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Winter Olympics day two

(All times local. GMT -8)

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By Rob Hodgetts in Vancouver

2050: What a fine day of Olympic action. Shame about the downhill, but that just means there's more to look forward to on Monday. Coming up on Sunday is the men's luge final (AJ Rosen for Team GB), nordic combined, biathlon (Lee-Steve Jackson for GB), figure skating pairs (David King and Stacey Kemp for Team GB), men's moguls, USA v China and Finland v Russia in the women's ice hockey and women's 3000m speed skating. Thanks for your company today. See you tomorrow.


2040: Germany's Felix Loch leads the men's luge at the halfway stage after Saturday's opening two runs. Countryman David Moeller is second with Italy's two-time Olympic champion Armin Zoeggeler third. Britain's Adam "AJ" Rosen lies 16th, the same position as he finished overall in Turin four years ago.

Freestyle skiing

2024: Hannah Kearney speeds down - fast, slick turns, back flip off the first jump, conservative but floaty 360 off the bottom kicker... AND KEARNEY WINS GOLD! Canada's wait for a first gold medal on home soil goes on as defending champion Jennifer Heil can only manage silver. It's Canada's first medal of the Games though. Kearney didn't even make the final four years ago but she is the Queen of the Moguls in Cypress. American Shannon Bahrke gets bronze.

2020: Canada's Jennifer Heil sparks massive noise with a sensational final run - best turns of the night so far, plus iron cross back flip sends her into gold. One to go.

2016: American Heather McPhie strings together some sweet turns but floats a huge back flip off the second kicker and sits back on landing before getting spat out of the bumps. No medal for her, meaning Shannon Bahrke (who is leading) is guaranteed a podium place.

2013: Whistler local Kristi Richards, going fourth from last, goes for an iron cross back flip (back somersault with skis crossed at right angles) off the first jump but then can't control her pace in the middle section and crashes to an inglorious end.

2010: Shannon Bahrke takes the moguls lead with a stunning, aggressive run.

2005: American Michelle Roark, whose husband was banned from the venue after a problem with his accreditation this week, has a nightmare as she goes for a big double heli (720) but crashes on landing. She keeps skiing and turns fast and well but won't be in the medals.

BBC Sport's Hazel Irvine in reply to Darlo of Derby (see 1930): "I bought the jumper in Calgary in 2002 and have taken good care of it!"

2000: Massive roars from the home crowd at Cypress as Chloe Dufour-Lapointe takes the lead with a super-smooth run including a full-twisting back somersault and a laid out back flip off the jumps.

1950: Windy at the top of the steep Cypress moguls course. Rock music blaring out of the PA. Floodlights illuminating the track, massive crowd at the bottom hoping to see Jennifer Heil win Canada's first ever Olympic gold on home soil. Nice turns, 360 (or 'heli', as we used to call it in the old days) followed by iron cross back flip off the two kickers gives Russia's Ekaterina Stolyarova the lead. Nine more to go.

Freestyle skiing

1945: Quickly over to Cypress Mountain for the women's moguls final. A clean slate from qualifying, with Canada's defending champion Jennifer Heil going second to last and Hannah Kearney of USA the final skier down. Remember, seven judges, 50% marks for turns, 25% each for speed and airs (two jumps on the course). Reminds me of my days in the Hop and the Shaker in Val d'Isere and Meribel. Only they're a bit better, obviously.

1935: CARNAGE! Apolo Anton Ohno looks like missing out on a medal in the 1500m final. He's fourth going into the final bend, with three Koreans in front of him. But two of them smash into the barriers and Ohno grabs a silver for a sixth Olympic medal. More drama afterwards as there is a suggestion there may be a disqualification but the result stands. Jung-Su Lee won, with American JR Celski third. Earlier, Canada's Charles Hamelin won the B final to eighth overall.

Short track

1930:BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent at the short-track speed skating at Pacific Coliseum: "Sarah Lindsay described her race as a "bit ropey" but Team GB are really setting high standards for themselves. Just saw Jack Whelbourne who told me: "I never expected to be leading with a few laps to go. Wait four years and I'll have more in my legs." He's loving the Olympic experience."

From Darlo, in Derby via text: "Loving your coverage, guys. Blown away by Ohno in the speed skating. And Hazel looks radiant tonight. Where did she get that jumper? I want one!


