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Olympics day five as it happened


By Ben Dirs

1624: And on that bright note from Paul in London - Cammarelle did indeed beat Croatia's Marko Tomasovic 13-1 today, but lost to Islam Timurziev at the 2006 European champs - I am going to wind things up for the day. Thanks for the chat as always and it's Caroline Cheese back in the seat tomorrow morning.

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"Re Price, unfortunately he can only get a silver. I spent three days covering [2007 world champion] Roberto Cammarelle from Italy, and he cannot be beaten by anyone here. He sparred and knocked out a professional US fighter recently in the world's top 20."
Paul, London via text on 81111

1609: Here's a full list of the men's football quarter-finals, to be played on Saturday: Brazil play Cameroon, Ivory Coast take on Nigeria, Argentina meet the Netherlands and Italy are up against Belgium.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1604: Fantastic news from the individual dressage in Hong Kong - Britain's Emma Hindle has gone second on her horse Lancet with 71.125. Germany's Heike Kemmer is leading with 72.250, Holland's Imke Schellens-Bartels is third with 70.875. With Jane Gregory in 11th, GB are handily set. The second lot of riders go tomorrow.

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"Nice one Pricey - by dispatching the Russian in the second round he'll keep himself nice and fresh for the next bout. Could he be in with a shout for the gold?"
Tom, London via text on 81111

1600: As long as Pricey doesn't end up like Audley and fighting like Shirley Bassey when he turns pro, you can sing whatever you like. You're right about the finish though - as head coach Terry Edwards put it, it was a serious case of "deva ju".

"Isn't David Price's knockdown of Islam Timurziev a carbon copy of Audley Harrison's first match in Sydney? Against a Russian, losing the fight, left-hander. I feel a Shirley Bassey song coming on!"
Elts via text on 81111

1552: Jane Gregory of Great Britain and her mount Lucky Star are currently 10th in the individual dressage standings. Team-mate Emma Hindle should be in action about now, I'll have news of her in a minute. Looks like it's just the dressage left in terms of British interest this evening.

1546: Cat Osterman tossed a no-hitter and Crystl Bustos hit a two-run homer to power the United States to a 3-0 victory over Australia for their 16th consecutive Olympic softball victory. In two games, the Americans have yet to allow a hit.

1540: Great win that by the GB skipper and the perfect fillip for the team after Joe Murray's defeat yesterday. Pricey goes berserk after that win, and says one or two rude words... but we'll let him off as he's beaten the favourite and will now be among the favourites for gold himself.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1537: EXTRAORDINARY! David Price, two points down after the first round, drops Russia's European champion Islam Timurziev with a peach of a left-right combination before putting him down again with a solid left. Two standing counts before the referee decides there's not enough life in the Russian's eyes and calls a halt, to the dismay of Timurziev.

1536: David Price is 2-0 down after the first round of his super-heavyweight clash. He should have scored with a decent body shot, but he needs to be more positive in the second...

"Never mind Emma Pooley, I TT-ed it down from the Olympic Sports Centre Cluster (very 1970s) to get to the last 10 minutes of the Argentina v Serbia footie and the South Americans only went and greeted me with a large slice of goal pie. I was so happy I thought I'd stroll across the road to see David Price in action. He's on next. That will be 16 sports and 20 venues in just over 12 hours. I'm going to lie down afterwards for a day and a half."
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing (he now weighs 3 and a hald stone)

1532: Here comes Liverpool super-heavyweight David Price, all 6ft 8in of him. He's up against Islam Timurziev, the amateur bronze medallist in Chicago last year. It's a nasty first round draw, but the GB skipper is capable.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1526: It's all over in the men's hockey, the Dutch have rumbled the British 1-0 with a late goal from Taeke Taekema, the short corner specialist. He drilled one low with seven minutes remaining and GB now have one win and one loss from two games and now have to play defending champions Australia and South Africa. The Aussies beat the Saffers 10-0 today...

1523: The Dutch have taken the lead against GB in the men's hockey, only three minutes left... the chap opposite me just looked up at the screen and said, "this must be David Price now. He's fighting a Russian, and that bloke's wearing red..." This is what I have to put up with, soppy sausage...

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"Hows about we start a new sport - 'Murray bashing'? We'd have no end of people who could win a medal in that. Wonder if they were the same people who were championing him less than two months ago..."
Chris, Cambridge, via text on 81111

1513: Some dressage: Germany's Heike Kemmer (72.250) has seized the early lead in the first day of qualifying. Imke Schellekens-Bartels (70.875) of the Netherlands is second and Courteny King (70.458) of the United States is third. Jane Gregory of Great Britain is ninth at the time of writing with 63.375.

1505: It's all winding up now in Beijing, but we still have some Brits in action. Super-heavyweight David Price is on in about 30 minutes, GB's men are playing the Netherlands in the hockey and Jane Gregory and Emma Hindle are in action in the individual dressage. Struggling to find any info on the dressage, I'll keep trying...

1502: Serena Williams has done it. She serves out the match to complete a 3-6 6-3 6-4 victory over Alize Cornet and advance to the quarter-final. It has been a bit of a battle though. Still 0-0 in the hockey, GB survive a penalty corner...

1457: China are guaranteed at least one medal in the women's singles badminton after all three top seeds fought off fierce challenges to advance to the semi-finals.

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"I feel sorry for Jamie Murray getting knocked out. I don't have the same feelings for Andy. I doubt even an Olympic medal would put a smile on his puss."
Andy, Edinburgh, via text on 81111

1455: A big game for Serena Williams in her third-round match with Alize Cornet. Williams leads 4-3 in the deciding set courtesy of a break in the first game but Cornet is not giving up without a fight. It takes a couple of huge serves by the American to break her resistance and a backhand by the Frenchwoman leaves Serena 5-3 up and on the brink of victory.

Gold medal
1448: In fencing, Britta Heidemann of Germany wins gold in the women's individual epee. She beat Ana Maria Branza of Romania 15-11 in the final. It's a shutout for Zhanh Zhilei in the boxing - 15-0. David Price of Liverpool is on in five fights' time. Over at the Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium, GB's men are locked at 0-0 against the Netherlands.

1444: Ivory Coast play Nigeria in the quarter-finals on Saturday. Argentina were the other team to progress from Group A after beating Serbia. Belgium have also made it through after beating New Zealand 1-0 and they will play Italy after finishing behind Brazil in Group C. A farcical contest going on in the boxing, Zhanh Zhilei is using his Moroccan opponent as a virtual punchbag and has opened up a 10-0 lead after three rounds. The crowd love it, but it doesn't do the tournament any favours at all.

