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Manchester's Great Day as it happened

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By Mark Ashenden

1703: It's a wrap. What a day in Manchester. What a weekend in Manchester. Thanks for all your comments, texts, tweets, and just for being there. Here's the report on the Great Manchester Run wins for Haile Gebrselassie and Helen Clitheroe. Here's all the info you need about the Big Splash and taking up swimming. The report on the Great Salford swim and the wins for Keri-Anne Payne and Thomas Lurz is here. And here are details on the triumphant Liu Xiang, Asafa Powell and Jenny Meadows in Shanghai at the Diamond League. Thanks for sharing the joy. And thank you Manchester. Night.

1659: Gay ran the 100 metres between 50m and 150m in 8.8 seconds and says: "I enjoy this a lot. To see the crowds make you want to put in a good performance." And will Tyson be facing Usain Bolt ahead of the World Championships in the summer? "It's a definite possibility." Mmmmm Probably not then.

1658: Tyson Gay was the blockbuster performer at the event and he's produced the goods. No new world record but a brilliant performance on Deansgate in Manchester. Patton in second in 14.98 with Devonish and Malcolm in third and fourth. Wow.

1655: "That is scintillating sprinting" says Steve Cram. TYSON GAY WINS THE 150M in 14.51s.

1654: Looks the drizzle has dried up. Boys in the will Tyson gay look? Is Usain watching you reckon?

1652: Last event coming up. Former 100m and 200m world champion Tyson Gay is desperate to overturn the dominance of Usain Bolt and he's in action for the time in this current campaign in the 150m. He'll face American Darvis Patton, and GB duo Christian Malcolm and Marlon Devonish. How do you see this going? 14.35 is the time of Bolt they are looking for if they want a world record.

1648: Can't get enough of Jess Ennis? Here's some video of her race in the hurdles earlier this afternoon when she grabbed an impressive third.

1646: Abi Oyepitan nicks it in 17.34 a ponytail ahead of Jessica Ennis who looked solid throughout. Laura Turner dominated for the first half but then faded. Ennis second in 1740. Turner third in 17.43 and Ashlee nelson fourth in 17.64. "That was the worst start I've ever had in my life. It was an appalling race," says Oyepitan. Ennis adds: "I got an absolute shocker of a start. It's been a good day though."

1640: Turner stays ahead of Bershawn Jackson, Angelo Taylor and Felix Sanchez to win and despite all the fun of this event, the Brit is clearly delighted about getting one up over the Americans. Gebrselassie is back with more smiles and says: "To run in Manchester is very special." His face must ache with all that smiling. Jessica Ennis up again in a sec in the 150m.

1636: Turner slaps his thumbs up in the air as he powers through for his second win in half an hour. Felix Sanchez pushes him close towards the end but the Brit stays strong. Top effort. Looks in very good shape this boy.

1633: Permission to say POOPS. My eyes brushed past the men's 200m hurdles. Apologies to Mr Andy Turner...and the boys are off.

1630: Helen Clitheroe, all showered up and fresh from her earlier win in the Great Manchester Run, says: "I'm absolutely delighted with the time and to come out to Manchester and run a good race. I'm delighted and is a good stepping stone for the season."
Athletes just love their stepping stones. Here's the video from Clitheroe's and Gebrselassie's victories.

1627: Two events left in Manchester. Ennis runs in the 150m. Then it's Tyson Gay running in the 150m. Here are a few words from Gay on his upcoming rivalry with Usain Bolt and today's race against British duo Marlon Devonish and Christian Malcolm and Portuguese veteran Francis Obikwelu.

1619: Allyson Felix: "It's just fun and great to see the fans in this rain. It's great. I just love this to be so close to the fans." Myriam Soumare second in 23.35. Jeanette Maduaka in third with 23.67 and Ohuruogu is fourth in 24.48. Ohuruogu says: "I wasn't really expecting much today - training's been going OK and my quad's been tight and I just need to start training for the 400m. It's all about giving thanks to the fans who came out." It will be interesting to see how Christine progresses over the next 14 months as she looks to defend her Olympic title on home soil.