1924: Double Olympic luge champion Armin Zoeggeler of Italy puts in a better second run to take the lead at the Whistler Sliding Centre. Britain's Adam Rosen goes in 10 sliders' time.

Ice hockey

1915: Finally, Slovakia's misery is at an end. Canada's women win 18-0. The two teams line up to shake hands at the end. "What do the Canadians say at this point, do you think? "Well played?" Not really true, is it. That's an Olympic record by the way, beating their 16-0 win against Italy in 2006. But they've got some way to go beat the Canadian men. They beat Switzerland 33-0 in 1924.

Short track

1913: Canada and China join the USA and Korea in the final of the women's 3000m relay. The Chinese break the Olympic record set by Korea in the first semi with a time of 4:08.797. What a final that is going to be. That's not until 24 February.

Short track

1905: Korea and USA through to final of women's 3000m relay after a drama-packed semi. The Koreans set a new Olympic record of 4:10.7853. Now, I don't want to go on about it, although technically it is my job, but Canada are now 18-0 against Slovakia. Five minutes left. We think that's a record scoreline.

Ice hockey

1850: Canada now up to 16-0 against Slovakia. That equals the score they beat Italy by in Turin in 2006. Still 12 minutes left.

This from BBC Sport's Sir Matthew Pinsent at the short-track speed skating: "Support for the US athletes rivalling the Canadians. They are going to rattle the roof for Ohno in the final in 40 minutes or so." Sir M's cameraman Steve Pook tells me there are two sirs, a princess and a lord watching in the crowd. "No pressure on Team GB, then," he says.

Ice hockey

1845: Our Canadian engineer Jon is glued to the women's ice hockey beside me. "If we gave them a point for every shot they had, we'd still be winning," he says. Slovakia have now had seven shots in total. Canada lead 13-0 early in the third period.

Short track

1838: A huge pile-up in the second 1,500m semi-final gifts Britain's Jack Whelbourne the lead, but he fades in the last few laps to miss out on a final spot.

Short track

1830: Big drama from the Coliseum as home favourite Charles Hamelin misses out on the final of the men's 1500m after American Apolo Anton Ohno pulls off an audacious move up the inside to get up from third to second behind Lee Jung-Su. Jennifer Heil could be the first Canadian to win gold on home soil then, when she goes in the moguls.

1825: Hello again everyone. The action is coming thick and fast tonight, not least from the Canadian women who are up to 13-0 against Slovakia. Still to come tonight, we've got the women's moguls final at 1930 (0330 GMT), the second run of the men's luge, the men's 1500m short-track semis and final and the women's 3000m short-track relay.

From a Canadian in the UK via text: "As a Canadian in the UK, I hope we stop running up the score in women's hockey. It is embarrassing."

From rl3ao on Twitter: "This Slovakia team beat Bulgaria 82-0 last year. Imagine what Canada would do to them?

By Anna Thompson in Vancouver

Short track

1810: British teenager Elise Christie is also through in the women's 500m. The short-track team are cooking after winning two silvers in the European Championships.

BBC Sport's Sir Matthew Pinsent at the short-track speedskating at Pacific Coliseum: "Ohno and Hamelin drawn in same semi. Two to the final. Could be messy."

1805: BBC's Bob Ballard is commentating on the women's ice hockey and says: "The crowd's gone wild. Canada are 9-0 up and well on their way to breaking the Olympic record of 15-0".

Short track

1755: A fantastic race for Brit Sarah Lindsey . She's only racing in the 500m and made sure of qualifying with an aggressive lead-from-the-front attitude.


1755: Radio 5 Live's Eleanor Oldroyd is at the luge and says: "It's pouring with rain but not dampening spirits. There was a minute's silence for Nodar Kumaritashvili but the competition is now under way." In fact they've had the first run and my tip for gold, Germany's Felix Loch, leads the way. Brit AJ Rosen is 16th.

1740: Canada are giving Slovakia an utter trouncing - it's 7-0 now and still in the first period. If it continues like this, they could be on for a record score in front of the watching governor general of Canada. Gina Kingsbury with the sixth and Colleen Sostorics with the seventh.

BBC Sport's Sir Matthew Pinsent at the shorttrack speedskating at Pacific Coliseum: "Ohno gassed it for about five per cent of that race. Class."

