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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 August, 2004, 17:30 GMT 18:30 UK
Women's rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around results
Results - Rhythmic Gymnastics : individual all-around  


Discipline (Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Women's individual all-around - Final - 29.08.04

1. Alina Kabaeva (Rus) Total Pts: 108.400
Hoop: (Tech:8.700 Art:9.000 Exec:9.100 Pts:26.800 Rank:2)
Ball: (Tech:8.600 Art:9.500 Exec:9.250 Pts:27.350 Rank:1)
Clubs: (Tech:8.700 Art:9.200 Exec:9.300 Pts:27.150 Rank:1)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.700 Art:9.300 Exec:9.100 Pts:27.100 Rank:1)

2. Irina Tchachina (Rus) Total Pts: 107.325
Hoop: (Tech:8.600 Art:9.300 Exec:9.200 Pts:27.100 Rank:1)
Ball: (Tech:8.500 Art:9.400 Exec:9.200 Pts:27.100 Rank:2)
Clubs: (Tech:8.500 Art:9.100 Exec:9.275 Pts:26.825 Rank:3)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.500 Art:9.100 Exec:8.800 Pts:26.300 Rank:3)

3. Anna Bessonova (Ukr) Total Pts: 106.700
Hoop: (Tech:8.500 Art:8.900 Exec:9.100 Pts:26.500 Rank:3)
Ball: (Tech:8.400 Art:9.000 Exec:9.125 Pts:26.525 Rank:4)
Clubs: (Tech:8.700 Art:9.100 Exec:9.150 Pts:26.950 Rank:2)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.500 Art:9.100 Exec:9.125 Pts:26.725 Rank:2)

4. Aliya Yussupova (Kaz) Total Pts: 103.975
Hoop: (Tech:8.100 Art:8.900 Exec:8.500 Pts:25.500 Rank:4)
Ball: (Tech:8.300 Art:9.200 Exec:9.100 Pts:26.600 Rank:3)
Clubs: (Tech:8.200 Art:9.200 Exec:8.925 Pts:26.325 Rank:5)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.000 Art:8.800 Exec:8.900 Pts:25.550 Rank:5)

5. Natalia Godunko (Ukr) Total Pts: 103.800
Hoop: (Tech:8.200 Art:8.800 Exec:8.500 Pts:25.500 Rank:4)
Ball: (Tech:8.100 Art:8.800 Exec:8.900 Pts:25.800 Rank:5)
Clubs: (Tech:8.300 Art:9.200 Exec:8.875 Pts:26.375 Rank:4)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.200 Art:9.000 Exec:8.925 Pts:26.125 Rank:4)

6. Simona Peycheva (Bgr) Total Pts: 101.050
Hoop: (Tech:7.800 Art:8.900 Exec:8.725 Pts:25.375 Rank:6)
Ball: (Tech:8.100 Art:8.800 Exec:8.775 Pts:25.675 Rank:6)
Clubs: (Tech:7.800 Art:9.000 Exec:8.800 Pts:25.600 Rank:6)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.700 Art:8.400 Exec:8.400 Pts:24.400 Rank:8)

7. Inna Zhukova (Blr) Total Pts: 100.575
Hoop: (Tech:7.600 Art:8.600 Exec:8.800 Pts:25.000 Rank:8)
Ball: (Tech:7.600 Art:9.000 Exec:8.700 Pts:25.300 Rank:7)
Clubs: (Tech:7.700 Art:8.650 Exec:8.850 Pts:25.200 Rank:7)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.900 Art:8.500 Exec:8.675 Pts:25.075 Rank:6)

8. Almudena Cid (Spa) Total Pts: 98.450
Hoop: (Tech:7.300 Art:9.100 Exec:8.725 Pts:25.125 Rank:7)
Ball: (Tech:7.100 Art:9.000 Exec:8.900 Pts:25.000 Rank:8)
Clubs: (Tech:7.000 Art:9.100 Exec:8.800 Pts:24.900 Rank:8)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.800 Art:8.100 Exec:8.525 Pts:23.425 Rank:10)

