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Last Updated: Saturday, 14 August, 2004, 23:28 GMT 00:28 UK
Women's 3m springboard diving results
Results - Diving : 3m springboard  


Discipline (Diving)

Women's 3m springboard - Overall final ranking - 26.08.04

1. Jingjing Guo (Chn)
Preliminary: (Points:319.71 Rank:3)
Semi: (Points:243.06 Rank:2)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:562.77 Rank:2)
Final: (Points:390.09)
Semi + Final: (Points:633.15)

2. Minxia Wu (Chn)
Preliminary: (Points:306.96 Rank:6)
Semi: (Points:240.39 Rank:3)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:547.35 Rank:5)
Final: (Points:371.61)
Semi + Final: (Points:612.00)

3. Yulia Pakhalina (Rus)
Preliminary: (Points:347.04 Rank:1)
Semi: (Points:237.42 Rank:4)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:584.46 Rank:1)
Final: (Points:373.20)
Semi + Final: (Points:610.62)

4. Vera Ilyina (Rus)
Preliminary: (Points:311.97 Rank:4)
Semi: (Points:225.90 Rank:9)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:537.87 Rank:7)
Final: (Points:363.21)
Semi + Final: (Points:589.11)

5. Blythe Hartley (Can)
Preliminary: (Points:321.33 Rank:2)
Semi: (Points:229.62 Rank:6)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:550.95 Rank:3)
Final: (Points:343.38)
Semi + Final: (Points:573.00)

6. Loudy Tourky (Aus)
Preliminary: (Points:310.65 Rank:5)
Semi: (Points:227.79 Rank:7)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:538.44 Rank:6)
Final: (Points:339.15)
Semi + Final: (Points:566.94)

7. Irina Lashko (Aus)
Preliminary: (Points:303.66 Rank:8)
Semi: (Points:246.51 Rank:1)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:550.17 Rank:4)
Final: (Points:305.46)
Semi + Final: (Points:551.97)

8. Tania Cagnotto (Ita)
Preliminary: (Points:298.77 Rank:10)
Semi: (Points:231.15 Rank:5)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:529.92 Rank:9)
Final: (Points:319.23)
Semi + Final: (Points:550.38)

9. Rachelle Kunkel (USA)
Preliminary: (Points:294.75 Rank:12)
Semi: (Points:209.76 Rank:13)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:504.51 Rank:12)
Final: (Points:336.96)
Semi + Final: (Points:546.72)

10. Emilie Heymans (Can)
Preliminary: (Points:305.04 Rank:7)
Semi: (Points:225.96 Rank:8)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:531.00 Rank:8)
Final: (Points:304.77)
Semi + Final: (Points:530.73)

11. Ditte Kotzian (Ger)
Preliminary: (Points:295.50 Rank:11)
Semi: (Points:221.10 Rank:10)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:516.60 Rank:10)
Final: (Points:288.42)
Semi + Final: (Points:509.52)

12. Paola Espinosa (Mex)
Preliminary: (Points:301.14 Rank:9)
Semi: (Points:205.32 Rank:14)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:506.46 Rank:11)
Final: (Points:284.88)
Semi + Final: (Points:490.20)

13. Olena Fedorova (Ukr)
Preliminary: (Points:290.43 Rank:13)
Semi: (Points:212.85 Rank:11)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:503.28 Rank:13)

14. Nora Barta (Hun)
Preliminary: (Points:279.24 Rank:15)
Semi: (Points:212.28 Rank:12)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:491.52 Rank:14)

15. Jane Smith (Gbr)
Preliminary: (Points:282.90 Rank:14)
Semi: (Points:200.85 Rank:16)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:483.75 Rank:15)

16. Ganna Sorokina (Ukr)
Preliminary: (Points:269.52 Rank:16)
Semi: (Points:204.63 Rank:15)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:474.15 Rank:16)

17. Jenna Dreyer (Rsa)
Preliminary: (Points:267.84 Rank:17)
Semi: (Points:196.59 Rank:18)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:464.43 Rank:17)

18. Juliana Veloso (Bra)
Preliminary: (Points:265.29 Rank:18)
Semi: (Points:197.16 Rank:17)
Preliminary + Semi: (Points:462.45 Rank:18)