1614: "It's a brilliant run" says Steve Cram. Allyson Felix wins in 22.12. The American is all smiles in the Manchester drizzle. I think Ohuruogu has nipped into McDonalds to grab a burger before finishing. Probably taking it easy with her recent injuries. The Brit finishes in fourth. What a show from Felix though.

1613: Apologies for the typos with Mbandjock's's been a beautiful and long day. My fingers need a massage. Time for Ohuruogu to do her stuff and she's got it all to do against Allyson Felix.

1611: Martial Mbandjock shocks former world 100m champion Kim Collins and former Olympic 200m champion Shawn Crawford to win the 200m. Collins was quickest away and led until the final 20m, when 200m specialist Mbandjock's power saw him come through. The Frenchman won in 20.35 with Collins second and Crawford well off the pace in third.

1608: I have a BBC EXCLUSIVE FOR YOU.....thanks to my sources at British Swimming, we've managed to get some exclusive words from Cassandra Patten who got third in the elite Great Salford Swim earlier. "I didn't get the best start to that but I was pleased to be make it up and get close to Keri-Anne through the race." And we asked her why people should take up her sport. "Swimming is a great sport that has given me so much. It is a sport that will exercise you whole body and could potentially save your life. It is never too late to learn to swim or to get back into the water. Go on get in...I promise you'll love it."
So there you have it. You will love it.

1606: France's Martial Mbandjock comes through with a great finish to win the 200m. Collins is second and the 35-year-old says "That wasn't bad for an old man." Nice.

1603: The men's 200m coming up. Kim Collins, Martial Mbandjock, Shawn Crawford and Rikki Fifton all in action.

1559: A repeat of an earlier 100m race with GB's Mark Lewis-Francis coming through very comfortably in 10.33 and Richard Kilty in second. MLF says: "I felt my groin so I had to take it easy. I'm honoured just to be healthy and to be back where I am, I am over the moon. It's going to be a hard year but I'm looking forward to it."

1557: Ennis says: "I can't complain with that. It was a good race and I'm pleased with that." With the injuries she's suffered over last few months, she looks very relieved to come through that unscathed. Tiffany Ofili got fourth by the way - just eight days after getting married. Nice.

1555: All four girls grit their teeth and it's a highly competitive race. American Danielle Carruthers wins comfortably in 12.73 but Ennis shows good form in third with 12.88. Ginnie Crawford in second. "Very very good" says Steve Cram.

1548: Jess Ennis coming up in the 100m hurdles - it's her first showing this season as she slowly gets over her niggling injuries. The world heptathlon champion is also in the 150m sprint at 1638 BST. Look out for Christine Ohuruogu in the 200m at 1610. Last event at 1648 is the 150m for Tyson Gay - any chance for Britons Christian Malcolm and Marlon Devonish?

1547: European champion Andy Turner splashes his way through the puddles to beat former world indoor champion Terrence Trammell. Turner drew level midway through the race and then pulled clear to win in 13.42 seconds. America's Dominic Berger was second, with compatriot Trammell in third. Good form early in the season from the Brit.

NeilGray3 on Twitter: "Looking forward to some class sport on telly from Manchester Games, would love a go at the 150m straight! #bbcathletics"

1542: It's pouring down in Manchester downtown but Andy Turner storms through in the 110m hurdles.

1540: It's time for the Great City Games. Time for the athletes to steam through the Manchester paddles.

Jess_BBCSport on Twitter: "Ian 'Thorpedo' Thorpe tells Matt Baker on BBC Two: "Open water is not for me, the water feels differently #greatsalfordswim"

1535: And here are a few more details on the Shanghai athletics with details on how China's Liu Xiang ended David Oliver's 20-race unbeaten run with victory in the 110m hurdles at the second Diamond League event in Shanghai.

1528: If you missed any of the earlier athletics action from Shanghai, I have the solution. Check out this video and all will be sweet. Here's the action on Jenny Meadows winning the 800m . And here's how Asafa Powell won the 100m.

