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Olympics day 15 as it happened

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By Ben Dirs

1519: It's 18-15 to the United States against Australia in the final of the women's basketball - one quarter gone... and it's time for me to say goodbye I'm afraid. The hoops is being streamed on the website and is also on the red button on your TV. Another hectic day, and this time it was James DeGale taking centre stage for Great Britain. Make sure you join us for the final shower of medals tomorrow.

1509: Right, other than the women's basketball final - it's Australia v the United States by the way - we're pretty much done and dusted for the day. Just an update on the men's hockey final: world champions Germany defeated Spain 1-0, Christopher Zeller scoring the only goal in the 19th minute. The Germans last won gold in 1992, Spain added to the silver medals they won in 1980 and 1996.

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"I think a big well done is due to Tom Daley. Seventh place is a cracking result, one of the best of the Games in my opinion. It's not all about medals."
Adam via text on 81111

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"What's going on? Where is the medal ceremony for the 10m platform diving?! I bet if Daley won you'd be showing it. Very disappointing."
Carrie via text on 81111

1500: Andy, Devon (see below), I've just been told the clip is being prepared as I write and will be with you any minute. These Cubans have got tempers on them - one minute we've got a taekwondo chap kicking a judge in the head, the next their middleweight is biting chunks out of Britain's James DeGale. Mind you, you'd be a bit annoyed if you'd just missed out on a life-time's supply of cigars and a patronising pat on the head from Raul Castro.

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"Come on BBC, if there's a better use of the iPlayer than showing a Cuban in a strop kicking a Swede in the head I can't think of it - where's the taekwondo clip?!"
Andy, Devon via text on 81111


Gold medal
1455: Not sure if I told you this before, but Brazil have defeated the United States in the final of the women's volleyball. Playing in their first final after three straight semis, Brazil prevailed 25-15, 18-25, 25-13, 25-21.

Angel Matos
1450: HAVE AT LOOK AT THIS PICTURE! Cuba's Angel Matos almost taking a judge's noggin off in the taekwondo arena. I wonder how much Sarah Stevenson paid him to do that? Here's James DeGale talking to BBC Sport's Garry Richardson: "It was not that good, but it was strong. He [Correa] was pretending that I was holding on to him - and then he bit me in the first round." And here's British coach Terry Edwards: "That was painful. I thought the referee had lost the plot, but you have to do what you have to do and James was going to win that whatever way it took. We've delivered for UK Sport, now UK Sport have got to deliver for us."

Gold medal
1443: Russia's Rakhim Chakhkiev wins the heavyweight boxing gold medal after defeating Italy's world champion Clemente Russo. Tom Daley finished seventh by the way in the final of the men's 10m platform. Fourteen-years-old, he'll be back in four years' time.

1439: Steve Cram isn't overly happily with Great Britain's performance in the Bird's Nest - "the broad picture is less than encouraging four years out from London 2012," says Crammy. Gold for Christine Ohuruogu, silver for Phillips Idowu and Germaine Mason and Tash Danvers. Only three men in track finals though, and I didn't see many throwers out there.

Gold medal
1436: Australia's Matthew Mitcham seals the men's 10m platform diving gold medal with a near-perfect last dive. His success thwarts China's hopes of a clean sweep in all the diving competitions in Beijing.

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"Why wasn't Tasha Danvers used in the 4x400m relay? She won bronze in the 400m hurdles for pity's sake!"
Dominic, West London via text on 81111

Gold medal
1429: Belgium's European champion Tia Hellebaut stuns Croatia's world indoor champion Blanka Vlasic and Russia's Anna Chicherova to take gold in the women's high jump final.

1432: Tom Daley is in sixth going into his final round, but has a poor final dive, over-rotating his reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck, and ends with 64.6 - he's likely to slide down rankings.

1427: In amongst the madness, you might have noticed I rather glossed over the story of a Cuban taekwondo chap booting a judge in the mooey. Angel Matos attacked the referee, throwing punches and kicks, after being declared the loser in his bronze medal match. He questioned the call when he was declared the loser of the match for taking too much injury time after he hurt his leg. According to reports, Matos then attacked the Swedish judge. He has been given a lifetime ban, the Swedish judge has been given a course in karate.

1425: Some reaction from Britain's men's 4x400m team:
Andrew Steele: "We knew we were good enough to get a medal, we ran faster than we did yesterday, but unfortunately we were not good enough on the day."

Martyn Rooney: "I came here for a medal and I'm gutted again. My Olympics has had lots of ups and downs, but this experience will make me hungrier for London."

"I just saw a small crowd of people watching the DeGale fight in the street outside a TV shop in Hammersmith! It was like something out of the Sixties, gawd bless 'im. Kenny Egan to follow up tomorrow? If he can beat the judges as well..."
Sean Chaney via email

Gold medal
Gold medal
1422: South Korea have won the gold medal in the baseball, beating Cuba 3-2 in the final. That's South Korea's 13th gold overall, and they're seventh in the medals table. In table tennis, China's Ma Lin took gold in the men's singles final, defeating team-mate Wang Hao.

Event info goes here.1420: GOLD - CHINA, TABLE TENNIS MEN'S SINGLES


1416: That's Great Britain's 19th gold medal, and they go into the final day just one behind Russia. That last hour was absolutely bonkers, medals flying in from all directions - and what a fight to finish! We've still got Tom Daley in action on the 10m platform - let's pop over to the Water Cube to see how he's getting on...

Gold medal
1411: Jeremy Warriner brings it home for the United States, they're miles ahead... AND HERE COMES MARTYN ROONEY! But he had far too much to do... the United States win it with a new Olympic record of 2:55.39, Bahamas just hold on for second and Russia, whose anchor put in an absolutely scorching leg, holds Rooney off for the bronze. That's all the track and field for another Games, James DeGale is getting his gold back at the Workers' Gymnasium - hold it together Chunky, hold it together...

1409: Right, back to the Bird's Nest and the final of the men's 4x400m - Andrew Steele hands over to Rob Tobin in sixth, but they're right in the medal mix-up... Tobin is unable to make much of an impression, he hands over to Michael Bingham in sixth...