1442: Salomon Kalou converted one of his several chances in the 81st minute, giving the Ivory Coast a 1-0 victory over Australia to send them into the quarter-finals in their first appearance in the men's football tournament. The Aussies are toast.

1438: The Murrays succumbed 6-1 6-3 in the men's doubles by the way. Meanwhile, Brazil have beaten China 3-0 to maintain their 100% winning record in the group stages. Brazil go through to the quarter-finals, where they will play Cameroon. China are out.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1433: Andy and Jamie Murray have been beaten in the second round of the men's doubles by French duo Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra. Not sure what the score was yet, but the speed of their exit tells me they got their backsides whupped. It's going off in the boxing arena - China's 6ft 7in super-heavyweight Zhanh Zhilei enters the fray, and he's up against Morocco's Mohamed Amanissi. He warms up with an Ali Shuffle! Cheeky bleeder...

Gold medal
1430: South Korea have beaten the United States 8-7 in the prelims of the baseball and German fencer Benjamin Kleibrink has won the gold in the men's individual foil. Japan's Yuki Ota won the silver and Italy's Salvatore Sanzo won the bronze.

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"This is meant to be text commentary, can you get back to reporting please."
Alex, London, via text on 81111

1427: Serena Williams won the second set 6-3 against Alize Cornet to level the match - and has promptly broken the French star with a ferocious backhand to go 1-0 up in the decider. The tide looks like it has turned in that one.

Gold medal
1420: Sa Jaeh-Youk of South Korea has halted the Chinese bandwagon and won the men's 77kg weightlifting gold medal. Sa hoisted 203kg in the clean and jerk and 163kg in the snatch for a total lift of 366kg. Li Hongli of China achieved the same total but Sa won by virtue of his lower body weight.

1415: We have the dulcet tones of Barry Davies on the TV now and GB v the Netherlands in men's hockey. Brazil looked to have dumped the hosts out of the men's footy tournament - Thiago Neves has scored two quick second-half goals to put Brazil 3-0 up.

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"Is your lunch monitor the same Chris Bevan that made my friend Jen drink balsamic vinegar to cure her hiccups in Glasgow eight years ago?"
Tony, London, via text on 81111

1412: Venus Williams, who won gold in the 2000 Games in Sydney, is into the last eight of the women's tennis after thumping Victoria Azarenka of Belarus, the 12th seed, 6-3 6-2. Williams will now play Li Na, who beat Estonia's Kaia Kanepi 4-6 6-2 6-0 to become the first Chinese player to reach the quarter-finals of an Olympic tennis tournament. Sybille Bammer (Austria), Vera Zvonareva (Russia) and Dinara Safina (Russia) also made progress.

1408: Sorry about the little delay there, Bevo was just plumping up my pillows. Not sure why the scheduled hockey isn't on the telly at the moment. We've got weightlifting instead, and as much as I love watching ladies lifting enormous weights, I'm with you, I'd rather see Britain's men take on the Netherlands at hockey. I'll see what's happening.

1404: American light-flyweight Luis Yanez outpointed Spain's Jose Kelvin de la Nieve in his first bout on Wednesday. Yanez was kicked out of the team for going missing from a training camp before being reinstated on appeal, then found his room-mate Gary Russell Jr unconscious the night before Friday's draw. Russell had collapsed after struggling to make his weight and was pulled out by the US team. Not just Frankie that has problems boiling down.

1403: GOLD - South Korea, men's 77kg weightlifting

1400: OED definition: 'medal, v. 2. To win a medal (i.e., to come first, second, or third in a sporting event or competition)... 1994 Coloradoan (Fort Collins) 6 Feb. E1/1 U.S. bobsledders haven't medaled since 1956.' Coming back at ya Johnny Boy! We have pictures from Hong Kong! Sorry, did have for a second but they've gone again.

"Re 1332. 'Medal' Is not a verb. You win a medal, you dont 'medal'."
Johnny Know It All via text on 81111

1350: I have received a text to say Britain's Jane Gregory has put in a good first run in the dressage. No feeds, I will have a ferret around for details. The Murray Brothers, meanwhile, have been clobbered in the first set of their second round doubles match 6-1 by French pair Arnuad Clement and Michael Llodra.

1345: Serena Williams is one set down against Alize Cornet in the third round of the women's singles tennis. "Terrible tactical error by the British swimming coaches with that relay! Leave your best swimmers out at your peril. The girls knew it too!" roars Neil from Herts via text.

1342: Brazil lead China 1-0 at half-time in the hosts' must-win men's football match. Diego with the crucial goal.

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"What on earth were the British swim team thinking! We don't have the depth of USA to allow the luxury of a b team. What must the 'rested' swimmers in the village be feeling?"
Anon via text on 81111

1337: Much consternation in the British camp after that showing from the women's 4x200m freestyle. Bit of a nause-up to be honest, they got their tactics all wrong there. The four team members look devastated to be fair, and it looked for a moment as though one of them was going to come over all Blake Aldridge.

"Been to 14 sports and 16 venues - but hit a dead end when I went to the water polo as I just missed the last game and there was nothing going on. I've got half an hour of boxing left and one hour of football so I should get to see a bit of Argentina v Serbia."
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing, attempting to see as many sports as possible in a day

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1332: That's a ruddy disaster for Great Britain's swimming team - Fran Halsall can only bring the women's 4x200m freestyle team home in sixth from heat two and they fail to reach the final in an event they were expected to medal in. United States win the heat, Italy finish second and Australia finish in third.

1330: That's a great third leg from Hannah Miley, meaning she changes over to Fran Halsall in second place... she's already swam today in the heats of the 100m freestyle...

1325: Smashing lead-off leg from Jo Jackson - 1:57.7, and she hands over to Mel Marshall.

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"I imagine a helicopter would taste better than cottage cheese. Given that it can also fly, I think that makes it a winner."
Rob, Leamington via text on 81111

1322: Britain are in the second heat of the women's 4x200m freestyle relay. No Caitlin McClatchey, she's being rested for the final - if they get through, of course. Jo Jackson, bronze medallist in the 400m freestyle, leading off. Martin Damm and Pavel Vizner of the Czech Republic have beaten second seeds Novak Djokovic and Nenad Zimonjic of Serbia in the first round of the men's doubles tennis.

