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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 August, 2004, 17:43 GMT 18:43 UK
Women's modern pentathlon results
Results - Modern Pentathlon : individual  


Discipline (Modern Pentathlon)

Women's individual - Final ranking - 27.08.04

Event Order: 1st Shooting, 2nd Fencing, 3rd Swimming, 4th Equestrian, 5th Running.

1. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun) Total Pts: 5448
Shooting:1120 Fencing:916 Swimming:1296 Riding:1124 Running:992

2. Jelena Rublevska (Lat) Total Pts: 5380
Shooting:988 Fencing:1028 Swimming:1160 Riding:1116 Running:1088

3. Georgina Harland (Gbr) Total Pts: 5344
Shooting:808 Fencing:832 Swimming:1308 Riding:1144 Running:1252

4. Claudia Corsini (Ita) Total Pts: 5324
Shooting:964 Fencing:972 Swimming:1236 Riding:1116 Running:1036

5. Kim Raisner (Ger) Total Pts: 5312
Shooting:1072 Fencing:832 Swimming:1264 Riding:1116 Running:1028

6. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol) Total Pts: 5276
Shooting:1084 Fencing:860 Swimming:1224 Riding:1116 Running:992

7. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr) Total Pts: 5256
Shooting:1060 Fencing:692 Swimming:1244 Riding:1116 Running:1144

8. Kate Allenby (Gbr) Total Pts: 5236
Shooting:964 Fencing:972 Swimming:1272 Riding:1004 Running:1024

9. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr) Total Pts: 5220
Shooting:1144 Fencing:748 Swimming:1152 Riding:1120 Running:1056

10. Paulina Boenisz (Pol) Total Pts: 5184
Shooting:1096 Fencing:748 Swimming:1144 Riding:1100 Running:1096

11. Csilla Furi (Hun) Total Pts: 5144
Shooting:820 Fencing:804 Swimming:1296 Riding:1172 Running:1052

12. Amelie Caze (Fra) Total Pts: 5144
Shooting:976 Fencing:860 Swimming:1308 Riding:1076 Running:924

13. Monica Pinette (Can) Total Pts: 5100
Shooting:1072 Fencing:944 Swimming:1092 Riding:1032 Running:960

14. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz) Total Pts: 5076
Shooting:832 Fencing:860 Swimming:1260 Riding:1144 Running:980

15. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA) Total Pts: 5052
Shooting:760 Fencing:832 Swimming:1252 Riding:1144 Running:1064

16. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre) Total Pts: 5028
Shooting:1048 Fencing:860 Swimming:1204 Riding:1032 Running:884

17. Olesya Velichko (Rus) Total Pts: 5016
Shooting:1048 Fencing:776 Swimming:1064 Riding:1060 Running:1068

18. Anita Allen (USA) Total Pts: 4996
Shooting:952 Fencing:720 Swimming:1108 Riding:1172 Running:1044

19. Blandine Lacheze (Fra) Total Pts: 4988
Shooting:1084 Fencing:748 Swimming:1168 Riding:1116 Running:872

20. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus) Total Pts: 4964
Shooting:964 Fencing:692 Swimming:1128 Riding:1144 Running:1036

21. Galina Bashlakova (Blr) Total Pts: 4944
Shooting:808 Fencing:776 Swimming:1168 Riding:1172 Running:1020

22. Kara Grant (Can) Total Pts: 4928
Shooting:964 Fencing:832 Swimming:960 Riding:1096 Running:1076

23. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir) Total Pts: 4928
Shooting:952 Fencing:776 Swimming:1160 Riding:1144 Running:896

24. Lean Dong (Chn) Total Pts: 4920
Shooting:1204 Fencing:748 Swimming:1220 Riding:900 Running:848

25. Samantha Harvey (Bra) Total Pts: 4888
Shooting:1072 Fencing:860 Swimming:1152 Riding:976 Running:828

26. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze) Total Pts: 4884
Shooting:904 Fencing:888 Swimming:1120 Riding:948 Running:1024

27. Tatiana Muratova (Rus) Total Pts: 4880
Shooting:1024 Fencing:804 Swimming:1240 Riding:820 Running:992

28. Aya Medany (Egy) Total Pts: 4852
Shooting:1108 Fencing:720 Swimming:1224 Riding:976 Running:824

29. Caixia Liang (Chn) Total Pts: 4652
Shooting:832 Fencing:720 Swimming:1232 Riding:960 Running:908

30. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz) Total Pts: 4640
Shooting:976 Fencing:568 Swimming:1156 Riding:1032 Running:908

31. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua) Total Pts: 4428
Shooting:868 Fencing:664 Swimming:1120 Riding:1028 Running:748

32. Federica Foghetti (Ita) Total Pts: 4228
Shooting:940 Fencing:804 Swimming:1172 Riding:308 Running:1004


Women's individual - Ranking after 2 events (Interim) - 27.08.04

Event Order: 1st Shooting, 2nd Fencing, 3rd Swimming, 4th Equestrian, 5th Running.

1. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun) Total Pts: 2036
Shooting:1120 Fencing:916

2. Jelena Rublevska (Lat) Total Pts: 2016
Shooting:988 Fencing:1028

3. Monica Pinette (Can) Total Pts: 2016
Shooting:1072 Fencing:944

4. Lean Dong (Chn) Total Pts: 1952
Shooting:1204 Fencing:748

5. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol) Total Pts: 1944
Shooting:1084 Fencing:860

6. Kate Allenby (Gbr) Total Pts: 1936
Shooting:964 Fencing:972

7. Claudia Corsini (Ita) Total Pts: 1936
Shooting:964 Fencing:972

8. Samantha Harvey (Bra) Total Pts: 1932
Shooting:1072 Fencing:860

9. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre) Total Pts: 1908
Shooting:1048 Fencing:860

10. Kim Raisner (Ger) Total Pts: 1904
Shooting:1072 Fencing:832

11. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr) Total Pts: 1892
Shooting:1144 Fencing:748

12. Paulina Boenisz (Pol) Total Pts: 1844
Shooting:1096 Fencing:748

13. Amelie Caze (Fra) Total Pts: 1836
Shooting:976 Fencing:860

14. Blandine Lacheze (Fra) Total Pts: 1832
Shooting:1084 Fencing:748

15. Tatiana Muratova (Rus) Total Pts: 1828
Shooting:1024 Fencing:804

16. Aya Medany (Egy) Total Pts: 1828
Shooting:1108 Fencing:720

17. Olesya Velichko (Rus) Total Pts: 1824
Shooting:1048 Fencing:776

18. Kara Grant (Can) Total Pts: 1796
Shooting:964 Fencing:832

19. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze) Total Pts: 1792
Shooting:904 Fencing:888

20. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr) Total Pts: 1752
Shooting:1060 Fencing:692

21. Federica Foghetti (Ita) Total Pts: 1744
Shooting:940 Fencing:804

22. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir) Total Pts: 1728
Shooting:952 Fencing:776

23. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz) Total Pts: 1692
Shooting:832 Fencing:860

24. Anita Allen (USA) Total Pts: 1672
Shooting:952 Fencing:720

25. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus) Total Pts: 1656
Shooting:964 Fencing:692

26. Georgina Harland (Gbr) Total Pts: 1640
Shooting:808 Fencing:832

27. Csilla Furi (Hun) Total Pts: 1624
Shooting:820 Fencing:804

28. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA) Total Pts: 1592
Shooting:760 Fencing:832

29. Galina Bashlakova (Blr) Total Pts: 1584
Shooting:808 Fencing:776

30. Caixia Liang (Chn) Total Pts: 1552
Shooting:832 Fencing:720

31. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz) Total Pts: 1544
Shooting:976 Fencing:568

32. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua) Total Pts: 1532
Shooting:868 Fencing:664


Women's individual - Ranking after 3 events (Interim) - 27.08.04

Event Order: 1st Shooting, 2nd Fencing, 3rd Swimming, 4th Equestrian, 5th Running.

1. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun) Total Pts: 3332
Shooting:1120 Fencing:916 Swimming:1296

2. Kate Allenby (Gbr) Total Pts: 3208
Shooting:964 Fencing:972 Swimming:1272

3. Jelena Rublevska (Lat) Total Pts: 3176
Shooting:988 Fencing:1028 Swimming:1160

4. Lean Dong (Chn) Total Pts: 3172
Shooting:1204 Fencing:748 Swimming:1220

5. Claudia Corsini (Ita) Total Pts: 3172
Shooting:964 Fencing:972 Swimming:1236

6. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol) Total Pts: 3168
Shooting:1084 Fencing:860 Swimming:1224

7. Kim Raisner (Ger) Total Pts: 3168
Shooting:1072 Fencing:832 Swimming:1264

8. Amelie Caze (Fra) Total Pts: 3144
Shooting:976 Fencing:860 Swimming:1308

9. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre) Total Pts: 3112
Shooting:1048 Fencing:860 Swimming:1204

10. Monica Pinette (Can) Total Pts: 3108
Shooting:1072 Fencing:944 Swimming:1092

11. Samantha Harvey (Bra) Total Pts: 3084
Shooting:1072 Fencing:860 Swimming:1152

12. Tatiana Muratova (Rus) Total Pts: 3068
Shooting:1024 Fencing:804 Swimming:1240

13. Aya Medany (Egy) Total Pts: 3052
Shooting:1108 Fencing:720 Swimming:1224

14. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr) Total Pts: 3044
Shooting:1144 Fencing:748 Swimming:1152

15. Blandine Lacheze (Fra) Total Pts: 3000
Shooting:1084 Fencing:748 Swimming:1168

16. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr) Total Pts: 2996
Shooting:1060 Fencing:692 Swimming:1244

17. Paulina Boenisz (Pol) Total Pts: 2988
Shooting:1096 Fencing:748 Swimming:1144

18. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz) Total Pts: 2952
Shooting:832 Fencing:860 Swimming:1260

19. Georgina Harland (Gbr) Total Pts: 2948
Shooting:808 Fencing:832 Swimming:1308

20. Csilla Furi (Hun) Total Pts: 2920
Shooting:820 Fencing:804 Swimming:1296

21. Federica Foghetti (Ita) Total Pts: 2916
Shooting:940 Fencing:804 Swimming:1172

22. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze) Total Pts: 2912
Shooting:904 Fencing:888 Swimming:1120

23. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir) Total Pts: 2888
Shooting:952 Fencing:776 Swimming:1160

24. Olesya Velichko (Rus) Total Pts: 2888
Shooting:1048 Fencing:776 Swimming:1064

25. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA) Total Pts: 2844
Shooting:760 Fencing:832 Swimming:1252

26. Caixia Liang (Chn) Total Pts: 2784
Shooting:832 Fencing:720 Swimming:1232

27. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus) Total Pts: 2784
Shooting:964 Fencing:692 Swimming:1128

28. Anita Allen (USA) Total Pts: 2780
Shooting:952 Fencing:720 Swimming:1108

29. Kara Grant (Can) Total Pts: 2756
Shooting:964 Fencing:832 Swimming:960

30. Galina Bashlakova (Blr) Total Pts: 2752
Shooting:808 Fencing:776 Swimming:1168

31. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz) Total Pts: 2700
Shooting:976 Fencing:568 Swimming:1156

32. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua) Total Pts: 2652
Shooting:868 Fencing:664 Swimming:1120


Women's individual - Shooting - 27.08.04

1. Lean Dong (Chn)
Shooting: (Score:189 Pts:1204)

2. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr)
Shooting: (Score:184 Pts:1144)

3. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun)
Shooting: (Score:182 Pts:1120)

4. Aya Medany (Egy)
Shooting: (Score:181 Pts:1108)

5. Paulina Boenisz (Pol)
Shooting: (Score:180 Pts:1096)

6. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol)
Shooting: (Score:179 Pts:1084)

7. Blandine Lacheze (Fra)
Shooting: (Score:179 Pts:1084)

8. Samantha Harvey (Bra)
Shooting: (Score:178 Pts:1072)

9. Kim Raisner (Ger)
Shooting: (Score:178 Pts:1072)

10. Monica Pinette (Can)
Shooting: (Score:178 Pts:1072)

11. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr)
Shooting: (Score:177 Pts:1060)

12. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre)
Shooting: (Score:176 Pts:1048)

13. Olesya Velichko (Rus)
Shooting: (Score:176 Pts:1048)

14. Tatiana Muratova (Rus)
Shooting: (Score:174 Pts:1024)

15. Jelena Rublevska (Lat)
Shooting: (Score:171 Pts:988)

16. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz)
Shooting: (Score:170 Pts:976)