1526: The Great City Games is coming up in a few minutes. This is the day we just can't stop giving. Keep your thoughts coming in on text, tweet - you can telegram me or send one of your pigeons over if you want.

1521: Some more brilliant video to watch. A great story on homeless hero Adan Abobaker and how he pulled a drowning woman from the River Thames despite being homeless at the time. Watch this please. NOW.

1519: It's the Great City Games coming up at 1530 BST live on BBC Two and online. Ennis, Ohuruogu, Gay all in action.

1516: If you haven't seen this video, I recommend you DO SO. Here's the story of Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere as he faces his fear of water ahead of his preparation for the swim this afternoon. Don't EVER think you're too old to take up swimming. Andy's just finished the mile race. Top effort. The Blue Peter presenter says: "I can't believe it. From someone who couldn't swim that far and now this in Salford and being interviewed by Ian Thorpe is unreal."

1512: Some nice words from the British swimmers. "I've had the week off, so I felt good and I just felt I had to go for it from the start," says Payne. How can anybody smile so widely and look so cool after a mile's battle in the icy choppy waters. Brilliant. Looks good for some golden metal in London next summer. "Happy with the race apart from my start. I don't know if the viewers saw my spectacular belly flop," says mate and compatriot Patten.

1509: VICTORY FOR KERI-ANNE PAYNE in the elite women's Great Salford Swim. Switzerland's Swann Oberson in second and Britain's Cassie Patten in third.

1506: GREAT SALFORD SWIM: "Keri is looking fantastic but Cassie Patten is right on her feet. They are absolutely flying with 200m to go," says commentator Stephen Parry.

1504: You could tell how important that race was for Liu - he got up from his blocks first time around to ask for total quiet in the stadium. And the Chinese hurdler got off to a flying start when the race started, putting Oliver under immense pressure and the American faltered, hitting four hurdles as he trailed home in second. A tremendous hurdling display from Liu though, who stopped the clock at 13.07 seconds. When the video's available for this - WATCH IT. Breath-taking. About one billion watching that I reckon. Pressure. Cool and amazing effort from the Chinese star. Big grin at the finish line. Nice to see.

1501: "Keri-Anne Payne is in the form of her life, but I wonder if she has gone out a little too fast," says commentator Andy Jameson. Co-commentator Stephen Parry is waterside and says: "She always likes to lead from the front but it always takes up more energy. Can Keri-Anne hold on?"

1459: WOW. Incredible hurdles race in China. And it's local boy done good. VICTORY FOR LIU. Stunning.

1455: The women are cruising through the icy waters in Manchester. Keri-Ann Payne heading the way. 14 degrees in the water. Brrrrrr. Eyes back to Shanghai for a few seconds....

1454: DIAMOND LEAGUE: Last event coming right up...Liu v Oliver in the 110m hurdles. Oliver's shoulders are as wide as a bus. And he's running right next to the Chinese superstar. Interesting. Who's your money on folks?

1452: How about getting involved? Anybody got involved in any of this today? Or you're canal or street side watching the athletics or swimming today? Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved in the athletics/Olympics/Manchester twitter party we're having by using the hashtag at #bbcathletics or #greatnorthswim ) OR if you prefer some phone operations, then text us on 81111 (UK) with ATHLETICS before your message.

1450: DIAMOND LEAGUE: Kenya's World 5,000m champion Vivian Cheruiyot controls the women's 5,000m, winning the race in 14:31.94 from Sentayehu Ejigu of Ethiopia and Linet Masai of Kenya. Just the small matter of Liu v Oliver in the 110m hurdles to come then.

1447: A quick round-up of that elite men's race in the Great Salford Swim. You know about Lurz winning fairly easily. Greece's Gianniotis was second. Top effort from the Brits - David Davies in fourth, Tom Allen was fifth and Dan Fogg in sixth. Women's elite race just about to start. Look out for GB's Keri-Anne Payne and Cassie Patten.

1441: Ian Thorpe is suitably impressed by Lurz and says: "His experience was important and he knew how to deliver victory. He smashed his time from last year."