BBC Sport's Sir Matthew Pinsent at the short-track speed skating at Pacific Coliseum: "British fans might have taken the 'keep the simple' method of sport. They've got a banner saying 'Skate fast, turn left, go GB'.

Freestyle skiing

1735: Sadly the same can't be said for Ellie Koyander . Her Olympics are over as she comes 24th in the moguls, with the top 20 going through to the final. Oh well, there's always Sochi 2014, Ellie.

Short track

1720: Great news for Brit Jack Whelbourne as he's through to the semi-final of the men's 1500m after qualifying second when Chinese and Dutch skaters fall over. Whelbourne is ecstatic about qualifying. Well done him.

From Jay at Keele University via text: "As a Canadian studying abroad in the UK and having not been home since September the games have brought me and my fellow Canadian friends here closer to home. I may be tired but staying up until five this morning was worth it just to watch Wayne light the torch.

Ice hockey

It's easy-peasy lemon squeezy for the Canadian women as they go 4-0 against Slovakia in the ice hockey preliminary round and they're still in the first period.

1700: Just had the viewing figures in for the opening ceremony and two-thirds of Canadians tuned in to watch the extravaganza making it Canada's most-watched TV event - ever. Could well be eclipsed during the Games if the curlers or ice hockey team get into their respective finals

Anon via text: "Hi - why no ice hockey on TV or online - surely you have the resources to feature this sport?"
Hi Anon - there has only been one game so far (Sweden-Switzerland) which we did not cover because other sports took precedence at that time, but you will be able to see Canada's women's team in their opener against Slovakia, coming up at 1700 local, or 0100 GMT.

Freestyle skiing

1650: Canada are desperate to win a gold medal and the crowd have gone wild as moguls favourite Jennifer Heil puts in a brilliant qualifying run. Canada could well be celebrating later on.

1640: Remember Rhona Martin in the curling? Of course you do, she won gold for Great Britain in 2002. Well she is now part of the BBC commentary team for these Games and was watching the GB women in a practice match at Delta Thistle rink in Vancouver. Princess Anne popped along too and Rhona told me HRH is: "very knowledgeable about the sport".

1630: And we're under way in the women's moguls at Cypress Mountain, with Korea's Jung-Hwa Seo. I was up at Cypress Mountain a few days ago - on the only day it snowed. Can't believe it has all washed away. The organisers have done a sterling job to get the event on.

1620: Happy Valentine's Day to all those in the UK, where it's now past midnight. Think my card got lost in the post.

1552: It's so wet in Vancouver the BBC is having to use its indoor studio rather than an open air one with a beautiful view of the mountains (well all I can see is mist). We are back on air at 1615.

1540: The first Brits will be in action a bit later on. We have Ellie Koyander in the moguls, Adam Rosen in the luge, and short-track speed skaters Elise Christie, Sarah Lindsey, Jack Whelbourne and Anthony Douglas. I think I'm safe to say Team GB will not be bringing home any medals tonight but I'll gladly be proved wrong.

1525: Radio 5 live's Eleanor Oldroyd is at Whistler Sliding Centre for the men's luge and she says: "They have been taping new padding around the pillars". After the tragic death of Nodar Kumaritashvili they are not taking any chances.

1515: There's no live action going at the mo folks but we have a smorgasbord of sports later on - women's moguls, women's ice hockey, short-track speed skating and the first two heats of the men's luge

1510:I certainly hope I live up to Rob's billing. So what have you made of the Games so far? My excitement levels were building up nicely but then the tragic death of the luger really put everything into perspective. Poor guy.

1503: Hello everyone, Anna here. If you refresh this page manually you will see that Rob has gone for a well-earned break, while I steer you through the next little spell. You can text me on the usual numbers (81111 from the UK; +44 7786200666 if you are outside the UK) or Tweet me.

By Rob Hodgetts

1450: Now then, team, I'll let you into a little secret. I'm off for a bit, but Anna Thompson will guide you through the next couple of hours. And she's good. Very good.

From Luuk via text: "Wohoo! Go Sven! But what happened to Bob de Jong? And it's absolutely brilliant the looks I got on the train because I followed your updates. THANKS!"

Well, Luuk, big Bob came fifth, behind Havard Bokko, and 4.42 secs behind the Sven machine/Kramernator.