1318: David Price of Liverpool is on at around 1500 apparently. The super-heavyweight has been handed another nasty draw - he's got Russia's world bronze medallist Islam Timurziev in the first round.

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"Re 1259 comment, they are poor examples as you are comparing like with like. A better example is comparing cottage cheese with a helicopter."
Paul from Oxford via text on 81111

1315: Diego has just put Brazil 1-0 up against China, running on to a perfect pass by Ronaldinho and slotting past the goalkeeper. China need to win this game to go through to the quarter-finals so it is not looking good for the hosts.

1312: Cassie (see below), if Michael can enter a team in the Games, then why not George? Hang on a minute, I think Bevo meant Georgia. Anyone else notice that Nick Skelton's horse is called Russel?

"Mr Dirs, I think you will find Kent is the Garden of England and Essex is its compost heap."
Ben from Kent via text on 81111

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1310: Phelps coasts home in his heat - 1:58.68. James Goddard finishes fifth, but he's safely through to the semis in 13th place. Liam Tancock also advances in 14th overall.

1308: Let's see what Phelpsy can do in the sixth and final heat, alongside James Goddard of Britain...

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"Re. 1243. Who's George and why is he allowed to enter people into the Games?!"
Cassie via text on 81111

1304: India have ordered a government inquiry into the case of woman weightlifter, Monika Devi, who was excluded from the Beijing Olympics over a positive dope test but later cleared of wrongdoing. Ryan Lochte wins heat five in 1:58.15 - he looked so comfortable, I wouldn't be surprised if he strolled straight to the vending machine after finishing and bought himself a Drifter.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1301: Liam Tancock of GB finishes fourth in his heat in 1:59.79 and that's good enough to advance. Lochte of America in the next heat, and he gave Michael Phelps a run for his money in the US heats.

1259: Many thanks Christopher. Here's Liam Tancock in heat four of the men's 200m individual medley. This greatest Olympian debate, it's all a bit pointless surely? Asking whether Redgrave is better than Phelps is like asking whether a tomato is 'better' than a mushroom, or whether Hertfordshire is 'better' than Kent. Actually, strike that last point, Kent's nothing but a poor man's Essex.

1254: Kirsty Balfour finished joint 20th in the 200m breastroke so, as feared, she has missed out on the semi-finals. Liam Tancock goes soon in the men's 200m individual medley though. By the way, British archer Alan Wills will face Juan Carlos Stevens of Cuba in the next round of the archery on Friday as he continues his quest for gold. Thanks to congee on 606 for that info.

That's me done folks. Back to Ben now for the rest of the day's action.

1252: "He's a strange animal that Bevan. Used to play football with him. Runs like a duck."
Anon via text on 81111

Thanks for that. Speaking of football, China have just kicked off against Brazil. China need to win to have a chance of reaching the quarter-finals while Brazil, who have won both their games so far (not much of a surprise seeing as though they have the likes of Ronaldinho and Jo on board) can lose and still go through.

1248: "With one mistake each there's still a chance Dirs or Bevan could sneak a text commentary bronze. Being British though, its more likely they'll finish fourth and fifth despite beating the British record, leaving us celebrating mediocrity once again."
Tim in York via text on 81111

1246: Roger Federer is into the quarter-finals of the men's tennis, coming through his third round match against Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic 6-3 7-6 (7-4) to avenge his defeat by the same opponent in Athens four years ago. He celebrates by flinging a couple of very sweaty towels into the crowd. Nice.

Gold medal
1243: Georgia's Irakli Tsirekidze wins gold in the men's 90kg judo. Algeria's Amar Benikhlef takes silver and Egyptian Hicham Mesbah and Swiss veteran Sergei Aschwanden win bronze.

1240: Oh dear. Kirsty Balfour finishes sixth in her heat of the 200m breaststroke and she is pretty disappointed judging by her post-swim interview. She still has an outside chance of making the semi-finals - we will wait and see.

1238: GOLD - Georgia, men's 90kg judo

1235: Back at the Water Cube and Britain's Kirsty Balfour is about to go in her heat of the 200m breaststroke. She won silver at the world championships last year but has been drawn in lane one here which is not great.

1232: Sounds like British archer Alan Wills (yes, him again) is buzzing after that win over Marco Galiazzo. "Marco is one of the best in the world," Wills said. "I beat him so I feel like I can beat anybody. So bring it on!"

1230: "(see 1216) Five gold medals for Steve Redgrave over 16 years, a feat unsurpassed by any other athlete. Yep, we sure do have a 'ridiculously low' benchmark for our sporting heroes in Britain."
Anon via text on 81111

1228: That win by British archer Alan Wills over Marco Galiazzo deserves another mention as the Italian was actually the defending Olympic champion. A great achievement by Alan (which should not be ignored Dirsy!).

Gold medal
1225: Japan's Masae Ueno wins gold in the women's 70kg judo. Anaysi Hernandez of of Cuba took silver while Edith Bosch of the Netherlands and American Ronda Rousey won bronze medals.

1223: GOLD - Japan, women's 70kg judo

1220: "I note that Chris Bevan is your 30 minute lunchtime fill in. Is he on work experience? What does he do for the rest of the day?"
Pete in Bristol via text on 81111

Well, I start the day by giving Ben his alarm call and cooking his breakfast, then I carry his bags into work. He demands I massage his back every 30 minutes too.

1218: Britain's Gregor Tait has just finished second in his heat of the 200m backstroke in 1:57.03 - he is the fifth-fastest into the semi-finals. A good swim by the Scot.

1216: "Why do people in our country delude themselves with theories that Steve Redgrave is the greatest Olympian? Redgrave is a great Olympian but he is definately not the greatest and there is quite a few ahead of him in that category. Our level for great achievement/benchmark in this country is ridiculously low."
supergunner07 on 606

1212: Hmmm. Roger Federer was in spot of bother for a moment there in his second set against Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic - dropping his serve to trail 0-3. He has just broken back to 2-3, however, and looks on course once more.

1207: Greetings. How nice of Dirsy to sign off with a mistake to take some of the heat off me. Although British archer Alan Wills did beat Mauro Nespoli earlier (see 1155), his latest win actually came over another Italian, Marco Galiazzo. Chew on that, Ben.

1201: I'm off for a sanger. Chris Bevan will take you through some swimming heats - let's see if he can last 30 minutes without attempt to claim Michael Phelps is actually from Abergavenny.

