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Olympics day four as it happened

By Ben Dirs

1700: Right, it's midnight in Beijing and it's time for me to head Underground. Thanks for the chat, it's been fun as always, and I'll see you again tomorrow morning. In the meantime, the live will be back up and running at around 0100 BST.

A Briton has won a bronze
1648: Gold for Germany in the individual eventing - Hinrich Romeike somehow manages to hold his round together to go clear, meaning Tina Cook finishes with a bronze behind America's Gina Miles. Tremendous stuff from Tina and her horse Minors Frolic, there are tears from the 37-year-old Olympic debutant and there'll be plenty more back in Findon, West Sussex.

1646: CERTAIN MEDAL FOR TINA COOK OF BRITAIN! Germany's Ingrid Klimke is unable to put in a clear round and Cook is in the silver medal position with one rider left...

1643: High drama at the equestrian centre in Hong Kong - Megan Jones of Australia hits the final fence and Tina Cook remains second with two Germans left to go... can I just point out to the Scot below that when Murray won his Masters title recently, we referred to him as a Scot in our story. Funny that.

1640: Gina Miles goes clear for America - sorry, forgot there was one of them left - and Tina Cook is second with three riders left to go - two Germans and an Australian...

"Interesting that the Murrays are a GB duo today. Andy was a Scot yesterday when he lost. Funny that."
Anon via text on 81111

1635: Clayton Fredericks of Australia makes a mistake and drops back to third - Tina Cook moves up a place with three Germans yet to jump... Andreas Dibowski hits two fences and Cook moves up another spot...

1631: Here's Tina Cook in the individual eventing... AND SHE'S ONLY GONE AND RUDDY GONE CLEAR! WELL DONE TINA! The remaining five riders will have to work their jodphurs off to beat her to a medal. Fingers crossed...

1626: "Surely the horse should get the medal," texts Jason. This reminds me of the time Prince Philip paid a visit to the British team at the Mexico Olympics and told everyone the lack of oxygen was nothing to worry about because he'd played some gruelling polo matches there in the past and quickly become acclimatised. The boxer Chris Finnegan put his hand up and said: "You know when you said you never felt any problem with the lack of oxygen during your tough polo matches? Well I was thinking - did anyone think of asking the bleedin' horses?"

1621: Cristiane scored a hat-trick, including a spectacular overhead scissors kick - to help Brazil advance to the women's football quarter-finals with a 3-1 win over Nigeria. William Fox-Pitt and Mary King have completed their rounds in the individual eventing - two good efforts, but they lie in 11th and 12th with Tina Cook still to come.

1619: Great Britain doubles duo Andy and Jamie Murray will face tough task as they bid for Olympic glory in Beijing. The pair, who beat Canada's Daniel Nestor and Frederic Niemeyer 4-6 6-3 6-4 in the first round on Monday, will face French duo Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra in the second round on Wednesday.

1612: Anon (see below), I can only guess that the honchos have done their homework and come to the conclusion that lots of men like watching athletic looking women playing volleyball on a beach wearing very small bikinis. The sport itself actively encourages this voyeuristic aspect, with many competitions actually restricting the maximum size of the uniforms.

"That's a viable point about water polo, but why have we only seen women's beach volleyball and not either men's or women's indoor matches?"
Anon via text on 81111

1607: New Zealand legend Mark Todd goes clear on his horse Gandolf and Caroline Powell of Australia follows suit to jump into first place.

1600: Mark (see below), many will have their gripes about why their favourite sports aren't being shown and the simple answer is that the BBC has a duty to broadcast sports that a) have British participation and b) are popular sports in the UK. I would argue that water polo doesn't qualify on both counts.

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"Four years on and the BBC still don't recognise water polo within the games schedule. Please can we have an answer as to why?"
Mark, London via text on 81111

1554: The individual jumping is under way in Hong Kong and William Fox-Pitt is first to go for Britain. He will be followed by Mary King and Tina Cook, who is in with a real chance of a medal. The course has been rejigged, the fences made higher and the riders are being encouraged to attack.

"Is it me, or does the medal table keep getting longer to make sure GB are always shown? Good job Bevan's Wales don't have their own team then..."
Anon via text on 81111

1537: One of those things on TV that you shouldn't laugh at but can't help yourself, a Russian weightlifter failing to make a lift and staggering off the stage with her head in her hands before walking into a wall. As Mel Brooks once said: "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die."

1530: Andy in Manchester has just pointed out that the volume knobs on our live streams go up to 11. I will endeavour to find out if indeed that was in deliberate homage to Spinal Tap. Tina Cook and Minors Frolic in the individual jumping in a few minutes - they're sixth going into the event.

1517: It's all winding down now in Beijing - a bit of women's doubles to come and they're still playing football as I understand it. America marmalised Venezuela 11-0 in the softball tournament today. Is that good? It sounds good, but then Venezuela might just be rubbish. Emotional scenes on BBC One - Britain's only weightlifter Michaela Breeze fighting through a debilitating back injury, but failing to qualify for the final of the women's 63kg after finishing 15th in her group.

1510: Roger Federer is through to the third round of the men's tennis. The top seed was always in control against El Salvador's Rafael Arevaleo - the world number 447 - and won 6-2 6-4. An update on the British men's 4x200m freestyle team - they shaved more than three seconds off the British record (7:07.89) to qualify for the final in fourth.

1503: America are enduring another poor Olympics in the boxing ring: they've already lost four of their nine boxers and the first round action isn't over yet. World flyweight champion Rau'shee Warren left the Olympic boxing competition in tears after he was outpointed by South Korean Lee Oksung by one point on Tuesday. GB head coach Terry Edwards had already questioned the judging after bantamweight Joe Murray's first round defeat.

1500: Some men's hoop news: Greece defeated Germany 87-64, Spain beat China 85-75 and the United States beat Angola 97-76. In archery, South Korea's top-seeded trio of Park Sung-hyun, Yun Ok-hee and Joo Hyun-jung coasted through the first two rounds of the women's a tournament on Tuesday.

