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BBC World Class - Twin for 2012

Jumping Higher - Secondary Assembly Resources

Videos, scripts and discussion prompts to deliver the assembly. Choose which materials suit your school or use a suggested format.

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Script to introduce Film - High jumper has his sights set on London 2012

Ask the assembly if they have ever competed in the high jump and how high they jumped.

Ivan Ukhov is a Russian high jumper who can jump almost two and a half metres. Compare this to the students' heights - it's a long way to jump.

Ivan is from Yekaterinburg, a city in the centre of Russia. As a teenager he went to a sports boarding school where pupils go to lessons and train for up to six hours per day. Before he was a high jumper he played basketball and was also a discus thrower. He is the European high jump champion and is training hard to compete at the Olympics in London next year.

In this video we see Ivan training with army recruits at a military sports school and Ivan explains why he likes competing and winning.


Ukhov is going for gold in London 2012. Duration 1,50

Secondary Discussion prompts

Who is Ivan Ukhov and how high can he jump? Before he was a high jumper what sports did Ivan take part in?

Ivan says that he loves winning. Have you ever taken part in a sports competition? What happened? If you won, how did it feel? If you didn't win were you disappointed and how did you deal with this?

Ivan switched from basketball to high jump. Would you rather go to the Olympics as a basketball player or a high jumper? Email your school's answer to

Ivan sometimes trains at an army sports centre. Why do you think he does that? The soldiers don't have any choice about getting fit. But how do you motivate yourself to maintain high levels of fitness?

He says that he switched from basketball to athletics after arguing with his coach. Have you ever argued with someone and have changed your path as a result? How important is it that you get on well with teachers and coaches?

Ivan's goal is to win a gold medal at London in 2012. To get there he has to train hard and keep focused. What is your goal and what steps do you need to take to get there?

Secondary Assembly Question

Ivan switched from basketball to high jump. Would you rather go to the Olympics as a basketball player or a high jumper?

Email your school's answer to

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