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Wednesday, 6 September, 2000, 14:47 GMT 15:47 UK
Indonesia are top of the tree
Candra Wijaya (l) and Tony Gunawan lead the way
Candra Wijaya (l) and Tony Gunawan lead the way
A 19-year-old Indonesian has been named the top seed in the men's badminton contest at the Sydney Games.

The Far East has been widely regarded as the source of many good players and Taufik Hidayat is no exception, having won back-to-back titles at the Indonesia Grand Prix in July and then in the August's Malaysia Open.

Indonesia have won just three gold medals at the Games and all three have come in badminton, so the pressure is on the teenager to come up with the goods once again.

"I am aiming for gold - it's the greatest tournament in the world so it will be very important in my badminton career," said Hidayat.

The second seed in the tournament is compatriot Hendrawan - there may be a chance of a an all-Indonesian final.

In the women's singles, China's Gong Zhichao has been handed the top seed ahead of Denmark's Camilla Martin.

In the men's doubles, Indonesia lead the way again with Candra Wijaya and Tony Gunawan named as the team to beat while in the women's pairing China's Ge Fei and Gu Jun look for their second Olympic gold.

Men's singles:

1. Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia)
2. Hendrawan (Indonesia)
3. Peter Gade Christensen (Denmark)
4. Xia Xuanze (China)
5. Choong Hann Wong (Malaysia)
6. Poul-Erik Hoyer Larsen (Denmark)
7. Ji Xinpeng (China)
8. Marleve Mainaky (Indonesia)

Women's singles:

1. Gong Zhichao (China)
2. Camilla Martin (Denmark)
3. Dai Yun (China)
4. Ye Zhaoying (China)
5. Mia Audina Tjiptawan (Netherlands)
6. Kim Ji Hyun (South Korea)
7. Lee Kyung Won (South Korea)
8. Yasuko Mizui (Japan)

Men's doubles:

1. Candra Wijaya/Tony Gunawan (Indonesia)
2. Lee Dong Soo/Yoo Yong Sung (South Korea)
3. Flandi Limpele/Eng Hian (Indonesia)
4. Ha Tae Kwon/Kim Dong Moon (South Korea)
5. Choong Tan Fook/Lee Wan Wah (Malaysia)
6. Ricky Achmad Subagdja/Rexy Mainaky (Indonesia)
7. Jens Eriksen/Jesper Larsen (Denmark)
8. Simon Archer/Nathan Robertson (Britain)

Women's doubles:

1. Ge Fei/Gu Jun (China)
2. Huang Nanyan/Yang Wei (China)
3. Ra Kyung Min/Chung Jae Hee (South Korea)
4. Joanne Golode/Donna Kellogg (Britain)
5. Helene Kirkegaard/Rikke Olsen (Denmark)
6. Qin Yiyuan/Gao Ling (China)
7. Nicole Van Hooren/Lotte Jonathans (Netherlands)
8. Etty Tantri/Cynthia Tuwankotta (Indonesia)

Mixed doubles:

1. Tri Kusharyanto/Minarti Timur (Indonesia)
2. Kim Dong Moon/Ra Kyung Min (South Korea)
3. Liu Yong/Ge Fei (China)
4. Michael Sogaard/Rikke Olsen (Denmark)
5. Simon Archer/Joanne Goode (Britain)
6. Bambang Suprianto/Zelin Resiana (Indonesia)
7. Zhang Jun/Gao Ling (China)
8. Jens Eriksen/Mette Schjoldager (Denmark)

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