1457: China have won through to the quarter-finals of the women's football tournament with a 2-0 victory over Argentina and Japan are also through after a 5-1 romp against Norway. The United States beat New Zealand 4-0 and also advanced.

Someone has won gold
1446: Confirmation of that three-day eventing gold for Germany, silver for Australia and bronze for the British team of Sharon Hunt, Daisy Dick, William Fox-Pitt, Tina Cook and Mary King. Tina Cook's clear round on Minors Frolic has bumped her up to equal sixth in the individual, just a fence behind the leader.

"Gail Emms is where it's at. What a wonderful girl she is!"
Ken, Tunbridge Wells via text on 81111

1441: With the team gold in the bag and the pressure off, Hinrich Romeike puts in a quality round and stays on target for double Olympic glory. Heartening news from the Water Cube - cancer-stricken Eric Shanteau has made his Olympic debut and he easily advanced out of the 200m breaststroke preliminaries just a couple weeks before the American will undergo surgery.

1438: GOLD - Germany, three-day eventing

A Briton has won a bronze
1432: Italy drop back to sixth in the eventing, bumping the Swedes up to fourth and the Kiwis up to fifth. Here's Mary King... and she's sealed bronze for Great Britain... however, two fences down and that won't have done her individual hopes any good at all. Australia take the silver and Germany seal gold - stick that in your medals table and smoke it.

1426: Good question Greasey, and one I don't know the answer to. I do know, however, that if darts was ever let in, Wayne 'Hawaii 501' Mardle would be able to drink more tea than a chimpanzee.

"What would happen if they let animals compete in the Olympics? Do you think that Phelps could swim quicker than a shark?"
Greasey, London, via text on 81111

"Tina Cook's performance is being watched keenly in Findon, West Sussex, where villagers filmed a special good luck video before she set off for her Olympic debut at the age of 37. Prepare for some waterworks if Cook wins a medal. Her dad is former racehorse trainer Josh Gifford, who was in tears when his horse Aldaniti famously won the 1981 Grand National under Bob Champion. The jockey had beaten cancer, the horse had beaten the odds, and the story was made into a film - John Hurt played Champion and Edward Woodward took the Gifford role."
BBC Sport's Frank Keogh

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1417: Not sure if Bevo - or should I call him Sir Les Patterson? - mentioned this, but Britain have qualified fourth fastest from the 4x200m freestyle heats. World number one Roger Federer takes the first set of his second round match against Rafael Arevalo 6-2. The El Salvador player is ranked 447 in the world. The tennis arena had about as much atmosphere as an OAP's Christmas party yesterday, but it's hopping for Feds.

1415: Lots of people moaning about the medals table, mainly because Germany are shown above GB despite having exactly the same medal tally. Seriously, I worry about you lot sometimes, haven't you got some hoovering to do?

1409: Looking good for the Aussies in second, but the Germans have two clear rounds behind them and a third would pretty much secure the gold. It's Germany with 169.7 points, Australia with 175.8, GB with 201.5 and Italy with 271.6. I am, of course, talking about eventing.

1405: Tina Cook on Minors Frolic puts in a tremendous round for Britain in the eventing - 57.4 seconds and that's made a bronze medal a distinct possibility. Only a certain amount of riders from each event qualify for the individual, but Tina Cook could now go through.

1400: Not a great round from Caroline Powell of Australia... sorry, I mean New Zealand... and the Kiwis stay fifth in the eventing. That's not a great round for Italy and there's some breathing space for GB in third place.

1358: How's that for luck - I nip off for a sandwich and return to discover that my wingman Chris Bevan has claimed Mark Todd for the British, caused an international incident and made me look like a proper wally. Bevo's Welsh by the way - next he'll be claiming Richie McCaw's from Merthyr Tydfil.

1355: "Toddy British?! Bevan you will give us Welsh a bad name. Everyone will think we only know about rugby and cycling of course! "
Anon via text on 81111

Hmmm. After one tremendous error in my 30 minutes or so in the hot-seat, I'm going to hand the reins back to Ben...

1350: China's Liao Hui wins the men's 69kg weightlifting. France's Vencelas Dabaya-Tientcheu takes silver and Tigran Gevorg Martirosyan of Armenia the bronze.

Someone has won gold
1349: GOLD - China, men's 69kg weightlifting

1345: Luckily, nobody noticed I said Mark Todd was British....just the 50 people texting in. I think I got away with that one.

1342: Did I say Mark Todd was British? No he's not. He's from New Zealand. I've changed that now and feel very stupid indeed. Moving swiftly on, Rafael Nadal is through in the men's tennis after beating Australia's Lleyton Hewitt 6-1 6-2. Roger Federer is now out on court - he plays Rafael Arevalo of El Salvador next.

1339: William Fox-Pitt, on Parkmore Ed, is next out for Britain and he is round in 64.20. Now, that should put him in the individual final too but he scored four penalties and Britain's hopes of catching Germany and Australia are not looking good. The British are still third overall though.

1335: The team eventing competition is under way in Hong Kong and New Zealand's Mark Todd, on Gandalf, has just had a storming round - clocking 77.60. That should be good enough to put him in the individual final too.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1332: Back at the Water Cube, Great Britain have set a new national record in the heats of the 4x200m freestyle relay after finishing second in their heat behind the United States, who broke the Olympic record. Britain's time of 7:07.89 qualifies them as fourth fastest in the final, behind the Americans, Italy and Russia. Well done boys.

Someone has won gold
1329: Zhong Man of China has taken gold in the men's individual sabre fencing after beating France's Nicolas Lopez in the final. Mihail Covaliu of Romania takes bronze.

1328: GOLD - China, men's individual sabre fencing

BBC Sport's Matt Slater
1325: "After four days and seven different venues, I finally seen my first medals being won and lost. OK, it was for a German judoka whose name I've forgotten (just remembered, he's getting his medal on telly now, Ole Bischof) but it was pure sporting drama. The bronze medal bundle before the final was even better. We got blood and tears in that one."
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing

1321: Here's a full result of the men's 81kg judo from earlier (which got overlooked with all the excitement that Emms and Robertson gave us). Germany's Ole Bischof took gold, South Korea's Kim Jae-bum won the silver and Brazil's Tiago Camilo and Ukraine's Roman Gontiuk won bronze medals.

