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BBC World Class - Twin for 2012

London 2012 - Primary Assembly Kit

Videos, scripts and discussion prompts to deliver the assembly. Choose which materials suit your school or use a suggested format.

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Script to introduce Film 1 - The Games come to London

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Next summer something very special is happening in London, the UK's capital city. Ask the assembly to guess what the big event is and give them clues. The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the biggest sporting events in the world. The Paralympics are races and other sporting competitions for athletes with disabilities. There will be six weeks of sport from the end of July. Almost one million people from around the world will be coming to London to support 17,000 athletes from 205 countries as they go for gold.

Find out about the 2012 Games from Mesuma and DJ. Duration 2,20.

The athletes will all try their best in the competition and work hard to get ready for the Games. Ask the assembly to remember when they have taken part in an event at school such as a sports day or concert.

People taking part in the Games should play fairly, be friendly and respect the other competitors. In the Olympics the most important thing is not winning but taking part.

Let's watch this film which shows some school children at the Olympic Stadium where lots of the races and competitions will be held.

Would you rather compete in trampolining or taekwondo? Email your school's answer to

2012 Quiz - test the assembly's knowledge of the video. It may be useful to show the video again.

- How many countries will compete at the Olympics?

- How many athletes will be taking part?

- How many people can fit into the Olympic Stadium?

- How many sports are part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games? How many can you name?

- Do you already take part in any of these sports?

- How many Olympic gold medals will be awarded at the Games?

- Can you name any sports that will be new to the Olympics in 2012?

- Where are the other Olympic events taking place outside London and which sports will take place there?

- Which sport would you most like to see at the Olympics?

Script to introduce Film 2 - Olympic hopeful visits the Olympic Stadium

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London is home to people from all over the world so there will be lots of cheering for athletes from other countries. It's a chance for the world to come together at an exciting event.

The London Olympics begin on July 27th and the Paralympics on the 29th August. All through 2012 athletes will begin arriving in to Britain to train with their national teams and get ready for the competition.

Namibian sprinter takes a tour of the Olympic Stadium. Duration 2,49.

Training camps are spread right across the country and give over a hundred towns and cities the chance to welcome different countries to their local areas.

Team Namibia's training camp will be in Glasgow in Scotland. This video shows what happened when Merlin Diamond, a young runner from Windhoek, Namibia's capital, visited the Olympic Stadium in London before being welcomed to Glasgow.

Discussion prompts

- Do you think sport has the power to bring people together?

- How do you think Merlin will prepare for the Olympics?

- How do you think Merlin will feel when she competes in front of thousands of people in the Olympic Stadium?

- Why do you think it is important to support all countries in the Olympics?

- Are you excited about London 2012? What excites you the most?

Assembly Question - Would you rather compete in trampolining or taekwondo? Email your answer to

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