1438: Thomas Lurz comes through comfortably after leading all the way. He's even got the lungs to speak afterwards: "Hey, I had a really good start, but then they caught me but I decided to keep my lead until the finish. It is a tough course because of lots of turns so I wanted to lead from the front. It was really important."

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BETH, 15, FOR SCHOOL REPORT: via text 81111: "Just interviewed Wendy Sly, an ex Olympic runner who completed the swim this afternoon, who thought it 'was a good experience, but would need to recover before thinking about doing anything like this again!"
Here are some details on what School Report is all about. A great initiative. Check it out.

1435: Tom Allen loses his cap as he tries to narrow the gap on Lurz. Great battle. It's Lurz leading the way though. Almost there now.....

1433: Don't forget the Great City Games from 1530 BST with Tyson Gay winding up his legs. Jess Ennis, Andy Turner and Christine Ohuruogu all in action on the streets in Manchester.

1432: DIAMOND LEAGUE: Asafa Powell duly delivers in the men's 100m. He blasts out of the blocks, has the race won by 60m allowing him to visibly ease off, allowing second-placed Michael Rodgers to close in. Not the quickest time for the Jamaican, who averages 9.77 seconds for his 10 quickest races, but he'll take 9.95 and the victory.

1430: German Thomas Lurz makes a blistering start soon opening up a seven metre lead but has since been reeled in. No pun intended. Last third to be completed. Mental swimming in these waters. It looks a little different to me plodding along in my local swimming pool.

allysonfelix on Twitter: "Check out the Manchester City Games at I'm running a 200 straight in the streets of Manchester!"#bbcathletics"
Nice to see some international superstar athletes getting involved with the BBC multi-media operations on this beautiful day.

1425: ASAFA POWELL WINS THE 100M in 9.95s. Swift.

1423: Over to Shanghai and it's the men's 100m....this is on the Red Button and online by the way. UK Only sorry.

1421: So the elite men enter the Salford chilly waters. "It was absolutely frozen, it was a once in a lifetime experience but I never want to do it again," BBC Sport commentator Andy Jameson said, who swum the Manchester waters this morning. "I've got so much respect for those guys after that." More words from Welshman David Davies: "It's a fantastic crowd, and a fantastic course, it's a shame the sun isn't out, but that's Manchester for you."

1420 So it's the Great Salford Swim. It's all about the BIG SPLASH. It's a brilliant scheme that's encouraging the UK to swim - more details here. And read about last week's launch of the scheme here. And swimming legend Ian Thorpe is part of the BBC Sport team commentating on the Great Salford Swim live on BBC Two and online NOW. Want an insight into the Australian's training and comeback to the sport? Look no further.

It's good news for GB
1417: A tremendous run from Britain's Jenny Meadows in Shanghai who blew away the field to win the women's 800m in 2:00.55. She followed pacemaker Olga Soldatova round the first 500m or so before taking the lead and then stretching the field down the back straight and kicking further away in the final 100m. Easy pickings for Meadow on her first outdoor run of the season.

1415: Ahead of the elite race in the Great Salford Swim shortly, why not take some inspiration on why swimming is so important. Top swimming chat from England cricketer Andrew Flintoff, BBC presenter Gabby Logan and Masterchef's Jon Tarode.

1413: It had to happen didn't it. And I thought my water spillage was my only problem. WHOOOPS. I've added an entry above my byline. Please refresh and please keep this error to yourselves. I thank you.

1411: The men's 3,000m steeplechase produces an astonishing finish. Kenya's Brimin Kipruto powers off the final hurdle to glide past his team-mate Paul Koech in the final 10m to win in a time of 8:02.28, which would have been the third best time last season. Pacemaker Hillary Yego obviously felt pretty good as he carried on for third. Meanwhile, the patient Vlasic, who was forced to wait several times as the steeplechasers stormed round the track, fails to clear 1.97m - still, a decent start to the Diamond League for the 27-year-old.

1409: It's all go here. Diamond League continues. And it's time for the Great Salford Swim. BBC Two coverage is a go-go.