1318: Afternoon all. While keeping one eye on the badminton I've been using the other to watch a couple of British swimmers in action at the Water Cube. Kris Gilchrist was third in his 200m breaststroke heat in 2:11.13 and qualified 15th out of the 16 semi-finalists. James Kirton was eighth in his heat in 2:15.25 and didn't make it through I'm afraid.

1311: Mike (see below), you can do what you like son. Can't imagine many people said that when Fatima Whitbread was competing. I'm off for a spot of lunch - here's professional Welshman Chris Bevan for a while.

"Ben - is it wrong I am thinking of taking a day off work to watch the javelin due to my crush on Goldie Sayers?"
Mike via text on 81111

"Amazing match from Emms, can anyone stop them now? I was just following the live score updates and the tension was palpable! Hope Robertson hasn't overdone it!"
Rob via text on 81111

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"Sat at my desk eating lunch and I've just tipped yogurt all over myself in excitment at the badminton. Great stuff!"
Chris in Brum via text on 81111

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
1257: UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLE! Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson have overturned a 17-12 deficit in the deciding game and come back to win 21-19. Robertson looked to be out on his feet against the Chinese second seeds Ling Gao and Bo Zheng, but he dug deep and dredged something up from somewhere. Emotional stuff, the British team needed that, it's been a little bit flat so far today.

1255: You're not going to believe this - Emms and Robertson have won seven points in a row and taken a 19-17 lead in their mixed doubles first round match! Emms misses an easy chance to make it 20-18, but an unforced error from Bo Zheng gives the Brits one match point...

1250: Here's arrows legend Phil Taylor on darts in the Olympics: "We are such a global sport. The sport of darts links so many people together - and it would provide a great spectacle at the Olympics." Too right it would, I couldn't think of anything better than seeing Jamie 'Bravedart' Harvey with his arm round Roger Federer at the opening ceremony.

Someone has won gold
1249: GOLD - Germany, men's 81kg judo

1245: Big point back over at the badders and it's won by Emms and Robertson. A mini rennassaince from the British pair, who get back to 12-9, but a loose low serve from Robertson is feasted on by Bo Zheng. But the Brits rally again - there's still hope...

1243: Some big noise from former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell: "A lot of people are saying Usain [Bolt] and Tyson [Gay] are very strong finishers but if I get out in front of them no matter how they are finishing, they won't even close on me," Jamaica's Powell told on Tuesday. That's big trap, although I wonder about his trousers.

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1240: "Real dangerous period for Emms and Robertson now, got to really hold strong..."
Ryushinku on 606

1240: Worrying signs for Emms and Robertson - four points in a row from Zheng and Gao and it looks like the British pair are about to be swept away and out of the Beijing Olympics. They trail 9-6...

1235: Australian world record holder Eamon Sullivan qualified quickest for the semi-finals of the 100m freestyle. Sullivan, who set the world record in the lead-out leg of the 4x100m freestyle relay on Monday, clocked 47.80 seconds while former record holder Alain Bernard from France also went through. They were joined in the semi-finals by two-time defending champion Pieter van den Hoogenband and American Jason Lezak.

1233: Some news from the Water Cube, where British pair Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy have made it safely through to the semi-finals of the 200m butterfly after China's Liu Zige posted the fasted qualifying time. Lowe, who swam in the final of the 100m event, touched the wall in 1:08.07 to qualify 10th while Gandy's time of 2:08.98 saw her go through in 15th position.

1231: "Anyone worrying about our place in the table in the future needs a reality check. We were expected to place in that swimming event and possibly place in the road race. We got golds in both. We haven't had an event yet where a gold is expected (out of the 12 by the official estimate, or the 16 in mine). On Sunday evening I predict the table will see the British with a shockingly high medal count."
BenIsRight on 606

1228: Zheng and Gao do claim the second game 21-16, Emms and Robertson having led 12-8 at one point. Robertson underwent ankle surgery only a few months ago, his fitness could be key in this deciding game.

1224: Emms and Robertson are struggling to stay upright in the face of a torrent of points from their Chinese opponents. Gao and Zheng are on the verge of taking the second game and Robertson in particular looks frayed around the edges. It will take some performance in the third game for them to advance.

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"How about making weightlifters lift people clipping poodles? Now that's entertainment."
Ed from Brighton via text on 81111

1221: Japan's Ayumi Tanimoto has retained her Olympic crown in the 63kg women's judo event. She beat Lucie Decosse of France in the final. Ling Gao and Bo Zheng win five straight points to make game two against Emms and Robertson 13-13.

Someone has won gold
1218: GOLD - Japan, women's 63kg judo

1214: Gail Emms really makes for great viewing in the mixed doubles badminton, you almost expect her to leave a vapour trail as she buzzes about the court like a tormented wasp. Her and Nathan Robertson are 11-7 up at the mid-game interval, already one game up.

Text in your views on 81111
"Let's start a petition to get poodle clipping back in the Games! Got to be more entertaining than weightlifting!"
Ben in Swindon via text on 81111

1207: The eventing is about to start over in Hong Kong. Britain are in bronze medal position going into the final event, the jumping. Mary King is fifth in the individual. Emms and Robertson have surged ahead in their second game against the Chinese second seeds - 8-4 up at the time of writing.

1202: Fabulous from Emms and Robertson - they've taken the first game 21-16, and they were always in control to be honest, resisting the urge to marmalise the shuttle and opting for angles and touch instead.

1155: El in London has texted in to share with us that at the 1900 Games in Paris, poodle clipping was an event. "Avril Lafoule, a 37-year-old farmer's wife from the Auvergne region of France, won the gold medal by successfully clipping 17 poodles in the allotted two-hour time frame," it says on the Poodle Land Dog Blog. Apparently the Greek team clipped in the nude, which makes Avril's performance all the more extraordinary. Imagine trying to hold your concentration when you've got some hirsute Greek bloke wrestling with a poodle a few yards away.

