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Olympics day 12 as it happened

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By Caroline Cheese

1622: Time to go otherwise we'll never have time to watch today's highlights before tomorrow starts. Thursday's highlights: Shanaze Reade in the BMX final, David Davies in 10km swimming madness, Phillips Idowu a-hop, a-skip and a-jumping, the footie final between Brazil and USA and Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson in the Star sailing. They're second going into the final event. Don't forget the footie later: England v Czech Republic. Fletch is your host on the BBC website.
Where Britain's medals will be won
Schedule - Thursday 21 August

1616: I've got a tear in my eye. 'Rat and Ben' of Team GB have just texted from the Olympic Village. "Proud to be British," they say. Proud of you, Rat and Ben, whoever you may be. By the way, if the Queen counted up all the medals from countries of which she is head of state, she'd have 99. Well done Your Maj.

1612: "Re 1556: Chunky's interview was good, but the gold for best post-race interview has got to go to Bryony Shaw this morning. Fantastic!"
Chris, Ringwood, via text on 81111
Video (UK only) - Bryony blubs

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1610: "I love Usain Bolt! So funny and bonkers! Lovely to see a top sprinter who can smile and be human before as well as after their event. Magic."
Phil via text on 81111

1607: "This is more than I can handle really, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I didn't think a 200m record was on because I felt tired after the heats. But I told everyone I was going to come out here and leave everything on the track and I did just that. I've proved I'm a true champion and that you can do anything you want with hard work. Am I ready for the attention that will follow? I'm getting there!"
New 100m and 200m Olympic champion and world record holder Usain Bolt

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1601: "Poor Michael Phelps! He takes 8 days becoming the first athlete ever to win eight golds at the same games and all anyone will remember is some lad from Jamaica with 28.99 seconds worth of work under his belt! Simply incredible, thank you Usain Bolt."
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1556: And to think they called me a medal repellent. I make that two medals on my watch. Not bad. James 'Chunky' DeGale guaranteed himself at least bronze in the middleweight boxing earlier today - and he deserves gold for his post-match interview. See if you can watch it without smiling. Go on... (only if you're a UK user though)
Video - DeGale interview
Olympics blog - It's Chunky time

1556: "Oh my goodness, I'm just pleased beyond measure. I'm so thrilled. It's been probably the worst - and now the best - year of my whole life. I knew it was there but getting all the pieces to fit at the right time is an art and it's finally happening for me! I've had Achilles problems, hamstring problems, lots more than that… but the selectors know what I'm about, they know I can get to finals, and now I've proven I can win medals. To do a PB on top of that - even though it still doesn't represent what I can really run - I'm just so pleased!"
400m hurdles bronze medallist Natasha Danvers

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1553: "I thought Bolt had shown us the greatest example of sprinting in the 100m final but less than a week later he's gone and bettered it with that performance. No way do these words do it justice but that was simply breathtaking."
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1550: "My days. At desk with calculator. Bolt was going at 23.181 miles per hour, that's faster than I was driving to work!"
Tom in Nottingham, via text on 81111

1547: No flies on our multimedia department. Quicker than Usain Bolt running 200m, they've produced the video of, er, Usain Bolt running 200m. UK users only, remember.
Video - Bolt smashes 200m world record

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1542: She's the new Sally Gunnell! Tasha Danvers wraps herself up in a beautiful Union Jack and goes on a lap of honour. Not sure she can quite believe this. Have some more Brit up arrows. Go on.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1542: Well, well. That's a bit of an unexpected boost. Tasha Danvers produces a bold run to clinch bronze in the women's 400m hurdles in a personal best time of 53.84 seconds. Danvers is closing on Sheena Tosta at the finish but not quite quick enough and the American takes silver behind Jamaican Melaine Walker . Incredible five minutes for Jamaica.


1537: They're playing 'Happy Birthday' to Usain Bolt, who turns 22 tomorrow. The Jamaican becomes the first man to win the sprint double at an Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984. Bet Lewis didn't break two world records in the process though he did he? Absolutely mind-blowing. How do you follow that? Why, with the women's 400m hurdles final, of course.

1534: "At the end we all just looked at each other in shock, I mean what can you say about Usain's run? Unbelievable. For me, I didn't run particularly great and I didn't really give myself a chance on the bend. Still, I'll take the good from these finals - I'm injury-free for one - and I can get better than this. Usain will have a bad day some time and I'm improving, so I'm looking forward to next season."
Britain's Christian Malcolm after finishing sixth in the 200m

1533: And more drama from that 200m. American Wallace Spearmon thinks he has snatched bronze and is halfway around the track celebrating with the Stars and Stripes before he realises he is disqualified for running out of his lane. Fellow American Shawn Crawford moves into the medal placings. Churandy Martina takes silver.

Gold medal
1529: "Unbelievable. That was even better then the 100m because he used every single ounce of energy. He wanted that world record. It wasn't about beating anyone else because he was way ahead. Congratulations Usain Bolt."
Former 200m world record holder Michael Johnson

1524: Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Usain Bolt absolutely demolishes the field - and it's a new world record of 19.30 seconds (what was that you were saying Michael?) Who was second and third? They're still finishing I think.


1520: What does Usain Bolt do for the cameras at the start line? Well of course, he strokes his head with each hand with increasing speed. Of course.

1514: Interesting. Michael Johnson himself doesn't think Usain Bolt will break the world record. He predicts a 19.5.

1514: Six minutes until Usain Bolt goes for the sprint double. Will he run to the line? Will he break Michael Johnson's world record of 19.32secs? I am too excited...

1513: "It's brilliant to be racing in this company, to be honest. I need more races like this to get used to it all, the conditions and everything, so I can feel more comfortable in future. But I've learned a lot about the rounds and basically what it takes to compete at this level, so I'm pleased."
Britain's Emily Freeman after the 200m semis

1510: Strong words from Kelly Sotherton after the earlier news that heptathlon silver medallist Liudmyla Blonska failed a drugs test - for the second time. "I'm totally not surprised by the news. I've been saying all along that she got caught doping when she was scoring 6300, how can she not be doping and scoring 6800?"
Full story - Blonska fails drug test

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1504: As expected, British hope Emily Freeman finds the going tough in the second women's 200m semi. Quick finish but she's seventh. Allyson Felix, Sherone Simpson, Cydonie Mothersill and Marshevet Hooker the qualifiers for tomorrow's final.

1459: The women's hockey final will be between the top-ranked Netherlands and hosts China after the Dutch thrash Argentina 5-2 in the second semi, to the delight of hundreds of orange-clad supporters in the crowd. Maartje Pauman with a hat-trick.

1458: Jamaica really are the British cycling team of sprinting. Veronica Campbell-Brown wins that first semi ahead of fellow Jamaican Kerron Stewart, American Muna Lee and Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie of the Bahamas.

1454: But right now, it's the women's 200m semis. First four to go through. Britain's Emily Freeman in the second.

1450: Half an hour until Bolt o'clock.

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1449: "Stuck in office but seems the Russians are climbing the medal table. Can't we cycle round the running track, or sail the water-jump?"
Anon via text on 81111

1448: News from the men's basketball quarter-finals where the USA's 'Redeem Team' complete a 116-85 victory over Australia, Kobe Bryant with 25 points.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1446: Head in hands for Steve Lewis as he fails for the third time at 5.45m in pole vault qualifying. With a PB of 5.71m, he'll be massively disappointed with that - and his Games are over already.

1443: A huge roar goes up at the Bird's Nest. Has there been a Liu Xiang-sized miracle? No. The fuss is for Liu's compatriot Shi Dongpeng in the second 110m hurdles semi. But Shi misses out on the final by two one-hundedths of a second despite the crowd's attempts to blow him down the track. Agony. American David Oliver wins ahead of Artur Noga, Jackson Quinonez and Maurice Wignall.