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Harry in Exeter, via text 81111: "Mark, I hate to disagree with your marvellous commentary but serviette is distinctly Non-U, whilst napkin is used by 'posher folk'." (see entry 1318)
I bow to your superior napkin knowledge. I actually went to a party the other night where the host asked me to iron the napkins/serviettes. I refused - politely.

1359: As the men fly round the track and clear the steeplechase hurdles, a small reminder on the almighty men's 100m coming up. Bolt may be missing in China but Asafa Powell takes on American Michael Rodgers at 1420 BST. And at 1456 BST it's a dazzling head-to-head between David Oliver and Liu Xiang in the men's 110m hurdles. AND....and it's a big AND....Tyson Gay hits the Manchester streets in the Great City Games from 1530 BST.

1356: No surprises in the women's high jump as Blanka Vlasic is triumphant. The Croatian, who has a personal best of 2.08m, the second highest in history, didn't need to be anywhere near her best as she won with a 1.94m clearance. She's currently taking on 1.97m for a bit of practice. Vlasic has got a bit of Lady Gaga about her. Just a thought.

1353: Hands up who wants some video to peruse. Here's a chance to look at Gebrselassie and his victory in the 10km Great Manchester Run. Want a nibble of Chris Thompson who finished a brilliant second? Here is the mighty Brit. He talks as good as he runs!

1350: America's Calvin Smith, son of the former American 100m world record holder of the same name, produces the best-paced race to win the men's 400m in 45.47 seconds. His compatriot David Neville looked likely to win but he tied up in the final 50m and Smith and Greg Nixon passed him in the last five or six strides. Next up is the 3,000m steeplechase.

Jess_BBCSport on Twitter: "Blue Peter's @andyakin82 does Great Salford Swim. 'What the mind believes the body achieves,' he said #greatsalfordswim"
If you haven't seen this video yet, DO SO. Here's the story of Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere as he faces his fear of water ahead of his preparation for the swim this afternoon.

1344: An incredible hair piece. American Calvin Smith with a ponytail that is as long as my arm waving in the Chinese breeze as he bursts through to win the 400m. Stunning finish.

1341: Men's 400m coming up....

1340: Birthday girl Veronica Campbell-Brown gets the start of a lifetime as she wins the 100m in 10.92 seconds. The 29-year-old Jamaican sprang out of the blocks and was a metre up on the field before most had even moved. America's Carmelita Jeter finished quickly but had to settle for second while Nigeria's Blessing Okagbare was the best of the rest in third.

chrissyohuruogu on Twitter: "Day 3 in manchester: Race day very excited. Before that I will start the great manchester run. Catch it all on BBC 2, 5 hrs of live sport! #bbcathletics"
Ohuruogu in action from 1530 BST with Jess Ennis and Tyson Gay.

1333: Veronica Campbell-Brown wins the 100m in sensational style.

1331: Ethiopia's Mekonnen Gebremedhin stops a Kenya 1-2-3 in the men's 1500m in Shanghai. He doesn't win though, that honour goes to Nixon Chepseba who followed up his non-Diamond League victory in Doha, with another impressive win, outsprinting team-mate Asbel Kiprop and eclipsing the time he ran last week to stop the clock on 3:31.44. Women's 100m next on track.....this will be over in the blink of an eye.

1324: So with the Diamond League in full flow, I want your thoughts on the Manchester action you saw this morning and your predictions for the Great City Games (from 1530) and who's thinking of taking up swimming on the back of the Great Salford Swim (from 1400). Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved in the athletics/Olympics/Manchester twitter party we're having here by using the hashtag at #bbcathletics #greatnorthswim ) OR if you prefer some phone operations, then text us on 81111 (UK) with ATHLETICS before your message.

1318: Oh dear. It's all gone very messy at BBC Television Centre. Bang in the middle of the men's 1500m, I've only gone and spilled half a bottle of water over my desk - that's approx 33ml of H2O creeping into my computer. If you see sparks coming from your phones or PCs, then it's my fault. Sorry. Where are those napkins? Or for you posher folk - serviettes.