1445: Strong stuff from Canadian luge coach Wolfgang Staudinger on the accident that killed Nodar Kumaritashvili on Friday. "It was not a track issue, it was a driving error, 100%," he said. "We had issues like this before and that happens when you have so-called exotic sliders. The guys must know when they enter a track like this that it's serious business, it's not a joke. The International Federation has to put much tighter rules into place to avoid this in the future."

1425: Sven Kramer adds the Olympic gold medal and Olympic record to his world title and world record. As soon as the last heat between Bokko and Hedrick crosses the line, the "Flying Dutchman" races into the crowd to embrace friends and family. Korea's Seung-Hoon Lee comes second with Russia's Ivan Skobrev third. "I tell you what, Wilf, I'm quite excited," says BBC commentator Hugh Porter to colleague Wilf O'Reilly. "The scenes back in the Netherlands now, can you imagine that?"

Speed skating

1423: Sven Kramer literally can't watch as he sits in the middle of the oval with his head in his hands. Neither Bokko nor Hedrick, though, are looking threatening.

Speed skating

1420: One heat left in the men's 5000m with Sven Kramer still leading. Norway's Havard Bokko and American Chad Hedrick are the last two men to go. Hedrick is the Olympic champion and the advantage he has over Kramer is that he knows what he is aiming for.


1412: We have the second gold medallist of the Games - Slovakia's Anastazia Kuzmina wins the women's 7.5km biathlon. Germany's Magdalena Neuner is second, with France's Marie Dorin in third.

BBC commentator Rob Walker: "Kuzmina's win was a shock result and she is the first person from Slovakia to win a medal in this event. None of the season's top three athletes were in the top 10 which goes to show how exciting and unpredictable the sport is."

Ice hockey

1410: Sweden beat Switzerland 3-0 in the opening women's ice hockey match. Now, I realise earlier I may have inadvertently called the third period a quarter. That was a mistake, sorry. Put me in goal and slap pucks at me.

Ski jumping

1405: Sara texts us to ask for an idiots' guide to the ski jump (her words, not ours). This website has a guide to every sport at these Games, Sara. Here's the one for the ski jump.

Speed skating

1358: World record holder Sven Kramer sets a new Olympic record of 6:14.6 to take the lead by miles in the 5000m. Still six skaters to go . The Flying Dutchman will go to the centre to watch the denouement. "That will take a hell of a lot of beating," says BBC commentator Hugh Porter.

Ice hockey

1352: Sweden lead Switzerland 3-0 in the third quarter, by the way.

Speed skating

1350: France's Alexis Contin takes the lead with 6:19.58 in the men's 5000m. "That was absolutely phenomenal," says BBC commentator Wilf O'Reilly. Up next is Shani Davis, the 1000m Olympic champion, against Sven Kramer.
From martinbourne on Twitter: "Just a note re the men's 5000m speed skating - Sven Kramer is the world champion and world record holder so watch out for him."

1340: I can't work out which set of athletes look more exhausted as they cross the line - the men's 5000m speed skaters, or the women's 7.5km biathletes. Switching between my screens, all I can see is competitors in tight suits looking in serious pain and sucking in great gulps of air.


1335: Anastazia Kuzmina is leading at the moment in the women's 7.5km biathlon. Here's a reminder of how the sport works - .
1325: Just to mark your card, team, I've got some important TV scheduling information for our UK audience. The rescheduled men's downhill, which now takes place on Monday at 1800 GMT (10am local time) will be shown on BBC2 and the BBC HD channel in a re-arranged programme. In addition, the scheduled programme for Sunday 14 February at 1745 GMT on the HD channel has been dropped. The programme on Sunday 14 February at 2030 GMT on BBC2 and the HD Channel goes ahead as planned but no longer features the Ladies Super Combined. The main event will be the third (penultimate) round of the Men's Luge. The full BBC schedule can be found here .

Ice hockey

1309: Sweden score a second goal to lead Switzerland 2-0 in the second period at the Thunderbird Arena.

Speed skating

1305: At the midway point of the men's 5000m, Jan Blokhuijsen grabs the lead. But big names such as Shani Davis , Bob de Jong and Chad Hedrick to come.

Speed skating

1300: Norway's Sverre Haugli takes the lead in the men's 5000m speed skating with a time of 6:27.05. The ice looks so pristine and smooth you feel you could dive into it, like a shimmering silver pool.