Gold medal
1407:: More medals in the taekwondo as South Korea's Cha Dong-min wins gold in the men's +80kg, beating Greece's defending champion Alexandros Nikolaidis.

1405:: Blimey - it's all going off in the taekwondo. Former Olympic champion Angel Valodia Matos has been expelled for kicking his match referee in the head after he was disqualified from his bronze medal play-off match.

1404: Hammersmith's James DeGale came into this Olympics as an outside hope for a medal, but his gold - the first at middleweight since another southpaw, Chris Finnegan, triumphed in 1968 - has made it a successful Games for the GB boxing team. So much turmoil in and out of the ring, but you can't turn your nose up at two bronzes and a gold. Well done boys, and well done coach Terry Edwards.

Gold medal boost for GB
1402: Great shot DeGale! 15-12, but Correa nails him with a big right to make it 15-13... DeGale and Correa trade points on the inside... RUN JAMES, RUN! OLYMPIC GOLD FOR GREAT BRITAIN'S JAMES DEGALE!

1401: Correa comes out like a man possessed, and they're on the floor after just 10 seconds of the round. Correa picks up an early point, but DeGale picks him off with a couple of slick counters to make it 14-12...

1358: It's all getting a little bit bar-room in round three - DeGale can't afford to get drawn into a war here. DeGale has a point deducted, or rather Correa has one added, and DeGale needs to keep this long. DeGale gets caught on the chin... and again, and that's a terrible round for DeGale... but DeGale picks up a crucial late point to make it 12-10 going into the final two minutes. It's gonna be a humdinger...

1354: Correa appears to have lost control completely here, but he picks up a couple of points in the opening exchanges of round two. However, DeGale steadies himself with a left-hand counter before clipping the Cuban with a peachy right hand to move 8-3 ahead. Another counter from DeGale and a cracking left hand makes it 10-4, before Correa pushes DeGale to the canvas. DeGale frustrating the hell out of the Cuban - 10-4 after round two.

1348: Excellent first minute from DeGale, boxing smart on the back foot and nicking a couple of points. Nice footwork from DeGale takes the Hammersmith man 3-0 ahead, before Correa of Cuba nicks one back. DeGale sticks a left down the pipe to make it 4-1, before Correa appears to bite DeGale on the left shoulder. "He bit me," mouths DeGale, and that's a two-point penalty - 6-1 after the first round.

Gold medal
1345: Sanya Richards of the United States, who blow up in the individual final earlier in the week, eats into a big deficit on the final leg and overhauls the Russian anchor just before the line. Jamaica hold on for third, while Nicola Sanders puts in a storming final leg to take fifth for Great Britain. No time to dwell on that, here's James DeGale in the middleweight boxing final...


1341: Kelly Sotherton looks like she's been shot down the home straight, her legs turn to spaghetti and she hands over to Marilyn Okoro in around sixth place... Okoro is unable to make up much ground and the medal chance has gone...

1340: Christine Ohuruogu was actually on the first leg for GB, and it wasn't a great one to be honest, she handed over to Kelly Sotherton behind a few other teams...

1337: Nicola Sanders, Kelly Sotherton, Marilyn Okoro and Christine Ohuruogu go for Great Britain in the final of the women's 4x400m. Definite medal hopes, but there are useful teams all around them. The United States are heavily fancied to win gold, with GB expected to fight it out with Jamaica and Russia for silver and bronze.

Gold medal
1332: Russia win another gold medal courtesy of Evgeniya Kanaeva in the women's rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around event. That takes the Russians two clear of Great Britain in the medals table. AND HERE'S GREAT BRITAIN IN THE FINAL OF THE WOMEN'S 4X400M!

Gold medal
1330: Norway's Andreas Thorkildsen successfully defends his Olympic men's javelin title with a gargantuan throw of 90.57m, while Latvia's Ainars Kovals takes silver and Finland's world champion Tero Pitkamaki taking the final podium spot. Quick, hide under the dining room table: it's raining medals!

Gold medal
1329: The Dominican Republic have their first Olympic boxing gold after Felix Diaz storms to a surprise victory over reigning champion Manus Boonjumnong of Thailand in the light-welterweight final.

Gold medal
1329: Mexico's Maria del Rosario Espinoza - who beat Britain's Sarah Stevenson in the semis - wins the women's +67kg taekwondo gold medal after a 3-1 victory over Norway's Nina Solheim.

1325: An Usain Bolt bow and arrow from Bekele - everyone's at it, Usain should get it patented - and that was some display from Bekele, who cements his place in the pantheon of men's distance greats. Tom Daley is joint fourth after the first dive - it was his hardest dive of the competition and he scored 81.6 - a couple of points behind the leaders.

Gold medal
1322: Bekele's team-mates have sacrificed themselves, and Bekele now has two Kenyans for company... but Kenenisa Bekele kicks like a mule down the back straight and the Kenyans slide off the back - Eliud Kipchoge and Edwin Soi finish a distant second and third. Classic distance running by Bekele, who becomes the first man for 28 years to complete the 5000m/10000m double.

1320: Less than four laps to go and Bekele shifts up a gear. Compatriot Miruts Yifter at the 1980 Moscow Games was the last man to complete the 5000/10,000m double, but Kenyan-born American Bernard Lagat is seeking redemption after failing in the 1500m.

1315: Aaaah, much chuckling in the office at my John Daly mistake. I haven't giggled so much since the time someone misspelt the name of veteran American golfer Bob Tway... Right, stop mucking about - Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele and his two team-mates are dictating the pace in the men's 5000m final. Bekele is trying for an elusive long-distance double, after his 10,000m triumph last week.

1310: Before we move to the men's 5000m final, I should point out that it's Britain's 14-year-old tyro Tom Daley going in the 10m platform, not 20st American golfer John Daly, as I said below. You wouldn't want to be diving after John Daly, you'd end up breaking every bone in your body.