9. Eleni Andriola (Gre) Total Pts: 97.600
Hoop: (Tech:7.400 Art:8.800 Exec:8.325 Pts:24.475 Rank:10)
Ball: (Tech:7.600 Art:8.600 Exec:8.600 Pts:24.800 Rank:10)
Clubs: (Tech:7.000 Art:8.500 Exec:8.200 Pts:23.500 Rank:10)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.400 Art:8.800 Exec:8.625 Pts:24.825 Rank:7)

10. Svetlana Rudalova (Blr) Total Pts: 97.275
Hoop: (Tech:7.400 Art:8.600 Exec:8.700 Pts:24.700 Rank:9)
Ball: (Tech:7.600 Art:8.600 Exec:8.800 Pts:25.000 Rank:8)
Clubs: (Tech:7.200 Art:8.600 Exec:8.325 Pts:24.125 Rank:9)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.400 Art:7.500 Exec:8.550 Pts:23.450 Rank:9)



Discipline (Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Women's individual all-around - Qualification - 27.08.04

1. Alina Kabaeva (Rus) Total Pts: 105.875 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:8.600 Art:8.500 Exec:8.950 Pts:26.050 Rank:2)
Ball: (Tech:8.700 Art:9.300 Exec:9.250 Pts:27.250 Rank:1)
Clubs: (Tech:8.500 Art:9.100 Exec:8.925 Pts:26.475 Rank:2)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.400 Art:9.000 Exec:8.700 Pts:26.100 Rank:2)

2. Irina Tchachina (Rus) Total Pts: 105.675 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:8.500 Art:8.800 Exec:9.150 Pts:26.450 Rank:1)
Ball: (Tech:8.200 Art:9.300 Exec:9.200 Pts:26.700 Rank:3)
Clubs: (Tech:8.000 Art:8.850 Exec:8.950 Pts:25.800 Rank:4)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.200 Art:9.300 Exec:9.225 Pts:26.725 Rank:1)

3. Anna Bessonova (Ukr) Total Pts: 104.725 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.900 Art:9.200 Exec:8.800 Pts:25.900 Rank:4)
Ball: (Tech:8.400 Art:9.200 Exec:9.150 Pts:26.750 Rank:2)
Clubs: (Tech:8.400 Art:9.200 Exec:9.150 Pts:26.750 Rank:1)
Ribbon: (Tech:8.100 Art:8.100 Exec:9.125 Pts:25.325 Rank:3)

4. Natalia Godunko (Ukr) Total Pts: 102.750 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:8.100 Art:9.000 Exec:8.875 Pts:25.975 Rank:3)
Ball: (Tech:8.100 Art:8.900 Exec:8.900 Pts:25.900 Rank:5)
Clubs: (Tech:8.100 Art:9.000 Exec:8.975 Pts:26.075 Rank:3)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.900 Art:8.000 Exec:8.900 Pts:24.800 Rank:5)

5. Aliya Yussupova (Kaz) Total Pts: 101.500 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.900 Art:9.100 Exec:8.800 Pts:25.800 Rank:5)
Ball: (Tech:8.100 Art:9.100 Exec:8.950 Pts:26.150 Rank:4)
Clubs: (Tech:7.800 Art:8.800 Exec:9.125 Pts:25.725 Rank:5)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.600 Art:7.800 Exec:8.475 Pts:23.825 Rank:8)

6. Eleni Andriola (Gre) Total Pts: 99.600 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.500 Art:8.800 Exec:8.550 Pts:24.850 Rank:9)
Ball: (Tech:7.600 Art:8.850 Exec:8.900 Pts:25.350 Rank:6)
Clubs: (Tech:7.800 Art:8.100 Exec:8.600 Pts:24.500 Rank:9)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.500 Art:8.700 Exec:8.700 Pts:24.900 Rank:4)

7. Simona Peycheva (Bgr) Total Pts: 98.700 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.800 Art:9.000 Exec:8.725 Pts:25.475 Rank:6)
Ball: (Tech:7.900 Art:8.700 Exec:8.300 Pts:24.800 Rank:8)
Clubs: (Tech:7.800 Art:8.450 Exec:8.450 Pts:24.700 Rank:7)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.700 Art:7.700 Exec:8.475 Pts:23.725 Rank:9)