1440: Britain's Steve Lewis appears to have passed at both 5.15m and 5.30m in the men's pole vault qualifying. With a personal best of 5.71m we have to presume he's keeping his powder... er, pole, dry for now.

1438: There's our first view of Usain Bolt today. He is sitting in the corner of the warm-up area, biting his nails and sobbing. My mistake. He's jogging around the track without a care in the world. Cool as a cucumber.

1434: Cuban world record holder and title favourite Dayron Robles eases through the first 110m hurdles semi. He doesn't look all that happy though. The other qualifiers: David Payne, Ladji Doucore and Richard Phillips.

1431: "Re 1420: Well said, Brendan Foster."
Anon via text on 81111

1428: 110m hurdles semis on the track now. Expect the home crowd to shut their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears.

1426: Now then, I must admit I thought Sarah's dad was joking (see 1257) but it turns out there is such a thing as a pea flavoured ice lolly in China. Here's a mole in Beijing with more: "I had something similar outside the Bird's Nest the other day (good grief I hope it was actually the right sort of pea) and they were rancid. Made me pine for a good old Mr Freeze. Mind you wasn't as bad as watching work colleagues crunching on a sheep's' wotsit, scorpions and a seahorse(!) at Beijing's 'Snack Street' last week. Yuck."

1424: Considerably less high-fiving from the Aussie basketball men after they end the third quarter 89-61 down to the US. Ouch.

1423: "Listen, the dream's coming true, it's becoming reality. I'm doing my thing, man, hitting and moving, keeping my guard high, maintaining focus, it's all good - I'm good at this! I know I've got a losing record against (semi-final opponent Darren) Sutherland (4-1), but it'll be different this time. I'm going to hit and move, not stay static, and combat him right with the tactics. Hopefully now I can go on and win the gold."
British middleweight James DeGale

BBC Sport
1420: Blimey. BBC Sport analyst Brendan Foster is in a right old two and eight about the state of British men's middle and long-distance running. "I just feel so disappointed. I'm sick of hearing of all the young athletes coming through. It's really poor."

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1416: Every silver lining has a cloud though. Mo Farah will not run in the 5000m final. Among those who go into the final with high hopes of silverware are double Olympic 10,000m champion Kenenisa Bekele and his brother Tariku, Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge, the bronze medallist four years ago in Athens, world bronze medallist Moses Kipsiro and world champion Bernard Lagat. But American Matthew Tegenkamp trumped them all in qualifying - he was the fastest man in 13:37.36. New 1500m champion Rashid Ramzi had threatened to double up in the 5,000m but did not show up on the starting lane.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1413: Stacie Powell pulls a rabbit out of the hat in the final round to qualify 14th for tomorrow's semi-finals, joining Tonia Couch, who finished two places ahead of her synchro partner. China remain on course for diving clean sweep after Chen Ruolin and Wang Xin finished first and second in the prelims.

Gold medal
1409: And in the women's hammer final, Belarusian Aksana Miankova's penultimate throw of 76.34m pushed Cuba's Yipsi Moreno into silver medal position. China's Zhang Wenxiu took a surprise bronze.

Gold medal
1407: Earlier on, Guillermo Perez won Mexicos's first gold of the Games with victory over Yulis Gabriel Mercedes of the Dominican Republic in the final of the men's -58kg taekwondo. Mercedes's silver is his country's first medal in Beijing.

1405: And another thing... the 200m final, featuring Christian Malcolm going to head-to-head with Usain Bolt, is at 1520 BST.

1401: Right, let's clear something up and hopefully save any more people texting in. Both losers in the boxing semi-finals win bronze. Ireland won't appear on the medal table until we know whether their three boxers have won bronze, silver or gold. If all three win gold, Ireland would be 18th on the medal table as it stands.

1359: "I felt good my training had gone well but I'm so disappointed because the Olympics only come round every four years and it's every athlete's dream to run at them. I gave it 100%. Those guys are a lot quicker than me so you have to use tactics but it didn't quite happen."
Mo Farah after being run out of his 5000m semi

1354: "Re 1346: DeGale and Sutherland have fought five times. Sutherland has won four out of five but DeGale did win the most recent bout. It is safe to say that they are not friends! Didn't shake hands after a recent bout and it's always explosive..."
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1354: Australia will have to settle for bronze in the softball after losing a tense game 4-3 in the 12th inning against Japan. Japan face the United States in the gold medal game.

1352: No no no. Mo Farah is at the front of the pack when the bell goes in his 5000m semi-final but he fades dramatically on the final lap and finishes sixth. The top four go through and three fastest losers - so he'll have to wait and see.

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1350: "Great performance from DeGale in his quarter-final. That was almost perfect there, didn't allow himself to get hit by too many shots, kept himself moving and picked off the Kazahkstani fighter with some lovely punches. Deserved victory and great to see the boxers who could make their weight doing us proud. Who needs Frankie Gavin...?"
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1346: James DeGale faces Ireland's Darren Sutherland in Friday's middleweight boxing semi-finals from 0630 BST. The winner will fight for gold on Saturday.

1345: Heading into the final round at the diving and Tonia Couch lies seventh in the women's 10m platform and Stacie Powell 19th - with only the top 18 going into tomorrow's semis.

1343: Meanwhile at the Bird's Nest, Britain's Mo Farrah is on the track in the 5000m semis.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1340: James 'Chunky' DeGale is dancing in the ring after a tactically perfect performance against defending champion Bakhiyar Artayev. He was ahead all the way in an 8-3 win and guarantees Britain their third boxing medal.


1338: GOLD - Aksana Miankova, Belarus (women's hammer)

1335: For fear of cursing him, I'm not going to tell you how James DeGale is getting on until it's over. OK?

1333: GOLD - Mexico (Men's -58kg taekwondo)

1332: "We've a good team, you know we're not a bad little country for fighting! We've really really hard and deserve our place in the sunshine right now."
Ireland boxing coach Billy Walsh

1329: Back to the boxing and here's British middleweight James DeGale up against the 2004 Olympic champion Bakhiyar Artayev. Tough.

1328: Hoops now... Australia's men celebrate like they've won gold after finishing the first quarter just 25-24 down against the US.

1325: More from the diving and it's an excellent performance by the Brits so far. With the fourth round already under way, Tonia Couch is 15th, Stacie Powell 18th, but they are yet to go.

1323: Top man. Darren 'The Dazzler' Sutherland completely outboxes Alfonso Blanco Parra to win Ireland's third medal of the Games. It's an annihilation in fairness - 11-1. He joins light-flyweight Paddy Barnes and light-heavyweight Kenny Egan in the semis. Those three are now certain of at least bronze.

Gold medal
1318: World champion Wu Jingyu becomes Olympic champion after victory over the unfancied - but brilliantly-named - Buttree Puedpong of Thailand in the women's -48kg taekwondo final. Bronze medals to Cuba's Daynellis Monteo and Dalia Contreras Rivero of Venezuela.

1315: GOLD - China (women's -48kg taekwondo)

1312: First up in the middleweight boxing, it's Ireland's Darren Sutherland against Alfonso Blanco Parra of Venezuela. Sutherland 3-0 up in the first.

1305: Kenyan Wilfred Bungei, who won silver in Athens, was the fastest qualifier through to the 800m semis in 1:44.90. He's always one of the favourites for the crown but never quite delivers at major championships. Safely through also went Kenya's world champion Alfred Yego, defending Olympic champion Russian Yuriy Borzakovskiy and Sudan's world number one Abubaker Kaki.

1301: Heads up for the Brits. Middleweight James DeGale is up against Bakhiyar Artayev of Kazakhstan at 1316 BST. Victory will earn him at least bronze - but he's not expected to win so I don't want any more jinx accusations coming my way.