1308: Just some clarification on that women's 1500m final: the Ukrainians who took silver and bronze were Iryna Lishchynska and Nataliya Tobias.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1307: A disappointed Lisa Dobriskey talks to BBC Sport's Phil Jones: "I left it too late, I'm just gutted. It really kicked off with about 500m to go. I was really relaxed and comfortable and I didn't want to go too early. But they were a little too ahead of me. But if you had asked me this time last year I would be fourth in an Olympic Games, I would not have believed you and I take heart from that."

1306: John Daley starts his 10m platform campaign - a medal would be a fantastic achievement, although is not expected. China have so far won seven out of seven in the diving events and they have the favourites in Huo Liang and Zhou Luxin in this event.

Gold medal
1258: Kenya's Nancy Langat hunts down Bahrain's Maryam Jamal down the back straight to take the gold in the women's 1500m. Jamal fades down the stretch and allows Ukraine to take silver and bronze. But that was a poor tactical race from Lisa Dobriskey, who allowed the medallists to open up too much of a lead - she still had plenty of petrol in the tank at the finish.


1254: The women's 1500m final is under way... Dobriskey, from Ashford in Kent, has a personal best of 4:00.64, and it's not too fast at the moment - but here goes Maryam Jamal of Bahrain...

Gold medal
1249: Stunning display from Vasyl Lomachenko in the featherweight boxing final. The 20-year-old absolutely blitzes his opponent, Frenchman Khedafi Djelkhir, stopping him in the opening round to win Ukraine's second Olympic boxing gold. Wladimir Klitschko claimed the first in Atlanta in 1996. Lomachenko could also be in line for the best boxer of the tournament award, he's a tasty operator.

1247: The Jamaican 4x100m team receive their gold medals, and it's now time for Lisa Dobriskey in the final of the 1500m. Dame Kelly Holmes' reign as 1500m Olympic champion is almost over - could we have another Britain taking over?

1245: Anon (see below), I think the valid reason was summed up inadvertantly by the Canadian commentator on the synchro final. When the Spanish team hit the pool, she remarked on how they "draw you in emotionally". How can you have a sport in which the judges are affected emotionally? That's not sport, that's theatre.

1243: Australia have won their men's bronze medal play-off match with a 6-2 thumping of the Netherlands. Germany take on surprise package Spain in the final at 1330.

1241: GOLD - Ukraine, featherweight boxing

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"Well done Sarah Stevenson! Just goes to prove that when all hope appears lost, we Brits never give up! Girl you did us proud!"
Amanda, Staffs via text on 81111

Gold medal
1237: Kenya's Wilfred Bungei holds on to win the men's 800m in 1:44.65, ahead of Ismail Ahmed of Sudan and reigning world champion Alfred Yego of Kenya. Brave run that from Bungei, he took that race by the scruff of the neck at the bell and no-one was able to loosen his grip down the home straight.


1233: A delighted Sarah Stevenson talks to BBC Sport's Matt Pinsent: "I'm really happy. I tried really hard and I knew I was going to be ready for the bronze medal fight. I had three injections [in her ankle], it was really sore and I struggled. Physically, I was ready more than I have ever been, but mentally I was tired. It has been good today, the ups and downs are something to remember. It's my third time at the Olympics and I'm happy with a medal."

1230: Here's the final of the men's 800m - no Brits, indeed not one European into the final. Wilfred Bungei is the fastest in the field, his Kenyan team-mate Alfred Yego is the reigning world champion. Watch out for Yusuf Saad Kamel, formerly of Kenya, now running for Bahrain - he's the fastest in the world this year.

"Just because you have no respect for sports like synchro doesn't justify cheap digs. If you have a valid reason why it shouldn't be an Olympic sport then let's hear it, if not, stick to playing with your vegetables."
Anon via text on 81111

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1226: That was seriously spunky from Doncaster's Sarah Stevenson - down and out a few hours ago, reinstated on appeal, well beaten in her semi-final, but big-hearted enough to ignore the pain in her ankle and nick a bronze. Well played madam, your countrymen and women salute you.


1223: Noha Abd Rabo of Egypt nicks a point back, but Stevenson reacts, picking up two quick points to move into a 5-1 lead - it looks like there will be a happy ending after all...

1221: Sarah Stevenson nicks another point late in the second round and goes into the final two minutes 3-0 up...

Text in your views on 81111
"I think I speak for most of the rest of us when I say that I would emphatically NOT like to see Adrian Chiles flouncing about in Speedos..."
Anon via text on 81111

1218: Taekwondo player Sarah Stevenson is back in action - she takes a 1-0 lead after the first round of her bronze medal repechage... and another! Stevenson moves into a 2-0 lead in the middle round...

Gold medal
1215: In boxing, Somjit Jongjohor wins Thailand's second gold medal of the Games courtesy of a comphrensive 8-2 win over Cuba's Andris Laffifta Hernandez in the flyweight final. Hernandez beat Briton Khalid Yafai during the earlier rounds.

1214: Over at the Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium, Australia are currently 5-2 ahead of the Netherlands midway through the second half of the men's bronze medal play-off match. Germany take on surprise package Spain in the final at 1330.

1208: Anon (see below) - growing vegetables into rude and amusing shapes is probably a lot tougher than Adrian Chiles could ever imagine, but that doesn't mean it should be an Olympic event. James 'Chunky' DeGale has fought Emilio Correa of Cuba twice before, and been beaten twice. But no-one expected DeGale, who fights out of Dale Youth Police Community Club in Notting Hill, to reach the final, so who knows what he might have up his sleeve - he's boxed beautifully so far. DeGale is due on at the Workers' Gymnasium at 1346 BST.

Text in your views on 81111
"Stop mocking synchro swimming Adrian Chiles, it's a lot tougher than you could ever imagine - I'd like to see you try some synchro!"
Anon via text on 81111

1200: Great Britain's Lisa Dobriskey goes in the final of the women's 1500m at 1250 - Kent's Commonwealth champion has a definite chance of a medal. Taekwondo player Sarah Stevenson goes in the bronze medal repechage against Noha Abd Rabo of Egypt at around 1230ish. I'll let you know. Hope she's had a good lie down, it's been quite a day so far...