8. Inna Zhukova (Blr) Total Pts: 98.575 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.300 Art:8.400 Exec:8.875 Pts:24.575 Rank:10)
Ball: (Tech:7.000 Art:8.700 Exec:8.500 Pts:24.200 Rank:12)
Clubs: (Tech:7.450 Art:8.650 Exec:9.000 Pts:25.100 Rank:6)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.900 Art:8.000 Exec:8.800 Pts:24.700 Rank:6)

9. Almudena Cid (Spa) Total Pts: 97.725 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.300 Art:8.900 Exec:8.775 Pts:24.975 Rank:7)
Ball: (Tech:7.200 Art:8.900 Exec:8.800 Pts:24.900 Rank:7)
Clubs: (Tech:6.750 Art:9.100 Exec:8.850 Pts:24.700 Rank:7)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.700 Art:8.000 Exec:8.450 Pts:23.150 Rank:12)

10. Svetlana Rudalova (Blr) Total Pts: 95.925 -Q
Hoop: (Tech:7.200 Art:8.300 Exec:8.525 Pts:23.925 Rank:12)
Ball: (Tech:6.900 Art:9.000 Exec:8.750 Pts:24.600 Rank:9)
Clubs: (Tech:7.450 Art:8.500 Exec:8.400 Pts:24.350 Rank:10)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.000 Art:7.500 Exec:8.550 Pts:23.050 Rank:13)

11. Theodora Pallidou (Gre) Total Pts: 95.225
Hoop: (Tech:7.000 Art:8.600 Exec:8.550 Pts:24.150 Rank:11)
Ball: (Tech:7.100 Art:8.800 Exec:8.575 Pts:24.475 Rank:10)
Clubs: (Tech:6.900 Art:7.600 Exec:8.700 Pts:23.200 Rank:14)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.700 Art:8.200 Exec:8.600 Pts:23.400 Rank:10)

12. Elizabeth Paisieva (Bgr) Total Pts: 94.775
Hoop: (Tech:7.600 Art:8.600 Exec:8.775 Pts:24.975 Rank:7)
Ball: (Tech:6.400 Art:7.800 Exec:7.825 Pts:21.975 Rank:20)
Clubs: (Tech:7.200 Art:8.300 Exec:8.350 Pts:23.850 Rank:11)
Ribbon: (Tech:7.100 Art:8.300 Exec:8.625 Pts:23.975 Rank:7)

13. Laura Zacchilli (Ita) Total Pts: 94.100
Hoop: (Tech:6.700 Art:8.800 Exec:8.425 Pts:23.925 Rank:12)
Ball: (Tech:7.000 Art:8.800 Exec:8.425 Pts:24.225 Rank:11)
Clubs: (Tech:6.800 Art:8.300 Exec:8.150 Pts:23.250 Rank:13)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.400 Art:8.200 Exec:8.100 Pts:22.700 Rank:14)

14. Anna Gurbanova (Aze) Total Pts: 92.300
Hoop: (Tech:7.000 Art:7.800 Exec:8.025 Pts:22.775 Rank:15)
Ball: (Tech:6.900 Art:8.400 Exec:8.225 Pts:23.525 Rank:13)
Clubs: (Tech:6.700 Art:8.200 Exec:7.900 Pts:22.800 Rank:17)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.800 Art:8.200 Exec:8.200 Pts:23.200 Rank:11)

15. Mary Sanders (USA) Total Pts: 90.000
Hoop: (Tech:4.600 Art:8.400 Exec:8.250 Pts:21.250 Rank:19)
Ball: (Tech:6.800 Art:8.200 Exec:8.250 Pts:23.250 Rank:14)
Clubs: (Tech:6.600 Art:8.500 Exec:8.300 Pts:23.400 Rank:12)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.100 Art:7.700 Exec:8.300 Pts:22.100 Rank:16)

16. Katerina Pisetsky (Isr) Total Pts: 89.950
Hoop: (Tech:6.200 Art:8.200 Exec:8.275 Pts:22.675 Rank:16)
Ball: (Tech:6.400 Art:8.100 Exec:8.250 Pts:22.750 Rank:17)
Clubs: (Tech:6.400 Art:8.200 Exec:8.500 Pts:23.100 Rank:15)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.000 Art:7.100 Exec:8.425 Pts:21.425 Rank:18)