From Preben in Norway: "It's amazing being able to watch the BBC broadcast from the Olympics. As a Norwegian I'm sick and tired of the continuous glorifying of our athletes - your commentary team is awesome on all parts!"

1245: It's Sweden 1-0 Switzerland in the women's ice hockey after the first period. Coming up at 1300 is the women's 7.5km biathlon sprint, and I can reveal that bouncy BBC commentator Rob Walker is pumped right up for his Winter Olympics debut.

1235: From Anna Thompson , AKA Madam Luge: "The men's training has now been completed. Germany's Felix Loch is my bet to win gold and prevent Armin Zoeggeler from defending his Olympic title. Race proper starts at 1700 local time.

Ice hockey

1225: Sweden take a 1-0 lead against Switzerland in the opening women's ice hockey match at Thunderbird Arena. Danijela Rundqvist is the scorer.

hockeyvaughnfan on Twitter tells me that both Didier Cuche and Fabian Cancellara have won Swiss sportsman of the year since Simon Ammann claimed it in the wake of Salt Lake. So Roger Federer has not got a monopoly on that prize. I was only kidding about the Fed being the only person that wins it, but we have clarified. Thanks!


1210: Luge news, and the women and the doubles luge are going to start from the junior start point. After men's training, British hope Adam Rosen had this to say: "It was difficult as someone lost their life but I'm sure that he would have liked us to race and we all put a black stripe on our helmet this morning. It's a new track so sometimes bad things happen. It's a dangerous sport and these things happen, unfortunately."

Speed skating

1205: At the Richmond Olympic Oval the men's 5000m speed skating event is up first.

Ice hockey

1200: Down at Thunderbird Arena in Vancouver, Sweden take on Switzerland in the opening match of the women's ice hockey tournament. Can the Swiss take inspiration from ski jumper Simon Ammann?


1146: Simon Ammann receives his "flowers" on the podium erected in the landing area at Whistler. Immediately after the event there is a flower ceremony and then the medals are dished out at the official medal ceremony either at Whistler or down in Vancouver depending on the sport. After his twin golds in 2002 Ammann was named Swiss sportsman of the year, the last man before Roger Federer for a while until skier Didier Cuche won last year.

Ski jumping

1138: Germany's Michael Uhrmann, second after round one, doesn't deliver this time and ranks only fourth. But here comes Simon Ammann - and it's a MONSTER! That's the first gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and his third now, after two golds in Salt Lake City in 2002. He's been in the wilderness a litttle bit since then, but is back in a very big way. The biggest, in fact. 1. Ammann 2. Malysz 3. Schlierenzauer.

1135: Austria's Thomas Morgenstern holds his head in his hands as he comes up short and only places fifth. Poland's Adam Malysz takes the lead on 269.5

1130: One of Austria's big hopes Gregor Schlierenzauer was disappointing in round one but lands a biggy at 106.5m and scores 19s for style for 268 overall to lead.

Ski jumping

1124: Slovenia's Peter Prevc usurps Norway's Anders Jacobsen, Germany's Martin Schmitt and Japan's Noriaki Kasai as the leader on 259 points. It's all going to change again soon though as the top men start to come down.

Ski jumping

1112: Anders Bardal of Norway is our new leader with a total of 242.5 points, the first man over 100m in round two. Just the top 30 from 51 starters in round one are into the final round. Five judges, highest and lowest score discarded to leave style marks, added to the distance, for the final score.

Ski jumping

1105: Crunch time, baggy suit fans. The second and final round of the normal hill ski jumping is about to start. Remember the old ski jumping adage - "Fat don't fly". Simon Ammann is leading, eight years after bagging two shock golds in Salt Lake City. He goes last.


1055: Training for the men's and women's snowboard cross has been cancelled today to allow for course work and to preserve the track. The men's event is on Monday, the women's on Tuesday. No word yet on whether tonight's women's moguls goes ahead. Remember, Jennifer Heil is trying to become the first Canadian to win a gold on home soil. But if it's off she may be pipped to it by Chris Hamelin in the men's 1,500m short-track.


1045: This from Anna Thompson who has been keeping an eye on luge practice: "The sixth training run has been completed in the men's luge with Germany's Felix Loch leading the way. Defending champion Armin Zoeggeler was seventh and Britain's Adam Rosen was 10th. There were three non-starters including the team-mate of tragic Nodar Kumaritashvili, Levan Gureshidze but I'm not sure whether that means he will take part in the actual race, but all 36 starters got down safely. There is a final training run starting in about 10 minutes and the race itself is at 1700 local time."