1156: Like it Wilf (see below) - as someone else has pointed out, my suggested events for the post-modern pentathlon weren't very post-modern. Sorry, I was a bit hungry. To the Bird's Nest, where it's finals all the way this evening: the women's high jump gets us under way, but the first medals to be decided will be in the men's 800m final at 1230. Kenya's Wilfred Bungai is the fastest man in the field and his compatriot Alfred Yego is the reigning world champion.

Text in your views on 81111
"Other than Wii games, how about Rowing Machine, Speed Texting, Paint Balling and Pub Quiz for the post-modern pentathlon?"
Wilf, Cambridge via text on 81111

1151: Well done team, time to hand back to Dirsy, so I'll be on my merry way.

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"When does Degale fight? I'm at work but can't miss that!"
Anonymous via TEXT 81111

Dear Anon, Hammersmith's finest middleweight James DeGale fights Cuba's Emilo Correa Bayeaux, the double Pan American champion no less, at 1346. Stick with us and you can't go wrong.

1138: Athens diving silver medallist Leon Taylor is explaining all the intricacies of avoiding "splash" when entering the water with Adrian Chiles and Clare Balding. I always find not jumping in works quite well. The diving final is on the red button on digital TV from 1300 onwards.

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"Surely the post modern pentathlon would just be Wii Sports!"
Mike, Watford via TEXT 81111

1131: Let's put the Stevenson saga to one side (for now) and speculate about Tom Daley's prospects in the men's 10m platform diving final, which starts at 1300. The little lad finished eighth in his semi-final, producing two spanking dives with his fourth and fifth attempts. Six of those sunny and we could be in business, although the funny lip synch on TV is slightly concerning, especially as his voice dropped several octaves for two seconds...

1125: Lordy, what just happened there? Me and taekwondo have always had a divisive relationship ever since I split the backside of my tracksuit bottoms attempting a high kick during my second class as an eight-year-old. To slightly paraphrase darts commentator Sid Waddell: "Forget your Agatha Christie, forget your Alfred Hitchcock, this was Sarah Stevenson."

1118: It's time to sandwich... Pranav Soneji will be in charge while I'm gone, I should be back before the track and field gets under way.

1114: A resigned Sarah Stevenson talks to BBC Sport's Matt Pinsent: "I didn't fight very well then, I didn't have enough time (to prepare) because I didn't expect to fight. My mind and body weren't ready. I have beaten that girl twice. I thought my next fight was in the repechage and I was focused on that. I have done so much mental preparation, but I just blew it. That [the controversial reinstatement] just messed my whole game up in terms of tactics. We had 20 minutes of looking at videos and going though mental strategies - my mind wasn't focused. I think I twisted my ankle, I hope to fight again."

1107: The modern pentathletes are being interviewed on the telly. Heather Fell won a silver for Britain, of course, but I'm really not convinced by it as a sport, it's just so random. What's stopping someone else coming along and going, "I tell you what, we'll have boxing, snooker, BMXing, diving and taekwondo - and we'll call it the post modern pentathlon"?

1104: Over at Shunyi, Spain's David Cal, silver medallist in the men's 500m single canoe, has just been presented with his medal, and he's so disappointed he's dropped his guts all over the podium. No need for that...

1058: And Mexico's Maria del Rosario Espinoza has too much for Doncaster's Sarah Stevenson - the match finishes 4-1, to the obvious delight of the Chinese fans. Stevenson was never really in that, one suspects her mind was not quite there. She now has one more fight in half an hour's time - win it, and she wins a bronze.

"I've been watching taekwondo for all of 45 minutes, probably won't watch it again untill 2012, don't really know how it all works but for now it is somehow the most important sport in the world."
Saint_JJ on 606

1053: Stevenson goes 4-0 down but picks up a point in the closing seconds of the middle round - she's got two minutes left to make up the deficit, and a gammy shin to boot...

1051: Stevenson goes 2-0 down in the first round, but there's still plenty of time to go. Each point is greeted with rapturous applause from the Chinese fans... you're right Cen, it's very much like Balboa v Drago. Where's the Chinese president when you need him?

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"Cripes. Similar reaction to what Rocky got when he fought Drago in Moscow. T'was a happy ending that day, hope the same applies today."
Cen via TEXT 81111

"What has happened is quite unprecedented. We put our protest forward, it was very clear it was a shot to the head, as well as arguing passivity by the Chinese. They accepted that behind closed doors. Credit to the Chinese for being so sportsmanlike and accepting the decision."
Sport Taekwondo UK performance director Gary Hall

1045: And we're off - Sarah Stevenson versus Maria del Rosario Espinoza of Mexico. Can the Doncaster lass keep her head while all around her are losing theirs'? The 20-year-old Mexican is the current world middleweight champion, a title she won in Beijing last year.

Sarah Stevenson (right) and Zhong Chen
Great Britain's Stevenson connects with opponent Zhong Chen
1040: In case you're wondering what all the fuss is about, here's a picture of Britain's Sarah Stevenson almost knocking Zhong Chen's block off. The atmosphere has got a bit toxic in the arena now, and it becomes even more so when the announcement of the successful British appeal is announced in Mandarin. I've got to be honest, I don't think Sarah Stevenson will be getting much support in this semi. Here come the competitors...

1038: THE CHINESE ARE REPROTESTING! Stop the ride, I want to get off!

1034: The Chinese lady sat behind the officials knows about the reversal - she's got her hands over her face and looks like she's just discovered her husband in bed with Usain Bolt - but there hasn't been an announcement in Mandarin yet, and I'd imagine the news will go down like Jim Davidson at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Gold medal
Gold medal
1028: China's duo of Guanliang Meng and Wenjun Yang win gold in the men's double 500m canoe. Russia take the silver and Germany collect the bronze. Hungary win the women's 500m kayak gold medal. The silver medal goes to Poland and the bronze to France. While you wait for Sarah Stevenson in the semi-finals of the taekwondo, have a look at her masterclass, it's brilliant.