1200: A round-up of the men's football now and Cameroon and Italy are both through to the last eight after drawing 0-0 in their final Group D match. The Netherlands are also into the quarter-finals after beating Japan 1-0 and Nigeria join them in progressing from Group B after they saw off the United States 2-1.

1155: Some archery news: Alan Wills is our sole remaining competitor after he defeated Mauro Nespoli of Italy. Simon Terry and Larry Godrey crashed out in the individual elimination rounds. I stand corrected: Ben Ainslie is not going for his third successive Finn gold, he of course won gold in the Laser class in 2000.

1154: Things are looking good for Roger Federer so far. The Swiss world number one has just taken the first set of his third round match against Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic 6-3.

Gold medal
1153: Georgia's Manuchar Kvirkelia won gold in the 74kg Greco-Roman wrestling. China's Chang Yongxiang won the silver. Yavor Yanakiev of Bulgaria and Christophe Guenot of France won bronze medals.

1152: GOLD - Georgia, 74kg Greco-Roman wrestling

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1146: Fran Halsall wins her heat by 0.6 seconds in 53.39, that's a very impressive swim indeed. A McClatchey update - she's pulled out of the women's 100m freestyle and is being rested for the women's 4x200m freestyle relay. She's saving herself for the final, which is tomorrow night. The Brits have got a chance of a medal in that.

1141: The second session of the swimming is about to get under way. The British news is that Caitlin McClatchey, who goes in the seventh women's 100m freestyle heat, has pulled out of the women's 4x200m freestyle relay which is later this evening. Her team-mate Fran Halsall goes first in heat five of the women's 100m free.

1137: British sailor Ben Ainslie, chasing a third successive gold, is entwined in a tight battle with America's Zach Railey in the Finn class. Ainslie is the leader with three of 10 races left but is just six points ahead of Railey. "That lead is nothing in these conditions so there is still a long way to go," Ainslie said.

"Can you tell me why there isn't a spare seat at the women's beach volleyball?"
Sam, Cornwall, via text on 81111

1135: Bad news for Britain's Michael Whitaker, who is out of the showjumping competition after his horse Portofino 63 became lame. The 14-year-old bay mare, owned by Gillespie Equestrian, was sound during pre-export quarantine in the UK and on arrival in Hong Kong but has developed a problem in the last 48 hours. The reserve horse, Russel, ridden by Nick Skelton, now comes into the squad of four.

1130: "Why can't all the world's ills be determined by two women from each protagonist playing in the sand?" texts J. The Flight of the Conchords duo put it best: "If every soldier in the world put down his weapon and picked up a woman, What a peaceful world this world would be..."

1125: I did wonder to myself why the Beeb were showing women's beach volleyball - originally I just thought the director needed a livener - but I've just noticed it's Russia v Georgia. Georgia rallied from one set down to win this game. "We had to give extra for the Georgian people," said Cristine Santanna after she and fellow Brazilian Andrezza Martins beat Alexandra Shiryaeva and Natalya Uryadova. It has not been confirmed whether either of them could have pointed to Georgia on a map before they started playing volleyball for them.

1121: Spanish basketball player Jose Manuel Calderon has defended a photo in an advertisement showing him and his team-mates using their fingers to apparently make their eyes look more Chinese. "We felt it was something appropriate and that it would be interpretated as an affectionate gesture," said the Spain point guard, who plays for NBA's Toronto Raptors. Apparently Chinese organisers are planning to present the Spaniards with a crate of oranges instead of a medal if they finish in the top three.

1118: Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara seems pretty pleased with his return from these Olympics, and you can hardly blame him. He pocketed gold in the men's time trial today, to go with his unexpected bronze in the road race on Sunday, and said: "Now is the moment to enjoy and to be happy and proud that I won. I am very proud to go home with two medals." Good lad.

1113: I've got a Phelps fact for you: if he were to melt down all the medals he's won so far, he still wouldn't have enough gold to make sovereign rings for every member of an average Basildon family. Here's women's beach volleyball! Kiss my face!

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1110: Bad news on Fiona Pennie - with 15 to qualify for the semi-finals, she's currently 15th with two women left to go. The German lady comes down clean and Pennie is eliminated. She was ranked number 12 in the world coming into this event, and fifth of those competing. Roger Federer has just started his match against Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic, with a place in the last-eight up for grabs.

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"Re. Phelps trivia: Phelps has exactly the same number of medals as his age when he was 13. Incredible."
Paul, Haslemere via text on 81111

1105: Fiona Pennie has finished her run in 13th, and there are four paddlers left to go in the women's K1 - but only 15 qualify for the semis... fingers crossed for Fiona, who is mentored by Olympic legend Sir Steve Redgrave.

Text in your views on 81111
"Vamos Rafa! An Olympic medal (hopefully gold) for Nadal will make an already incredible year for him that little bit more special! Really hope he can pull it off - he deserves it!"
Sara in Bristol via text on 81111

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1100: Better news from the sailing comes in the Yngling class, where the Team GB crew of Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson finished second in race seven and remains top of the standings. Ben Ainslie has also maintained his overall lead in the Finn class after finishing second behind Croatia's Ivan Kjalkovic-Gaspic today and Penny Clark is up from ninth to fifth in the Laser Radial after winning race three. Poor visibility has resulted in the second races of the day in the Laser, Laser Radial, Finn and Yngling classes being postponed so that is the last we will hear of our British sailors today.

1057: Fiona Pennie is due out on the rapids in a few minutes. The Scot had a poor first run in the women's single kayak, but has every chance of moving through the field and qualifying for the semi-final - there are plenty of pitfalls on the course and lots of her competitors are struggling.

Gold medal
1055: France's Steeve Guenot has claimed gold in the men's 66kg Greco-Roman wrestling. Kanatbek Begaliev of Kyrgyzstan won the silver. Armen Vardanyan of Ukraine and Mikhail Siamionau of Belarus won bronze medals.

1053: GOLD - France, men's 66kg Greco-Roman wrestling

1052: Rafael Nadal has just won his third round match against Russia's Igor Andreev 6-4 6-2. We will find out soon whether Roger Federer will join him in making progress but it will not be straightforward for the Swiss star, who faces world number 20 Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic in his match. Berdych has form at the Olympics against Rog, famously making the Swiss superstar cry when he beat him in Athens four years ago.

1049: The GB women's eight are through to the final after finishing in the repechage, behind Canada and the Netherlands. They were left standing at the start but managed to muscle their way back into it. It's all plain sailing for Britain's rowers at the moment, which is more than you can say for GB's sailors...