1148: Rafa Nadal and Lleyton Hewitt are on court for their second round match over at the Olympic Green Tennis Centre, I'll keep you posted. Emms and Robertson have made a storming start in their first-round badders match - 10-7 at the moment, Emms, a little ball of energy driving the British duo on.

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"I'm now haunted by an image of Ben, hunched over in his bedroom, concentrating on Daley Thompson and clutching his joystick."
Anon via text on 81111

1141: Next up it's Emms and Robertson in the first round of the mixed doubles badminton. They've had an absloute mare of a draw - they're up against Chinese second seeds Ling Gao and Bo Zheng. It's rocking and rolling in the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium and the lady opposite is swooning at the sight of Nathan Robertson in full flow.

"Surely Emmanuel Adebayor has won a medal for Togo in diving?"
Dan via text on 81111

1138: Russia's Islam-Beka Albiev has won gold in the 60kg Greco-Roman wrestling. Azerbaijan's Vitaliy Rahimov won the silver, Kazakhstan's Nurbakyt Tengizbayev and Ruslan Tiumenbaev of Kyrgyzstan won bronze medals.

Someone has won gold
1136: GOLD - Russia, 60kg Greco-Roman wrestling

1133: Aaah, Daley's Thompson's Super Test on the ZX Spectrum (see below). I would spend hours and hours waggling away in my bedroom to Daley as a callow youth...

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1131: "Whatever happened to the tug of war event? Used to always lose at that on my Spectrum."
Rob in London via text on 81111

1128: Belgium's Vincent Kompany was due to return to his club Hamburg on Tuesday after the German club threatened court action over his refusal to leave the Olympics. However, it has been reported in the Belgian media that the defender missed his flight. If Beijing airport is anything like Gatwick, he was probably trying to buy a baguette in Upper Crust, queues out the door in that place.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1122: British judoka Euan Burton looks like he's on his way out of the men's 81kg - Brazil's Tiago Camilo has indeed rumbled him in the repechage final, beating the 29-year-old 100-1. There'll be no Olympic medal for Burton in Beijing.

1119: Women's Olympic marathon champion Mizuki Noguchi of Japan has withdrawn from the Beijing Games because of injury. Japan's Kyodo news agency had reported that the 30-year-old had undergone a second MRI scan after cutting short her altitude training in Switzerland, citing muscle soreness. What with Noguchi's withdrawal and Paula Radcliffe's lack of preparation, the race looks wide open.

1117: David Florence has just collected his canoe slalom silver medal and he seems pretty pleased about it: "I am absolutely delighted," the man from Aberdeen said. "I put in a good final run and, in the pressure of a big final, it is the most exciting time to do it. A medal is what I have been after for the last four years."

1106: The opening ceremony controversy rumbles on like a Azerbaijani weightlifter on wheels. To be honest, I don't really see the problem with a few fake fireworks, I reckon the London 2012 organisers are just running scared. If the Millennium celebrations in London are anything to go by, our opening ceremony will be about as technically advanced as Jet Set Willy.

1104: Defending champions the United States and Australia, with three-time Olympic champion James Tomkins on board, have qualified for the men's eight final after fighting out a thrilling battle on Lake Shunyi. The US just edged the Australians in the repechage after losing their first heat to Sydney champions Britain.

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1100: "I used to go out with a British guy who I thought was reasonably attractive, up until the point I saw his name. Ben Dirs: nice guy, silly name."
Steel Pumper, Australia, via text on 81111

"I'm at the final horse inspection ahead of tonight's show-jumping phase of the Olympic Eventing competition. This is the time the ground jury take a good look at the horses due to jump later to make sure they are all fit and healthy, and the Brits have all passed! It's good news for Team GB, and I think at this stage all the horses from the other nations have made it through. It should be great fun and I'm hoping this will be a chance to give the sport of eventing the airtime it deserves. So tune in from 11.30 on Radio 5 Live!"
Radio 5 Live's Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes in Beijing

1051: I hear that Benjamin Boukpeti's bronze in the men's kayak single is Togo's first ever Olympic medal, so big up yourself Benjamin. Not sure about that to be honest - didn't Togo once get a one-two-three in women's figure skating?

"Am just watching the archery and have a question that I need urgent assistance with: in the same way that dart players refer to their darts as 'arrows', do archers refer to their arrows as 'darts'?"
Dave & Tony, Essex, via text on 81111

1046: Germany's Alexander Grimm takes gold in the men's kayak single. Fabien Lefevre of France won the silver and Togo's Benjamin Boukpeti the bronze. Talking of weighlifting, I once went out with an Australian girl who I thought was reasonably attractive, up until the point I saw a picture of her pumping steel on her mantelpiece. Nice girl, massive lats.

1044: "Fantastic silver medal for David Florence! Very well done indeed with a spectacular run down the course. Bring on more medals for the great team GB!"
chelskichris on 606

Someone has won gold
1042: GOLD - Germany, men's kayak single

1040: Russia's Nazyr Mankiev has won gold in the 55kg greco-roman wrestling, ahead of Rovshan Bayramov of Azerbaijan. Roman Amoyan of Armenia and South Korea's Park Eun-chul won bronze.

Someone has won gold
1038: GOLD - Russia, 55kg Greco-Roman wrestling

1029: Leopold (see below), having watched plenty of the boxing at this Olympics, I'm tempted to agree with you. It's getting to the stage where I think maybe the previous system, whereby the judges scored round by round, was more reliable than the current one. It's incredibly frustrating to watch a fight and see good shots go unrewarded. As for vegetable growing, I'd rather look at a table covered in marrows for five hours than sit through a day of figure skating.

1026: Paul Goodison has had mixed fortunes in his two races in the Laser class today. The British sailor, who was fourth in Athens, was 15th in his opening race but second in race two and is sixth overall. Penny Clark had a similar experience in the Laser Radial class - finishing second in her first race but 22nd in her second and she ended her day in ninth place.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
1025: Naomi Folkard has dumped fellow Briton Charlotte Burgess out of the women's archery - Folkard will advance to the quarters. More windsurfing and Nick Dempsey has not given up on another medal yet - he is on the rise again, up to fifth overall after finishing second in race four. In the women's event, Bryony Shaw is still out of the medals. She stays fifth after finishing sixth in her fourth race. There are 11 races in all by the way.

