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Fencing results

Sunday 17 August

Men's team sabre gold medal match:

France Gold 45-37 Silver United States

Men's team sabre bronze medal match:

Italy Bronze 45-44 Russia

Men's team sabre semi-finals:

France 45-41 Italy

United States 45-44 Russia

Men's team sabre placement 5-6:

Belarus 45-39 China

Men's team sabre placement 7-8:

Egypt 25-45 Hungary

Men's team sabre classification 5-8:

Belarus 45-22 Egypt

China 45-38 Hungary

Men's team sabre quarter-finals:

Italy 45-39 Belarus

United States 45-44 Hungary

Russia 45-36 China

France 45-31 Egypt

Saturday 16 August

Women's team foil gold medal match:

Russia Gold 28-11 Silver United States

Women's team foil bronze medal match:

Italy Bronze 32-23 Hungary

Women's team foil placement 5-6:

China 28-34 Germany

Women's team foil placement 7-8:

Egypt 14-45 Poland

Women's team foil classification 5-8:

Egypt 24-45 China

Germany 32-27 Poland

Women's team foil semi-finals:

Russia 22-21 Italy

United States 35-33 Hungary

Women's team foil quarter-finals:

Russia 45-23 Egypt

Italy 37-24 China

Hungary 35-31 Germany

United States 31-30 Poland

Friday 15 August

Men's team final:

France Gold 45-29 Silver Poland

Men's team bronze medal match:

Italy Bronze 45-35 China

Men's team 5-6 place match:

Hungary 40-25 Venezuela

Men's team 7-8 place match:

Ukraine 41-39 South Korea

Men's team semi-final:

France 45-39 Italy

Poland 45-44 China

Men's team epee quarter-finals:

China 45-43 Hungary

Poland 45-37 Ukraine

Italy 45-37 South Korea

France 45-33 Venezuela

Thursday 14 August

Women's team sabre final:

Ukraine Gold 45-44 Silver China

Women's team sabre bronze medal match:

United States Bronze 45-38 France

Women's team sabre semi-finals:

United States 39-45 Ukraine

China 45-38 France

Women's team sabre quarter-finals:

United States 48-8 South Africa

Ukraine 45-34 Russia

China 45-25 Poland

Canada 22-45 France

Wednesday 13 August

Women individual epee final:

Britta Heidemann (Ger) Gold 15-11 Silver Ana Maria Branza (Rom)

Women's individual epee bronze medal match:

Ildiko Mincza-Nebald (Hun) Bronze 15-11 Li Na (Chn)

Women's individual epee semi-finals:

Britta Heidemann (Ger) 15-4 Li Na (Chn)

Ana Maria Branza (Rom) 15-14 Ildiko Mincza-Nebald (Hun)

Women's individual epee quarter-finals:

Britta Heidemann (Ger) 15-10 Emma Samuelsson (Swe)

Li Na (Chn) 15-10 Laura Flessel Colovic (Fra)

Ildiko Mincza-Nebald (Hun) 15-11 Imke Duplitzer (Ger)

Ana Maria Branza (Rom) 15-13 Liubov Shutova (Rus)

Men's individual foil final:

Benjamin Philip Kleibrink (Ger) Gold 15-9 Silver Yuki Ota (Jpn)

Men's individual foil bronze medal match:

Sanzo Salvatore (Ita) Bronze 15-14 Jun Zhu (Chn)

Men's individual foil semi-finals:

Benjamin Philip Kleibrink (Ger) 15-4 Jun Zhu (Chn)

Yuki Ota (Jpn) 15-14 Sanzo Salvatore (Brz)

Men's individual foil quarter-finals:

Zhu Jun (Chn) 15-14 Andrea Cassara (Ita)

Benjamin Kleibrink (Ger) 15-7 Lei Sheng (Chn)

Salvatore Sanzo (Ita) 10-9 Erwann Le Pechoux (Fra)

Yuki Ota (Jpn) 15-12 Peter Joppich (Ger)

DNQ: Richard Kruse (GB)

Tuesday 12 August

Men's individual sabre final:

Zhong Man (Chn) Gold 15-11 Silver Nicolas Lopez (Fra)

Men's individual sabre bronze medal match:

Mihai Covaliu (Rom) Bronze 15-9 Julien Pillet (Fra)

Men's individual sabre semi-finals:

Nicolas Lopez (Fra) 15-13 Mihai Covaliu (Rom)

Zhong Man (Chn) 15-12 Julien Pillet (Fra)

Men's individual sabre quarter-finals:

Man Zhong (Chn) 15-13 Luigi Tarantino (Ita)

Julien Pillet (Fra) 15-13 Keeth Smart (US)

Jorge Nicolas Lopez (Fra) 15-10 Jorge Pina (Spa)

Mihai Covaliu (Rom) 15-13 Aliaksandr Buikevich (Blr)

Men's individual sabre round of 64 selected result:

Nikolay Kovalev (Rus) 15-14 Alex O'Connell (GB)

Monday 11 August

Women's individual foil final:

Maria Valentina Vezzali (Ita) Gold 6-5 Silver Nam Hyunhee (Kor)

Women's individual foil bronze medal match:

Margherita Granbassi (Ita) Bronze 15-12 Giovanna Trillini (Ita)

Women's individual foil semi-finals:

Nam Hyun-hee (Kor) 15-10 Giovanna Trillini (Ita)

Maria Valentina Vezzali (Ita) 12-3 Margherita Granbassi (Ita)

Women's individual foil quarter-finals:

Giovanna Trillini (Ita) 15-8 Katja Waechter (Ger)

Nam Hyunhee (Kor) 15-10 Chienko Sugawara (Jpn)

Margherita Granbassi (Ita) 12-7 Evgenia Lamonova (Rus)

Maria Valentina Vezzali (Ita) 15-3 Edina Knapek (Hun)

Women's individual foil round of 64 - selected result:

Erinn Smart (US) 15-7 Martina Emanuel (GB)

Sunday 10 August

Men's individual epee final:

Matteo Tagliariol (Ita) Gold 15-9 Silver Fabrice Jeannet (Fra)

Men's individual epee bronze medal match:

Jose Louis Abajo (Spa) Bronze 8-7 Gabor Boczko (Hun)

Men's individual epee quarter-finals:

Jose Luis Abajo (Spa) 14-13 Diego Confalonieri (Ita)

Matteo Tagliariol (Ita) 15-11 Bas Verwijlen (Ned)

Fabrice Jeannet (Fra) 15-11 Jinsun Jung (Kor)

Gabor Boczko (Hun) 15-8 Radoslaw Zawrotniak (Pol)

Saturday 9 August

Women's individual sabre gold medal match:

Mariel Zagunis (US) Gold 15-8 Silver Sada Jacobson (US)

Women's individual sabre bronze medal match:

Becca Ward (US) Bronze 15-14 Sofiya Velikaya (Rus)

Women's individual sabre semi-finals:

Sada Jacobson (US) 15-11 Sofiya Velikaya (Rus)

Mariel Zagunis (US) 15-11 Becca Ward (US)

Women's individual sabre quarter-finals:

Sada Jacobson (USA) 15-11 Olena Khomrova (Ukr)

Sofiya Velikaya (Rus) 15-9 Tan Xue (Chn)

Mariel Zagunis (US) 15-9 Bao Yingying (Chn)

Becca Ward (US) 15-4 Azza Besbes (Tun)



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