1043: As I was saying, Brits we've got coming up include: Liverpool's David Price in the boxing super-heavyweight category at around 1200; Jane Gregory in the individual dressage at around 1300; plenty of swimmers, including Liam Tancock in the men's 200m individual medley and Caitlin McClatchey in the women's 100m free and Gregor Tait in the men's 200m backstroke; and the Murray brothers take on France's Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra in the men's doubles tennis.

1040: A quick reminder of what Brits we've got coming up... hang on a second, it's the women's eight repechage! I'm all over the shop here, this is what it must be like being Cheggers. The Brits are in this, and they'd like to win it to signal their intent for the final.

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"Is there some kind of comp to produce the most pointless Phelps medal haul stat? If so, I have a contender: Phelps now has 13 Olympic medals, that's one for every letter in his name."
Neal, Milton Keynes via text on 81111

1031: We have diplomatic incidents exploding all over Beijing at the moment, with judges accused of incompetence in diving, boxing and gymnastics. Aussie shooter Russell Mark has now gone one louder, alleging that Chinese judges, influenced by a boistrous home crowd, helped local hope Hu Binyuan win the double trap bronze medal. Mark, the Atlanta Games gold medallist who finished fifth this year, told Australian media that local judges had awarded a hit to Hu even though he missed the target. Hmmm...

1024: News from our own Matt Slater - he's on a mission to watch as many sports as he possibly can in a single day and is up to 11. He's just ticked off archery, tennis (I'm surprised he didn't get shot...) and hockey and he's just off to see a bit of swimming.

"Fantastic news about the rowing. Hopefully the ladies can bring home the gold in the quad too."
Vicky, Coventry, via text on 81111

1020: News from the men's tennis where Rafael Nadal has just taken the first set 6-4 against Russian world number 23 Igor Andreev in his third round match.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1018: British 49er crew Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes remain well out of medal contention after being disqualified from race seven of their event for crossing the start line too early. They finished third and second in the next two races but are still only eighth overall. Paul Goodison's challenge in the Laser class is also faltering, after he finished 15th in his only race today.

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"Well done, Michael Phelps. I wonder how many Carl Lewis would have won if there were medals for running in slightly different, inefficient ways."
Jon, Cambridge via text on 81111

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1015: British sailing duo Nick Rogers and Joe Glanfield have moved up to third place overall in the men's 470 after finishing ninth and sixth in today's races. Not such good news in the women's 470, however, where Christina Bassadone and Saskia Clark are down to 11th after finishing 15th and 13th in races five and six.

1011: Brad Pitt is out of the heavyweight boxing event! Outpointed by Mohammad Arjaoui of Morocco, 11-6. Big shock that, he looked very handy in Fight Club and ruddy brilliant in Snatch. I'll have some sailing chat for you in a minute...

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1007: Shocks galore in the second semi of the men's four - Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Germany go through, the Dutch and Italy are out. Tom James, Steve Williams, Pete Reed and Andrew Triggs Hodge were two seconds quicker than Slovenia, Sir Steve Redgrave reckons they're nailed on for the gold.

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"Michael Phelps has won more gold medals in his life than Mexico has ever won in all their Olympics combined. And he's only 23!"
Rob A via text on 81111

Gold medal
1000: WORLD RECORD - Liu Chunhong has set a new world record in the women's 69kg weightlifting class with a total lift of 277kg. And of course, that's another gold for the hosts. Russia's Oxana Slivenko won the silver and Natalya Davydova of Ukraine the bronze.

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"China's culture and history has always been based on honour, discipline and obedience. Us westeners find it hard to comprehend that this is also implemented within China's sports body. Maybe it's time for us to keep an open mind on the matter and accepting that those cultural differences instead of brandmarking it."
Anon via text on 81111

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0956: What a race! The Brits surge through in the last 1000m of their men's four semi-final and lead Australia and France into the final. That makes them red hot favourites for the gold, although the Dutch might give them something to think about in semi-final two. World champions New Zealand finished fourth, Ireland last.

Gold medal
0953: Switzerland's Fabian Cancellara takes gold in the men's time trial. He has produced a sensational finish to take gold by 33 seconds ahead of Sweden's Gustav Larsson. Levi Leipheimer of the United States takes bronze and Steve Cummings of Great Britain finishes 11th.

0952: GOLD - Switzerland, men's cycling time trial

0951: Sweden's Gustav Larsson is home in one hour, two minutes and 44.79 seconds. He looks absolutely shattered - and is now off his bike and lying on the road in agony - but he has set the time to beat.

0949: It's the men's coxless four now, and GB are in semi-final one. They've got France, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and USA - the winner of this race is widely expected to go on and win the final.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0944: Plenty of claims of questionable officiating so far, but now the Aussies - not ones to mince their words - have accused judges of cheating in the double trap shooting. More on that in a minute because Wells and Rowbotham have qualified for the final of the men's doubles sculls. It looked heavy going to be honest - they finished behind France and Estonia and will have an outside lane for the final. They were faster than the Aussies in the first semi, however.

0942: The battle for gold in the men's time trial is going to go to the wire. Gustav Larsson is still fastest after the third time check but Fabian Cancellara, the world champion lest we forget, is just six seconds back. Alberto Contador is third but is slipping back and looks like he has shot his bolt.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0939: Bad news for Britain's Steve Cummings. As expected he will not be getting a medal in the time trial because Spain's Sam Sanchez has just finished in the fastest time, meaning our man drops to fourth. He will be doing well to finish in the top ten, realistically, but that is still a tremendous display given the strength of this field.

0937: We've got GB's Matthew Wells and Stephen Rowbotham going in the men's doubles sculls in just a moment. The Aussies looked very impressive in the first semi-final, while pre-face favourites New Zealand only just scraped through.

"I think you are being a bit naive if you think we can invest in sport in the same way as the Chinese. They are willing to sacrifice the livelihood and welfare of their people in order to excel at the Olympics. I don't think that is what sport should be about."
David T via text on 81111

0932: I think the point I was trying to make about countries not even bothering to compete against China in a few years time is that many will simply look at the way China's government functions, the sheer volume of people, the systems and programmes in place and think to themselves, what's the point? You can also throw ethics into the mix and ask yourselves what lengths the Chinese will go to to ensure their athletes are the best and whether your own country is right to do the same. Did you see that diver the other day? She admitted she hadn't eaten dinner for a year.

0931: Back to the men's time trial, and Sweden's Gustav Larsson has just set the fastest time at the third time check at 36km. Plenty of men down the road will be looking to better his mark of 49 minutes 52.82 seconds though.