17. Amelie Caze (Fra)
Shooting: (Score:170 Pts:976)

18. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus)
Shooting: (Score:169 Pts:964)

19. Kate Allenby (Gbr)
Shooting: (Score:169 Pts:964)

20. Kara Grant (Can)
Shooting: (Score:169 Pts:964)

21. Claudia Corsini (Ita)
Shooting: (Score:169 Pts:964)

22. Anita Allen (USA)
Shooting: (Score:168 Pts:952)

23. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir)
Shooting: (Score:168 Pts:952)

24. Federica Foghetti (Ita)
Shooting: (Score:167 Pts:940)

25. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze)
Shooting: (Score:164 Pts:904)

26. Maria Isabel Sanz agero (Gua)
Shooting: (Score:161 Pts:868)

27. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz)
Shooting: (Score:158 Pts:832)

28. Caixia Liang (Chn)
Shooting: (Score:158 Pts:832)

29. Csilla Furi (Hun)
Shooting: (Score:157 Pts:820)

30. Georgina Harland (Gbr)
Shooting: (Score:156 Pts:808)

31. Galina Bashlakova (Blr)
Shooting: (Score:156 Pts:808)

32. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA)
Shooting: (Score:152 Pts:760)


Women's individual - Fencing - 27.08.04

1. Jelena Rublevska (Lat)
Fencing: (Won:23 Lost:8 Pts:1028)

2. Claudia Corsini (Ita)
Fencing: (Won:21 Lost:10 Pts:972)

2. Kate Allenby (Gbr)
Fencing: (Won:21 Lost:10 Pts:972)

4. Monica Pinette (Can)
Fencing: (Won:20 Lost:11 Pts:944)

5. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun)
Fencing: (Won:19 Lost:12 Pts:916)

6. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze)
Fencing: (Won:18 Lost:13 Pts:888)

7. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol)
Fencing: (Won:17 Lost:14 Pts:860)

7. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz)
Fencing: (Won:17 Lost:14 Pts:860)

7. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre)
Fencing: (Won:17 Lost:14 Pts:860)

7. Amelie Caze (Fra)
Fencing: (Won:17 Lost:14 Pts:860)

7. Samantha Harvey (Bra)
Fencing: (Won:17 Lost:14 Pts:860)

12. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA)
Fencing: (Won:16 Lost:15 Pts:832)

12. Kim Raisner (Ger)
Fencing: (Won:16 Lost:15 Pts:832)

12. Georgina Harland (Gbr)
Fencing: (Won:16 Lost:15 Pts:832)

12. Kara Grant (Can)
Fencing: (Won:16 Lost:15 Pts:832)

16. Tatiana Muratova (Rus)
Fencing: (Won:15 Lost:16 Pts:804)

16. Federica Foghetti (Ita)
Fencing: (Won:15 Lost:16 Pts:804)

16. Csilla Furi (Hun)
Fencing: (Won:15 Lost:16 Pts:804)

19. Galina Bashlakova (Blr)
Fencing: (Won:14 Lost:17 Pts:776)

19. Olesya Velichko (Rus)
Fencing: (Won:14 Lost:17 Pts:776)

19. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir)
Fencing: (Won:14 Lost:17 Pts:776)

22. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr)
Fencing: (Won:13 Lost:18 Pts:748)

22. Paulina Boenisz (Pol)
Fencing: (Won:13 Lost:18 Pts:748)

22. Lean Dong (Chn)
Fencing: (Won:13 Lost:18 Pts:748)

22. Blandine Lacheze (Fra)
Fencing: (Won:13 Lost:18 Pts:748)

26. Caixia Liang (Chn)
Fencing: (Won:12 Lost:19 Pts:720)

26. Aya Medany (Egy)
Fencing: (Won:12 Lost:19 Pts:720)

26. Anita Allen (USA)
Fencing: (Won:12 Lost:19 Pts:720)

29. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr)
Fencing: (Won:11 Lost:20 Pts:692)

29. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus)
Fencing: (Won:11 Lost:20 Pts:692)

31. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua)
Fencing: (Won:10 Lost:21 Pts:664)

32. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz)
Fencing: (Won:7 Lost:24 Pts:568)