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1024: "Unbelievable. My faith in humanity is restored! Come on Sarah! "
Anonymous via TEXT 81111

1022: Big cheers from the British contingent, boos from the Chinese fans, although many won't know what's going on. To be honest, you have to feel a little sorry for Zhong Chen, she was actually waiting to be introduced to the crowd for her semi-final clash with Maria del Rosario Espinoza of Mexico when the old's shepherd's crook appeared from backstage. Clean up that whoopsie, Team GB have got another medal to win! Stevenson on in 10.

1016: A quick scan of my notes reveals we have a little bit a lull until the evening's finals get under way in Beijing. But it's all going off in the taekwondo arena - the British team have lodged a complaint, the officials have disappeared into the bowels, and press photographers have been asked to submit their laptops as evidence... AND SARAH STEVENSON'S RESULT HAS BEEN OVERTURNED! SHE'S THROUGH TO THE SEMI-FINALS! "Justice comes first," says the announcer, after apologising to the Chinese fans. Extraordinary, and surely unprecedented.


Gold medal
1010: Jubilant scenes at the National Indoor Stadium as Norway claim gold in the women's handball after a 34-27 victory over Russia.

1007: Here's Hammersmith's James DeGale on the telly - a nice lad, and a gold from him in the middleweight final at 1346 BST would make it a pretty satisfactory Games for coach Terry Edwards, despite all the controversy that has dogged his team.

1002: Bit of news from the Water Cube - Japanese synchronised swimmer Hiromi Kobayashi had to be rescued by two Chinese lifeguards after finishing her free routine. Kobayashi suffered breathing difficulties, but has since recovered and is recuperating well, according to a Japanese Olympic team spokesman. Well, if you will mince about under water with pegs on your nose...

1001: Extraordinary ride from Liam Killeen of Great Britain - the Commonwealth champion stacked it after less than two minutes and was 48th at one stage, but he got back on his bike and finished in seventh. The same thing happened in Athens - but for those crashes, he could be a double Olympic medallist. Oli Beckingsale finished in a creditable 12th.

Gold medal
0959: Julien Absalon coasts to victory in the men's mountain biking - that's back-to-back titles for the Frenchman, and he finishes more than one minute ahead of compatriot Jean-Christophe Peraud. Switzerland's Christoph Sauser pips team-mate Nino Schurter for bronze.

0958: GOLD - France, men's mountain biking

0955: Of course, Sarah Stevenson's Olympics might not be over yet. I believe if Chen Zhong of China - the woman Stevenson beat in the last round - defeats Mexico's Maria del Rosario Espinoza, then Stevenson goes into the bronze medal repechage. I'm hearing the taekwondo action has been delayed, however, because one of the judges' guide dogs has done a whoopsie on the mat.

0950:"Tim Brabants is now our fifth multi-medallist in this Games after Adlington, Hoy, Wiggins and Kenny. In the past, we've had guys like Coe, Ovett, Wells, Redgrave and Wilkie do it, but to have so many at one Olympics underlines what a fabulous fortnight this has been. We should enjoy this - there are no guarantees for the future."
captaincarrantuohil on 606

"Morning Ben, re your comment at 0908, does that mean that the hopes of the entire nation to overtake the Russians in the medal table now rest on our sole remaining boxer and on fate causing baton problems in the relays? Pressure? Surely not!"
Neil, Herts via text on 81111

Gold medal
0946: Spain have won their sixth gold of the Games in the men's 500m double kayak - Germany took silver and Belarus nabbed the bronze.

0945: GOLD - Spain, men's 500m double kayak

0942: Liam Killeen and Oli Beckingsale still moving through the field - Killeen up to 10th now, and Beckingsale 11th. France's Julien Absalon goes through the finish line and he's got one lap to go. Absolon is about a minute ahead of compatriot Jean-Christophe Peraud... Swiss pair Christoph Sauser and Nino Schurter are battling it out for bronze.

0940: If you think Sarah Stevenson feels bad right now, just think how Mark King, lead singer and slap bassist from Isle of Wight jazz-funk fusion outfit Level 42, must feel. Fourteen days in and I haven't heard the BBC play The Chinese Way once. 'My eyes wide open, I feel a breeze, words softly spoken, in Cantonese!' Shame.

0936: Liam Killeen is up to 11th in the mountain biking, four places ahead of GB team-mate Oli Beckingsale - no relation of the late Richard Beckingsale... superb effort from Killeen, for a while there we thought he was toast.

"Just watched the taekwando and the scoring farce between GB/China. Whilst I accept that two of the judges may have been unsighted, what has happened to personal sportsmanship? The Chinese fighter must know that she was kicked in the face. Why didn't she say so and say she had been beaten? Even snooker players ackknowledge their fouls immediately, maybe snooker should be an Olympic sport as it is more in accord with Olympic principles."
Keith Phelps via email

0927: France's Julien Absalon has opened up a huge lead in the men's mountain biking, and Great Britain's Liam Killeen, who fell after just a minute and 30 seconds, has picked his way through the field and is up to 14th.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0925: It was good while it lasted... Russia have just won their 19th gold, one more than Great Britain, in the team synchronised swimming, with Spain taking silver and China earning bronze.

Gold medal
0922: Lucy Wainwright is dropped at the start and never manages to get back in contention - Inna Osypenko-Radomska of Ukraine pips 44-year-old Josefa Idem of Italy - a former gold and silver medallist - for gold by one thousandth of a second. Wagner-Augustin of Germany finishes third, Lucy Wainwright finishes back in seventh.

0920: Time for Lucy Wainwright in the final of the women's 500m single kayak - the Swindon woman is the European champion over 200m, but she'll have her work cut out here, with the Chinese lady the woman to beat. Someone's probably drilled a hole in the bottom of Wainwright's boat...

