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Past Glory
Listen to Steve Redgrave winning his last four medals
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Tem-mate for the first gold medal, Martin Cross
"Steve has the strength of Geoff Capes"
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Thursday, 21 September, 2000, 16:29 GMT 17:29 UK
Redgrave parts 1-5 - in pictures
The Steve Redgrave Olympic story began in 1984, with a first gold medal as a 22-year-old member of the British Coxed Four.

After that Steve teamed up with Andy Holmes to win a gold in the Coxless Pairs four years later.

But it was with Matthew Pinsent that Steve became a legend as the duo won both Olympic Coxless Pairs titles during the 1990s.

This is Redgrave's pictorial story.

1984 Coxed Four
1984, Los Angeles: The Coxed Four. Steve is second from the right as he celebrates the start of a remarkable journey

1988 Redgrave and Holmes
1988, Seoul: Andy Holmes sits behind Redgrave as the pair celebrate their gold

1992, Barcelona: Hard at work with new partner Matthew Pinsent in the Spanish high summer

Pinsent, Redgrave and child
The reward for the pair, and Steve's young baby, was a hat-trick for Redgrave and a first gold for 21-year-old Pinsent

Redgrave and Pinsent 1996
1996, Atlanta: Doubling up, as the pair celebrate a repeat of their Spanish success

Redgrave and Pjnsent relief
After a draining race, Redgrave told the BBC: "If you ever see me in a boat, you have permission to shoot me"

2000, Sydney: A fifth consecutive gold for Steve Redgrave, this time in the coxless four

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