0924: "If Michael Phelps was a country he would be fourth in the medal table," Gordon from Mansfield texts in to say. If Michael Phelps was a country, his feet would be an autonomous state.

0921: Oh my giddy aunt, Switzerland's Fabian Cancellara, known as 'Spartacus' to his mates, is right in the mixer for time trial gold too - he has turned a 28 second deficit on Alberto Contador at the first time check into a 15 second lead at the halfway mark.

0920: The big names are reaching the 23.5km time-check now in the time trial now and Britain's Steve Cummings' hold on the bronze medal is looking even more vulnerable. Cummings had a storming start and was fastest at this point but Alberto Contador and Gustav Larsson have just smashed his time out of sight at the halfway mark of the race.

"Guess what? Another gold medal on its way for China. Liu Chunhong has just smashed the world record in the snatch in the women's 69 kg class, lifting 128 kg. Clean and Jerk to come and she leads by a massive 13kg. IOC president Jacques Rogge is here looking suitably impressed as he presses the flesh with assorted dignitaries."
BBC Sport's Andrew Cotter at the Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Gymnasium

0912: WORLD RECORD - In women's 69kg weightlifting, Liu Chunhong if China has hoisted 125kg in the snatch. AND AGAIN! 128kg! That's just showing off, no need for that.

0910: Spain's Alberto Contador - the 2007 Tour de France winner - has blazed a trail to the first time-check and is the fastest man at that point now. He is absolutely flying and has blown Australia's Cadel Evans and Germany's Stefan Schumacher away in the early stages. Levi Leipheimer and Gustav Larsson are looking like Contador's main rivals for gold at the moment.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0905: Fabulous from Alan Campbell out on the lake - the Brit leaves it late, is very nearly hunted down by the Greek, but comes storming back to finish second and reach the final of the men's singles sculls. The Czech Republic's Ondrej Synek goes through in first, three-time world champion Mahe Drysdale of New Zealand just pips the Greek.

"The point is that other countries should raise their game to beat China. If this country realised there are more sports out there than just football and put as much money into those sports as football then Great Britain would be leading the medal tables."
Anon via text on 81111

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0900: Three more riders, Sweden's Gustav Larsson, Levi Leipheimer of the United States and Luxembourg's Kim Kirchen, have posted a faster time than Britain's Steve Cummings after the first time-check at the top of the mountain - his time trial medal hopes are disappearing fast. Germany's Stefan Schumacher - who won both time trials at this year's Tour de France - and world time trial champion Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland are out on the road now too.

0858: Now it's time for GB's Alan Campbell in the men's singles sculls semi-finals. He's got three-time world champion Mahe Drysdale in his semi, it's asking a lot for him to get through to the final. It's kicking off all over Beijing - the US women's gymnastics team have blamed officials for putting one of their competitors off on the balance beam.

0856: Britain's Steve Cummings is still holding on to bronze in the cycling time trial and it will take riders from the third and final wave to deny him a medal now. Cummings has been fastest at the first time-check up to now but he has just been beaten by Spain's Sam Sanchez - who won the road race on Sunday - and that does not bode well.

0851: Oooh, get you, the Aussies have got out of bed the wrong side this Olympics: the women's water polo team (or the 'Aussie Stingers'...) have called the referees "stupid" after a draw with Hungary. "The referees are ********," added Australian coach Sir Les Patterson... sorry, I meant Greg McFadden. I think the rest of the world have got together and decided to stitch the Aussies up for giving all of their teams undignified nicknames.

0848: One of China's biggest sporting heroes, boxer Zou Shiming, has started his Olympics with a win over Venezuela's Eduard Bermudez Salas. There were more than 8,000 fans at the Workers' Gymnasium to watch the light-flyweight - who took bronze in Athens - win his bout 11-2.

0846: I don't think there is a cycling fan in Britain who would say Emma Pooley didn't deserve her silver medal in the time-trial today after she had worked hard to help Nicole Cook win gold in the road race on Sunday. So what were Pooley's tactics that meant she got her hands on a medal? There weren't any. "There's no secret," the Londoner says. "You just have to make it hurt. Imagine a friend sitting on your wheel, shouting at you." If I had a friend sitting on my wheel and I was trying to climb up a very steep hill, I'd probably elbow him in the neck.

0838: News from BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing - he's on a mission to see as many sports as possible in a single day. Five hours in now and the last time I spoke to him he was watching a spot of ping-pong. He's going to take a stroll down to the water cube in a minute, then drop in on the fencers, but he's not sure he'll make double figures before he melts like a Funny Foot in a sauna.

0835: GOLD - China, men's 3m synchro diving

Gold medal
0834: It's China gold, Russia silver and Ukraine bronze in the men's 3m synchro. GB's GB's Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain finish seventh overall. That's China's fourth gold in diving, Lord alone knows how many they've got overall. Do you think there's a chance that in a generation's time, all the other countries will just shrug their shoulders and go, "is there any point in even trying to compete with China in anything?"

Gold medal
0830: China's Chen Ying took gold in the women's 25m pistol shooting. Mongolia's Gundegmaa Otryad won the silver and Germany's Munkhbayer Dorjsuren the bronze.

0828: GOLD - China, women's 25m pistol shooting

0823: Only 12 more riders to go in the men's time trial, and we've got Denis Menchov of Russia out on the course at the moment. It's a Canada one-two at the moment, Svein Tuft and Ryder Hesjedal leading the way ahead of Steve Cummings of Great Britain.

"Have you seen page 75 of today's Daily Mail? The Aussies say we Brits only win in sports that involve 'sitting down'."
Normski in Reading via text on 81111

0815: In cycling, Steve Cummings of Great Britain has been bumped down to third in the men's time trial. But we've got big guns to come, so he'll be lucky to hang onto a medal. Bradley Wiggins might have gone down a bomb in this event, but he's got the individual pursuit, team pursuit and 50km madison relay on his mind.

0812: Another druggie's been thrown out - Taiwan baseball infielder Chang Tai-shan has tested positive for a banned substance and missed his team's opening Olympic win over the Netherlands.

0804: GB's Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain are fifth after their third dive in the men's 3m synchro diving. Still struggling to come to terms with the judging of the diving, as BBC pundit Leon Taylor has just revealed on telly that the men and women that matter don't, like us, get to see the dives on replay. So a dive that might have looked quite good might not actually have been that good after a second, slow-motion viewing? Weird. It's like buying a car on the back of seeing it only once when it was driven past at 150mph.