0916: France's Julien Absalon is on course to defend his mountain biking title. He steamed away from the field on lap two of eight and is nearly a minute ahead of team-mate Jean-Christophe Percaud with around 45 minutes to go.

0912: Someone has just texted in asking if taekwondo judges are drug tested. Before you start drug testing them, someone wants to check they've got a pulse. Or eyes. "John Hartson's kick on Eyal Berkovic wouldn't have registered with those judges," texts an irate George from Bournemouth.

Text in your views on 81111
"It's happening in all the sports where judging is involved. I'm italian and we reckon we've lost eight medals, it's a scandal. Sarah, you are the people's champion!"
Guido, London via text on 81111

0909: A very distraught Sarah Stevenson spoke to BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent after her match: "The judges can take your dream away. There's no way she won that. The judges just press a button, obviously my button wasn't working. I thought I hit her face, I felt it. I've just got to keep my head up and go for the bronze medal - but that's not what I came for."

Gold medal
0908: Russia's Maxim Opalev wins the men's 500m canoe, Spain's David Cal takes silver and the bronze goes to Ukraine's Iurii Cheban. That means Russia are level with Britain in the medals table, the swines...

0905: GOLD - Russia, men's 500m canoe

0859: That head kick from Stevenson should have scored two points and won the fight. I said beforehand that the Brit might have to decapitate her opponent to go through to the semi-finals - and she very nearly did! Maybe they required her to spit down her neck afterwards. A sense of bewilderment in the arena as the boos and catcalls ring out. It sounds like the time Dylan plugged in for the first time.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0853: CONTROVERSY IN THE TAEKWONDO! Doncaster's Sarah Stevenson clobbers double Olympic champion Chen Zhong with a kick to the head with seconds to go, but the judges apparently don't see it. Stevenson shrugs her shoulders, before the judges get together for a little chat - and then award the fight to the Chinese woman. Daylight robbery, that was home-town judging on a grotesque scale.

0851: Chen Zhong nicks a point in the middle round. Stevenson is convinced she's made contact immediately after, and shakes her head ruefully as the judges turn her down. Anyone got a hammer? That's the only way she's going to score a point in this encounter...

0849: A fine opening round from Stevenson - Stevenson stays close, quietens the crowd and keeps it to 0-0...

0847: The two teams in the women's handball final - Norway and Russia - are being introduced to the crowd at the National Indoor Stadium. The Norwegians are doing some sort of Haka-style dance - no, hang on, it's a funny sort of huddle. The Russians look non-plussed and carry on looking sultry.

0843: A bit of taekwondo in a moment - Doncaster's Sarah Stevenson faces Chen Zhong of China in the quarter-finals of the women's +67kg. Stevenson finished fourth in Sydney in 2000, but she'll probably have to decapitate Zhong to win this one, the Chinese woman has never lost in the Olympics.

Text in your views on 81111
0842: "Anyone watching the synchronised swimming? The Canadians are in the pool looking like they're having a full-on rave, it's the only way I can describe it. I'm sure they're doing it to a variation on the Terminator 2 theme tune too..."
TadpoleThe1st on 606

Text in your views on 81111
0841: "Kudos on the Partridge quote - may I suggest another - "They look somehow like cattle in a mad way, but cattle on bikes."
Anonymous via text on 81111

0839: Brabants becomes Great Britain's fourth multi-medallist of the Games - winner of the men's 1000m kayak, now bronze medallist in the 500m. Great Britain's Lucy Wainwright, the 2008 European K1 200m champion, goes for gold in the women's 500m kayak in 10 minutes or so.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
0834: What a race that was! Canada's reigning world champion Adam van Koeverden went out like a raving lunatic, opening up a huge lead over his rivals at the halfway stage. But Tim Brabants and Australia's Ken Wallace reel him in and there's an almighty dogfight over the last 20m, with Wallace just coming through to take gold, Van Koeverden holding on for silver and Brabants nicking bronze. You could have thrown a doily over the medallists.


0829: Move over Eric the Eel - here's Antipass the Angora! Every now and again the cameraman gives us a shot of the Zimbabwean off his bike and looking slightly lost: "Anyone know where the finish line is?" France's Julien Absalon has shredded the field - big lead over his rivals now. Killeen is 42nd, Beckingsale 21st as we head over to Shunyi for Tim Brabants in the final of the men's 500m kayak. Dr Brabants going for his second gold, we're off in a second...

0822: "Just watched the bronze medal women's handball playoff on Korean TV, which Korea won, and found it slightly uncomfortable to watch when the female commentator broke down in tears of joy. Come on. Have any BBC commentators been so overwhelmed in the last couple of weeks? Can't imagine Brendan Foster turning on the waterworks."
vabune on 606

0821: Liam Killeen is still in the race! But he's way back in 46th at the last reckoning, more than two minutes off the leaders. France's Julien Absalon, bidding to become the first man to win the mountain bike title back-to-back, drops the hammer and only two riders are able to go with him.

0814: We get the feeling that Liam Killeen has retired - he hasn't been seen since his crash, although the cameramen are obviously trained on the leaders. Kessiakoff of Sweden leads after the first lap, and a gang of seven or eight have raced clear. Believe it or not, when they had the test race here a few months back, riders were complaining it was too easy. Try telling that to Antipass Kwari - the Zimbabwean has just been shown picking his way down a wooded hill as if he's riding a Raleigh Chopper.

0808: Nothing funny about any British Olympians crashing out of an event, of course, but the old Alan Partridge line sprang to mind as I watched Killeen sat in a bush on the side of the course: "Come on Liam, back on your feet, you can catch up with them! No, he can't be bothered..."

Text in your views on 81111
"Re 0730 I hope Brabants will cure all our anxieties and win gold in a painless operation. Not much sleep either."
Dave, Hitchin via text on 81111

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0804: Deary, deary me, it looks like Britain's cyclists left all their luck in the velodrome - Liam Killeen appears to hit a pole one minute and thirty seconds into the race and it looks like his race is over. How's your luck? Four years training and it's all over in less than two minutes. We think - he came a cropper in Athens and very nearly nabbed a medal. I'll keep you posted.