1024: British sailors Saskia Clark and Christina Bassadone are up to ninth in the women's 470 event after finishing third in race three. They are well out of medal contention, however.

1018: It's all going off at the Beijing Olympic Green where Charlotte Burgess is going head-to-head with fellow Brit Naomi Folkard for a place in the quarter-finals of the women's individual archery. Folkard all over Burgess at the moment...

1016: "Ben, wondered where you stood on the proper sport vs. prancing about in the Olympics debate? I'm all for events where results are measurable, ie. if you're quicker, higher, longer, further, score more points/goals than your opponent, then I get it. When you bring in judges who have to make subjective decisions as in gymnastics, diving, synchronised swimming then surely you run the risk of opening it up to flower arranging, ballroom dancing or vegetable growing? Just a thought..."
Leopold via text on 81111

1012: That was a fabulous final run from David Florence, a 25-year-old from Aberdeen. But Martikan has seen it all before - he was Olympic champion as a 17-year-old in 1996, won silver in 2000 and 2004 and is a four-time world champion.

A Briton has won a silver
1006: David Florence has grabbed a silver for Great Britain in the C1 canoeing event! GET IN THERE FLOZZLER! He was just pipped by Michal Martikan of Slovakia, while Robin Bell of Australia grabbed bronze. That's only the fourth silver medal ever by a British paddler.

1005: David Florence has grabbed Britain's fourth medal, in canoeing! He leads in the C1 slalom with only Slovakian legend Michal Martikan to come...

A quick reminder of what we've got coming up today: Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson are in action in the mixed doubles badminton, but they've got a nasty draw against second seeds Ling Gao and Bo Zheng of China. In the pool, Ellen Gandy and Jemma Lowe go in the heats of the women's 200m butterfly, James Kirton and Kris Gilchrist go in the men's 200m breaststroke heats and we also have the men's 4x200m freestyle heats.

0951: Pak Hyon Suk of North Korea has claimed gold in the women's 63kg weightlifting, with Irina Nekrassova claiming silver and Lu Ying-Chi of Taiwan taking the bronze.

Someone has won gold
0949: GOLD - North Korea, women's 63kg weightlifting

0948: Britain's boxing head coach Terry Edwards has had a pop at the judges after Joe Murray's defeat by China's Yu Gu earlier today. Edwards called the scoring "absolute stupid" and added: "I thought they were very generous to the Chinese. You expect a slight bias but you come to the Olympic Games and expect a level playing field." I have to both agree and disagree with Edwards. I can understand his frustration - Murray landed a few scoring shots that weren't spotted. But the winner was never really in doubt, Gu just had a bit too much about him.

0946: "Murray was absolutely mauled in the boxing... a bit too much grappling (man hugs) for my liking but he was comprehensively outclassed under any scoring system. It's a shame the Chinese boxer spent the last round running away like a girl."
DrKazza on 606

0944: British judoka Euan Burton beat Colombian Mario Valles to move into the evening's repechage A final, two wins away from a bronze medal. Just over two minutes into the contest Burton earned a yuko and then strengthened his position with a throw for a waza-ari moments later. He will face Brazil's 2007 world champion - and pre-tournament favourite - Tiago Camilo for a place in the medal play-off.

0939: Footage of Alison Williamson's defeat to America's Khatuna Lorig in the archery this morning. Williamson went down 112-108, but it was the rotund American shouting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" between arrows that really caught the eye. If I was Williamson, I would have been very tempted to shoot him in the jaffers.

0937: In the women's event, home hope and Wimbledon semi-finalist Zheng Jie is through to the third round after a 6-7 (7-9) 6-1 6-4 victory over Nuria Llagostera Vives of Spain but Jie's compatriot Peng Shuai lost 6-2 6-2 to French 15th seed Alize Cornet.

0936: Updates from the men's tennis: French 10th seed Gilles Simon is into the third round of the men's singles after seeing off Argentina's Guillermo Canas 7-5 6-1. Tomas Berdych (Czech Republic) beat Andreas Seppi (Italy) 6-3 7-6 (7-4), Nicolas Kiefer (Germany) beat Kevin Anderson (South Africa) 6-4 6-7 (4-7) 6-4 and Olivier Rochus of Belgium is also through after Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic pulled out of their match with the score 7-6 (7-5) 2-3 to Rochus.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0932: Britain's Euan Burton has won his first fight in the men's 81kg repechage. He can still salvage a bronze after losing an earlier clash with Athens silver medallist Roman Gontiuk of Ukraine.

BBC Sport's Matt Slater
"A lot of grumbling about the judging from the British camp at the Workers' Gymnasium. I think they have a point to an extent but shouldn't moan too much. The Chinese fighter was the better man on the day, although the margin was closer than the score suggests. They're hoovering the ring in front of me. I think I'll watch some women's football across the road. At least we all know when somebody scores in that game."
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing

0926: Russian favourite Svetlana Tsarukaeva has crashed out of the women's 63kg Olympic weightlifting competition, and was left crying and banging her head against the wall after failing to get a successful lift. Imagine that - four years preparation and you don't make one lift, virtually impossible to comprehend.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0922: Not a good day for British kayaker Campbell Walsh, who won a silver in Athens in 2004. Walsh could only finish 15th in the semi-final of the K1 event and has been eliminated.

0920: Men's hoops: Greece have effectively shut down Germany in the last two quarters - star man Dirk Nowitzki has only scored five points in the last 20 minutes and Greece are romping away with it, 69-48 ahead after three quarters. Is it cool to call basketball 'hoops' any more? Was it ever?

