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Olympics day eight as it happened

By Ben Dirs

1617: It would seem that there is no sporting action still going on - actually, I'm told the USA are playing Spain in basketball. You can keep up to date with date on the website and on the red button, but I'm going for a lie down. Thirty four golds to be won tomorrow, and the action starts with Paula Radcliffe in the marathon at 0030 BST. Win that Paula, and we'll install you as the new Queen Mum.

1615: Almost time to say goodbye and with things calming down a bit, here's the lowdown on what's happening with the medal table. China 27 golds (45 medals), USA 16 (53), Germany 8 (18), South Korea 7 (20), Australia 7 (25), Japan 7 (17), Great Britain 7 (17), Italy 6 (16), Russia 5 (21), Ukraine 5 (12).

"The Fed is smiling! Hooray. The greatest tennis player in history has a gold. I'm so happy for him."
Phil via text on 81111

Gold medal
1610: Roger Federer has won Olympic Gold! For the large part 2008 has been a year to forget for the Swiss superstar but at least he has achieved success in Beijing - he and Stanislas Wawrinka have just beaten Sweden's Thomas Johansson and Simon Aspelin 6-3 6-4 6-7 (4-7) 6-3 in the men's doubles final.

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"If there was a heptahtlon event for setting my heart a-flutter, Kelly Sotherton would take Gold, Silver and Bronze. Sigh..."
Andy, Leeds via text

Gold medal
1607:Gold: Indonesia's Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan win gold in the men's doubles badminton beating China's Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng.

"So much respect for Kelly Sotherton after her interview. So philosophical, so generous, so positive about the future. She embodies the awesome spirit of Team GB. This is what sport is all about."
Chris Frost, London via text on 81111

BBC Sport
1559: "If my long jump had been normal I could have got a medal. Overall I'm pleased - I've got a lot more to give. I'm in fantastic shape - I just didn't have it in two events and unfortunately it wasn't my day. I'll be back in four years."
Kelly Sotherton after her heptathlon fifth place

1601: More tennis. The Williams sisters, who won the women's doubles in Sydney in 2000, have just learned who they will play for the gold medal on Sunday. Spanish duo Anabel Medina Garrigues and Virginia Ruano Pascual are into the final after beating Chinese pair Zi Yan and Jie Zheng 6-4 7-6 (7-5).

1557: Sorry about that, the reverberations from Usain Bolt's run appear to have rubbered our auto-refresh. I think we're up and running again now.

1554: Right, not much sport still going on in Beijing now. We've still got Federer in the men's doubles tennis final, him and Stanislas Wawrinka are two sets to one up against Sweden's Thomas Johansson and Simon Aspelin.

1545: This Bolt lad has got some serious moves - when's the rhythmic gymnastics? Here he is: "The track is very fast. I came out here just to win. I wasn't worried about the world record. I didn't even realise I had the record until I did my victory lap. I'm just focusing on my 200m race now." How low can he take this record? Under 9.6? Surely not?

1543: Roger Federer has not got his hands on a gold medal just yet. Sweden's Thomas Johansson and Simon Aspelin have just taken the third set of the men's doubles final 7-6 (7-4) on a tie-break, although Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka still lead two sets to one.

1542: "I messed up big time and my legs died on me. I just have to be happy for Usain."
Asafa Powell after finishing fifth

1537: Usain's lapping this up and the crowd of 90,000 rises to its feet as one. Few, if any, will ever witness anything like that in the flesh again. What chances Bolt ripping up the record books again in the 200m? Michael Johnson, look out...

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1534: "WOW. He didn't even run through the line. That's just about the most amazing thing I think I've ever seen."
redordead on 606
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1532: That was simply unbelievable - Bolt stormed out of the blocks, feathered the accelerator, opened up a lead, had a look to the left, a look to the right, before opening his arms, patting his heart and rolling home. If he'd kept his foot on the gas, he could have gone 9.6. His world record has been rounded up to 9.69 seconds. Richard Thompson (9.89) and America's Walter Dix (9.91) took silver and bronze. Nothing for Powell...


1528: The number four is unlucky in China and Bolt is in lane four, but I can't see anything unhinging him tonight - I reckon he'll be under 9.7. Almost ready...

1526: Jamaica have never taken gold in track and field's Blue Riband event, although a few have come close. Bolt looks as relaxed as ever, licking his lips as though he's queuing up at an ice cream van waiting to order a '99'. The world record holder gives us a bow and arrow routine as his name is announced.

Gold medal
1525: GOLD New Zealand's Valerie Vili wins the women's shot put gold. Belarussians Natalia Mikhnevich and Nadzeya Ostapchuk take the silver and bronze.

1524: It's almost time for the main event - the athletes have set up their blocks, they're practising their starts or prowling up and down and the "Am I Bovvered" contest reaches new heights... they're stripping off...

1522: "He's a true Jamaican - he's not really worried about. This is Usain Bolt. He's relaxed."
Michael Johnson is getting fired up

Gold medal
1521: Dobrynska has indeed taken gold in the heptathlon with 6,733 points, ahead of Blonska with 6,700 and America's Hyleas Fountain with 6,619. Kelly Sotherton of Britain finishes fifth overall with 6,517 points. She gave it her all, but she never really caught light in Beijing.

1517: Lyudmila Blonska of Ukraine puts in a blistering 800m, but it looks like her compatriot Nataliia Dobrynska has done enough to take the gold ahead of her. Sotherton didn't stand a chance there, despite a new life-time's best in the final event. Confirmation of final standings in just a moment.

1514: Here's Kelly Sotherton in the final 800m heat of the heptathlon... she basically needs to skittle a few competitors here to have any chance of snatching a medal.

1510: Here they come brothers and sisters, only 20 minutes to go now. Several texts in about these 'arm socks' the American sprinters are wearing. Not really sure what they're for, presumably compression or something, but they make the wearer look like some kind of super-hero - Captain Eejit?