19. Anna Lindberg (Swe)
Preliminary: (Points:255.63 Rank:19)

20. Jashia Luna (Mex)
Preliminary: (Points:252.75 Rank:20)

21. Kimiko Soldati (USA)
Preliminary: (Points:252.36 Rank:21)

22. Sotiria Koutsopetrou (Gre)
Preliminary: (Points:250.59 Rank:22)

23. Valentina Marocchi (Ita)
Preliminary: (Points:243.45 Rank:23)

24. Leyre Eizaguirre (Spa)
Preliminary: (Points:242.73 Rank:24)

25. Angelique Rodriguez (Pue)
Preliminary: (Points:239.19 Rank:25)

26. Mun Yee Leong (Mal)
Preliminary: (Points:227.67 Rank:26)

27. Terry Pega GRACIE JUNITA (Mal)
Preliminary: (Points:223.44 Rank:27)

28. Tracey Richardson (Gbr)
Preliminary: (Points:209.34 Rank:28)

29. Ioanna Cruz Talabera (Cub)
Preliminary: (Points:203.76 Rank:29)

30. Katura Horton-Perinchief (Ber)
Preliminary: (Points:203.58 Rank:30)

31. Heike Fischer (Ger)
Preliminary: (Points:199.71 Rank:31)

32. Villo Kormos (Hun)
Preliminary: (Points:193.68 Rank:32)

33. Diamantina Georgatou (Gre)
Preliminary: (Points:157.56 Rank:33)


Women's 3m springboard - Final - 26.08.04

1. Jingjing Guo (Chn) Total Points:633.15
Preceding Round: (Points:390.09%, Rank:1)
This Round: (Points:243.06, Rank:2)

2. Minxia Wu (Chn) Total Points:612.00
Preceding Round: (Points:371.61%, Rank:3)
This Round: (Points:240.39, Rank:3)

3. Yulia Pakhalina (Rus) Total Points:610.62
Preceding Round: (Points:373.20%, Rank:2)
This Round: (Points:237.42, Rank:4)

4. Vera Ilyina (Rus) Total Points:589.11
Preceding Round: (Points:363.21%, Rank:4)
This Round: (Points:225.90, Rank:9)

5. Blythe Hartley (Can) Total Points:573.00
Preceding Round: (Points:343.38%, Rank:5)
This Round: (Points:229.62, Rank:6)

6. Loudy Tourky (Aus) Total Points:566.94
Preceding Round: (Points:339.15%, Rank:6)
This Round: (Points:227.79, Rank:7)

7. Irina Lashko (Aus) Total Points:551.97
Preceding Round: (Points:305.46%, Rank:9)
This Round: (Points:246.51, Rank:1)

8. Tania Cagnotto (Ita) Total Points:550.38
Preceding Round: (Points:319.23%, Rank:8)
This Round: (Points:231.15, Rank:5)

9. Rachelle Kunkel (USA) Total Points:546.72
Preceding Round: (Points:336.96%, Rank:7)
This Round: (Points:209.76, Rank:13)

10. Emilie Heymans (Can) Total Points:530.73
Preceding Round: (Points:304.77%, Rank:10)
This Round: (Points:225.96, Rank:8)

11. Ditte Kotzian (Ger) Total Points:509.52
Preceding Round: (Points:288.42%, Rank:11)
This Round: (Points:221.10, Rank:10)

12. Paola Espinosa (Mex) Total Points:490.20
Preceding Round: (Points:284.88%, Rank:12)
This Round: (Points:205.32, Rank:14)


Women's 3m springboard - Semifinal - 26.08.04

1. Yulia Pakhalina (Rus) Total Points:584.46 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:237.42%, Rank:4)
This Round: (Points:347.04, Rank:1)

2. Jingjing Guo (Chn) Total Points:562.77 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:243.06%, Rank:2)
This Round: (Points:319.71, Rank:2)

3. Blythe Hartley (Can) Total Points:550.95 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:229.62%, Rank:6)
This Round: (Points:321.33, Rank:3)

4. Irina Lashko (Aus) Total Points:550.17 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:246.51%, Rank:1)
This Round: (Points:303.66, Rank:4)

5. Minxia Wu (Chn) Total Points:547.35 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:240.39%, Rank:3)
This Round: (Points:306.96, Rank:5)

6. Loudy Tourky (Aus) Total Points:538.44 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:227.79%, Rank:7)
This Round: (Points:310.65, Rank:6)

