eli Manning is no John Elway. The New York defence may rattle Tom Brady but they can't do it all night. Patriots 28-24 Giants.

2209: If you've just joined us, the main event of the evening is already over. Alicia Keys has left the stage.

2200: Good evening one and all and welcome to an event as significant as when Walter Camp introduced the line of scrimmage, when Knute Rockne and George Gipp decided the forward pass might work for Notre Dame, or when Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt picked up his child's Super Ball in the late 1960s and thought it had a catchy name.

For the first time in the 88-year history of America's National Football League, its championship game will be televised live on the BBC.

What's that? You were only online because you didn't realise it was on free-to-air telly? Well leave your PC on while you watch.

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