1313: It's the men's 1500m race coming up in Shanghai. In a field of 17 runners, how many do you think are Kenyan? None, all, some, three? It's 14. Not bad eh? Plus two Chinese runners and one Ethiopian. Odds on an Ethiopian winning?

1310: The fast-finishing Keliese Spencer of Jamaica wins the first event of the afternoon - the women's 400m hurdles - in 54.20 seconds. America's Lashinda Demus went off like a train but faded badly in the last 60m and finished second, ahead of Jamaica's Olympic and world champion Melanie Walker.

1305: So there's an hour to go before the Great Salford Swim. Diamond League action right now on the Sport website and Red Button. UK only for video sorry. Here's a lowdown on who and when to watch from China over the next two hours. And don't forget the Great City Games from 1530 with Jess Ennis, Christine Ohuruogu and Tyson Gay all running on the streets of Manchester.

1259: Peter Scrivener reports: "Can't make your mind up whether to watch the Great Salford Swim or the Diamond League meet in Shanghai? Do both. The women's 100m featuring Carmelita Jeter and Veronica Campbell-Brown is off at 1330 BST, while the men's 100m featuring Asafa Powell is at 1420. Plus Blanka Vlasic goes in the women's high jump throughout the meet but the one race you really shouldn't miss is the men's 110m hurdles at 1455 BST. China's Liu Xiang is taking on America's David Oliver. Former world record holder Xiang has a best time of 12.88 seconds while Oliver is unbeaten in 20 races and ran the fastest time of last year and third quickest in history at 12.89." Miss this at your blooming peril.

Text in your views on 81111
DEMI, 15, FOR SCHOOL REPORT: via text 81111: "Just interviewed Andy from Blue Peter 'only been swimming 10 weeks, very nervous and he's just off into the water' ."
Here are some details on what School Report is all about. A great initiative. Check it out.

Jess_BBCSport on Twitter: "Wetsuits for competitors in #GreatSalfordSwim. Water temperature is 14degrees celsius, I'd wear 2!"

KeriannePayne on Twitter: "A pic with guest starter at the @Great_Run with @CassiePatten and @amirkingkhan"
Kerri-Ann Payne among the competitors in Salford Quays from 1400 BST. #greatsalfordswim

1232: Anybody think they're too old to take up swimming? I've got a mate (who's aged above 30!) who only started taking swimming lessons last year. Perhaps watching the Great Salford Swim from 1400 BST will inspire you to take a dip. In the mean time, check out the story of Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere as he faces his fear of water ahead of his preparation for the swim this afternoon. Well worth a view. So text, tweet me or tweet #bbcswimming with your stories and thoughts on trying swimming.

Text in your views on 81111
Haroon in Manchester, via text 81111: "Looking forward to seeing Olympic hopeful Keri- Anne Payne in the women's open water swim. After a brilliant win last week in the open water cup in Israel I'm tipping her to win the race today and then to go one further and take gold at London 2012. you heard it hear first..Mark my words."

1220: A reminder of what's coming up. There's some sizzling international athletics action from Shanghai live on the BBC Red button. Read about who's in action Great Salford Swim from 1400 BST. With Manchester's incredible day rounding off with the Great City Games. Look out for Jess Ennis and Tyson Gay in action from 1530. And it's all on the BBC - BBC Two or the Red Button.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, via text 81111: "Good luck to my granddaughter kayleigh james who is running for tiny tickers. We lost baby charlie who had congenital heart disease last year aged 1 year."

Text in your views on 81111
Paul at the key 103 bus, via text 81111: "Massive respect to green wave these guys haven't started yet but they put the fun into fun runners!"
Bus? I thought it was all trams and canal barges in Manchester?

1205: Give the page a refresh. BBC Two coverage all over. For now.....but don't you go away for too long. Stay on here for sporting banter. Tweet or text. Next up is the Diamond League from Shanghai. Read about the stars in action BBC Red Button from 1300. (UK only I'm afraid). Then it's the Great Salford Swim from 1400 BST on BBC Two. So how are we all doing right now?

