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Sunday, 1 October, 2000, 18:43 GMT 19:43 UK
The best Games yet?

The Sydney Olympics has been heralded as a huge success by both organisers and athletes alike. Have we seen the best Games yet? What made it the best for you?

After the disorganisation of Atlanta, the Australians have put on a display to be proud of. A spectacular opening ceremony got the games off to a fantastic start.

There have been some fantastic moments: Steve Redgrave winning a fifth consecutive gold medal, Denise Lewis prevailing in the heptathlon, Eric and his valiant attempt at the 100m freestyle and Australia's Cathy Freeman winning the 400m carrying a nation on her back.

State-of-the-art facilities coupled with stunning scenery produced a thrilling two weeks of competition, and a party atmosphere prevailed throughout.

At the closing ceremony, in front of a packed auditorium, International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch declared the Sydney Games "the best Olympics ever".

"Athletes of the world - you have given us your very best," he said. "Thank you for these exceptional Games. I am proud and happy to proclaim that you have presented to the world the best Olympic Games ever. Thank you Sydney, thank you New South Wales, thank you Australia."

Do you agree with Samaranch? Was Sydney simply the best? We also want to hear about your favourite moment. Which athlete or event made an impact on you? Did you laugh, cry, or scream at the television? We want to know what you think. HAVE YOUR SAY

Sydney outclassed its predecessors in everything from facilities to friendliness
  Mark, Australia

The Olympic games are just so special and I am glad that Sydney was able to ensure that the Olympics will prosper in the future and every four years bring some light, joy and hope to the world. I am so glad I made the journey to be there, roll on Athens, long live the Olympic games!
Andrew Duckworth, Australia

Australia made its first world mark on the battlefield then it was on the sportsfield. Finally, after 100 years of independence, it made its world mark in sport, business, culture, friendliness and human spirit. After living in England for over 20 years, the Sydney Olympics have given me my proudest moment - to say 'I come from Sydney' has never meant so much to me or to the people who hear it.
James Moncrieff, Australia

I have to honest.I am the least competative person, and sport has never featured large in my life.But all that has been differant during the Olympics. Owing to a dose of the flu, I had a week at home on the sofa with tissues,and I had the best time, I cried,and laughed, held my breath and cheered. And cried again.Oh, the swimmers, the beach volley ball,the hockey,the water polo. But the best thing was the that wrapped it up at the end of the day.Long live the Dream Team.... Roy and H.G. Nelson....and Fatso the Wombat.
Wendy Austin, Australia

These Olympics have been the best ever. Since the demise of them in Atlanta, the Aussies have made themselves proud with this spectacular show of culture and finesse mixed together. Well Done Australia!
Tom , Great Britain

I have been at every Olympic games since Los Angeles in 1984. Sydney outclassed its predecessors in everything from facilities to friendliness, not to mention the sheer exhilaration of watching some incredible sportsmanship. Australians have everything to be proud of- they have hosted the best ever Olympic games and showcased the wonderful vibrant and young Aussie culture.
Mark, Australia

These Olympics were the most enjoyable I have seen since the first one I saw in 1972. Everything in Sydney 2000 was colourful, both the organisation & the competitors were enthusiastic in every way and the organisation was first class. I have been moved like never before by any other sporting event. One can not help but feel joy at having witnessed such a wonderful event that will live in my memory for years to come, if only we could witness such an event to brighten our day every day.
Kevin, Great Britain

The Sydney Olympics were great in lots of ways but I think that Greece in 2004 will be even better. Sport is getting better and more competitive as each day passes, although it will be hard to top the high-class facilities that were in operation in Australia. It was entertaining when an Australian athlete was up the roars of the crowd were huge but each Olympics that passes is always the best but usually only until the next one arrives.
Will, England

With the exception of the blood doping scandals, the Sydney Games were the most flawless in recent memory. They made the Atlanta Games look like an amateurish school field day.
Saeed, USA

We need some luck and a miracle or two!
  Iason Iannakopoulos, Athens, Greece
I do not think any other Country can better the Aussies they put on a magnificent show and everyone seemed to be relaxed and happy. Its a shame they can't hold it there every four years. I don't think any other country can come close to these spectacular games.
Pat, England

It was the best Olympic games ever simply for the fact that almost all of the participating athletes from around the world were acknowledged and appreciated by the people of Sydney and Australia for their valiant and magnificent efforts regardless of their countries of origin. If the spirit of the Olympics is about encouraging people (athletes or spectators) to give any sport event a go regardless of the ultimate outcome then Sydney has achieved the best in showcasing it to the world.
Christine Palefuiono Sa'aga, Samoa

Before Sydney we were excited about the Olympics coming home. Now we are paralysed by fear. We will be the smallest country with the smallest economy to have ever held the Olympics and we are, shall we say, a race that has tended to eschew the work ethic in favour of a lifetime of leisure. I fail to see, therefore, how we can avoid humiliating ourselves now that Sydney has set such a marvellous precedent. We need some luck and a miracle or two!
Iason Iannakopoulos, Athens, Greece

The Olympic flame is rekindled and is burning brighter than ever before in all of us.These Games have touched the world like none before. We here in Sydney, would love to see the passion and momentum live on to Athens. Long live "The Games."
Ali Evans, Australia

The two weeks of competition have filled me with everlasting pride
  Melanie Johnson, Australia
These last two weeks will be forever stamped in my memory as one of the greatest in my life. As an Australian I have been very proud of how we have conducted ourselves as a nation over the last two weeks, both the ceremonies and the two weeks of competition have filled me with everlasting pride.
Melanie Johnson, Australia

Barcelona was great, but Sydney was magnificent. I really can't see anyone topping it as it was absolutely brilliant, well done Oz, a fantastic reflection of your country and culture.
Gilbert Duce, England

It was, without doubt, the most amazing experience of my life
  Darryl Bucksey, Australia
I am from the UK, travelling around Oz. I was in Sydney for the whole of the Olympics and I have to say that it was, without doubt, the most amazing experience of my life: ranging from the party atmosphere to the actual sporting events, it really was just superb!!!
Darryl Bucksey, Australia

Though I speak from limited Olympic experience, this has without doubt been the most fantastic sports event I have ever seen. Brilliantly organised, spectacular, some wonderful moments in the Olympic spirit, achievement for Britain and all-round excellent sport. Worth losing sleep for. I think the greatest disappointment was the gymnastics, which was not nearly as spectacular as it usually is. Also, congratulations to the BBC on their riveting coverage. Fantastic!
Nathan Hamer, Wales

From my secure position in my armchair in the UK the atmosphere and excitement that came through the screen was incredible. The facilities, the scenery, the energy, efficiency and humour of the staff were all exceptional. My Uncle who is a Sydney resident said in a recent email that it has been an immense thing to witness first hand. I truly believe that Athens has a massive task ahead of it. I think there needs to be a different tack taken, don't try to beat Sydney at what it did. Do something that cannot be directly compared. The infrastructure problems in Athens, plus the lack of space and notorious unreliability of the Greek plumbing will conspire to make it impossible to match the achievements of the last two weeks. Well Done Sydney!
Jon, Kent, UK

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