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1257: "We're wending our way home after seven fantastic days in Beijing. Highlights were watching Becky win gold in a world record time and the Chinese support for Paula as she entered the Birds Nest, lowlights were the traffic, the automated flag hoisting with last minute 10-second mini-tornado. Oh and pea flavoured ice lollies! Roll on 2012."
Sarah's dad, via text on 81111
I'm jealous. I'd live on pea lollies for just a sniff of Beijing

1253: After two of five dives in the women's 10m platform, no surprise to see Chinese pair Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin leading the way. But who's that in 12th? It's only Tonia Couch of Great Britain! Magic. Stacie Powell moves up to 22nd. The top 18 qualify for tomorrow's semis.

1249: Some terrific news from the taekwondo where Rohullan Nikpai has won Afghanistan's first ever Olympic medal with bronze in the -58kg event. He earlier beat Britain's Michael Harvey - but I think we'll let him off now.

1243: Some quite hideous swimming costumes on display in this women's 10m platform diving. I'd be marking them down simply for poor fashion sense.

BBC Sport
1241: "Just heard Phelps' coach explain how it's done. Fascinating. I won a signed pic in the raffle too. Of Phelps, not him."
Matt Slater twittering on our Olympics blog
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1239: Hammer-time now and it's the women's final at the Bird's Nest. Three of them - including Germany's world champion Betty Heidler - have already found the side netting. Rubbish. Aksana Miankova is leading with 74.40m at the moment.

1235: "We've finished our journey for the Olympic Games, it's a shame."
Basketball superstar Yao Ming after China were beaten in the quarter-finals

1232: I bring good news, softball fans. It's now on the bottom stream of the multi-player for UK users.

1230: China reach the final of the women's hockey after coming from behind to beat Germany 3-2. Argentina v Netherlands in the other semi.

1225: Update from the diving where British pair Tonia Couch and Stacie Powell are bidding to qualify for the semis of the individual 10m platform. After the first of five dives, Couch is an encouraging 12th, but Stacie Powell lies 23rd. The top 18 qualify.

1225: "I didn't really want to lead, but I didn't go off like a hare and managed to control the pace so that I was ready to respond when those behind me sped up. I came through well, even though I don't feel fantastic after my recent illness, and the nerves will be gone in the semi-finals. I just hope to wake up 100% for those tomorrow."
Michael Rimmer after winning his 800m heat

1222: China have taken a 3-2 lead over Germany with less than 10 minutes remaining in a thrilling women's hockey semi-final. Tense times. The crowd are going berserk.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1217: I'd almost forgotten what that 'Brit up' graphic looked like. Terrific stuff from Michael Rimmer, overtaking two in the final straight to finish first in his 800m heat. Semi-finals tomorrow at 1230 BST.

1213: It's Rimmer-time. The third heat of the men's 800m is about to go. But potentially worrying news from the BBC's Steve Cram. Apparently, Rimmer had a stomach upset in the training camp in Macau so might not be fully fit.

1207: Judo. Remember that? Euan Burton - who had high hopes of a medal for GB - has given us the inside track on his Olympic disappointment. "Completely and utterly devastated," sums it up, I think.
Euan Burton blog

1200: Right, time to stop mucking about. The action at the Bird's Nest Stadium is about to get under way with the men's 800m heats, featuring Britain's Michael Rimmer. And over at the Water Cube, we'll have the women's individual 10m platform prelims, with Stacie Powell and Tonia Couch diving for GB. Top banana.

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1158: "There's a thrilling conclusion to the softball semi-final between Australia and Japan. Australia's only hope of staying in the match was to hit a home run... and they did! Gutsy effort there!"
Softball fan ColloRed on 606
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1149: The texters are wondering if Britain can protest about the Russian's tactics in the 10km swim earlier. Bronze medallist Cassie Patten accused winner Larisa Ilchenko of pulling her feet - but that's par for the course in marathon swimming I'm afraid. It's very much a dog eat dog situation. Plucky Welshman David Davies goes in the men's event tomorrow.
David Davies blogs on the 10km swim

Gold medal
1143: It's turning into a very good day for Russia as they seal their third gold, Buvaysa Saytiev beating Soslan Tigiev of Uzbekistan to win the final of men's 74kg freestyle wrestling. The bronzes were won by Murad Gaidarov of Belarus and Kiril Terziev of Bulgaria. Russia are now three golds behind Great Britain in the medal table. Yikes.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1141: Maybe they're right. Maybe I am a medal repellent. Michael Harvey loses his 58kg repechage fight in the taekwondo. Rohullah Nikpai goes on to fight for bronze after a 3-1 win. Harvey's only 18 though - 2012 beckons, my son.

1139: GOLD - Russia (74kg freestyle wrestling)

1138: Uh-oh. Wiggo's had a scrape. Bradley Wiggins celebrated his two gold medals by rolling on the bonnet of a taxi in Beijing. The driver was none too happy, but he calmed down when he was told the identity of the pesky Brit. The incident ended with Wiggo, with his two golds, posing for photos with the driver. Lovely.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1132: Hello. What's this? British teenager Michael Harvey is on the mat in the taekwondo repechage. An unexpected bonus. Who's he up against? It's only Rohullah Nikpai of Afghanistan.

1127: Lithuania ran away with their men's basketball quarter-final in the end, putting paid to the hosts' dreams of a medal with a 94-68 win. They'll face Spain in the semis.

1123: "I'm 26 - is it wrong that I quite fancy Lord Seb Coe?! Oh how my friends will mock."
Laura, London, via text on 81111

1119: Flood of texts asking why one player wears a different colour shirt to his team-mates in the volleyball. He's the libero, the defensive player responsible for digging up shots and setting up counter-attacks.

BBC Sport
1112: "Usain in the membrane, Usain in the brain."
BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce, Twittering on our Olympics blog
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1109: I'm not gonna lie to you. It looks gloomy for China in the men's basketball. They trail Lithuania 70-53 at the start of the fourth quarter of their quarter-final.

1104: "Re 1056: Softball's great once you get into it! It just isn't played much over here outside school and doesn't get much coverage so people are a bit perplexed! It's a bit like cricket - once you know what's going on it can be really exciting. Should be a great final tonight between the USA and whoever wins between Australia and Japan. They should have favoured ditching tennis over softball for 2012."
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Gold medal
1101: Some flesh for the bones of that wrestling gold medal earlier... Ramazan Sahin beat reigning world champion Andriy Stadnik 3-1 in a tightly contested men's 66kg freestyle final to hand Turkey their first gold medal of the Beijing Games - welcome to the party Turkey! Otar Tushishvili of Georgia won the first bronze by points over Cuba's Geandry Garzon, while India's Sushil Kumar claimed the second with an extra-time win over Leonid Spiridonov of Kazakhstan.

1056: "What is softball all about? They keep missing the tennis ball being thrown at them. My young daughter could do better with her Swingball set!"
Anon via text on 81111
Anyone care to launch a defence of softball?

1050: GOLD - Turkey (men's freestyle wrestling 66kg)

1046: Just joining us? WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? You've missed our British 10km swimmers winning silver and bronze in a brutal race which involved some feet-pulling tactics by the dastardly Russian gold medallist. And you missed Bryony Shaw blubbing like a baby after winning Britain's first ever medal (bronze) in women's windsurfing. Rule Britannia!
Video - Shaw has a Gwyneth Paltrow moment
Video - 10km swimming highlights

1039: Want to read a blog from Sir Christopher Hoy? Thought so. The man is a hero, simple as. "If I'd missed one training session, I would have lined up with doubt and fear in my mind. What would happen if I lost gold by one thousandths of a second, because there was a training session I skipped or didn't give my all to?"
Chris Hoy's BBC blog

1030: Defending champ Zhang Yining is up and running in the women's table tennis singles. She rubbished first-round opponent Viktoria Pavlovich 11-7, 11-2, 11-7, 11-5. "It was difficult," said Zhang, completely unconvincingly. China still on track for a ping pong clean sweep.

1022: Two quarters gone in the second men's basketball quarter-final and Lithuania lead China 36-28. The home crowd haven't lost faith though...