BBC Sport
1508: "Usain Bolt has qualified almost to perfection, but he now has to duplicate that."
Michael Johnson on BBC One

1506: "The lightning Bolt is gonna kill it today. Should see a new world record."
Rob W, London via text on 81111

1501: Of course, we have the men's 100m final coming up at 1530 BST - no Tyson Gay, it's should be a Jamaican shoot-out between Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell, but Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago ran 9.93 in his heat and Walter Dix of America clocked a handy 9.95. The main men are warming up now.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1454: Crista Cullen has scored for Great Britain with 20 seconds remaining! That's the win for GB and their final group game is on Monday against the United States. The Japanese players fall to the turf as if someone has pulled the pitch from under them.

1451: Japan have equalised in the women's hockey - it's now 1-1 with three minutes remaining. As it stands, GB still have a slim chance of going through. If any ladies would like Mike from Leicester's number, I will gladly furnish you with it.

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"Why do all women run in such a bizarre way with their arms flapping about and their heads way back? They look like a headless chickens."
Mike, Leicester via text on 81111

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1448: In the men's long jump, GB's Greg Rutherford is the third best qualifier for the final but Chris Tomlinson, who was a doubt for the Games with injury, misses out with a best effort of 7.70m. The bearded Thommo, who looks like he's been sleeping in a bird's nest, never mind competing in one, says: "I put myself on the line, but physically it wasn't there but at least I tried."

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1445: "Usain Bolt looks nailed on for me, looks like he could break the world record carrying a drinks tray in a waiters' race."
randalthor1812 on 606
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1444: Hollman runs around 2:22 in the 800m and, while not at her best in this event, she's competed with gusto and given her all. Kelly Sotherton is in the final, medal-deciding, heat.

1438: We've got the first heat of the heptathlon 800m coming up, Julie Hollman of Great Britain is in this one. David (below), I'm not sure why anyone should be aware that Beethoven thought so highly of God Save the King that he composed seven variations on it, it's not exactly up there with mouth-to-mouth as one of life's essential nuggets. Anyway, he must have forgotten his ear trumpet that day.

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1437: "Presumably you are not aware (1338) that Beethoven thought so highly of God Save the King that he composed seven variations on the theme. You should be."
David, London via text on 81111

1433: Roger Federer is getting closer to that gold medal. He and Swiss partner Stanislas Wawrinka are now two sets up in their men's doubles final against Sweden's Thomas Johansson and Simon Aspelin, leading 6-3 6-4.

1428: Pre-race favourite Kerron Clement doesn't look anywhere near as comfy as his compatriots, but he does win his heat in 48.27 seconds. He leads home Jamaican duo Danny McFarlane and Markino Buckley.

1424: America's Angelo Taylor sets the second fastest time in the world this year in his heat of the 400m hurdles - he could have only looked more relaxed if he was running in a smoking jacket. Taylor clocks 47.94 seconds, fellow American Bershawn Jackson clocks 48.02.

Gold medal
1422: "South Korea's Jang Miran wins the women's super-heavyweight category, smashing the world record on the way with 326kg. She beat Olha Korobka of Ukraine by a rather astonishing 49kg. Samoa's Ele Opeloge denied Samoa's first ever Olympic medal by Mariya Grabovetskaya of Kazakhstan in bronze."
BBC Sport's Andrew Cotter in Beijing

1418: That's my lot. Dirsy's all yours. Treat him gently. I thank you.

1416: HOCKEY latest: If Britain's women win this, they'll go third in their group, a point behind Argentina and two points behind Germany with one game left (three points for a win, one for a draw). They need to get into the top two to qualify for the semi-finals. Their one remaining game is against the US - Germany play Japan and Argentina play bottom team New Zealand.

1413: HEPTATHLON UPDATE: Kelly Sotherton has to beat Lyudmila Blonska of the Ukraine, who is in bronze, by about 15 seconds in the 800m to have a chance of a medal. The races start at 1435. Let's hope Blonska's got bricks in her boots then.

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1409: Talk about the quiet before the storm and after the storm. Time to take a minor breather so keep your thoughts coming in on what's happened and how you reckon the 100m will go. Is the boy Bolt beatable? I think a world record is on the cards.
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It's good news for GB at the Olympics
Great Britain take a 1-0 lead over Japan in the women's hockey, with 10 minutes left in the first half - Leicester's Anne Panter the scorer.

1405: TECHIE UPDATE: Thanks for the texts pointing out the TV stream for hockey was on badminton - it's hockey now and GB are tied at 0-0 with Japan with five minutes left in the first half.

1403: Kelly Sotherton stays in fifth place in the heptathlon. Just one event to go and she's got some work to put in in the 800m if she wants a medal.

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1359: "Having been abused all week by the Aussies at work, I now reckon that with the women's guaranteed gold in the cycling, we are above them. Looking forward to work on Monday for retribution. Come on Team GB.”
Mort78 on 606
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1357: TENNIS UPDATE: It's not been a great year so far for Roger Federer - his reign at Wimbledon is over and he's about to lose his number one singles ranking on Monday too. He could still win Olympic gold in the men's doubles - and the Swiss star is looking in majestic form with his partner Stanislas Wawrinka having just served out to take the first set 6-3 in the final against Swiss pair Thomas Johansson and Simon Aspelin.

1353: GB's Montell Douglas doesn't make the 100m semis. Who's up for a cup of tea? Dirsy's on a rare drinks run.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1345: A Brit finally does something useful on the track in the 100m second round. Jeanette Kwayke finishes third in 11.18 seconds with a PB. Jamaica's Shelly-Ann Fraser wins the heat. GB's Montell Douglas up next. Right, I'm going to head off for a sandwich before my eyeballs explode, Mark Ashenden will be in the cockpit for the next half an hour or so...

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1344: British long jumper Greg Rutherford opens his account in qualifying with 8.16m - 1cm better than the automatic qualifying mark and he's into Monday's final. Nice one. Chris Tomlinson up again soon.