1158: Some of you may well be just crawling out of bed or want a quick lowdown on what happened in the elite races in the 10km Great Manchester Run. Read the report here after wins for Gebrselassie and Clitheroe.

1153: Ahead of the elite race in the Great Salford Swim from 1400 BST, it's time for the green capped amateurs to jump into Salford Quays, a stone's throw away from the new BBC Sport offices. BBC Sport commentators and former swimmers Andy Jameson and Adrian Moorhouse are also getting involved. look out for their yellow caps. Thinking of taking up swimming? Get some inspiration from England cricketer Andrew Flintoff, BBC presenter Gabby Logan and Masterchef's Jon Tarode.

Great_Swim on Twitter: "The Red wave will be glad to know the water at the Great Salford Swim is a sizzling 14 degrees!"
Crikey. I've always adopted a very slow gingerly walk into water when it's that cold. I know, I know, a dive or a jump is better tactics. I think they'll be jumping in today though. Brass monkeys.

Text in your views on 81111
Heather in Manchester, via text 81111: "Just watched all the blue wave runners pass through the start. Lots of enthusiasm by all which is great to see."

1143: Model Nell McAndrew, who is leading a celebrity team in three disciplines today. She completed the Great Manchester Run, while other team members will be taking part in the Great Salford Swim and the Great City Games a little later: "It was quite windy but overall fantastic support and music around the course helps. Nice to be up north, prefer to be in Leeds, but Manchester is okay! A new personal best for me at 38 minutes, I'm improving with age." Hard to disagree really.

1135: It's a fine time to point you towards some other content outlining what's going on today. Here's an overview Manchester's Great Day of Sport. Here's a rundown of all the stars in action throughout today. And here's a video map of the route for the Great Salford Swim taking place from 1400 BST. Anybody taking part today or know anybody competing? Give us your thoughts. Tweet or text. I'd love to hear from you.

1129: Chris Thompson: "I'm pleased. I was pretty nervous before. I got to halfway and I was pleased with the speed of the race. I was trying to cover every move but at 7km I was labouring and it's a shame. I'd like to have pushed him a bit more but he had quite a bit on me in the end. He said he won't come back next year, I want to double his appearance fee and race him again. This is going to give me confidence. Today was about racing Haile and I wont be afraid to do it again."

1123: If you're just waking up, where the heck have you been? Elite races in the 10km Great Manchester Run are over - won by Gebrselassie and Clitheroe - and a quick look ahead. Diamond League action in Shanghai from 1300. Then it's the Great Salford Swim. It's all about the BIG SPLASH. It's a brilliant scheme that's encouraging the UK to swim - more details here. And read about last week's launch of the scheme here. And swimming legend Ian Thorpe will be part of the BBC Sport team commentating on the Great Salford Swim live on BBC Two and online from 1400-1530 BST. Want an insight into the Australian's training and comeback to the sport? Look no further.

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Anon, via text 81111: "Good luck to Andrea and Jenny running for breakthrough breast cancer and rnli- they aren't due to set off until 1210 though so are disappointed they haven't been able to give Helen clitheroe a decent race!"
Keep the messages coming. With the elite athletes out of the way, it's time for the fun and charity runners to grab the headlines.

crashdavis2008 on Twitter: "Love the fact it's just 'Haile' on the front of the vest. What a legend. #bbcathletics"

1114: Haile Gebrselassie, on the challenge from Chris Thompson and going on to 2012: "I didn't expect it from this boy. He's so great. Thompson amazing. I'm so happy just to come back again and again. It's a beautiful place. This is the last chance to run the marathon in London in 2012 but first I have to qualify. My big challenge is how can I be better than the youngsters coming through."
Everything is amazing with this legend. What a bloke. What an athlete. Not enough smiles in sport. They should attach electric generators to that grin. Love it.