1018: "Re 1010: Schubert out of the hockey? That'll be music to the ears of the Spanish."
Stuart, Colchester, via text on 81111
That only got in because it's a bit quiet. Sorry.

1010: Bad news coming through for Australia, with the defending Olympic champions set to be without seasoned striker Grant Schubert in their men's hockey semi-final against Spain tomorrow after he suffered a ligament tear in his right knee in Tuesday's 3-3 draw with Great Britain. Andrew Smith will replace him.

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1007: "Re 0945: Can someone ask Phelps if he'd like to swap his eight golds for eight of our bronzes? As they're worth the same and all..."
Sam, London, via text on 81111

1003: BREAKING NEWS... Heptathlon silver medallist Lyudmila Blonska has failed a drugs test for a prohibited substance. BBC Radio 5 Live sports news correspondent Gordon Farquhar understands the 30-year-old has not yet had her 'B' sample tested but, if it matches her 'A' sample, it is likely she will be expelled from the Games in the next 24 hours and the event's medals re-awarded accordingly. Britain's Kelly Sotherton finished fifth overall, so even if Blonska is expelled she will not move up into the medal positions.

1000: Lordy, China are leading now! They are the underdogs here... Elsewhere, the people of Britain seem to be suddenly obsessed with the medal table now we're actually doing quite well in it. According to Channel 4, if the table were calculated by population, Slovenia would be top ahead of Jamaica, with Australia sixth and Britain 17th - although they have worked it out by giving three points for gold, two for silver etc.

0952: UK users, I suggest you exercise your index finger to click on the basketball stream. Lithuania, where the national sport is basketball, lead 12-6 in the first quarter against the Yao Ming-inspired hosts. Absolutely electric atmosphere.

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0949: "Why does the women's beach volleyball get all the publicity?! I'm quite enjoying the view of the men's! Although it is quite reminiscent of Top Gun..."
Anon via text on 81111

0945: Someone over on 606 just called me a 'medal repellent'. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I don't have feelings you know? Never mind, I'm going to bounce back with some info for Anon (see below). The IOC's medal table ranks countries by the number of golds won but the United States have always ranked by total medals won, hence in their table, the US leads China by two despite having won far fewer golds. Britain are fourth.

0941: "Why do all the US news channels calculate the medal table by total number of medals won? Is it because it puts them top that way, or have we been getting it wrong all this time?"
Anon via text on 81111

0935: Shanaze Reade goes in the BMX semis and (hopefully) final tomorrow after qualifying second fastest in today's heats. The 19-year-old bit some dirt on her first run but bounced back in the second. Here's Speedy Ready: "Mentally I was prepared, but then I did it and I washed out. I don't know why I fell. We looked at the video and it's just one of those things, that's BMX. It didn't affect me. I'm hurt a little bit now, but I'm also excited."

Gold medal
0928: Let's tidy up that synchro swimming result shall we? Russian pair Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Ermakova successfully defended their duet title after a perfect free routine, set to the Peer Gynt Suite. It was magical. You really should have seen it. Silver for Spain, bronze for Japan.

0920: Hoops... The Wukesong Stadium is packed to the rafters for the second men's quarter-final of the day which sees hosts China take on Lithuania. Huge. Spain saw off Croatia 72-59 in the opening game, superstar centre Pau Gasol chipping in with 20 points.

0917: The results from the 1000m kayaking semi-finals are in. Britain's Tim Brabants watched those races with his feet up after moving straight into the final from the heats. And he'll be happy with the qualifying times from the semis - they're all slowcoaches compared to Bullet Brabants. The final is on Friday at 0830 BST.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0908: Boom! Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson finished sixth in their final preliminary Star race, leaving them a tempting two points behind leaders Sweden. They only need to finish in the top eight in tomorrow's medal race to win a medal.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0858: Someone just texted in to ask how the Star boys are doing over at the sailing. I think Ollie mentioned this earlier, but just because it gives me what I fear will be a rare opportunity to use a 'Brit up' graphic today, I'll tell you. British pair Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson lie second after nine races, three points off the lead and miles ahead of the third-placed Brazilians. There's one more race to go today before the double-your-money medal race tomorrow.

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0850: "Re 0754: Guys, sorry for the loss of windsurfing but it meant it was our first Olympic medal and take my word we were desperate."
An Israeli via text on 81111

0844: We've hit one of those lulls in the action. I miss the velodrome already. Still, let's formulate a plan for later... the athletics begins at 1200 BST. Highlights today: Usain Bolt (and Christian Malcolm) in the 200m final at 1520 BST, women's 400m hurdles final (including Natasha Danvers) at 1535 BST. At the Workers' Gymnasium, British welterweight James DeGale will guarantee himself a medal if he beats Bakhiyar Artayev of Kazakhstan at 1316 BST. And Tonia Couch goes for Britain in the women's 10m platform diving prelims from 1200 BST.

0836: I have officially removed BMX-ing from the list of Olympic sports I might take up ahead of 2012. Britain's Liam Phillips dislocated his shoulder while twisting his body to get round a bend. He still finished seventh in his third quarter-final run but it wasn't good enough for a place in the semis. "I'm absolutely gutted," said Phillips, not unreasonably.

Text in your views on 81111
0828: "This has been my favourite day of the Olympics so far. The 10k swim and the BMX racing are brilliant. All Olympic sports should endanger the competitors in some way. Great stuff."
Chris, supporting Team GB, in your collective faces Aussies

0825: Steve Ovett. Legend. Here's his thoughts on American Sanya Richards, who hit a brick wall down the final straight of the 400m yesterday: "She's not up to the task. Simple as that."

0822: It seems I may have misled you on the softball. Australia will play Japan for the right to face the US for the gold medal. The loser of that match gets bronze.

Text in your views on 81111
0819: "Re 0804: Perhaps we should apply the mercy rule to the Aussies? Or is that a little too much?!"
Anon via text on 81111

0815: I've got something to cheer us up after Nick Dempsey's medal agony. BMX-ers! Falling off!! Radical!!!
Video - Best of the BMX crashes (UK only)

0810: And in the softball, Australia guarantee themselves at least a silver with a 5-3 win over Canada in their semi-final clash. They will face the United States in the final, after the Americans' 4-1 defeat of Japan. Big boost for the Aussies that. They've slipped down to fifth in the medal table today, two places behind Britain. The shame.

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0808: "The girls doing the synchronised swimming are totally glamorous!!! And why isn't there a synchronised swimming event for men? Phelps should surely be allowed to add to his eight."
xxrazorsharpxx on 606
Join the debate on 606

0804: Just done some research on this 'mercy rule' (many thanks, wikipedia). Apparently, it's sometimes known as the slaughter rule and is most common in baseball and softball when one team is so far ahead of the other, the game is effectively over as a contest.

0801: A quick baseball update, and Cuba have crushed home nation China 17-1 - with the trouncing called to a halt in the seventh inning under the sport's mercy rule. Ouch. Cuba will now face with the USA or Japan in the semi-finals, with South Korea the other nation still in the mix for medals.

0759: Sarah Ayton had a bet with her fiance Nick Dempsey that whoever didn't win gold in Beijing would have to take the other's name when they get married in September. I can't imagine now would be a good time for Ayton - who won gold with the Yngling crew - to remind Dempsey of that.

0754: I feel I must apologise. Since I left this seat on Friday, it's been raining medals for Great Britain. The minute I return: doom. Israel's Shahar Zubari begins the celebrations after snatching bronze. Nick Dempsey has got to be absolutely gutted.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0751: Agony. Nick Dempsey puts in a burst of pace at the end to try to overtake France's of Julien Bontemps but to no avail. The Israeli finishes second to snatch bronze, New Zealand's Tom Ashley takes gold ahead of Bontemps. Dempsey, in silver medal position before this race, is fourth.