7. Vera Ilyina (Rus) Total Points:537.87 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:225.90%, Rank:9)
This Round: (Points:311.97, Rank:7)

8. Emilie Heymans (Can) Total Points:531.00 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:225.96%, Rank:8)
This Round: (Points:305.04, Rank:8)

9. Tania Cagnotto (Ita) Total Points:529.92 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:231.15%, Rank:5)
This Round: (Points:298.77, Rank:9)

10. Ditte Kotzian (Ger) Total Points:516.60 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:221.10%, Rank:10)
This Round: (Points:295.50, Rank:10)

11. Paola Espinosa (Mex) Total Points:506.46 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:205.32%, Rank:14)
This Round: (Points:301.14, Rank:11)

12. Rachelle Kunkel (USA) Total Points:504.51 -Q
Preceding Round: (Points:209.76%, Rank:13)
This Round: (Points:294.75, Rank:12)

13. Olena Fedorova (Ukr) Total Points:503.28
Preceding Round: (Points:212.85%, Rank:11)
This Round: (Points:290.43, Rank:13)

14. Nora Barta (Hun) Total Points:491.52
Preceding Round: (Points:212.28%, Rank:12)
This Round: (Points:279.24, Rank:14)

15. Jane Smith (Gbr) Total Points:483.75
Preceding Round: (Points:200.85%, Rank:16)
This Round: (Points:282.90, Rank:15)

16. Ganna Sorokina (Ukr) Total Points:474.15
Preceding Round: (Points:204.63%, Rank:15)
This Round: (Points:269.52, Rank:16)

17. Jenna Dreyer (Rsa) Total Points:464.43
Preceding Round: (Points:196.59%, Rank:18)
This Round: (Points:267.84, Rank:17)

18. Juliana Veloso (Bra) Total Points:462.45
Preceding Round: (Points:197.16%, Rank:17)
This Round: (Points:265.29, Rank:18)



Discipline (Diving)

Women's 3m springboard - Preliminaries - 25.08.04

1. Yulia Pakhalina (Rus) Total Points:347.04 -Q

2. Blythe Hartley (Can) Total Points:321.33 -Q

3. Jingjing Guo (Chn) Total Points:319.71 -Q

4. Vera Ilyina (Rus) Total Points:311.97 -Q

5. Loudy Tourky (Aus) Total Points:310.65 -Q

6. Minxia Wu (Chn) Total Points:306.96 -Q

7. Emilie Heymans (Can) Total Points:305.04 -Q

8. Irina Lashko (Aus) Total Points:303.66 -Q

9. Paola Espinosa (Mex) Total Points:301.14 -Q

10. Tania Cagnotto (Ita) Total Points:298.77 -Q

11. Ditte Kotzian (Ger) Total Points:295.50 -Q

12. Rachelle Kunkel (USA) Total Points:294.75 -Q

13. Olena Fedorova (Ukr) Total Points:290.43 -Q

14. Jane Smith (Gbr) Total Points:282.90 -Q

15. Nora Barta (Hun) Total Points:279.24 -Q

16. Ganna Sorokina (Ukr) Total Points:269.52 -Q

17. Jenna Dreyer (Rsa) Total Points:267.84 -Q

18. Juliana Veloso (Bra) Total Points:265.29 -Q

19. Anna Lindberg (Swe) Total Points:255.63

20. Jashia Luna (Mex) Total Points:252.75

21. Kimiko Soldati (USA) Total Points:252.36

22. Sotiria Koutsopetrou (Gre) Total Points:250.59

23. Valentina Marocchi (Ita) Total Points:243.45

24. Leyre Eizaguirre (Spa) Total Points:242.73

25. Angelique Rodriguez (Pue) Total Points:239.19

26. Mun Yee Leong (Mal) Total Points:227.67

27. Terry Pega GRACIE JUNITA (Mal) Total Points:223.44

28. Tracey Richardson (Gbr) Total Points:209.34

29. Ioanna Cruz Talabera (Cub) Total Points:203.76

30. Katura Horton-Perinchief (Ber) Total Points:203.58

31. Heike Fischer (Ger) Total Points:199.71

32. Villo Kormos (Hun) Total Points:193.68

33. Diamantina Georgatou (Gre) Total Points:157.56

Key: Q=Qualified for next round/final


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