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0917: A few problems with our auto-refresh thingy again, so I've taken the swine out. Good performance from Hester Goodsell and Helen Casey in the lightweight women's double sculls repechage - they just pip Greece to advance to the semi-finals.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0910: Michael Phelps has splattered his opposition in the semi-finals of the 200m fly and matched the new Olympic record he set in the heats - one minute 53.70 seconds. He'll be going for his fourth gold tomorrow after winning the men's freestyle earlier today. British windsurfer Nick Dempsey - who won a bronze in Athens - finished third in his third race to climb from ninth to seventh overall. Not such good news in the women's event though - Bryony Shaw has slipped from third to fifth after finishing 11th in her third race.

"That's it... our first defeat in the ring, as opposed to the sauna. It was a brave effort in the final round but Yu was so far ahead he could just score counter-punches as Murray rushed forward. Good atmosphere, though!"
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing

0903: Britain's William Fox-Pitt and Co are in action from 1215 BST in the Equestrian finals in Hong Kong. It looks like Yu Gu doubles up as a plug - as soon as the Chinese bantamweight left the Workers' Gymnasium, half the crowd were sucked out with him.

0902: "Looks like today's British medal hopes are all down to the horsey set - TALLY HO!"
Anon via text on 81111

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0856: Manchester's Joe Murray loses 17-7 to Gu Yu in the first round of the bantamweight competition. That's a big blow for the British team, the 21-year-old was a bronze medallist at last year's World Championships in Chicago and that's the team's first defeat.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0855: Great Britain's David Florence is in with a good shout of a medal after qualifying for the final of the men's slalom canoe. Florence was fourth-fastest in the semi-final, finishing in 90.46 seconds - just four tenths of a second outside the top three - and his time will be carried forward into the final. Slovakia's world number one Michal Martikan is leading with 88.92 seconds.

BBC Sport's Matt Slater
"Incredible noise here at the Workers' Gymnasium and Joe Murray has it all to do in the last round. Yu Gu is on fire and the crowd are going nuts - and it's only half full. Can our boy claw back a six-point deficit in two minutes?"
BBC Sport's Matt Slater in Beijing

0850: Murray gets a standing count in round three and he's being swarmed all over by the home fighter. Murray has only managed one scoring shot so far, but he really hasn't been that bad...

Someone has won gold
0848: Walton Eller of the United States has taken gold in the men's double trap, ahead of Fransesco D'Aniello of Italy and Hu Binyuan of China.

0845: Murray and Gu fought last year at the World Championships and the Englishman won 14-11. It's very messy so far, but the Chinese fighter opens up a four point lead in round one. Murray definitely landed with one shot there, and I'm not quite sure how Gu picked up his fourth point.

0842: British bantamweight Joe Murray enters the fray, and there's some atmosphere in the boxing arena in Beijing. Manchester's Murray is up against local boy Yu Gu, and he gets a huge cheer as he appears from the stadium's bowels.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0836: Morning/evening/afternoon/whatever. No mucking about, and I've got some bad news on the Brits front. Richard Faulds has missed out on a medal in the men's double trap. He won gold in Sydney, but could only manage sixth this time round.

0835: GOLD - United States, men's double trap

By Mark Ashenden

0825: That's it. The diving's all over. The GB women finish in last place with the Chinese pairing winning.

0815: The GB women are in fifth place with their fifth dive being described as "OK".

0811: Want to know when Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson are in action on the badminton court? No? Look away then. If you do, and I think most of you will, they'll be playing at about 1140 BST against the world's second seeds.

0806: It's all over for judoka Euan Burton - in this fight anyway. It means the Brit is in the repechage.

0802: The GB women are now up to sixth as some of their opposition get a bit wobbly - or shall I say splashy. Two rounds to go. And they've still got a slim chance of medal.

0753: The British women's diving pair have slipped down to seventh. Their third dive is spot-on with the synchronised element, but the entry creates a bit of a splash.

0742: Pretty good start from GB's women's divers Couch and Powell. They are in third place after their first jump. Second dive and it's another cracker. Get watching this if you can - it's a brilliant event.

0734: GB judoka Euan Burton makes it through to the quarter-finals winning by Chui. Top effort.

0725: Few things coming up. GB's women divers Tonia Couch and Stacie Powell go in the 10m synchro final in a few minutes and Campbell Walsh, David Florence and Eoin Rheinisch compete in the canoeing events from 0800 BST.

0722: For the full interview from Paula Radcliffe:

0715: Things have quietened down a little bit. My colleague Ben Dirs has just rocked up and will be soon jumping into the hotseat. Before he does that, he tells me that Michael Phelps used to have his ears flicked at school. Don't try that at home Olympian wannabes.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0701: Radcliffe-watch. It looks like Paula's going to be in the marathon on Sunday. It's a bloomin' miracle. Talking to the BBC's Phil Jones: "It's the Olympic Games and of course I could do with a bit more time to prepare but I'll give it a go; that's a hundred times better than watching it on TV wondering what could have happened."

And Radcliffe's thoughts on making up for her misery in Athens: "I have a lot of unfinished business with the Olympics. But I also think the Olympics are something more special anyway. It was my dream as a little girl - you don't dream about World Championships, you dream about the Olympics."
Thought she deserves the two arrows.

0654: Some tennis results. Venus Williams (USA) beat Iveta Benesova (Czech Republic) 6-1 6-4. Caroline Wozniacki beat Daniela Hantuchova 6-1 6-3. Dominika Cibulkova beat Tsvetana Pironkova 6-2 6-2. In the men's, France's Gael Monfils beat Romanian Victor Hanescu 6-4 7-6 (7/5).

0646: Michaela Breeze, Britain's only entry in the weightlifting, fought through what looked like incredible back pain to post 100kg in the clean and jerk. It was very modest by her standards, but it was a genuinely brave performance from a Commonwealth champion who deserved far more than her injury would allow her.

0643: "The weather looks better in Beijing, I am watching on BBC HD, and so far with all the smog and rain there hasn't been much too see, but today its clear, and the BBC showing some great shots of the wall etc ." ooozzie on 606

0637: Before all the sailing fans get on my back, I can reveal that the action has started. GB's Paul Goodison begins his bid for gold in the men's laser and Penny Clark competes in the Laser Radial.