0744: Nick Dempsey moves up a place to sixth at the second mark but with the Israeli in second, he's got an awful lot of work to do to get in the medals - and this is only a one-lap race.

0739: The Frenchman is off! Oh, he's back on again now, but he has lost ground. Nick Dempsey need to waggle his sail with all his might because he is seventh and the Israeli is third which means the Brit lies fourth as it stands. "A long way to go," says the calming voice of Shirley Robertson on the BBC.

0738: Panic not, rambon (see below). Apparently, it was the Greek sailor that was over the line and should have returned. Thank heavens.

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0737: "The French are saying that Dempsey seemed to anticipate the start and that there is a surfer who should have returned to the start but didn't. Should I be worried?"
rambon on 606
Join the debate on 606

0733: France - in the shape of Julien Bontemps - are out in front, ahead of New Zealand's Tom Ashley, with Nick Dempsey third. If it stays like that, that will be the final 1-2-3.

0730: Drama already. The hooter goes to start the windsurfers but another toot of the horn indicates someone was over the line. I'm not sure what it all means, but the man on the telly reckons someone will be disqualified - but we don't know who. Grrrr.

0727: Lovely work Ollie. Time for school now, young fella. Right then, the countdown is under way at Qingdao and the men's windsurfers - including Nick Dempsey - will be off and away in a minute.

By Ollie Williams

0722: And with Jack's spirited request that more British Olympians lose the plot on live television, I bid you farewell for the day. I'm back for the early action on Thursday. I leave you in the capable hands of the Victoria Pendleton to my Jason Kenny, Caroline Cheese.

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0719: "When I crossed the finish line in the London Marathon I broke down and cried (I swore a bit as well) - my medal, my achievement - our medallists can cry as much as they like, as can those that have achieved national records or personal bests - well done!"
Jack in Teddington via text on 81111

0716: By the way, before the Games I interviewed the former chief of the Italian Olympic Committee, who keeps a big chart projecting all the results. He came up with 18 golds, 10 silver and 20 bronze for GB, meaning fourth place overall. Oh, how they laughed. I'm starting to think my Italian friend's stats are coming good...

Get involved on 606
0713: "I've just got this nagging feeling that if we are too cocky about our current form, we could all have egg on our faces in London."
tedgroover on 606

0706: You know what, I've got even more good news from the sailing. Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson finished second for GB in race nine of the Star class, so they're three points back from the Swedish boat in the race for gold, with two races remaining. In the Tornado, second and third for GB in today's two races has seen the British boat mount a late charge for bronze - they're 11 points off it with two races left. And Nick Dempsey's about to go in the men's windsurfing, currently lying in silver position with one race left.

Text in your views on 81111
0702: "My daughter can cry loudly too. How do we register her for the London 2012 games?"
Mark in Guildford via text on 81111

Harsh, Mark. Very harsh.

Text in your views on 81111
0700: "If Shanaze Reade can bounce back on her bike after a fall like that, how come certain footballers need an entire trauma team after being fouled?"
Steve in Edinburgh via text on 81111

0658: "I am just so happy. It was such a hard race and I had such a hard week. It's the best thing in the world.

"I love my mum and dad so much, they are so supportive. And my boyfriend Greg. My coach Tom is such a legend. I am so (unacceptable word for morning television) happy.

"I just wanted to sail as fast as I could. Well done to the Chinese and Italian girls, they have raced so well this week. I am so happy to be among the medals. It's unreal, I am just so happy."
A happy Bryony Shaw, GB windsurfing bronze medallist

BBC Sport
0654: "That was like Gwyneth Paltrow but with genuine emotion."
BBC presenter Adrian Chiles

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0652: And there's an incredibly emotional Bryony Shaw, absolutely breaking down in floods of tears on live television. And then she swears monumentally but we'll forgive her that, she's just won an Olympic medal for crying out loud.

0650: With a bit of luck that bronze medal will jump-start the ailing BBC medal table. Touch wood. Or touch gold, silver or bronze, seeing as Brits seem to have a greater supply of that stuff.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
0647: Bryony Shaw wins bronze, Britain's first ever women's windsurfing medal, finishing second in her medal race. Italy's Alessandra Sensini took silver behind China's Jian Yin.

Gold medal

0644: It looks like Italy, then GB, then China in the windsurfing medal race, which means gold for China, silver for Italy and bronze for Bryony Shaw if my maths is right.

0642: "It doesn't bother me in the least, it is the Olympics and the best athlete wins. How can I just stop and let another athlete win and let another girl take my medal? I worked as hard as any other girl and I don't think it's unfair."
Larisa Ilchenko, open water swim gold medallist, continues to endear herself to British supporters after Cassie Patten suggested there'd been a little argy-bargy

0640: Oh Lordy. The Spanish competitor looks like she's signalling for an infringement by Shaw as the two go around a marker and clash boats. It's a red flag from the judges! But the Spanish sailor is the one penalised! Shaw carries on. Spain's Marina Alabau has to go back and complete a penalty turn around the marker.

0638: If Bryony Shaw does get a bronze, it'll be GB's first ever women's windsurfing medal, and their fifth overall in Qingdao for this Games. At the moment, she's still on for it.

0633: Hang on, now everybody thinks it's going to be bronze. Nearly at the finish - don't forget we'll do this all again in about half an hour with Nick Dempsey in the men's version.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0630: ALL sorts of excitement now, because it looks like Bryony can win gold, since the leading Chinese woman is having a bit of a 'mare. My heart isn't quite pumping to open water swimming levels yet (and if you missed that final, you missed a treat), but could GB really pluck another gold out of the Qingdao water?

0627: Bryony Shaw has barely any chance of beating China's Jian Yin to gold, but right now she's ahead of her Italian rival and chasing silver.

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"Come on Bryony, bring another medal back to Weymouth."
ooozzie on 606

0625: If you missed the BMX earlier, you can find a report on the site which explains all. Essentially, Shanaze Reade fell off but recovered and made it through, but Liam Phillips didn't.

0623: Quick break from the sailing to tell you that Eastern European and central Asian countries are dominating the men's 74kg freestyle wrestling. Uzbekistan's Soslan Tigiev and Russia's Buvaysa Saytiev advanced to the final after beating their rivals in the semis - Murad Gaidarov of Belarus and Bulgaria's Kiril Terziev respectively.

0619: Bryony Shaw could do with getting ahead of Italy's Alessandra Sensini in the early stages of her medal race.

0617: Earlier we heard about the New Zealand coach banished from a hockey game because his players were wearing the wrong underwear (see 0314). It turns out the Brits have been naughty as well. High jumper Tom Parsons broke the dress code to wear his lucky Aston Villa socks at Tuesday's final.

0615: The start of the RS:X resembles a horde of leafcutter ants as the windsurfers heave frantically at their sails to get themselves in motion. Normally the medal races each take about half an hour to complete.

0613: "I caught his pad but obviously it wasn't hard enough or the judges missed it. I thought I had a good chance going into that last round but obviously it didn't go the right way."
GB taekwondo's Michael Harvey, 18, who lost to Mexico's Guillermo Perez earlier

BBC Sport
0611: "It's looking good. It's absolutely beautiful here, it's blowing about 10 knots and the sun is shining."
BBC Sport's Shirley Robertson in Qingdao at the sailing

0608: To clarify my explanation of the scoring in sailing (see 0559), you do indeed score more points for coming 10th in the medal race (20) than for coming first (two). Happily, the plan is to end up with the fewest points.

0606: The first attempt to start the windsurfing is abandoned, which is convenient for Bryony Shaw because she was over the start line and in all kinds of trouble. But now she gets another go.

0604: Less than a minute until the women's RS:X starts. Remember, if you are in the UK and want to make sure you don't miss the big Olympic events of the day on BBC television, you can text the word ALERTS to 81008, and you will receive a couple of texts per day, for free, letting you know when the good stuff is on. Useful for the men's 200m final later, for example.