1338: Chris Hoy and Ross Edgar are awarded their gold and silver medals for the keirin event and there ends a glorious night in the velodrome for the British cycling team. I hope you're not full, there should be more tomorrow. And no, anon, I can't stop knocking the national anthem, it makes Beethoven's funeral march sound like Barbie Girl by Aqua.

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"With the current brilliant run of medals for the GB team, can the BBC online reporters stop knocking the national anthem and get behind the program? Well done team GB."
Anon via text on 81111

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"By my reckoning we've overtaken Germany and Slovakia and now lead the world on sports performed while sitting on your backside - six golds now thanks to the cyclists!"
Dan, Cambridge via text on 81111

1335: First long jump for GB's Chris Tomlinson, favouring the Brian Blessed look, and he leaps 7.52m. C'mon Thommo - you can do better than that.

1333: More tennis and another bronze medal, this time in the men's doubles. Brothers Bob and Mike Bryan of the United States have taken it, beating French pair Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra - the conquerors of Andy and Jamie Murray - 3-6 6-3 6-4.

1332: The eight fastest to qualify for the 100m final at 1530: Usain Bolt (Jam) 9.85s, Walter Dix (USA) 9.95, Marc Burns (Tri) 9.97, 4 Michael Frater (Jam) 10.01, Asafa Powell (JAM) 9.91, Richard Thompson (TRI) 9.93 , Churandy Martina (AHO) 9.94, Doc Patton (USA) 10.03


1327: "It was a great experience. I tried my best but unfortunately I couldn't make that final. But I feel like I belong there. I've just got to keep working with my coach and hopefully I'll be in the final at the Worlds."
GB's Tyrone Edgar after his seventh in the 100m semis

BBC Radio 5 Live
"If Asafa Powell is to have any chance of winning, he will have to take a metre or so out of Usain Bolt at the start."
Darren Campbell on BBC Radio 5 Live.

1324: It would seem that Bolt and Powell are having a little contest within a contest to decide who can look less bothered. I wouldn't be surprised if Bolt stopped to pick up some litter halfway through the final. I'll have a list of the finalists for you in a moment.

1317: If Usain Bolt can clock 9.85 seconds looking like he's taking his nan for a stroll, Lord alone knows what he might be capable of in the final later today. And here's the second semi... and America's world 100m champion Tyson Gay has failed to make the Olympic final! The 26-year-old, who had been out for over a month with a hamstring injury, could finish only fifth while Jamaica's Asafa Powell clocked 9.91 seconds.

1311: It's the first 100m semi and Usain Bolt jogs in again at 9.85s. Walter Dix is second. Marc Burns third. GB's Tyrone Edgar is seventh in 10.18s. Simply incredible from Bolt, who ramped it up until 60m or 70m before deciding not to bother with fifth gear and ambling home.

Gold medal boost for GB
British silver medal boost
1307: Out come the Union Jacks and that's five medals for Great Britain in the velodrome today, and six overall. GB are absolutely marmalising the opposition, but no time to gloat, because there are some men going very fast over at the Bird's Nest Stadium, and they're not riding bikes... actually, I should add that Chris Hoy is now the most successful Scot in Olympic history with three gold medals, and he could win another tomorrow in the individual sprint.


1302: The durney bike starts pootling round and Edgar and Hoy get right on the back of it...

1300: The men's 100m semi-finals are just five minutes away, with Britain's Tyrone Edgar up against Jamaican world record holder Usain Bolt in the first. And we've got a clash: Chris Hoy and Ross Edgar up soon in the final of the keirin.

1256: An update from the tennis and Serbia's Novak Djokovic has just pocketed a bronze medal in the men's singles. He was too strong for James Blake of the United States and won 6-3 7-6 (7-5).

1255: Weightlifting latest: Jang Miran of South Korea sets a new world record in the women's weightlifting over 75kg class with a snatch lift of 140kg.

1248: Back to the velodrome to see Bradley Wiggins and Steven Burke presented with their medals for the men's 4000m individual pursuit. The fresh-faced Burke gets his bronze, the 20-year-old will be breathing down Wiggins's neck at London 2012. And up steps Wiggins - he's also got a chance in the team pursuit and the madison, so he could walk away with three golds, and I can't remember if any Britain has done that before at a single Games. No tears from the big man... maybe if they had played Going Underground by The Jam...

1244: Kelly Sotherton's third and final throw was only 34.33m so her best throw was her second round effort of 37.66. It was a season's best but will not help her medal chances much. Jenny Meadows is also out of the 800m after finishing sixth in her semi-final. The race was won by Pamela Jelimo of Kenya. No Brits in the final. Meadows says: "The pace was quick and some people were barging but I was tiring at the end. I don't think we under-performed, it's just another stepping stone."

1243: Serena and Venus Williams are into the final of the women's doubles after winning their 'sisters battle' with Alona and Kateryna Bondarenko of the Ukraine 4-6 6-4 6-1. The United States duo will play either Zi Yan and Jie Zheng of China or Anabel Medina Garrigues and Virgina Ruano Pascual of Spain in Sunday's final.

Gold medal boost for GB
1241: GOLD FOR BRADLEY WIGGINS! The Londoner joins Rebecca Adlington and Steve Williams as double Olympic champions - and he could grab another couple before this Games is out. That's seven medals for Britain today, three of them gold.

1240: Wiggins starts grinding through the gears and he opens up a 1.2 second lead after 3km. Wiggins has his race face on, he's really tearing into Roulston now...

1238: Roulston leads Wiggins by 0.225 seconds after 1500m, and it's not often Wiggins is led at any stage in a pursuit...

1236: DON'T MOVE! Bradley Wiggins is under way against Hayden Roulston of New Zealand in the final of the men's 4000m individual pursuit.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1234: It's ding-donging out there in the Velodrome - first the 21-year-old Burke nips ahead, but Markov reacts... but Burke puts in a couple of savage laps and absolutely mangles his Russian opponent over the final 500m: BRONZE FOR STEVEN BURKE AND TEAM GB! AND HERE'S THE WIGGLER GOING FOR GOLD!

