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Sunday, 17 December, 2000, 08:06 GMT
Ring tragedies
Gerald McClellan and Nigel Benn
McClellan (left) suffered serious injuries against Benn
The nature of boxing means that a serious injury to one of its participants is always possible.

The latest victim, Paul Ingle, fights for his life in a Sheffield hospital after suffering brain injuries during his defence of the IBF Featherweight title.

BBC Sport Online's Sanjeev Shetty, who was at ringside, looks at other ring tragedies during the past 10 years.

Johnny Owen - 1980

The talented Welsh fighter died during a bantamweight world title fight against Mexican Lupe Pintor in Los Angeles in 1980.

He was knocked out in the 12th round and lay in a coma for six weeks, before dying at the age of 24.

His death led to a bitter dispute between his family, who felt he should not have been allowed to continue, and his trainer.

Steve Watt - 1986

The British boxer died after a Southern Area welterweight clash with Rocky Kelly in Fulham in 1986.

The inquest into his death found he had suffered extensive brain damage.

The fight was stopped in the 10th round.

Doctors later discovered that Watt had been suffering from brain damage for quite some time and his death was caused by the recurrence of an old injury.

Rod Douglas - 1989

Rod Douglas needed brain surgery following his ninth round British middleweight title defeat to Herol 'Bomber' Graham 11 years ago.

Douglas was 25 at the time and considered a hot prospect in England.

He made a recovery after a life-saving operation.

Michael Watson - 1991

Watson's much awaited re-match with Chris Eubank was surrounded by the kind of hype that does the sport of boxing no favours.

After felling Eubank in the closing stages of the 11th, Watson needed only to survive the remaining seconds of that round. But he went in to attack Eubank, who countered with a huge right uppercut which knocked Watson off his feet, his head bouncing off the bottom rope as he landed.

Amazingly, he got up and staggered to his corner as the bell rang. But he was no longer in control of his senses and the fight was stopped in the following round as he soaked up punch after punch without striking back.

The severity of his injuries forced him into a hospital and he remains in a wheelchair to this day.

Bradley Stone - 1994

A young bantamweight, Stone entered his fight with Richie Wenton off the back of a savage knockout loss.

After 10 rounds of hard, brutal combat, Stone was stopped after absorbing a terroble amount of punishment.

Initially, there seemed little wrong with him as he left the ring, but he later collapsed on returning home and never regained consciousness.

Gerald McClellan - 1995

Anyone who witnessed the 10 rounds of savagery that was Nigel Benn v Gerald McClellan in 1995 would not be surprised that someone paid a very high price for their commitment.

Both men suffered two counts, with Benn knocked out of the ring during the opening minute.

However it became increasingly apparent as soon as the fight stopped that the American was suffering from more than just exhaustion.

He slipped into a coma after being stretchered out of the ring and remains in a wheelchair to this day, with only 20% vision and in need of 24-hour-a-day attention.

James Murray - 1995

Scottish boxer Jimmy Murray died following a bantamweight bout with Drew Docherty in Glasgow in 1995.

Murray collapsed in the 12th round and was not given oxygen until he arrived in hospital.

Doctors operated on him to remove a blood clot but he died days after collapsing.

Murray's parents have announced they plan to sue the British Boxing Board of Control.

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