0559: Right then, it's sailing time. The RS:X women are up first by the looks of things, which means Bryony Shaw, who starts in the bronze medal place but three points off silver and eight off gold. Ten people compete in the medal race, and you double your finishing position then add those points to your score (i.e. if you finish second, add four points).

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0555: "BMX adds that little ingredient that is missing at these Olympics - a bit of carnage."
eek!Amoose on 606

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0553: "Being a Spurs fan I'll gladly watch people winning stuff for a change."
downforthethirdtime on 606 (see 0531)

0550: Spain have beaten the US 3-2 on golden goal in the women's hockey. That means Spain get seventh place overall, the US eighth. I thought golden goal had disappeared back into the aether following its all-too-brief period as the fashionable way to decide things.

0544: Plenty of 606 vitriol directed at volleyball (both the beach and indoor variants). If 606 were deciding, it'd be out for 2012. Softball is already on the way out, but the US are through to what we might call the final final, beating Japan 4-1. Canada play Australia for the other spot.

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0541: "I'm fully patriotic and am loving the Games, especially living in Sydney, but we all know we'll be back getting excited about football a week after this is finished."
i-luv-stanley-c on 606

0538: Another ALMIGHTY crash in the BMX, this one involving plucky Brit du jour Liam Phillips. Ouch.

"Mum, if you're watching at home, I'm fine and safe. Falling doesn't do anything to your mental strength. Mentally I was prepared to go into the run the way I did. But I washed out, it was just one of those things.

"You've got to battle on if you want to win the gold. My pride was dented, but now I'm really excited about tomorrow. Everything's going to come out of the bag then."
Shanaze Reade

0536: Sailing round-up: GB Star crew Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson won their first race of the day and are just two points off top spot with three races to go. The GB Tornado crew fought back with second place in today's opener but have a lot of work to do to get a medal. If you want to check all the results out for yourself, the International Sailing Federation's results centre on their site is really helpful and updated very quickly after races.

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0531: "Who needs the Premier Division when there is all the excitement, drama and joy this is bringing us all."
Dan on 606I would post up an opposing view for balance, but I don't think anyone has volunteered one. Anybody out there more enthused about the Prem than the Games?

0529: BBC medals table. Problem. We know. Somebody somewhere is being rudely awakened and will be sorting it or else I'll set Larisa Ilchenko on them.

Text in your views on 81111
0526: "Watch out for Iain Percy in the Star sailing class. He's just won race eight... Only two points off the gold medal position now! Decent 15 knots breeze there today too - a very good sign for GB in the sailboard medal races! Good times!"
Chris, N Yorks, via text on 81111

I've become a massive convert to sailing since the start of these Olympics. Britain are on for more medals starting at around 0600 BST.

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0521: "Golf in the Olympics? Do me a favour. Tennis shouldn't be in there either. Who wants multi-million pound players getting another bauble that means little compared to a world ranking place or a Grand Slam? No to golf, and bin tennis in favour of Rugby 7s."
KevScorah on 606

0519: To our taekwondo desk, where our ace reporter tells me a battered Kenyan has just limped off the mat after being brutally beaten 6-0 by Taiwan's Chu Mu-Yen, who breezes through to the flyweight quarter-finals. Lots of high pitched screams as the fighters fly towards each other with outstretched legs, bearing a certain resemblance to Michael Flatley of Riverdance fame. We've had quite enough scrapes and bruises without the taekwondo bunch getting involved.

0517: A few score updates from around Beijing: Hockey and the US are now 2-1 up over Spain. Water polo and Italy win the first men's 7th-12th classification match of today, beating the winless Canadians 13-11 at the Yingdong Natatorium. That means the Italians will now play against Australia in the semi-final for a possible seventh place, I am advised. If you say so. In volleyball Russia beat Bulgaria 3-1 in their men's quarter-final, and most importantly of all, in the sailing, Britain's Tornado crew came second in race eight, behind Argentina.

Text in your views on 81111
0514: "Is it just me, or is beach volleyball a bit dull? I say dump this for 2012."
Adam via text on 81111

0511: "If dirty tactics are permissable in the open water event and pulling on someone's ankles is okay, are you allowed to kick back at said ankle pusher?"
tabithakitten99 on 606I am proud of the way so many 606ers are deeply indignant and passionate about an event, let's be honest, none of us had ever seen until three hours ago. (And yes I agree, I was desperate for someone to stick a foot in just before the line.)

0510: Phillips finished fifth taking both quarter-final runs into account, and I am fairly sure that is that for the GB rider.

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0507: "I still haven't watched the weekend Premiership games as the Olympics are so much more exciting at the moment."
oggieboy on 606An opinion I've expressed by a surprisingly large number of people. One of the Dutch riders in the BMX has just gone flying off the top of the banking. This simply doesn't happen at Old Trafford.

0500: "Golf should be an Olympic sport."
BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on his blogWell if tennis can do it... discuss.

0457: Without the climax of a two-hour long swimming race to scream at like a man possessed, suddenly it feels a bit quiet. If you're in the UK you now have the chance to see Georgia's Geor and Gia against the Americans from a little earlier. For those of you who missed the swimming, there is now a report on the site, hopefully some video to follow.

0453: The US have levelled it up against Spain, 1-1 in the hockey. Meanwhile, a reminder that in a little over an hour's time, Britain's Nick Dempsey and Bryony Shaw have the medal races of their Olympic windsurfing events. Dempsey is second going into his race, Shaw third in hers. And MORE crashes at the BMX!

0451: World champion Maris Strombergs wins the third quarter-final. Australia's Kamakazi (again, see 0231 for an explanation of the name) finishes second last. He needs to do better if he's going to change his name by deed poll and spell it wrong, deliberately or otherwise.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0447: Latvia's Arturs Matisons wins the second quarter-final - Liam Phillips finishes fifth. Not sure if that's good enough to progress, but I suspect not.

0443: This BMX is ridiculously good! Two of the riders in the first quarter-final hit the top of the banking and fell off - then another lad seemed to lock his wheel and ploughed off into the grass. Again, BMX is a more than welcome addition to the Olympics. What debuts BMX and open water swimming are having.

0441: Half time in the hockey, Spain still leading the US 1-0. Someone, who clearly didn't think the finest open water swimming since the dawn of time was enough for one day, has texted in to ask when the 200m final will be. It's not due until 1520 BST (no athletics at the Brits' Nest this morning). Men's BMX quarter-finals coming up now though.

Text in your views on 81111
0438: "Feeling a bit emotionally drained after the swimming - so much for watching a bit of Olympics to help me drift off to sleep."
Robin via text on 81111

"To lead for 1hr 59mins 20secs, and to get taken over in the last 20m by someone who has won every open water event since 2004… I'm just so proud of them. It was amazing tactics."
Steve Parry on the GB open water pair

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0435: Think I forgot to mention that Shanaze Reade finished second in the seeding run, meaning she goes into the second semi-final on Thursday at around this time. Quite looking forward to that! I'm not going to say a WORD about Shanaze until then after the earlier trouble I caused. Meanwhile Cassie Patten and Keri-Anne Payne are collecting their medals - very well deserved, too.

0433: Remember the Georgians who were actually Brazilians from the beach volleyball earlier? Well, in the other men's semi-final, some proper Brazilians beat some other proper Brazilians. Fabio Magalhaes and Marcio Araujo battered their compatriots Emanuel Rego and Ricardo Santos 2-0. I get the impression Brazilians are quite good at beach volleyball.

0431: That's the women's BMX over for the day but the men carry on shortly. Lest we forget all the other sports amid this drama, Cuba and China are facing each other in the baseball, as are the Dutch and South Korea. Spain are leading the US 1-0 in the battle for seventh or eighth place in the women's hockey.