0800: The dust is flying as the men's cross country mountain bike final gets under way - Oliver Beckingsale, world ranked 21, goes for Great Britain, as does Liam Killeen, who finished fifth in Athens four years ago.

0758: South Korea bag themselves the women's handball bronze medal after defeating Hungary 33-28 in the third place play-off. The final between Norway and Russia starts at 1100.

0753: Over to the footy stadium, where Lionel Messi and his Argentina team-mates are being presented with their gold medals. They beat Nigeria 1-0 in the final, and any fans of quality national anthems have got to be happy with that, Argentina's is a little corker. Fifa's head honcho Sepp Blatter dished out the bling.

0747: A quick round-up of the final day's action in the Bird's Nest: the women's high jump kicks off at 1200, just ahead of the men's javelin. Unfortunately, we've got Brits in neither. It's the men's 800m at 1230 - no Brits again - and the women's 1500m at 1250, with Lisa Drobriskey, who finished third in her heat, going for Team GB. At 1310 it's the men's 5000m - Britain's Mo Farah failed to qualify fo the final, and we finish with the women's and men's 4X400m finals - GB have interest in both.

Text in your views on 81111
"Poor Sarah Stevenson - next up reigning Chinese Olympic champion Chen Zhong [in the quarter-finals of the +67kg taekwondo]. I have more chance of pipping Usain Bolt over 100m."
Anon via text on 81111

0736: The final of the women's basketball has just kicked off according to my schedule - Australia are looking for their first ever Olympic gold medal and revenge against the United States, who beat them in the final in Athens.

0730: Morning all. Don't fret, we're almost there, but we'll coax a few more medals out of Team GB yet. Tim Brabants, the good doctor, who has written a prescription for sporting success at this Olympics (I didn't get much sleep last night), bids to become Great Britain's fourth multi-gold medal winner in the men's 500m kayak at 0830 BST. He took gold in the 1000m event yesterday, but he's face a tough battle against Canada's reigning world champion Adam van Koeverden today.

By Ollie Williams

0721: Right then. Ben Dirs is in the building and psyched for Tim Brabants' attempt at a second gold in an hour's time. I'm paddling home.

0717: A look at the medals table for athletics events alone shows Russia top with six golds, four silver and five bronze. Jamaica follow just behind with six golds, three silver and a bronze. Britain and Australia are tied for eighth with a gold, two silvers and a bronze each. Action at the Bird's Nest resumes with the women's high jump final from 1200 BST. Blanka Vlasic, Croatian world champion, is likely to be the centre of attention.

0714: China have wrapped up another medal, winning bronze in the women's volleyball with a 3-1 victory over Cuba.

0711: Gold for Argentina elevates them to 29th in the medal table, one silver medal behind North Korea. Nigeria are now joint 58th with Austria and Greece. Makes you appreciate 18 gold medals, doesn't it?

0705: Half time in the handball - Hungary lead South Korea 15-13.

0703: Just surfacing and wondering where the Olympic action will be today? The early news is that the GB men's hockey team beat South Korea to finish fifth overall, and Sarah Stevenson won her first taekwondo match, but now faces the Chinese double Olympic champion at 0845 BST. For all the British medal chances - and where the Russians can earn golds in the race for third - check out the link below.

0700: China are 19-15 up and leading two sets to one against Cuba in the women's indoor volleyball bronze play-off. Hungary lead South Korea 12-11 after 26 minutes in the women's handball bronze medal game.

0657: Some people on 606 have been talking about wanting a DVD of these Games. They won't want that match on it, as Argentina grind out a thoroughly tedious 1-0 win. Doesn't matter when you've got gold medals around your necks, does it? Silver for Nigeria, of course.

Gold medal
0654: Argentina spurn a clear goalscoring opportunity in favour of Lavezzi taking the ball to the corner flag.

0653: Off comes Messi, who has been the difference for my money, replaced by Ezequiel Lavezzi.

0651: FIVE minutes of additional time. Groans from all except the Nigerian supporters. Where did they get that from?

Get involved on 606
0650: "Argentina's Gago is the player of the match for me. His defensive masterclass in the midfield has kept this game locked."
onithor on 606

0648: The stretcher is on for Argentina goalscorer Angel Di Maria - not through injury, mind you. Di Maria sinks to the floor with something resembling exhaustion or heat stroke, and is taken off. Ever Banega replaces him.

0645: Everton man Victor Anichebe almost - almost - pokes the ball past Argentina's Sergio Romero, but the keeper makes a fine save. Five minutes of normal time remain.

0643: Argentina are trying everything in the book to delay the game and kill off vital seconds in the heat. Our Hungarian referee responds with two yellow cards.

0641: The baseball has finally hit the buffers. The US triumph 8-4 over Japan in a game riddled with errors, but it's enough for the Americans to take bronze. Cuba take on South Korea for gold at 1100 BST.

0639: Victor Obinna cracks a shot over the bar after a Nigerian long throw causes chaos in the Argentine box. It's end-to-end now.

0636: This game is really opening up now, despite the heat. Fifteen minutes left and both teams should have scored in the last few moments.

0635: Beautiful through ball from Messi on the counter-attack following sustained Nigerian pressure - only a last-gasp tackle stops that being a tap-in second for Argentina.

0633: Nigeria go close with a shot that fizzes past the far post. In the baseball, which stubbornly refuses to end, we have had something like seven fouls in a row.

0631: Another drinks break in the football. While we're waiting, take a look at the amazing photos people have been sending back to BBC Sport from Beijing.

0628: Temperatures inside the stadium are reported to have reached 42 degrees Celsius (108 in Fahrenheit), which makes the slow tempo a little more understandable. But still, the hockey players - no more than a stone's throw from the football - were scurrying around in a frenzy by comparison.

0625: "We need Anichebe up front," says onithor on 606. Lo and behold, Victor Anichebe is introduced for Solomon Okoronkwo and nearly gets a goal with his first touch for Nigeria, but Argentina still lead.

