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Tuesday, 5 September, 2000, 09:33 GMT 10:33 UK
Luxemburgo faces new scandal
Wanderley Luxemburgo
Luxemburgo faces up to three years in jail
Brazil coach Wanderley Luxemburgo has been questioned by police for allegedly falsifying his age in his passport.

Officers at Rio de Janeiro's international airport called in Luxemburgo for questioning on Sunday, after a local magazine suggested the coach had listed his age as 45 on his passport instead of his real age of 48, a police spokesman said.

Luxemburgo was later relased, but the spokesman added: "We are opening an investigation to determine the truth of his statements."

According to the laws in Brazil, presenting a falsified identity carries a sentence of between one to three years in prison.

Rumours about his real age surfaced on Saturday when Luxemburgo had apparently admitted that his age was 48 - after questioning the Brazil manager boarded a flight to Buenos Aires to catch a Monday flight to Sydney in time for the start of the Sydney Games.

Luxemburgo has been plagued by scandal - last month he denied accusations that he evaded taxes and ran an illegal scheme selling football players and buying apartments and cars with the undeclared profits.

Former business associate Renata Moura Alves also alleges that she had had an affair with the married coach.

Federal authorities have also been inverstigating Luxemburgo for tax evasion, although no wrong doing has been proved.

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