0632: Michael Phelps on his diet and sleeping: "I have been eating a lot of pasta and pizza, a lot of carbs. I have been eating and sleeping as much as I can. I have woken up about 4:30 to 5am every morning, fallen back asleep for about an extra half-hour and then I have to get up."

0628: "Joe Murray in the boxing? He'd maybe have done better than his namesake in the tennis yesterday and angry Andy might have something to offer in the boxing ring." rambon on 606

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0622: And that's that. Burton's through to the next round by a Chui.

0619: Judo, judo, judo. That get your attention? Yep, GB's Euan Burton is in action. Get on to that video stream now. It's looking lively.

0614: A basketball score for you. Marko Popovic finishes with 22 points as Croatia claim the scalp of reigning European champions Russia 85-78.

0612: "The way he is attacking this meet - he isn't just winning, he is destroying world records on the way, it's awesome to watch."
Aaron Peirsol on Michael Phelps.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0606: A big sigh for Britain's Richard Faulds. He finishes fifth in the double trap qualifier to make the final which starts in a couple of hours. Not so good for GB team-mate Steven Scott - 13th place for him.

0603: "I knew I could do it. I saw the draw four days ago and he's ranked above me, but I knew I could beat him - I just came up short."
GB fencer Alex O'Connell, who narrowly lost to Russia's Nikolay Kovalev

0558: "Michaela Breeze is in real trouble in the 63kg category having treatment for a back injury. Terrible grimaces as she just managed to snatch 85kg with her second attempt. Very modest and she didn't even take her third lift."
BBC Sport's Andrew Cotter

0553: What's coming up then? I hear you ask. GB judoka Euan Burton fights in the -81kg category at about 0615 BST, GB boxer Joe Murray can be seen from 0830 and in the tennis, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are in action.

0546: More slam dunks coming at ya. Going into the final quarter, Croatia are hanging on to the lead against European champions Russia. They lead 60-51 and Petar Popovic has 15 points for them.

Someone has won gold
0542: GOLD. China have won the men's team gymnastics final. Sensational scenes.

0535: A Paula Radcliffe update for you fresh from my BBC colleagues in Beijing. She has given her strongest indication yet she will run in the women's marathon on Sunday 17 August. Paula has given an interview to BBC athletics reporter Phil Jones in Macau and we will be running that in full later - you can watch it on BBC One at about 0650 BST.

0531: Sorry, forgot to say judoka Clark has to wait to see if she makes the repechage.

0530: GB's Sarah Clark is in a great battle in the judo with Austrian Claudia Heill in the 63kg category. But as soon as I write that it's all over. Clark loses by an ippon against the silver medallist in Athens.

Someone has won gold
0522: GOLD South Korea's Jin Jong-Oh wins gold in the men's 50m pistol shooting.

0518: A shooting update and Britain's Richard Faulds is currently in seventh place in the double trap qualifying. There's one round to go so he's got it all to do. GB team-mate Steven Scott is in 15th place.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0513: Badminton mixed doubles pair Anthony Clark and Donna Kellogg lose 21-15 21-8 to China's number four seeds He Hanbin and Yu Yang. It took just 38 minutes. About the time it would take me to run a mile I reckon.

0511: Judo player Sarah Clark, who is set to face Austria's Claudia Heill in the 63kg at 0512 BST, told the Girlguiding Scotland website that "going away to camp with the Brownies was a big challenge".

0508: It's hockey time. Australia's women concede first but go on to beat the Spanish 6-1.

0504: Venus Williams is next up on the tennis centre court, facing Iveta Benesova of the Czech Republic in the round of 32. Sister Serena has just notched up a win by the way after beating Australian Samantha Stosur 6-2 6-0.

0501: "Superb party classics being blasted out at the volleyball. By contrast, the music at the archery has been woeful!"
Alan, Glasgow via text on 81111

0458: Back to the archery and it's bad news for Team GB. Williamson is out. What more can I say? Probably the score in a minute, but bear with me.

0452 Some interesting archery chat. GB's Alison Williamson is 57-54 down at the halfway stage to American Khatuna Lorig. I say American, check this out. She competed in 1992 for the unified team of the former Soviet Union and for Georgia in 1996 and 2000. I'm giving that an 8 out of 10 score for interesting.

It's bad news for GB at the Olympics
0448: I shouldn't have mentioned them should I? 23 seconds after I throw in Clark and Kellogg and they lose the first set 21-15. I'll keep quiet for 5 mins.

0446: It's all going on. There was me thinking the pool was the only place for the action. Nonsense. There's badminton going on don't you know. GB's European champions Anthony Clark and Donna Kellogg are under way against China's number four seeds He Hanbin and Yu Yang.

0443: Hoops time. Russia trailed for the whole of the first quarter, then stole the lead 17-16 with a three-pointer on the buzzer from veteran forward Nikita Morgunov.

0441: "Never before have I been so into the Olympics, it's been brilliant. I'm snuggled down with my milk and cookies and enjoying flicking between the events on my laptop while my tv shows the main event." Stacie1285 on 606

0438: A few quick results for you. In the tennis, France's Alize Cornet takes the first set 6-2 against China's Peng Shuai. In the men's handball, Croatia beat Brazil 33-14.

0436: Results for the women's 200m medley heats. Kirsty Coventry, Stephanie Rice and Katie Hoff are the three fastest qualifiers. GB's Keri Anne-Payne struggles.

0433: In the pool again and it's the women's 200m medley heats. GB's Hannah Miley struggles in fifth place.

It's good news for GB at the Olympics
0430: In the archery, GB's Alison Williamson breezes through her opening round.

0426: Everybody's going to be talking about Phelps so here's a bit of info you can impress your mates with. The American has joined Olympic icons Paavo Nurmi, Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz and Larysa Latynina as the only athletes to win nine summer Games gold medals. You can have that for free as well.

0423: Some British news in the individual sabre fencing and it's not great news for Team GB. Russia's Nikolay Kovalev beat Alex O'Connell 15-14.

0420: In the archery, GB's Alison Williamson is leading 53-47 at the halfway stage. More on that in a bit.

0416: So what's Phelps been saying about his earlier gold in the 200m freestyle? "That's great. I just wanted to be out on my own which I had done by the 100 metres mark, that was my goal."
That boy Spitz must be starting to fear for his record from 1972.