Ski jumping

1040: Large hill Olympic champion Thomas "Morgi" Morgenstern scores 130 to go third. Gregor Schlierenzauer is up next but comes up short and only scores 128 points to place sixth. Double Olympic champion Simon Ammann goes big and flies 105m to score 135.5 to lead after round one. There'll be a pause of 20 minutes or so so before the second round begins. Current placings: 1.Ammann 135.5 2.Uhrmann 133 3.Malysz 132.5 Having watched round one, I'm very keen to squeeze into my ironing board cover and practice my V-shape and telemark landing.

From anon via text to 81111 "As a Canadian studying in Britain, I'm proud that my home town is the centre of world focus. A stunning opening ceremony following a tragic event where Canadians showed their compassion to Nodar. Just like to add that the Canadians 'own the podium' strategy is nothing different than what was seen at Turin and Salt Lake. Surely the British are planning something similar in 2012?"

Ski jumping

1030: Now, we're into the top 10 and things are going to change very quickly. Michael Uhrmann of Germany scores 133 points to lead from Adam Malysz.

Ski jumping

1025: Japan's Daiki Ito goes third with 125 points. Big names Ammann, Schlierenzauer, Morgenstern yet to come.

Ski jumping

1017: Czech Jakub Janda takes the lead with 127.5 to lead countryman Roman Koudelka by 0.5 points. While we're in ski jumping mode, here's another look at Eddie the Eagle from Calgary in 1988.

Ski jumping

1010: Take off speeds are up around the 85km/h mark and the key is to time the pop right and then get into the V-shape with the skis in flight. The hands are used to make minor tweaks in the air, but the more you move, the more marks you lose. Then it's down into the telemark landing, one ski in front of the other. Most jumpers weigh less than 10 stone. They send them down in quick succession - not much time for nerves to set in at the top. Norway's Tom Hilde moves into second with 124 points.

Ski jumping

1000: So, a quick recap on how the ski jumping works. Five judges mark you on style, plus the distance gives you a points score. Roman Koudelka is the first man to fly over 100m and earns a score of 127 points to lead so far. The better jumpers are coming later. No Brits these days of course. But by way of compensation, you'll notice our very first graphic. You'll be seeing a lot more of these.

0950: Up at Whistler the men's normal hill ski jumping is now under way. Live, competitive action at last - this is what the Games are all about. Switzerland's Simon Ammann is favourite for this. He's the former Harry Potter lookalike who came from nowhere to win both hills in Salt Lake City in 2002. Conditions are still with grey skies and a decent crowd already surrounding the landing area. Norway's Lars Bystol is the defending champion. One Italian was disqualified yesterday in qualifying for wearing a suit that was too big. Helps with the flight, you see.

0940: Hot luge news and Britain's Adam Rosen puts down a fast run in training and places fourth for now, one spot behind double Olympic champion Armin Zoeggeler of Italy. Lots of sliders to go yet, mind.

0930: So then Winter Sports fans, to make this whole gig sing, I really need you guys to get involved. You can text me on 81111 (UK), putting OLYMPICS as your first word, or +44 7786200666 from outside the UK. Or give me a shout on Twitter . Now, I don't mind telling you, moguls is my game, but there is some doubt as to whether the women's competition will go ahead tonight up at Cypress Mountain. It's been warm and bumps may be turning to slush.

0920: Morning all and welcome to the first full day of action at the 21st Winter Olympics in Vancouver. News first up is that the men's downhill has been postponed because of poor conditions up at Whistler - a rise in temperatures has made the track slushy. The men's luge, though, is set to take place at 1700, with the start lowered to the women's start to reduce speeds. Luge training is taking place now after the track was altered overnight to improve safety following the tragic death of Nodar Kumaritashvili on Friday. To kick off today's action, we've got men's normal hill ski jumping beginning at 0945. Revved up for this? You bet we are.

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Latest medal standings

# Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. CAN 14 7 5 26
2. GER 10 13 7 30
3. USA 9 15 13 37
4. NOR 9 8 6 23
5. KOR 6 6 2 14
19. GBR 1 0 0 1

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