Women's individual - Swimming ranking - 27.08.04

1. Amelie Caze (Fra)
Swimming: (Time:2:14.44 Pts:1308)

2. Georgina Harland (Gbr)
Swimming: (Time:2:14.60 Pts:1308)

3. Csilla Furi (Hun)
Swimming: (Time:2:15.42 Pts:1296)

4. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun)
Swimming: (Time:2:15.59 Pts:1296)

5. Kate Allenby (Gbr)
Swimming: (Time:2:17.41 Pts:1272)

6. Kim Raisner (Ger)
Swimming: (Time:2:18.16 Pts:1264)

7. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz)
Swimming: (Time:2:18.49 Pts:1260)

8. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA)
Swimming: (Time:2:19.30 Pts:1252)

9. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr)
Swimming: (Time:2:19.98 Pts:1244)

10. Tatiana Muratova (Rus)
Swimming: (Time:2:20.22 Pts:1240)

11. Claudia Corsini (Ita)
Swimming: (Time:2:20.56 Pts:1236)

12. Caixia Liang (Chn)
Swimming: (Time:2:20.93 Pts:1232)

13. Aya Medany (Egy)
Swimming: (Time:2:21.37 Pts:1224)

14. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol)
Swimming: (Time:2:21.44 Pts:1224)

15. Lean Dong (Chn)
Swimming: (Time:2:21.67 Pts:1220)

16. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre)
Swimming: (Time:2:23.32 Pts:1204)

17. Federica Foghetti (Ita)
Swimming: (Time:2:25.81 Pts:1172)

18. Galina Bashlakova (Blr)
Swimming: (Time:2:26.02 Pts:1168)

19. Blandine Lacheze (Fra)
Swimming: (Time:2:26.31 Pts:1168)

20. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir)
Swimming: (Time:2:26.92 Pts:1160)

21. Jelena Rublevska (Lat)
Swimming: (Time:2:26.96 Pts:1160)

22. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz)
Swimming: (Time:2:27.22 Pts:1156)

23. Samantha Harvey (Bra)
Swimming: (Time:2:27.35 Pts:1152)

24. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr)
Swimming: (Time:2:27.64 Pts:1152)

25. Paulina Boenisz (Pol)
Swimming: (Time:2:28.13 Pts:1144)

26. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus)
Swimming: (Time:2:29.42 Pts:1128)

27. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze)
Swimming: (Time:2:30.05 Pts:1120)

28. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua)
Swimming: (Time:2:30.29 Pts:1120)

29. Anita Allen (USA)
Swimming: (Time:2:31.16 Pts:1108)

30. Monica Pinette (Can)
Swimming: (Time:2:32.62 Pts:1092)

31. Olesya Velichko (Rus)
Swimming: (Time:2:34.96 Pts:1064)

32. Kara Grant (Can)
Swimming: (Time:2:43.37 Pts:960)


Women's individual - Riding - 27.08.04

1. Anita Allen (USA)
Riding: (Time:28Pts:1172)

2. Galina Bashlakova (Blr)
Riding: (Time:28Pts:1172)

3. Csilla Furi (Hun)
Riding: (Time:28Pts:1172)

4. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA)
Riding: (Time:56Pts:1144)

5. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus)
Riding: (Time:56Pts:1144)

6. Georgina Harland (Gbr)
Riding: (Time:56Pts:1144)

7. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir)
Riding: (Time:56Pts:1144)

8. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz)
Riding: (Time:56Pts:1144)

9. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun)
Riding: (Time:76Pts:1124)

10. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr)
Riding: (Time:80Pts:1120)

11. Blandine Lacheze (Fra)
Riding: (Time:84Pts:1116)

12. Kim Raisner (Ger)
Riding: (Time:84Pts:1116)

13. Claudia Corsini (Ita)
Riding: (Time:84Pts:1116)

14. Jelena Rublevska (Lat)
Riding: (Time:84Pts:1116)

15. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr)
Riding: (Time:84Pts:1116)

16. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol)
Riding: (Time:84Pts:1116)

17. Paulina Boenisz (Pol)
Riding: (Time:100Pts:1100)

18. Kara Grant (Can)
Riding: (Time:104Pts:1096)

19. Amelie Caze (Fra)
Riding: (Time:124Pts:1076)

20. Olesya Velichko (Rus)
Riding: (Time:140Pts:1060)

21. Monica Pinette (Can)
Riding: (Time:168Pts:1032)

22. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz)
Riding: (Time:168Pts:1032)

23. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre)
Riding: (Time:168Pts:1032)

24. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua)
Riding: (Time:172Pts:1028)

25. Kate Allenby (Gbr)
Riding: (Time:196Pts:1004)

26. Samantha Harvey (Bra)
Riding: (Time:224Pts:976)

27. Aya Medany (Egy)
Riding: (Time:224Pts:976)

28. Caixia Liang (Chn)
Riding: (Time:240Pts:960)

29. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze)
Riding: (Time:252Pts:948)

30. Lean Dong (Chn)
Riding: (Time:300Pts:900)

31. Tatiana Muratova (Rus)
Riding: (Time:380Pts:820)

32. Federica Foghetti (Ita)
Riding: (Time:892Pts:308)


Women's individual - Running - 27.08.04

3. Georgina Harland (Gbr)
Running: (Time:10:17.31 Rank:1 Pts:1252)

7. Viktoriya Tereshchuk (Ukr)
Running: (Time:10:44.68 Rank:2 Pts:1144)

10. Paulina Boenisz (Pol)
Running: (Time:10:56.05 Rank:3 Pts:1096)

2. Jelena Rublevska (Lat)
Running: (Time:10:58.00 Rank:4 Pts:1088)

22. Kara Grant (Can)
Running: (Time:11:01.57 Rank:5 Pts:1076)

17. Olesya Velichko (Rus)
Running: (Time:11:03.75 Rank:6 Pts:1068)

15. Mary Beth Iagorashvili (USA)
Running: (Time:11:04.37 Rank:7 Pts:1064)

9. Tatsiana Mazurkevich (Blr)
Running: (Time:11:06.21 Rank:8 Pts:1056)

12. Csilla Furi (Hun)
Running: (Time:11:07.15 Rank:9 Pts:1052)

18. Anita Allen (USA)
Running: (Time:11:09.00 Rank:10 Pts:1044)

20. Eszter Hortobagyi (Aus)
Running: (Time:11:11.44 Rank:11 Pts:1036)

4. Claudia Corsini (Ita)
Running: (Time:11:11.65 Rank:12 Pts:1036)

5. Kim Raisner (Ger)
Running: (Time:11:13.21 Rank:13 Pts:1028)

8. Kate Allenby (Gbr)
Running: (Time:11:14.00 Rank:14 Pts:1024)

26. Alexandra Kalinovska (Cze)
Running: (Time:11:14.40 Rank:15 Pts:1024)

21. Galina Bashlakova (Blr)
Running: (Time:11:15.25 Rank:16 Pts:1020)

32. Federica Foghetti (Ita)
Running: (Time:11:19.11 Rank:17 Pts:1004)

6. Sylwia Czwojdzinska (Pol)
Running: (Time:11:22.00 Rank:18 Pts:992)

1. Zsuzsanna Voros (Hun)
Running: (Time:11:22.00 Rank:18 Pts:992)

27. Tatiana Muratova (Rus)
Running: (Time:11:22.30 Rank:20 Pts:992)

14. Lada Jiyenbalanova (Kaz)
Running: (Time:11:25.45 Rank:21 Pts:980)

13. Monica Pinette (Can)
Running: (Time:11:30.55 Rank:22 Pts:960)

11. Amelie Caze (Fra)
Running: (Time:11:39.41 Rank:23 Pts:924)

29. Caixia Liang (Chn)
Running: (Time:11:43.01 Rank:24 Pts:908)

30. Lyudmila Shumilova (Kaz)
Running: (Time:11:43.41 Rank:25 Pts:908)

23. Liudmila Sirotkina (Kir)
Running: (Time:11:46.95 Rank:26 Pts:896)

16. Katalin Beat Partits (Gre)
Running: (Time:11:49.11 Rank:27 Pts:884)

19. Blandine Lacheze (Fra)
Running: (Time:11:52.47 Rank:28 Pts:872)

24. Lean Dong (Chn)
Running: (Time:11:58.05 Rank:29 Pts:848)

25. Samantha Harvey (Bra)
Running: (Time:12:03.10 Rank:30 Pts:828)

28. Aya Medany (Egy)
Running: (Time:12:04.06 Rank:31 Pts:824)

31. Maria Isabel Sanz Agero (Gua)
Running: (Time:12:23.90 Rank:32 Pts:748)


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