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0429: "How will all the Olympic champions get back into the country? The hold up at the airport metal detectors is going to be a long one."
Storyheart on 606

0426: "I got out and was cramping, I couldn't have done any better and I'm glad it's over. In another couple of days I've got the Paralympics so I've got to get back in that water and train."
Amputee Natalie du Toit, who finished 16th in the open water swim

0424: "I was quite annoyed. That is not sportsmanship when you pull on someone's feet. Every part of your body is hurting. Your stomach is the size of a pea, because all the blood rushes to your arms."
GB's Cassie Patten on gold medal winner Larisa Ilchenko

"We didn't talk at all out there. We are the best of friends. We just kind of knew when to kick at the right time. [I feel really fresh], it's amazing what a silver medal can do for you."
Keri-Anne Payne

0420: Michael Harvey should get to go for a bronze medal in the taekwondo repechage.

0418: You may have noticed that all the silver and bronze medals won by British competitors have disappeared off the medal table. Rest assured, we're onto it. Just trying to give the rest of the world a chance.

0417: Well, well, well. France's Anne-Caroline Chausson, the rider who had the fastest time above Shanaze Reade, tips her bike up and goes flying over the handlebars! If anything, that was more painful than Reade's first run flip. Both the swimming and BMX have been madcap mayhem so far. To think I thought this would be a quiet start to the day.

0415: For the record, Ilchenko crossed the finishing line in a time of one hour 59 minutes 27.77 seconds. Payne came home in 1:59.292 with Patten finishing in 1:59.31 exactly. That's what, less than two seconds from first to third, over 10 kilometres. Magical stuff.

0413: What a relief. Despite my earlier attempts to ruin everything (see 0303), Shanaze Reade rides a superb second run and sets the second fastest women's time overall. Meanwhile, Michael Harvey goes out to Mexico's Perez in sudden death at the taekwondo - he doesn't look too thrilled with the decision but it was a valiant effort.

0411: Here goes Shanaze in the BMX...

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0409: Another British star performance! Michael Harvey, very much a junior in world taekwondo terms, takes the immensely experienced Perez to sudden death, fighting back to 2-2.

0407: Guillermo Perez is two points up over GB's Michael Harvey in their final two-minute session. The commentators are already talking about his 2012 potential - never a good sign.

0405: "WELL DONE GIRLS! Silver and Bronze is nothing to sneeze at. Still wondering if that Russian was pulling on her ankles though..."
Sephix on 606
I get the feeling the ankle trick is all part and parcel of it. But what a magnificent finish. We'll bring you Patten and Payne's views on the race as soon as we can.

0403: The action is non-stop. In the taekwondo, Michael Harvey is a point down against the Mexican world silver medallist. Shanaze Reade is up soon in the BMX as well, trying to improve on that disastrous first outing.

British silver medal boost
0402: Larisa Ilchenko surges home to steal the gold from the British duo! Keri-Anne Payne comes in second, just one second behind the Russian, over a 10km race. As Steve Parry has just said, how can it be that close? A sensational race, keep this sport in the Games for sure. Cassie Patten takes the bronze, a fantastic result for GB - I don't think anybody knew what to expect from this.

Gold medal

0359: It's going to be between the two Brits and Ilchenko. The finish is approaching...

0357: About 200m left and Ilchenko is still in there but Patten and Payne are holding that lead. This is incredible, they have led the entire race. But now Ilchenko's coming alongside to take the lead! There's hardly any time left to fight back...

0355: They're pulling away! Ilchenko, the world champion, is throwing everything at this, but the British pair are matching her stroke for stroke. Surely there's a British medal or two in this.

0353: Every time a rival makes a bid to take the lead, one of the British girls comes over and, essentially, body-checks them back down into the chasing pack. What a brilliant sport this marathon swimming is.

0350: Somebody tell Shanaze she can't start her BMX run until I've finished watching the swimmers. This is a huge finish to the first ever open water event at the Olympics! They've been swimming for over an hour and 50 minutes, what an effort, just a little further to go...

Get involved on 606
0348: "Ilchenko is looking very threatening in the swimming. No matter how well the Brit girls are swimming, to have been sitting behind the leaders all the way is a huge advantage."
yamahishi01 on 606
We're about a kilometre from the finish in this and the two Brits are still out in front - just.

0345: My colleague Chris has done remarkably well to find a Woman's Hour interview with Cassie Patten, if you fancy a listen. Patten and Payne are both from the Stockport Metro club, and both are trained by Sean Kelly.

0343: Kamakazi's back in the BMX (see 0231). Meanwhile it's all a bit kamikaze in the swimming as well, people practically swimming on top of each other as we get into the final stages.

"Is it so much to hope that we could actually take one-two in the inaugural open water event?"
Former Olympic bronze medallist Steve Parry

Text in your views on 81111
0340: "Looked up slip streaming on Wikipedia, and it is possible to do it in water!"
#668 via text on 81111

So now we know.

0338: "With all the problems swimmers have getting their water bottles in the 10k, it's a wonder they don't just swallow a bit on route. It is fresh after all."
Wolfticket on 606
A fair few people are wondering why the swimmers are allowed to be quite so... violent about it. The other day David Davies, who goes in the men's event, said he had to get used to the idea of people elbowing you in the face while you swim. Still, the GB pair are still up there, there's a group of five who look like they'll be in the mix for medals.

0333: The British pair and Russia's gold medal favourite Ilchenko have broken clear in the swimming, but a couple of kilometres is a long old time to sustain a break for the line...

0330: That feeding station in the swimming is amazing! They just hang out a long rod with some supplies at the end and a little flag so the competitors know whose is whose. It looked like carnage from here.

0328: "Rider's ready... watch the gate!" I'm loving that announcer on the BMX. (He's probably saying something else but that's what it sounds like.) In the swimming, Patten and Payne are still out in front for a GB one-two, but with 3km left their rivals are within touching distance. In fact it looks like the rest of the pack are using the British pair to slipstream. Does that work in open water swimming?

0324: If you need a little something to keep you going while the swimming and BMX tick over, here's a couple of sites to peruse. The first link is to DFL, a site which works out the number of times each nation finishes last in an event (GB are still ahead of the Aussies). The second is a New York Times medal table map type thing, which is a beautiful creation.

0318: Liam Phillips seems to take forever just putting his helmet on for his second BMX run. When he eventually gets going, he posts a time of 37.470, outside his first run and about a second and a half shy of the leading time so far. He doesn't looked thrilled but neither of our BMX stars are what you'd call veterans. He'll keep for 2012 even if he doesn't achieve in Beijing.

0314: This just in from one of the major press agencies in Beijing - and I quote:

"The New Zealand hockey manager has been banished from the field at a crucial men's match because officials objected to his players' underwear. Kevin Marr was ordered to watch the must-win match against Germany from the grandstand as punishment for three players wearing black undies beneath white shorts in an earlier match."

The article goes on to suggest that Olympic dress codes demand players' underwear match their shorts. Who decided that? What did they envisage might happen if that rule didn't exist?

0309: For those asking how Shanaze fell, I confess I was watching through my fingers while thudding my head against the desk, but it looked as though the bike went out from under her heading up onto the banking. Need to see a replay really. It was not even remotely pleasant and her elbow looks nasty. Happily the seeding round doesn't see anybody drop out, it just affects later rounds of competition - so I haven't jinxed her really. Honest!

0307: Korea have wrapped up a 2-1 win over Japan in the hockey, but to be honest I'm not going to be able to concentrate now until Shanaze gets a decent time in. Swimming update - halfway through the 10km marathon swim and GB pair Cassie Patten and Keri-Anne Payne still lead the field, having both taken on drinks at the feeding station. Other sports should have feeding stations. That's exactly the incentive I'd need to get involved.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0303: Oh my goodness. Shanaze Reade's only gone and fallen off the bike. She's only gone and fallen off the bike! And there I was saying I might have jinxed her with all that build-up. Boy do I feel guilty now. COME ON SHANAZE, nail it in the second run, or else I'm in trouble. She's got a huge gash in her elbow as well.