1231: Burke up by 0.333 after 1000km... and the man from Colne, Lancashire has got a blistering finish... but Markov starts shovelling and opens up almost a one second advantage after 2250m...

1230: Tennis latest: Venus and Serena Williams have clinched at least a silver in the women's doubles for the US after beating Ukraine's Alona and Kateryna Bondarenko 4-6, 6-4, 6-1. The Williams won gold at Sydney in 2000, but didn't play doubles in 2004 because Serena was hurt.

1229: Almost time for the men's 4000m individual pursuit bronze medal race - it's Britain's Steven Burke v Russia's Alexei Markov, who competed at the 1996 Olympics when Burke was just eight. And they're off.

1225: British athletes in action: as Kelly Sotherton battles with her spear, it's the 800m semis coming up at 1230 (Marilyn Okoro and Jenny Meadows), Greg Rutherford and Chris Tomlinson are in the long jump from 1300, and the men's 100m sprinters strut their stuff with the semis starting at 1305.

"Well done Chris Newton, he rode a good race. We are all so proud of you."
Steph Jackson, Chris's sister, via text on 81111

1219: Irish boxer Paddy Barnes from Belfast advances to the quarter-finals of the light-flyweight category. He beat Ecuador's Jose Luis Meza 14-8 and looked pretty handy in doing so. Some extraordinary news filtering through: Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian has been stripped of his bronze for throwing down his medal during the ceremony. He was incensed at a disputed penalty call that decided his semi-final match against Italian Andrea Minguzzi in the Greco-Roman 84kg division. At least Muhammad Ali waited a few years before deciding to lob his medal off a bridge.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1213: "She looks angry and deflated and not up for this at all."
BBC Sport's Allison Curbishley on Kelly Sotherton's javelin effort

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1215: Great ride by Ross Edgar and he joins fellow Scot Chris Hoy in the final of the keirin, which will take place in about half an hour's time. There were whispers at the world championships recently that Great Britain might have peaked too soon... do me a favour whisperers... there's The Wiggler on his exercise bike, listening to a bit of Weller. Big Mod man apparently.

"I'll see Andrew Cotter's heads-up and raise it. Defending champions Croatia have leapt to an early 6-2 against the Poles in the men's handball. It's a good game. Have I missed anything elsewhere today, Ben?"
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1213: Kelly Sotherton's first throw in the heptathlon javelin is a foul. More tennis and the battle for the men's singles bronze medal. Serbia's Novak Djokovic has just taken the first set 6-3 against James Blake of the United States and is very much in control of the match so far.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1208: Hoy through to the final of the keirin as people swarm towards the Bird's Nest Stadium like ants to a discarded toffee apple. There'll be 90,000 packed in there tonight for the big one - the men's 100m final. Controversy in the second semi-final of the keirin - the Dutchman and the Pole collide and hit the deck but Ross Edgar of Britain and the other three are allowed to cycle behind the durney for a few laps before the race is called off and we have a restart.

1206: That is absolutely awesome from Chris Hoy - it looks like he's been boxed in by the Frenchman in the first keirin semi-final, but he feathers the accelerator and leaves his rivals for dead. The Scotsman is an animal, but a very pleasant one apparently.

1200: What a great shot that is: hundreds of cameramen massed along the length of the home straight down at the Bird's Nest Stadium. It may look like they're waiting for Kate Middleton to turn up and get into a taxi, but they've only got one thing on their minds - and it's not Middleton's undercrackers.

"I think a gold medal should go to the commentators on 5 Live for bravely soldiering on commentating on a points race no one understands."
Anthony Walton, South Wales, via text on 81111

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1157: Fine performance by Chris Newton in the men's points race, but he was caught napping by Germany's Roger Kluge on the final lap and pipped for the silver. Spanish legend Joan Llanares wins gold for the second time.

"Morning Ben. If you think the points race is mad, just wait for the Madison: absolutely manic! And with our boys Wiggins and Cavendish in the mix, a mouthwatering prospect! What a day and what a Games for Team GB! Bring on those medals!"
Neik, Herts via text

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1154: "Does anyone else think Andy Hodge of the men's rowing four could be Boris Johnson's slightly better-looking son?"
nathan, sheffield via text on 81111

1152: Chris Newton is back down in third, one point behind Germany's Roger Kluge, while Spanish great Joan Llanares is ripping it up up the front. With nine laps to go and one sprint, Llanares is in an unassailable position and Newton has picked up a point to tie with Kluge. Madness, utter madness.

1149: The BBC's weighlifting commentator Andrew Cotter emails me to say: "A heads up that if you are tiring of watching all the British medal success, then the women's super-heavyweight weightlifting gets underway in 10 minutes. It includes, to the best of my research, the heaviest athlete in the Games (male or female) in Olha Korobka of Ukraine. 167 kilos, or 26 and a half stone, if you were wondering. And also an Australian lifter called Deborah Lovely."

1146: For all those texting in to reveal that they don't know what's going on in the men's points race, I'm with you, I've got no idea either. However, the good news is Chris Newton is now up to second with about 30 laps left.

1143: Water polo: the United States kept their medal hopes alive by stunning world champions Croatia 7-5. In another upset, an aggressive Spain trounced European champions Montenegro 12-6 and Hungary, zeroing in on a third straight Olympic gold, narrowly avoided a nasty surprise of their own, squeaking past Australia 13-12.

1140: Fifty three laps to go and Chris Newton's tally has just gone to 29 and he's now third overall. This points race is as mad as a box of frogs!

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"So proud and happy for our rowers. I think there are plenty more medals to come for team GB this weekend."
Claudine, London via text on 81111

1134: Belfast light-flyweight Paddy Barnes fights for Ireland at 1200. He's got Jose Luis Meza of Ecuador in his opener. British middleweight James DeGale will fight Bakhtiyar Artayev of Kazakhstan in the next round - if he wins that, he could face Ireland's Darren Sutherland in the semi-finals.

