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Basketball results

Sunday 24 August

Men's gold medal match:

United States Gold118-107 Spain Silver

Men's bronze medal match:

Argentina 87-75 Lithuania

Saturday 23 August

Women's gold medal match:

United States 92-65 Australia

Women's bronze medal match:

China 81-94 Russia

Friday 22 August:

Men's semi-finals:

Spain91-86 Lithuania

Argentina 81-101 United States

Wednesday 20th August:

Women's semi-finals:

Russia 52-67 United States

China 56-90 Australia

Men's quarter-finals:

Spain 72-59 Croatia

Lithuania 94-68 China

USA 116-85 Australia

Argentina 80-78 Greece

Tuesday 19th August:

Women's quarter-finals:

China 77-62 Belarus

Australia 79-46 Czech Republic

United States 104-60 South Korea

Russia 84-65 Spain

Monday 18 August:

Men's group A:

Croatia 91-57 Iran

Australia 106-75 Lithuania

Argentina 91-79 Russia

Men's group B:

Greece 91-77 China

Angola 50-98 Spain

United States 106-57 Germany

Sunday 17 August

Women's group A:

Australia 75-55 Russia

Latvia 68-72 Korea

Brazil 68-53 Belarus

Women's group B:

Spain 79-47 Mali

Czech Republic 63-79 China

New Zealand 60-96 United States

Saturday 16 August

Men's group A:

Russia 80-95 Australia

Croatia 73-86 Lithuania

Argentina 97-82 Iran

Men's group B:

Greece 102-61 Angola

China 59-55 Germany

United States 119-82 Spain

Friday 15 August

Women's group A:

Latvia 73-96 Australia

Russia 74-64 Brazil

Korea 53-63 Belarus

Women's group B:

Czech Republic 90-59 New Zealand

China 69-48 Mali

United States 93-55 Spain

Thursday 14 August

Men's group A:

Argentina 77-53 Croatia

Australia 106-68 Iran

Lithuania 86-79 Russia

Men's group B:

Angola 68-85 China

Germany 59-72 Spain

United States 92-69 Greece

Wednesday 13 August

Women's group A:

Latvia 79-78 Brazil

Russia 71-65 Belarus

Australia 90-62 South Korea

Women's group B:

China 80-63 New Zealand

Spain 74-55 Czech Republic

United States 97-41 Mali

Tuesday 12 August

Men's group A:

Lithuania 99-67 Iran

Croatia 85-78 Russia

Argentina 85-68 Australia

Men's group B:

Greece 87-64 Germany

Spain 85-75 China (OT)

United States 97-76 Angola

Monday 11 August

Women's group A:

Russia77-72 South Korea

Belarus 80-57 Latvia

Australia 80-65 Brazil

Women's group B:

Spain 82-65 New Zealand

Czech Republic 81-47 Mali

USA 108-63 China

Sunday 10 August

Men's group A:

Russia 71-49 Iran

Lithuania 79-75 Argentina

Australia 82-97 Croatia

Men's group B:

Germany 95-66 Angola

Spain 81-66 Greece

United States 101-70 China

Saturday 9 August

Women's group A:

Australia 83-64 Belarus

Brazil 62-68 South Korea

Russia 62-57 Latvia

Women's group B:

New Zealand 76-72 Mali

Spain 64-67 China

Czech Republic 57-97 United States



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