0623: Cuba have levelled up their indoor volleyball women's bronze medal game against China. It's one set each and 5-3 to China in the third.

0619: GOAL!!! Finally! Angel Di Maria lifts an exquisite lob from the edge of the box to beat the onrushing Nigerian goalkeeper. The ball nestles into the back of the net and the crowd, woken from 58 minutes and 17 seconds of slumber, applaud a cracking finish. Hopefully Nigeria will go after this one now. Argentina 1-0 Nigeria.

0614: Our only hope for salvation from the humdrum baseball and football is the women's handball bronze medal match, starting in around 15 minutes. South Korea, who staged a sit-in protest when Norway won their semi thanks to a controversial last-second goal, take on Hungary.

0610: Argentina erupt briefly into life, but a speculative shot is punched well clear by the Nigerian keeper. Forty minutes of this to go.

0607: This baseball game is interminable. I swear we've been in the bottom of the seventh for the last two hours. The US still lead Japan 8-4. Between this and the football... it's not quite BMX and open water swimming, is it?

0604: British medal hopes continue when the men's mountain biking finishes, which will be some time after 0930 BST. Liam Killeen and Oli Beckingsale go in that. And our boxing man Ben Dirs will be shepherding the live text later, which makes him ideally placed to see James DeGale fight Cuba's Emilio Correa Bayeaux for middleweight gold at 1346 BST.

0559: A reminder that Britain's opening gold medal prospect on Saturday is Tim Brabants. The good doctor goes in the K1 500m kayaking at 0830 BST, having won the 1000m event.

0555: Cuba are playing China in the women's indoor volleyball. China are a set up but 4-1 down in the second - this match decides bronze. The US play Brazil in the final at 1300 BST.

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0552: "I've seen a higher standard of football in the Blue Square North than this rubbish. Lionel who?"
Chris in London via text on 81111

Get involved on 606
0549: "Last Man Standing is excellent - I ignored it first time round and caught up with it later on late night BBC Three - International Toe Lopping Off is the new baseball."
ForzaVerona on 606
That's a recommendation, then. I think Shanaze Reade's already in the world's top five at that.

0546: Argentina almost take the lead with a sweet strike from the far edge of the box, and then a teasing, low Mascherano cross nearly causes chaos. However, Nigeria hold out and at half time it's 0-0. Not the finest footballing spectacle so far.

0543: There has recently been much discussion about new Olympic sports - the carnage in the BMX and open water swimming, sports that could become the "new" modern pentathlon, etc etc. The producer of BBC3 series Last Man Standing, not one to miss a trick, has been in touch. His series focuses on sending a team of "athletes" to try out obscure tribal sports in the world's most remote regions. I haven't had a chance to watch any of the videos yet, so kindly have a look and let me know what you think.

0540: "It has been an amazing journey for me this past week. I have been training so hard because to come back after the synchro, I really wanted to put in a good performance."
Tom Daley, who's in the diving final

"It just didn't go my way. I dived well yesterday and I knew it was going to be a bit more of a struggle this morning but I didn't think it was going to be like that."
Pete Waterfield, who isn't

0537: If you're keen to follow British taekwondo's Sarah Stevenson in her quarter-final, I can tell you she'll be on at 0845 BST, fighting China's double Olympic champion, Chen Zhong. Chen won in Sydney and Athens so it's a tough ask, but somebody's got to end her run sooner or later.

"I am not fazed. I have lots of support in the crowd and I will just stick to my game plan and look for the win."
Sarah Stevenson

0534: Nigeria have a decent 60-second spell, sending a low cross flashing across the six-yard box with nobody there to convert.

0533: The footballers take a drinks break, which isn't something you see too often - but then the game is being played as though they've got five days to get a result, so they might as well treat it like a test match. Still 0-0 between Nigeria and Argentina, with 33 minutes gone.

Get involved on 606
0531: "Doesn't a 5-2 win in the hockey warrant a up arrow thingy?"
EnglandExpats on 606
In a fifth and sixth place play-off? I did give it thought. In hindsight, perhaps they deserved one. Next time.

0529: At the baseball, the US strike a two-run double followed by a two-run homer to open up a four-run lead over Japan as the fifth inning comes to a close, 8-4 the score.

0527: I mentioned the cost of London's eight-minute handover earlier. I've now seen the figure confirmed as 2,500,000. A reminder that this money buys us a bus, a privet hedge, the sound of the shipping forecast, Leona Lewis, David Beckham, and the bloke from Led Zeppelin. And a size five ball for Becks to kick, I suppose. It had better be an incredibly good ball.

0524: 5-2 to Britain, and that's how it finishes, so Britain's men finish their hockey tournament in fifth, South Korea in sixth.

0522: And Korea, sensing I might be able to go for a minute without mentioning hockey, make it 4-2, but that won't help them now. Meanwhile Messi goes down in the box but the ref is having none of it - possibly a decent penalty shout, looking at the replay.

0520: Earlier I may have implied the hockey players were taking it easy in their fifth and sixth place play-off. Watching the men's football final has put that into some perspective. The hockey players are Roadrunners to Olympic football's Wile E. Coyotes. The footballers are barely moving.

0518: It's now 4-1 in the hockey, Jonty Clarke adding another one for GB against Korea. Five minutes left.

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0516: "Not only is Maradona at the football, he is everywhere Argentina play - football, women's hockey and basketball. And the Argentine Olympians can't get enough. Being in Buenos Aires, it is all I see live."
hyflyer on 606

0514: Everybody looks very, very warm at the football. This is being played at what could generously be deemed a slow tempo.

0511: Juan Riquelme sends a free kick into orbit in the football - still 0-0, nothing otherwise of note in the opening 10 minutes. Over at the baseball, the US and Japan a

Text 81111
(with "OLYMPICS" as first word - UK users only)

At-a-glance medals table

Sunday, 24 August 2008 10:17 UK
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL
1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
7 South Korea 13 10 8 31
8 Japan 9 6 10 25
9 Italy 8 10 10 28
10 France 7 16 17 40

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