1132: In track and field, Greg Rutherford and Chris Tomlinson of Great Britain go in the long jump at 1300, while the 100m semis, including Britain's Tyrone Edgar and the three main men - Bolt, Powell and Gay. The final is at 1530.

1130: Steven Burke of GB is on at 1150 in the men's 4000m individual pursuit bronze medal race, with Bradley Wiggins going for gold straight after. The keirin second round, with Chris Hoy, is after the points race with the final at 1220.

1123: It's currently the men's points race in the velodrome, and it's former world champion Chris Newton going for Great Britain, who is fourth at the moment. If anyone has ever watched a points race, deciphering what's going on is like trying to crack the Da Vinci Code, but we have a story on the site that might just help out.

1120: There is going to be an all-Russian final in the women's tennis. Elena Dementieva, a silver medallist in Sydney eight years ago, will at least match that in Beijing after beating compatriot Vera Svonareva 6-3 7-6 (7-3) in her semi-final. Dementieva will play her childhood friend Dinara Safina for the gold medal after Safina beat Chinese hope Li Na 7-6 (7-3) 7-5.

1109: Sorry, I believe I told you that Slovenia grabbed bronze in the men's four - it was actually France. Sorry. For the record, none of the Brit boys blubbed when God Save the Queen was played, they all just had a jolly good sing-song. Steve Williams, I think I forgot to mention, is now a double Olympic champion. Big up yourself Steve.

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"Does anyone else get lost in John Inverdale's piercingly blue eyes?"
Tim, Devon via text on 81111

1104: Four gold medals for four ruddy British heroes - almost time for God Save the Queen. If our national anthem was any good, I might even cry...

"I'm so relieved and happy. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to go out and do. We were really on the ropes."
GB men's four gold medallist Peter Reed

"That was very very tough. It's very difficult to put how I feel into words. It's been such a tough five months."
GB men's four gold medallist Steve Williams

"I was too soft in the middle and I've got four years to work on that! I knew we had an extra gear but i didn't believe we could do it like that. I've never been in so much pain in all my life."
GB men's four gold medallist Andy Hodge

1100: Here's a quick reminder of what we've got coming up athletics-wise later today: at 1200 BST it's Kelly Sotherton in the heptathlon javelin - she's 22 points off bronze, but she could probably throw a stick of rhubarb further than she can throw a javelin and could drop further back before the 800m at 1415. At 1230, Marilyn Okoro goes in heat one along with the veteran Maria Mutola. Jenny Meadows is in heat two. Sorry, here's the rowing boys getting their gold - my money's on Steve Williams cracking first.

1053: Dust off your forefingers! This auto-refresh thingy has packed up again, so you'll have to start pressing F5 again instead. We've got our best people on it apparently, plus some techie bloke in a Metallica T-shirt whose breath smells of pickled onion Monster Munch. That's all the rowing done and dusted for the day, and not a bad little horde so far: one gold and two bronzes.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1046: More on the women's 3000m individual pursuit: Romero set a new British record of 3:27.703, with Houvenaghel just a few fractions of a second behind her in a separate heat. They go in the final tomorrow. Wiggins goes in the final of the men's 4000m individual pursuit soon, Steven Burke goes for bronze and Chris Hoy and Ross Edgar go in the second round of the keirin. Super Saturday? I'm about to have a coronary.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1042: More sensational news from the velodrome - it's an all-British final in the women's 3000m individual pursuit, with Wendy Houvenaghel and Rebecca Romero going first and second fastest in their semi-finals.

Gold medal boost for GB
1039: What a performance from Tom James, Andy Hodge, Pete Reed and Steve Williams - they looked to be struggling at halfway and were about three quarters of a length down, but in the last 200m they really clicked and timed their attack to perfection, overhauling the Aussies with about 200m to go and holding on to the line. Slovenia took the bronze.



1035: Steve Williams calling it from the number two seat, as Redgrave did eight years ago, but GB are not looking as smooth as they did in the semi... but they're starting to shift, passing Slovenia and hunting down Australia...

1032: It's Australia well in the lead at the halfway mark, but GB and coming back into it and are third, behind Slovenia, at the halfway mark, the Aussies three quarters of a length up...

"I'm pleased for Olaf Tufte winning the gold in the men's single sculls, but I'd like Sir Steve to be stripped of his knighthood for the traitorous act of inviting Tuft round for tea and giving him training tips!"
Beryl via text on 81111

1025: "We knew it was going to be a good race. We're very disappointed not to get the gold. But you can never pass up an Olympic medal."
Stephen Rowbotham after a bronze in the men's double sculls

1029: Right, we're getting the big build-up for the men's four final. Great Britain have some history in this event of course, and this year it's the turn of Tom James, Andy Hodge, Pete Reed and Steve Williams, the only man who was in the gold medal-winning boat in 2004. Off in a second, Australia expected to provide the biggest threat...

1024: Tennis, and an update from the women's singles semi-finals, where the Russians are on the charge. Dinara Safina has just taken the first set 7-6 (7-3) in her match against home favourite Li Na and another Russian, Elena Dementieva, took the first set 6-3 against her compatriot Vera Zvonareva in the other semi.

1020: TV are sticking with the thrills and spills on the water rather than with the cycling - it's finals against heats, as simple as that. Britain really are rather good at cycling though. Ross Edgar emulates Chris Hoy by outclassing the field to win his first-round heat in the keirin and go through to the second round. GB's Matthew Wells and Stephen Rowbotham will have wanted better than bronze, but you can't thumb your nose at third place in an Olympic final.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1017: The Aussies have taken gold in the men's double sculls, Estonia take silver and Great Britain's Matthew Wells and Stephen Rowbotham take bronze. Seriously close on the line, but what a heroic row by David Crawshay and Scott Brennan, who were only eighth in the final of the world championship.

1016: Right, back to the rowing: the Aussies have opened up a big lead over Great Britain, but Matthew Wells and Stephen Rowbotham are closing in with 500m remaining...