0756: Yes Duncan, I did see the comment about Brits and soap. It was made by Australia's Olympic chief John Coates, before he dropped his Janet and John book on the floor and asked his translator to bend down and pick it up.

"Did you see the Aussie coach's comment about Brits and soap? In 2012 we ought to house their athletes in Wormwood Scrubs."
Duncan via text on 81111

0750: GB's Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain are seventh after two dives in the men's 3m synchro. Four rounds of optional dives to come, and this is where it gets a lot more competitive. Three and a half somersaults for their third dive, but Robinson-Baker doesn't quite complete and they score 76.26, which is good but no cigar.

0748: Some rather horrific news from weightlifting, where Hungary's Janos Baranyai has torn his right elbow attempting to hoist 148kg for his final snatch attempt, his right arm buckling and getting caught out of position behind him as the weight came crashing back down on his limb. Whatever you do, don't watch that with your porridge.

0740: "I do wish people would stop calling Phelps the best Olympian ever. Yes he is brill but Steve Redgrave is still the best because he won his medals consistently over twenty or more years, which surely shows more stamina to keep coming back.
Marlene in Oldham via text on 81111

0734: Morning darling. Still knee deep in the men's time trial but the feed has just gone down so I can't tell you if Steve Cummings of Great Britain is still leading or not. I'll endeavour to find out for you. In the meantime, let's head over to the Water Cube, where British divers Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain are competing in the men's 3m synchro.

By Mark Ashenden

0724: Right, my time has come. Time for the quite delicious Benjamin Dirs to step in. I'll be back later.

0715: Steve Cummings is still leading the men's time trial. Long way to go though.
Looks like GB's performance director Dave Brailsford has got his team in good form for Beijing. All bodes well for the action on the track in week two doesn't it?
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0712: "Cummings is leading the mens TT - dont think we should get to excited about it though"
TFBTFGB on 606

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0702: GB's Steve Cummings leads the men's time trial...for now. It's been a cracking couple of days for the British cyclists.

0700: Result of a women's Group B basketball match. Spain beat Czech Republic 74-55.

0649: "I'm testing the credentials of these "green Games" with a bike ride around the Beijing venues. I'm three hours in and onto my fifth sport, the prudes' volleyball (they keep their clothes on for the indoor version), watching Russia beat Kazakhstan. Just seen Kazakh volleyball's 'Petr Crouch'."
BBC Sport's Matt Slater at the indoor volleyball

0644: In the men's time trial, GB's Steve Cummings sets off.

0639: More top chat from silver medallist Emma Pooley - who only turned professional two years ago. She said: "I raced as well as I could. There's no secret, you just have to make it hurt. Imagine a friend sitting on your wheel, shouting at you."

0636: It's time for the two wheels again with the men's time trial. GB's Steve Cummings up shortly.

0627: After getting silver in the time trial, Emma Pooley was asked if she had a race plan. She replied: "No, you just have to ride like you never have to breathe again."

0625: What's coming up? In 10 minutes at 0630 BST watch out for China's boxing star Zou Shiming in the light-flyweight prelims. GB's Steve Cummings goes in the men's time trial. The sailing is on now. GB's Alan Campbell and the men's coxless four begin rowing from 0800, the men's 3m synchronised diving final is at 0730 (GB's Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain are in action) and the Murray boys will be waggling their tennis rackets from about 0900.

0618: Time to catch our breath a little and give you a quick update on the medals table. China on top with 14 golds (22 medals), second is USA with 10 golds (27), third is South Korea with 5 golds (12) and Italy are fourth with 4 golds (10). Britain are ninth with 2 golds, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

0612: GB's Emma Pooley looks like someone who's just been given a horse for Christmas, as she steps up on the podium to collect her silver from the women's time trial.

0609: A result in the baseball men's preliminaries. Taiwan beat Netherlands 5-0.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0606: Fencer Richard Kruse loses 10-9 to German world champion Peter Joppich. That seems like a top effort from the Brit.

0557: You might be wondering what happened to Nicole Cooke. She finished 15th in the time trial. GB's Emma Pooley got silver and Switzerland's Karin Thurig won bronze. The champion Kristin Armstrong calls it the "most amazing day of her life".

British silver medal boost
It's a silver medal for Emma Pooley in the women's time trial. Fantastic stuff. Gold goes to US rider Kristin Armstrong.

0548: "Can you tell me, at what distance are the archers shooting at?"
John in Glasgow via text on 81111
The answer is 70m John.
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0542: GB's Emma Pooley slips down into silver position, after Kristin Armstrong from the US puts in a strong ride in the women's time trial.

0540: GB's Winston Gordon loses in the judo.

0535: GB's Nicole Cooke is looking tired as she is off the pace in the women's time trial. Is Pooley on for gold here?

0527: And there you were thinking we'd forgotten the handball. Not a chance. Romania beat France 34-26 in their pool game.

0524: Emma Pooley still leads the time trial. And just to confirm the archery result, GB's Larry Godfrey lost 114-109 to Russian Bair Badenov.

0521: Back to the women's artistic gymnastics. The US won silver and Romania grabbed bronze.

Gold medal
China win gold in the women's artistic gymnastics team event. Well done the hosts.

0516: GB's Olympic road race champion Nicole Cooke is under way in the women's time trial.

0513: GB's Emma Pooley still leads the women's time trial after clocking 35:16.01.

0512: More bad news for Britain's archers. Larry Godfrey is out.

0510: South Korea's men's hockey players have beaten their Chinese hosts 5-2 in the second match of the day, following Australia's earlier 10-0 thrashing of South Africa.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
GB's Emma Pooley puts in a great time in the women's time trial, clocking 20:46.99. Nice one Emma. It's a long way to go but the Brit leads the racers so far.

0456: "Mark, can you or anyone tell me how Team GB are doing compared to what was expected?"
wooderbeen on 606
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Thanks for the question wooderbeen.

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GB 'to meet' Olympic medal target

0458: In the archery, Britain's Simon Terry is no more. He narrowly loses 105-104 to Finland's Matti Hatava.

0451: A little update on what's going on and what's coming up. The women's team gymnastics is going on now. The sailing starts at 0600 BST. GB's Alan Campbell and the men's coxless four jump into their rowing vessels from 0800, the men's 3m synchronised diving final is at 0730 (GB's Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain are in action) and the Murray boys will be waggling their tennis rackets from about 0900.