0301: The Georgian pair of Geor and Gia have failed in their quest to win beach volleyball gold for Brazi- er, Georgia (see 0233). Todd Rogers and Philip Dalhausser beat them 21-11 21-13. Staying with strangely-named athletes, apparently the Aussie BMX star Mr Kamakazi didn't realise he was spelling it wrong when he changed his name. Can you not just go back and change it again? Or do you only get one shot at a comedy surname?

0259: Australia's Nicole Callisto and Tanya Bailey go into the top two spots in the BMX. It's quite a sight watching them plunge off the eight-metre high ramp. This is the summer Olympics' answer to the ski jump. The Top Gear team will be firing Minis down it before long.

0257: Into the women's first seeding run in the BMX now but if, as I suspect, they're still going in reverse order according to world ranking, it'll be ages before we see Shanaze Reade. Back out on the water they've been swimming for just over 50 minutes - Cassie Patten and Keri-Anne Payne are still leading. China's Yangiao Fang is chasing, as is Larisa Ilchenko. South Africa's Natalie du Toit - she of the one leg, having lost the other in a scooter accident - is just outside the top 10.

0254: Seems my attempt to get "Windsurfing Wednesday" embedded in popular culture has failed, given the number of 606ers insisting on calling it "Wonderful". So, coming up after the open water swimming from a British point of view is Michael Harvey in the taekwondo at 0400 BST, then the windsurfing medal chances at 0600 BST. Meanwhile table tennis, another beach volleyball semi-final, and a volleyball quarter-final (come on, keep up) are all about to start. In the women's hockey, Korea are 2-1 up and closing in on ninth place overall. The Japanese, who I'm sure were desperate to achieve the coveted ninth, will have to settle for 10th.

0248: If you're in the UK and in danger of falling asleep before Wednesday's GB medal opportunities, you can text the word ALERTS to 81008. In return you get a couple of texts per day, for free, telling you to turn on your TV (or watch this website) when something good is about to start.

0246: One competitor to go in the first of the seeding rides in the BMX - everybody gets another go after that. Liam Phillips is 24th, fairly sure he'll want to improve that.

Get involved on 606
0241: "Watching the BMX event takes me back to the days of playing ExciteBike on the NES. If there was one thing I could add to make it even better, it would be a nitro boost to the bikes."
quijibo81 on 606
You wait till Shanaze Reade gets a go in the next hour or two. She doesn't need nitro. (Much more of this and I'll jinx her.)

0237: Into the second lap of the swimming, and Keri-Anne Payne leads from Cassie Patten but Russian Larisa Ilchenko isn't too far behind. According to the ever-informed folk on 606, if you swam 10km from the coast of Britain you'd get roughly a third of the way to France. This means David Walliams has managed to swim three times as far as anyone will in Beijing this morning. And where's his medal?

0233: Also under way are the men's beach volleyball semi-finals. The Georgians have effectively imported players for this, and it's worked so far since they've reached the semis. Their two representatives are Renato Gomes and Jorge Terceiro, of Brazilian stock, but renamed Geor and Gia (see what they did there?) for the Olympics. Geor/Gia are up against American pair Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser for a place in the final. The US are a game up and coasting it.

0231: The Australian rocketing down the BMX track has the surname "Kamakazi", which he changed by deed poll. BMX must be one of the few Olympic sports where that happens - can't see it happening in the archery. He only makes it into 10th place overall.

0230: It's now 1-1 between Japan and Korea in the hockey. If you're struggling to keep up with the swimming and live in the UK, you can swap to the BMX, which has bags of sound effects, a really loud announcer, and the occasional choon to keep you entertained.

"How far could you get if you left one of our beaches and swam 10km I wonder?"
dannytheref on 606
I know how far I'd get if I tried to swim 10km. There's always a kid in any swimming pool who would be in serious danger without a float. I was that kid.

0223: The taekwondo prelims for the men's 58kg and women's 49kg categories have started. Britain's Michael Harvey has an incredibly tough opening match against world silver medallist Guillermo Perez of Mexico at 0400 BST.

0221: Liam Phillips has been knocked off top spot in the men's BMX seeding runs. Plenty of time to go in that as well.

"I don't think I've ever seen two commentators have it so hard in this 10k race. Two hours of, 'Yes, I think that I might have seen Patten' and, 'Well, someone's taken the lead, but I don't know who' - is there a gold medal for commentating?"
elluche on 606
It doesn't exactly lend itself to live text commentary either. But Beijing is starting to creak into life and we've got a fair few sports on the go now.

0217: Britain are one-two in the swimming! Although some spoilsport tells me it's a bit too early to get excited, given it'll take a couple of hours for it to finish. Apparently, if they are still leading come the final flourish, one of the Brits will take the "team orders" route and try to see off the competition, giving their team-mate a clear route to gold. It's the Formula One of the swimming world, I like it already.

0211: Japan are still leading South Korea 1-0 in the hockey at half time. If they win they get ninth place overall for the women's tournament. I think I'd find it incredibly difficult to get myself psyched for a ninth place play-off.

0209: Back at the swimming, the favourite Larisa Ilchenko takes an early lead but Britain's Keri-Anne Payne is not too far away. Apparently they have to complete 400 lengths... rather them than me.

"Ollie Williams is a character on Family Guy who only ever shouts short phrases when doing news updates. Surely you're not him BBC Ollie?"
TheShanklyGates (again) on 606

I am aware of this other fella. It's gon' rain medals for GB in Beijing.

0205: The BMX seeding round is underway and GB's Liam Phillips is up first. Two riders have gone so far (they're in reverse order according to current world rankings) and Phillips has a very early lead. "Eye of the Tiger" is playing in the background, which is a nice touch.

0202: Off go the open water women in a massive flurry of splashing and arms. Think it's going to be quite a while before we know who's in with a medal chance here. In the meantime there's always 606, which has just opened its doors.

"Windsurfing Wednesday? Personally I would have gone for something more general like wonderful but what do I know?"
TheShanklyGates on 606

0159: The good folk in the Bird's Nest have taken a collective breather to recover from Christine Ohuruogu's storming 400m win - there's no athletics until much later in the day, but starting now are the BMX seeding runs. This is another sport in the Games for the first time. Britain has Liam Phillips in the men's event (always good to see a fellow Somerset boy doing well) and the all-conquering Shanaze Reade in the women's version. Reade is unbelievably good, in all the races I've seen she has destroyed the rest of the field in ways Michael Phelps can only dream about.

0154: The first chance of a GB medal today comes in the women's open water swimming, which starts in just a few minutes. Cassie Patten and Keri-Anne Payne are the Brits involved. Other names to watch out for are Russia's Larisa Ilchenko, world champion and overwhelming favourite, and Natalie Du Toit, who managed to reach the Beijing final even though she lost a leg seven years ago. Bearing in mind this event (which is making its Olympic debut) demands a 10km swim, that's pretty phenomenal.

0150: Just the one event in progress so far. South Korea are playing Japan to decide ninth and 10th place in the women's hockey. At the moment Korea are leading 1-0... if you're keen then World Hockey do very nice minute-by-minute updates on their site. I'll give each goal a mention.
0147: Not been a bad few days, has it? We've had Super Saturday, Scintillating Sunday, Magnificent Monday and Tremendous Tuesday, so I bring to you... Windsurfing Wednesday. By my reckoning, the best British medal hopes in the next 24 hours are Nick Dempsey and Bryony Shaw, who lie second and third respectively in the men's and women's RS:X windsurfing competitions. Their medal races are scheduled for 0600 BST onwards, but there's plenty of action to come from Beijing before that.

Text 81111
(with "OLYMPICS" as first word - UK users only)

At-a-glance medals table

Sunday, 24 August 2008 10:17 UK
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL
1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
7 South Korea 13 10 8 31
8 Japan 9 6 10 25
9 Italy 8 10 10 28
10 France 7 16 17 40

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