1011: GB's Matthew Wells and Stephen Rowbotham are off in the men's double sculls... I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS! Some confusion surrounding the men's 4000m individual pursuit, which is all my fault. Some clarification: Britain's Bradley Wiggins will defend his crown against Hayden Roulston of New Zealand later today, another Briton, Steven Burke, will race against Russia's Alexander Markov for the bronze medal. Got it?

1010: James DeGale has brightened the mood of the British boxing camp with a comfortable 11-5 victory over American Shawn Estrada in the second round of the middleweight competition.The much-hyped GB boxing team has seen a string of defeats but, after a scoreless opening round, middleweight DeGale upped his work-rate to go through. He opened the scoring with a chopping left hand and led 3-1 at the end of the second round. DeGale extended his lead to 6-3 after three rounds and opened up in some style in the final round.

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1008: Canada's Carol Huynh has taken the gold in the women's 48kg wrestling - which will be a big boost for the Canadians after a lamentable first week with not a single medal. Even the country's prime minister, Stephen Harper, has had to answer for their poor performance. Stephen who?


It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1004: Britain's Chris Hoy makes it all look so easy as he wins his heat in the men's keirin, seemingly without breaking sweat. The Scot, who appears to have swapped thighs with a rhinoceros, is able to freewheel across the finishing line and makes it through to the second round.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
0959: Elise Laverick and Anna Bebington run out of water and have to make do with bronze in the final of the women's double sculls - I say make do, but that was some effort by the British pair. Great race that - the Germans looked dead in the water, were overhauled by the Kiwis, but went to the well and hit back. The race is originally given to the Germans, but a minute later it's handed to the Kiwis by one hundredth of a second. Where were the Chinese? And frankly, who cares.

0956: Elise Laverick and Anna Bebington are right in the mixer in the final of the women's double sculls, the Chinese world champions have been dropped and GB are now hunting down New Zealand and Germany, who went out at a coruscating pace...

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0950: The news is pouring in thick and fast, and here's Bradley Wiggins in the 4000m individual pursuit... London middleweight James DeGale has won his second-round fight, a big fillip for the British team and more on that in a minute. Here go Elise Laverick and Anna Bebington in the women's double sculls... BRADLEY WIGGINS SMASHES ALEXANDER SEROV OF RUSSIA! Wiggins will race for gold against Alexei Markov of Russia in the final later today, and Wiggins, who clocked 4:16, is red hot favourite for gold.

0947: "I made it all the way through. I was so proud to get through the semi-final. I couldn't step on. I tried to give it everything I had. I was completely empty. I have done my best and I can hold my head high. This isn't the last time you've seen of me."
Alan Campbell, who finished fifth in the men's single sculls, on BBC One

0943: Good news reaches us from the velodrome - Russia's Alexei Markov wins the second heat in the men's 4000m pursuit, with a comprehensive defeat of Spain's Antonio Tauler - but his time of 4:22.308 is slower than Britain's Steven Burke, meaning an all-British final between him and Bradley Wiggins is still on... if The Wiggler gets through... sorry, got so carried away below I told you they were cycling 4000km, which would have taken them to Mongolia and back.

Gold medal
0940: Australia take gold in the men's coxless pairs, with Canada second and New Zealand third. Drew Ginn and Duncan Free in the Aussie boat and that's Ginn's third Olympic gold. I believe that's Canada's first medal at these Games, and only New Zealand's second.


0936: "The word comes to mind: epic. What you did tonight was epic. I never thought for one moment you were out of that race. You represent such an inspiration to youngsters around the world."
Mark Spitz on Phelps matching his seven golds in the pool

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0935: WHAT A FINAL TWO LAPS FROM BURKE! The Brit looked spangled at one stage, but he went berserk over the last 500m, absolutely savaging his Ukrainian rival and surging through for a medal ride. Sensational. Whether Burke rides for gold or bronze depends on the times of the other races: if he's one of the two fastest he'll ride for gold, if he's third or fourth quickest he'll go for bronze.

0934: Dyudya is shovelling some serious coal here and he's got Burke on the rack - but Burke is coming back into it! The lead slashed to 0.141 seconds with one lap left!

0931: Britain's Stephen Burke is off in the men's 4000m individual pursuit. He's up against Dyudya of Ukraine for a place in the last four. Burke trails by 1.4 seconds after 1125m.

0928: We haven't forgotten those two wheels. GB's Steven Burke and Bradley Wiggins go in the 4000m individual pursuit in about 10 minutes. The next rowing final with British interest takes place at 0950 BST - the women's double sculls. Elise Laverick and Anna Bebington were disappointed with their performance in the heats here but bounced back in the repechage to qualify for the final.

Gold medal
0921: Romania shred the field in the women's pairs, that was some row from Georgeta Andrunache and Viorica Susanu. China come scything through the field at the death and nick the silver from Belarus. That's China's first medal in rowing, the crowd were going berserk there. We think Britain's Louisa Reeve and Olivia Whitlam finished last, but just being in the final was some effort. Good news on New Zealand's Mahe Drysdale: the men's single sculls bronze medallist has been peeled off the deck and dragged to the podium where he is receiving his medal now.

0918: Romania open up a lead over Belarus in the women's pair, with Germany in third and China in fourth at the 1500m stage. GB down in sixth, just making the final was an achievement for them.

0917: Some boxing: in the middleweight division, Ireland's Darren Sutherland beats Algeria's Nabil Kassel after a stoppage in the fourth round. The 26-year-old from Dublin was leading 21-14 at the time and inflicted two standing counts on the Algerian.

0912: Now there's a snapshot of the Herculean efforts that go into preparing for and competing in the Olympics - New Zealand's three-time world champion Mahe Drysdale collapsed in his boat having failed in his bid for gold in the men's single sculls. Brutal. Incidentally, his bronze is New Zealand's first medal at this Olympics. The women's pair final is under way...

0908: "Those who do not dream, do not live."
Alan Campbell's mum after watching her son come fifth in the men's single sculls

0909: Some rather disappointing sailing news - the Finn and the Yngling classes have been postponed for the day because of a lack of wind. Ben Ainslie did start his medal race and was looking good, shepherding main rival Zach Railey of America all over the water, but the race had to be called off because there wasn't enough puff in Qingdao. Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson have a narrow one-point advantage over the Netherlands in the Yngling, but they won't be going for gold today.