0445: Coming up is judo. The women's -70kg and men's -90kg finals get going from 0500 BST.

0442: Back to the fencing. Richard Kruse beat Romania's Virgil Saliscan 15-6 in the first round of the men's individual foil. He now needs to get past German world champion Peter Joppich to reach the quarter-finals.

0441: British cyclist Emma Pooley sets off in the women's time trial.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
Great work on the piste for Richard Kruse in the fencing. He's won his opening round - next up is the world champion.

BBC Radio 5 Live
0436: "It has been a morning of smashing what I thought were unbreakable records. Britain are progressing all the time but so are the rest of the world."
Former GB Olympic medallist Steve Parry on BBC Radio 5 Live

0434: Quick fact. 16 world records broken in the pool at this Olympics. Six of those have been broken today.

Gold medal
0431: That's another gold for Phelps with the US team winning the 4x200m freestyle relay, beating Russia and Australia. It's the first time the seven minute barrier has been broken in a relay. Britain's men finish sixth in a new British record time.

0428: How much do you want a medal then you British boys?

0426: The Americans are flying in the men's 4x200m relay. And the Brits have woken up - they've slipped into third place. It's tight and very exciting.

0423: While we wait for the relay boys to finish up in the pool (and it won't be long with Phelps in action), South Korea have equalised on the stroke of half-time against China in the men's hockey - it's now 2-2 going into the break.

0420: It's the men's 4x200m relay. Phelps goes again. Hope he's changed his goggles. Perhaps he logged on to the internet and did a goggle search? Oh dear. Back to the swimming.

0419: Cripes. Gold medallist Rice beats Kirsty Coventry by something very small. Natalie Coughlin and Katie Hoff trail behind.

Gold medal
Who wins the women's 200m individual medley then? Australian Stephanie Rice wins and grabs a new world record.

0412: More swimming medals up for grabs. It's the women's 200m individual medley.

0411: "Phelps & Spitz both getting the medals in swimming does suggest that its easier to get multiple medals in the to the greatest - given that their medals included the premier medals of all the 100m - Jessie Owens and Carl Lewis have to be up there"
ROS on 606

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0408: Phelps is jumping about on the podium to pick up his 10th Olympic gold medal. And just to clear things up, there was initial concern with Phelps looking a little frustrated after winning the 200m butterfly. Phelps says there was water leaking into his goggles. The smile returns to the American's face.

0404: "Michael Phelps? Brilliant at what he does. greatest Olympian? No. Sir Steve Redgrave. Brilliant Olympian? Yes. Greatest ever? No. Daley Thompson. The BEST Olympian ever! Thompson excelled in 10, different, events whereas the above only excelled in their own, specialized, event. Not only that but he did it twice. Who could, possibly, claim a greater achievement?"
djrickyb on 606

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It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
The swimming's still going on. It's the heats of the men's 200m breaststroke. Brit Kristopher Gilchrist struggles.

0355: A good day for Russia's women so far. They have beaten Brazil 28-19 in the handball, and Belarus 71-65 in the basketball.

0350: The heats are set to start again. I've just about got my breath back. Apparently a set of leaky goggles was the reason for Phelps to be rubbing his eyes.

0341: "With Phelps only at the age of 23 surely the best is yet to come from him. When Phelps does hit his peak he'll be even more unstoppable than he is now! A very scary thought!"
GBRK on 606

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0337: As the swimming heats continue, the heat is building with the Phelps debate. (Bad link sorry)
"If Phelps does get 8 golds in this Olympics, I don't think there will be any argument against him being the best ever Olympian"
Manufan87 on 606
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0334: Is Phelps the greatest Olympian? Get texting now on 81111. Phelps. 10 golds. Do you think he's the greatest? Or you can get chatting on 606.
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0332: "Phelps greatest Olympian ever???? Although he has won more Golds than anyone else not many sports allow you to win more than 1. Can you not say Redgrave is better as he won over more Olympics which is harder to keep it at the elite level for so long..."
EdinOz on 606

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0330: GB's Jemma Lowe finishes third in the women's 200m butterfly semi-final. Good effort.

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0328: "Has the pool water been mixed with energy tablets?? These performances are out of this world. Well done to all performers"
James in via text on 81111

0324: Take a breath. For about eight seconds anyway. What's this about the greatest ever Olympian? I hear you say. Phelps has now won 10 Olympic golds. And he did it by winning the 200m fly in a new world record of 1:52.03. And he's only 23. Mummy Phelps must be a very proud lady.

Gold medal
0322: Michael Phelps wins the 200m butterfly. He's the greatest ever Olympian. I doff my swimming cap sir.

0320: Back to the women's 200m freestyle. Gold won by Italy's Federica Pellegrini. Silver won by Sara Isakovic. Bronze won by Pang Jiaying.

0318: Phelps up in the 200m butterfly. If he wins, he'll become the greatest ever Olympian. No pressure Michael old boy.

Gold medal
0316: Right, there's no let up with this swimming. In the 200m freestyle final, GB's McClatchey finishes sixth, with Italy's Federica Pellegrini winning gold in a new world record.

0311: Wake up - there's a Brit in the pool. Well almost. Caitlin McClatchey is about to go in the 200m freestyle final.

0309: Hi carrumba. The 100m freestyle world record has gone again. Aussie Eamon Sullivan gets it in 47.05s. Nice.

0307: "What a race from Bernard! Fantastic time from the Frenchman!"
GBRK on 606
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0306: No Brits in the 100m free semis, but Caitlin McClatchey goes in the women's 200m free final in about 10 minutes.

0304: And a world record has been toppled already. France's Alain Bernard wins the 100m freestyle heat in 47.20s. Good start.

0302: The pool is in use. Official. It's the heats in the men's 100m freestyle.

0300: Men's archery starting very soon. Simon Terry is a big hope for GB. He won bronze at Barcelona '92 then became a truck driver, but he came back into the sport and he's reached another Olympics. His first round in the men's individual tournament is against a Finnish gent and Terry, ranked 10 in the world, is expected to win comfortably. Larry Godfrey and Alan Wills are also in action this morning.

0258: The women are in action in the beach volleyball. Russia take on Georgia. Check out the video streams.

0256: "I predict Phelps will romp to a victory with another record und

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At-a-glance medals table

Sunday, 24 August 2008 10:17 UK
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL
1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
7 South Korea 13 10 8 31
8 Japan 9 6 10 25
9 Italy 8 10 10 28
10 France 7 16 17 40

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