0412: Guess what. Phelps has won his semi-final in the 200m butterfly going quite fast. Time is 1:53.70. He's the fastest qualifier by the way. GB's Rock finishes tenth quickest overall.

0408: We're in the pool again. And that boy Phelps has got his trunks back on for the men's 200m butterfly semi-final. GB's Michael Rock is also in action.

0406: Back to the women's 100m breaststroke. Aussie Leisel Jones finished a body length ahead of Rebecca Soni (USA) and Mirna Jukic (Austria).

0401: Remember that great British comeback in the women's hockey an hour ago? Talking about being 2-0 down at the interval, coach Danny Kerry said: "Half-time was really straightforward, probably one of my easiest ones."

0359: "I'm disappointed with fourth, but it's the Olympics and I got fourth. I'll look forward to London 2012 now." Gemma Spofforth on BBC Radio 5 Live.

0353: Quick fact: The Americans have picked up seven medals in the pool this morning. Not a bad effort. And a quick question: Is Phelps a robot? Real robots may rust in the pool I guess, but that's another question.

Someone has won gold
0352: GOLD Australia's Leisel Jones wins the women's 100m breaststroke.

0349: Basketball update. First men's game of the day is over and Lithuania have pretty much smashed Iran 99-67. Lithuania's leading scorer was Linas Kleiza with 22 points. Next up is Croatia v Russia, which should be a whole lot closer as a contest.

0345: Wake up all tennis fans. Yep, it's started. France's Alize Cornet plays China's Peng Shuai in the day's first match. There's a video stream waiting for you.

0341: "All eight guys were capable of some amazing things. I came sixth and I'm pleased with that. There's always the 4x200m medley relay. Bring on London 2012." Liam Tancock, who came sixth in the 100m backstroke, on BBC Sport.

0340: Armbands down. For a second anyway. Listen up. Horse, vault, bars, floor and rings. That collection of random words can only mean one thing - the start of the men's team gymnastics final. Hosts China are the favourites, but the Americans, 2004 champions Japan and former powerhouse Russia might have something to say about that.

0337: Back to the 200m freestyle final. GB's Robbie Renwick was eighth.

0335: Britain's Liam Tancock finishes sixth with a British record. It was a new world record for Peirsol - he clocked 52.54s. Can someone pass me some oxygen.

Someone has won gold
0331: GOLD Aaron Peirsol wins the 100m backstroke.

0330: Don't leave the room to put the kettle on just yet. GB's Liam Tancock is getting ready for the 100m backstroke.

0328: "I would have liked to have gone quicker but it's fantastic to get to the final. I think the 200m is more important. I'll give it my best shot in the 100m and the 4x200m." Caitlin McClatchey on BBC Sport after her 200m freestyle heat.

0326: Britain's Gemma Spofforth probably wishes she was wearing her longer nails - she only just misses out on the bronze in the women's 100m backstroke

0323: GOLD American Natalie Coughlin wins the women's 100m backstroke

0319: Another world record for Phelps. He clocks 1:42.96 and he finishes ahead of South Korea's Park Tae-hwan and Peter Vanderkaay. Phenomenal. Breathless stuff.

Someone has won gold
0317: GOLD American Michael Phelps bags his third gold at Beijing in the 200m freestyle.

0313: Here comes the American fish. Michael Phelps is waggling his fin (or maybe just his goggles) on the edge of the pool.

0309: Second heat of the women's 200m freestyle and Liam Tancock's other half Caitlin McClatchey finishes third - she's seventh fastest overall. Top effort. Italian Federica Pellegrini wins that one.

0305: The pool action is go go go. Sara Isakovic wins the first 200m freestyle heat, ahead of Katie Hoff. GB's Jo Jackson is seventh.

0301: Bit of news from GB's long jumper Chris Tomlinson. After the amazing work by his physios, he's ready for action. He said: "I'm heading straight out to Beijing, so there will be no hanging around and I'm looking to forward to getting into it." Lovely.

0258: Back to the men's hoops. Normal service has been resumed. Lithuania's superstar Sarunas Jasikevicius (who carried the flag in the opening ceremony) hits 11 points in the second quarter as his team hit a 31-14 streak and lead Iran 46-34 at half-time.

0256: "It is great having the updates. I am over here in NZ and great seeing GB doing well" GSGers796 on 606

0253: And the hooter goes in the hockey. Argentina 2-2 GB. Fabulous comeback from the Brits. Goals by Thomas and Clewlow save the day.
It's good news for GB at the Olympics

0251: GB's Richard Faulds is in sixth position after the first round in qualifying in the men's double trap.
It's good news for GB at the Olympics

0248: "Well Mark I am in Ireland onboard a ship getting your info via satellite so keep up the good reporting" Roger via text on 81111

0242: Britain's Richard Faulds is currently in action in the double trap qualifying. The final is at 0800 BST, and the 2000 Olympic champion is a hot tip for a medal having been in great form on the World Cup circuit. If I was a clay pigeon in Beijing right now, I'd be very worried...

0236: "I am feeling more pessimistic today...I predict two bronze medals, eventing and one in the swimming" congee on 606

0234: GOAL! Yep - again. It's 2-2. Veteran Mel Clewlow gets Britain right back in it. Fantastic.
It's good news for GB at the Olympics

0230: GOAL! And the crowd go wild. Britain are right back in it. 2-1 to Argentina. Sarah Thomas (nickname Vagabond) scores a cracker from close range.

0225: There's hope in the hockey for GB. Argentina are a player down after the ref gets out the yellow card. The Brits are sniffing a goal.

0224: Could there be a shock brewing in the men's basketball? Iran have taken the first quarter 20-15 against medal contenders Lithuania.

Text 81111
(with "OLYMPICS" as first word - UK users only)

At-a-glance medals table

Sunday, 24 August 2008 10:17 UK
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL
1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
7 South Korea 13 10 8 31
8 Japan 9 6 10 25
9 Italy 8 10 10 28
10 France 7 16 17 40

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