0905: Just time to make a cup of splosh before Britain's Louisa Reeve and Olivia Whitlam in the women's pair. They're not expected to do much damage here - the Romanians are the Olympic champions, the Belarussians are the world champions and every other crew has won a World Cup medal already this year. By contrast Whitlam and Reeve rowed together internationally as a senior pair for the first time at the Lucerne World Cup regatta in June and then qualified for the Games via the last-chance Olympic Qualifying Regatta in Poznan, Poland, in June.

"Velodrome ahoy! Wheel out the big guns and raise the Union Jack - there's more gold to be plundered by HMS Wiggins today…"
BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce, via Twitter


Gold medal
0859: Campbell looks to have blown a gasket, he's falling through the field... Tufte is now hunting down Drysdale, and here comes Synek... AND IT'S OLAF TUFTE OF NORWAY! Tufte breaks the heart of Mahe Drysdale, overhauling the Kiwi on the line, and Ondrej Synek of the Czech Republic grabs silver. Alan Campbell couldn't live with that blistering pace and he finishes down in fifth. Given his recent illness, however, that's one helluva showing from the man from Coleraine.

0858: Here comes Drysdale, gritting his teeth and shifting up to 33 strokes a minute... he's well ahead at 1500m, Campbell down in fifth, he needs to make his move and make it fast...

0856: From the aerial view, Drysdale, in his black boat, looks as though he's sunk, but he hasn't, he's actually making his move... Tufte of Norway edges ahead of Campbell... Synek of the Czech Republic, the world silver medallist, is a length and a half down...

0854: Campbell leads by about half a length at the 500m mark, and he's renowned for his blazing finish... hold onto your hats...

0851: Right, we're off... shine on Alan, shine on... he's made a quick start, nudging ahead of Drysdale...

0848: Defending men's single sculls champion Mahe Drysdale of New Zealand has had an upset stomach all week, so he starts down in lane six. Britain's Alan Campbell was fourth at the last World Championships and took World Cup gold in Munich this year - but how much will that recent illness affect him? We'll find out in just a minute...he's in lane five next to Drysdale... Drysdale delaying the start, he's spooked by some weeds...


Gold medal
0842: Big shock in the women's single sculls, where Bulgaria's Rumyana Neykova has beaten double Olympic champion Ekaterina Karsten of Belarus, winner of all three pre-Olympic World Cup races this year and three world titles since 2005, into second. That will give Alan Campbell hope - he's up soon in the men's single sculls.


0840: Some speculation in the office as to whether rowing commentator Gary Herbert will survive the day. I reckon after the men's four he'll spontaneously combust and just be a little blob on his seat next to Dan Topolski.

0833: Alan Campbell's story is an extraordinary one: nine weeks ago he had a spot of toothache, thought it was just that, only to discover he had an abscess and the infection ended up down in his knee, meaning he missed six weeks of training. He's been getting better and better in the build-up to the Games however, and the whole of Coleraine and the whole of Britain will be cheering him on when he goes in the men's single scull at 0850 BST.

0830: The latest from Qingdao is that organisers are hopeful of staging a second attempt at the Finn class medal race at 0902 BST. Failing that, Ben Ainslie - and the Yngling crew of Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson - will have to wait until Sunday.

"You get one chance in four years, and maybe one chance in a lifetime. Some sports have majors and Grand Slams, for these guys this is their six minutes and if they don't get it right, they'll regret it for the rest of their lives..."
Four-time Olympic champion Matthew Pinsent on Britain's rowers

0825: "Right now, the wind has picked up again. The conditions are light and the organisers are starting to chase the clock. 0930 BST is the last time they can start the race today."
Team GB sailing performance director John Derbyshire on BBC Radio 5 Live

0822: "Sharron Davies' tiny shorts cause a stir on air!" screams the Telegraph. "Sharron Davies defies the great BBC Olympic cover-up - and shows off her amazing legs!" screams the Daily Mail. "Over 30 million tune into Olympics!" screams The Press Association. You do the mathematics.

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"Not a solitary medal in these games for Canada so far. They were always good for a few swimming medals in previous Games so surely this is a big disappointment for them?"
Chris, Wokingham via text on 81111

0816: How quick can Usain, Asafa and Tyson go? Colin Jackson reckons the winner of the men's 100m could dip under 9.7, which Usain might just do if he bothers running this time.

0812: The next thing you want to be looking out for is Coleraine's Alan Campbell in the men's single scull at 0850. He will be in the company of three-time world champion Mahe Drysdale of New Zealand, the reigning Olympic champion, Olaf Tufte of Norway, and the 2007 world silver medallist Ondrej Synek, but he's a seriously gritty competitor, so don't write him off.

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0808: "Well done to Becky Adlington - it puts those pampered millionaires of the Premiership to shame. They only do a few hours a week training, God knows how many Becky does for a lot less recognition. You did Britain proud."
antwynne on 606
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0804: Kelly Sotherton's next event in the heptathlon is the javelin at midday - that's her Achiles heel, so her medal hopes could take a potentially fatal hit, if they didn't already after a below-par long jump.

0802: Rowing update: Gearoid Towey has withdrawn from the Ireland lightweight men's four ahead of today's Olympic 'B' final as a spate of illnesses hit the regatta. The first final is the women's single sculls at 0830.

0800: Here's some chat from 19-year-old British flyweight Khalid Yafai, who lost his second-round clash to Cuba's Andris Laffita earlier today: "I did everything I could out there and I thought it was closer. But I'm not saying he didn't win. The Cuban's a very good, experienced fighter and he'll probably go on to win the gold medal. This has all been a great experience for me. One year ago I wasn't even thinking of reaching the Beijing Olympics. I'm definitely staying amateur for London and that will be my target once I get over this disappointment."