17. Ling Zhong (Chn) Total Pts: 88.625
Hoop: (Tech:5.300 Art:7.700 Exec:7.875 Pts:20.875 Rank:20)
Ball: (Tech:6.000 Art:8.000 Exec:8.400 Pts:22.400 Rank:19)
Clubs: (Tech:7.000 Art:7.650 Exec:8.300 Pts:22.950 Rank:16)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.800 Art:7.700 Exec:7.900 Pts:22.400 Rank:15)

18. Yukari Murata (Jpn) Total Pts: 88.150
Hoop: (Tech:6.100 Art:7.900 Exec:7.875 Pts:21.775 Rank:18)
Ball: (Tech:5.800 Art:8.300 Exec:8.325 Pts:22.425 Rank:18)
Clubs: (Tech:6.500 Art:7.400 Exec:8.500 Pts:22.400 Rank:18)
Ribbon: (Tech:6.000 Art:7.700 Exec:7.900 Pts:21.550 Rank:17)

19. Lisa Ingildeeva (Ger) Total Pts: 87.525
Hoop: (Tech:6.500 Art:8.000 Exec:8.325 Pts:22.825 Rank:14)
Ball: (Tech:6.800 Art:8.100 Exec:8.000 Pts:22.900 Rank:15)
Clubs: (Tech:5.500 Art:8.300 Exec:8.350 Pts:22.150 Rank:19)
Ribbon: (Tech:5.500 Art:7.300 Exec:7.050 Pts:19.650 Rank:21)

20. Dominika Cervenkova (Cze) Total Pts: 84.750
Hoop: (Tech:6.500 Art:7.500 Exec:8.350 Pts:22.350 Rank:17)
Ball: (Tech:6.200 Art:8.000 Exec:8.700 Pts:22.900 Rank:15)
Clubs: (Tech:5.000 Art:6.600 Exec:6.800 Pts:18.300 Rank:24)
Ribbon: (Tech:5.600 Art:7.200 Exec:8.400 Pts:21.200 Rank:20)

21. Hannah McKibbin (Gbr) Total Pts: 82.300
Hoop: (Tech:5.000 Art:8.200 Exec:7.475 Pts:20.675 Rank:21)
Ball: (Tech:4.900 Art:8.050 Exec:7.850 Pts:20.800 Rank:21)
Clubs: (Tech:4.700 Art:7.400 Exec:7.500 Pts:19.600 Rank:20)
Ribbon: (Tech:5.300 Art:7.600 Exec:8.325 Pts:21.225 Rank:19)

22. Stephanie Sandler (Rsa) Total Pts: 73.275
Hoop: (Tech:4.300 Art:6.900 Exec:7.350 Pts:18.550 Rank:23)
Ball: (Tech:4.000 Art:7.000 Exec:7.525 Pts:18.525 Rank:24)
Clubs: (Tech:5.100 Art:6.200 Exec:7.800 Pts:19.100 Rank:22)
Ribbon: (Tech:4.200 Art:6.000 Exec:6.900 Pts:17.100 Rank:22)

23. Penelope Blackmore (Aus) Total Pts: 73.050
Hoop: (Tech:5.100 Art:6.700 Exec:7.775 Pts:19.575 Rank:22)
Ball: (Tech:4.300 Art:7.200 Exec:7.825 Pts:19.325 Rank:22)
Clubs: (Tech:4.900 Art:7.200 Exec:7.500 Pts:19.600 Rank:20)
Ribbon: (Tech:3.500 Art:4.700 Exec:6.350 Pts:14.550 Rank:24)

24. Wania Monteiro (Cpv) Total Pts: 71.900
Hoop: (Tech:3.800 Art:7.100 Exec:7.250 Pts:18.050 Rank:24)
Ball: (Tech:3.900 Art:7.000 Exec:7.650 Pts:18.550 Rank:23)
Clubs: (Tech:4.800 Art:6.500 Exec:7.300 Pts:18.400 Rank:23)
Ribbon: (Tech:3.400 Art:6.300 Exec:7.200 Pts:16.900 Rank:23)

Key: Q=Qualified for Final


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