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Saturday, 23 September, 2000, 02:42 GMT 03:42 UK
Where were you?
The British coxless four team in action
The British coxless four team in action
Richard Phelps - Olympic rower and member of the Five Live commentary team - savours Steve Redgrave's crowning moment.

What were you doing when Bannister broke the four minute mile? Where were you when England won in '66? Or how about when Torvill and Dean scored the perfect six?

Whatever is in your list of great sporting moments, add this Saturday's Olympic coxless fours final when Redgrave won his fifth consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Not bad for a man who only this week admitted that, after winning his first gold medal in Los Angeles, his target was to try to win gold in Seoul followed by retirement.

Diabetes and colitis

A lot has happened since then and much achieved. Despite the onset of diabetes and intermittent bouts of colitis Steve has remained at the top of his sport.

Not one for the limelight and someone who gives the impression of being serious to the nth degree, Steve is actually a fun loving guy with a wicked sense of humour. His public demeanor hides the true Steven Redgrave.

Gold number four for Redgrave
Gold number four for Redgrave
Where image may be confused, the results are not. Fourteen gold medals at World Championships and Olympics, not to mention the odd silver and bronze on the way.

But the numbers hide the truth. It is not the total that sets him apart but the period over which Steve has collected them.

Ian Thorpe (or "Thorpedo" as the Aussies call him) will need to be winning gold medals in 2020 to match Steve's achievements.

Linford Christie

Linford Christie would need to win in the 2008 Olympics in order to be an Olympic champion spanning the same period as Steve.

Steven Redgrave has earned his place in the record books.

He is a phenomenal athlete who has quietly set about making Olympic history.

If there is anyone (and any crew) capable of producing the goods when it counts Steve is your man.

There will be more elegant and eloquent tributes than this one.

But as someone who has rowed with Steve, who was inspired by the Los Angeles final and was lucky enough to have a 'ring side seat' for Saturday's finale I want to take this opportunity to salute your achievements and to pay my personal respects.

Well done.

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