0754: Erm, that's all a bit disappointing - the claxon sounds, the blue and white flag goes up and Ben Ainslie's medal race has been abandoned. Odd. Ainslie leans back, puts his feet up and has a little chuckle to himself. To be fair, there's not even enough wind to get him back to the start line.

0750: It's the final of the men's 100m at 1530 BST, and that's not just a mouthwatering prospect, that's a foaming at the mouth like a rabid badger prospect. My money's on Usain Bolt, after 50m of his heat yesterday he looked like a man being shooed out of his mother's kitchen rather than a man competing in the Olympic Games.

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0746: "Ben Ainslie is the supreme stalker. This American must be worried about his bunny getting boiled..."
cairotcat on 606
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0743: It's not been the greatest boxing tournament ever for the British team: another man out today in his first fight, young flyweight Khalid Yafai outclassed by a Cuban. So much optimism before this Olympics, it's all turning a bit sour what with Gavin's withdrawal, Murray's complaints about the local judges and now Bradley Saunders suggesting he wasn't too bothered about going out because he was feeling a bit homesick. All I can say is, bring it home David Price, bring it home...

"If you're British you will see Ainslie right at the back of the course but don't despair, this is absolute textbook sailing."
Double Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson

0740: Ainslie has decided the best route to gold is to act like a sheepdog. He's herded Zach Railey all the way over to one side of the course, miles and miles away from any of the other boats, and he's not letting the American move - knowing full well that if Railey finishes fifth or worse, Ainslie is nailed on for gold. Can't imagine the Railey's too happy about that, this will be doing his medal hopes no favours whatsoever.

0735: Just seen a replay of Phelps's victory in the 100m butterfly - super slo-mo, absolutely astonishing, the American had barely started his stroke as Cavic was gliding in. A reminder that if you are in the UK and want to make sure you don't miss the big Olympic events of the day on BBC television, you can text the word ALERTS to 81008, and you will receive a couple of texts per day, for free, telling you to stick your telly on (or watch this website) because it's about to start!

0730: There's more wind on an episode of Loose Women than there is in Qindao at the moment and Ainslie is all over his American rival like a cheap suit, coasting along in front of him, teasing him as the rest of the fleet disappears into the distance.

0728: The Finn class, where Ben Ainslie is going for gold and - at very least - a silver, is finally under way in Qingdao after organisers decided they had enough wind to start. Ainslie is keeping his word and sticking to American Zach Railey "like glue". All Ainslie has to do to earn his third gold is finish within six places of Railey in this race. I say "all"...

0724: Morning you lot. I strongly suggest you dig out your Spandau Ballet Great Hits cassette, hit play and keep on hitting: GOLD! Always believe in your soul! You've got the power to know! You're indestructable! Always believe in, because you are GOLD! By the end of the day, you're all going to be dripping in more of the stuff than a Romford costermonger, mark my words.

By Pranav Soneji

0713: "Why am I thinking this? I'm watching the sailing and all I can think of is the guy who comes out of the sea in Jason and the Argonauts. Has the lack of sleep this week made me delirious?"

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Things are only going to get worse with Ben Dirs in the hotseat. See you all tomorrow.

0710: So what do we think Mark Spitz would have to say about Phelps matching his 1972 exploits. Here's some chat from swimming's answer to Neil Armstrong: "If he wins seven golds and ties what I did, then it would be like I was the first man on the moon and he became the second. If he wins more than seven, then he becomes the first man on Mars."

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0706: While we're waiting for the Finn class to get under way, we've had racing in the Tornado and Laser classes, where Paul Goodisonwas 21st in his race. Woah! Too many Union Jack arrows pointing to my feet right now.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0700: Despite a resilient final round, Britain's Khalid Yafai is outclassed 9-3 by a seriously slick Cuban in Hernandez Laffita. No shame for the teenager, but it means the boxing contingent will be relying on James "Chunky" DeGale against meets the USA middleweight Shawn Estrada at 0915 BST.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0657: A bit of a blow for Britain's women's hockey team as veteran midfielder Jennie Bimson has been forced out of their campaign with a calf muscle injury, according to the International Hockey Federation's website. They play Japan in a crucial match later today.

0656: ""If we get the full 10 rowing golds and the two sailing golds team GB could be second in the medal table. C'mom GB!"
Kev Letchworth via text on 81111
I want what Kev's having. As techno demon Green Velvet once sang, "I'm going down to La-La Land". What a wonderful place it is too.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0655: Hernandez Laffita steps up his pace with some slick combos to take a 6-0 lead at the bell in the second round against Khalid Yafai.

0651: Yafai is one point down to the Cuban after the first round, but more bad news from Qingdao - the sailing has been postponed for the third time. Ben Ainslie's nerves can't be too healthy right now.

0649: Khalid Yafai is in the ring for his first Olympic fight of his boxing career - the Brummie boxer received a bye in the first round. Hernandez Laffita - a jaunty little southpaw - won their previous encounter 18-10 in Bulgaria.

0647: After two false starts because of adverse wind conditions, the sailing should hopefully start at 0650 BST.

0642: I want every day to be Super Saturday. We've got flyweight Khalid Yafai up against Cuban opponent Andris Hernandez Laffita. Don't know too much about Hernandez Laffita, but he's Cuban and he boxes. Nuff said. My all-time favourite boxer is from the Carribean island, if heavyweight Felix Savon had ever gone pro, that man would be permenantly walking on $20 bills.

0635: And to think, it's the first day of the new Premier League season. Bad news from Qingdao, the final Finn class has been suspended because of a lack wind.

Gold medal

0630: Looks like the sailing is about to start in the next five minutes. As if you need reminding, Ben Ainslie is defending his Finn class gold medal from the clutches of the USA's Zach Railey.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics

Text 81111
(with "OLYMPICS" as first word - UK users only)

At-a-glance medals table

Sunday, 24 August 2008 10:17 UK
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL
1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
7 South Korea 13 10 8 31
8 Japan 9 6 10 25
9 Italy 8 10 10 28
10 France 7 16 17 40

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