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It's golds galore for Mark Spitz
A terrorist attack on the Israeli team in Munich was to shock the Olympic movement and leave 11 athletes, five terrorists and one policeman dead.

The Games were suspended the following morning as a memorial service was staged, but competition was resumed later in the day with the agreement of Israeli officials.

The Israeli team immediately returned home as did a number of individuals from the Netherlands, Norway and the Philippines, but the general feeling was that the Games should go on.

African politics continued to play a major part and the IOC were forced to ban Rhodesia - who had already sent a team of 30 athletes - for its apartheid politics.

Olga Korbut won three golds and a silver
Olga Korbut won three golds and a silver
Archery returned to the schedule, while Judo established itself as a permanent fixture and indoor handball made its debut as one of 195 disciplines.

Mark Spitz who had emerged with two gold medals as an 18-year-old in Mexico City was the star of the show.

He won four individual gold medals, all in world record times and then added three relay golds as well to become the most successful swimmer of all time.

Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut became a massive star overnight with three golds and a silver as she endeared herself to the Munich crowd.

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