1111: World heptathlon champion Jess Ennis takes a break from starting duties to talk to BBC Sport's Phil Jones: "It's a fantastic occasion and great to see so many people turning up to support the event and take part." Jess is running in the Great City Games a little later this afternoon. "It's my first race of season so I'm a bit nervous," she conceded. "I'm running in the 100m hurdles and 150m sprint." Plenty of time to get down to the Manchester city centre and watch her in action. Great City Games starts at 1530.

srfcde on Twitter: "Who would win over 100metres: Haile, Nani or Teves? I'd imagine the footballers are a bit tired this morning #bbcathletics"
What a question. Anybody got any answers or theories?

1108: Gebrseleassie takes the win in 28:10 with Thompson coming home in a creditable second in 28:22. Thompson stuck with the Ethiopian and pushed him all the way until Geb took off with a couple of kilometres to go.

1106: If you had just sprinted 10km in less than half an hour, what would you be doing? On your knees, gagging for a lie-down, off for a drink....grinning like a small child at Christmas? It's smiles all round for Gebrselassie. Incredible.

1105: It's the third in a row for Haile Gebrselassie and number four in total and the little big man holds up four fingers as he crosses the line. Nice touch.

1101: Doing doing doing. It's 11 o'clock. In the UK anyway. Gebrselassie stretching the field. As cool as a cucumber or courgette. He's wearing green actually. What an athlete. He looks like a man taking a gentle jog to the local shop to pick up a newspaper. If he wins this it would be a hat-trick of Great Manchester Run titles and his fourth in total. Chris Thompson breathing a little heavier but he's doing very very well in second. Around 800m to go.

1058: Winner of the women's elite race Helen Clitheroe steps up to the mic and says: "I'm really pleased, as I wanted to win with it being so close to home. I felt like I dominated the race but I kept thinking they're going to come flying past me. I felt strong although I'm surprised with the time in those conditions. I'm hoping to get selected for the European 10km challenge on the track in June. I just want do one on the track and see what happens but I'm focusing on 5,000m for rest of the summer."

1054: It's all about the taking part isn't it. Charity runners, club runners, they're all there at the start line and they're off. 10 km. Ooofff. Can't be easy. I did a couple of half marathons once. For you lazy ones chilling like a Sunday morning, how about getting involved. Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved in the athletics/Olympics/Manchester twitter party we're having here by using the hashtag at #bbcathletics ) OR if you prefer some phone operations, then text us on 81111 (UK) with ATHLETICS before your message.

reverserunning on Twitter: "keeps getting better for Manchester sport. There's even the UK Backward Running Championships in Manchester on 14th August #BBCAthletics"
I'm speechless. I might just ask my work colleagues to do everything backwards today. Interesting.

1049: Preston's Helen Clitheroe wins the women's 10km race in a personal best 31:45, with France's Christelle Daunay coming home second, some 14 seconds behind with Momanyi third. 3:01 for the final km by Clitheroe. Gebrselassie defending his title today as he jogs past Old Trafford. Apologies to Man City fans. The race doesn't go past Eastlands.

It's good news for GB
1047: Game over. HELEN CLITHEROE WINS WOMEN'S ELITE GREAT MANCHESTER RUN. Fabulous. "That's a home win" says Cram.

1045: Around 300m to go for the elite women. "This will be a big scalp for Clitheroe if she can beat Kenya's Commonwealth champion Grace Momanyi," says Steve Cram. Gold in the European indoor 3,000m in Barcelona a few months ago. Stunning effort.

1044: British wheelchair racing legend Tanni Grey-Thompson, who finished fourth in the women's race in 39:29: "It was hard. I felt fine until about 8km but I've not had as much fun in 15 years of racing. It was a really nice feeling. It felt fun again. I've never appreciated what it was like to be fit until now. I'm just really happen to finish but I didn't beat my husband which was the bet of the day. I might do another one, but there's no comeback!"

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, via text 81111: "Best wishes to Dave Clark from h.ways agency and liam reynolds and others of tameside hospital running in m/C 10k."
Nice encouragement. Feel free to tell us your shout-outs for any other competitors. Or anybody taking part in the Great Salford Swim at 1400 BST.

AdeleSK on Twitter: "So great to see top flight athletics following an epic football weekend. Pure sporting magic - well done the BBC!"#bbcathletics"

1035: While I bash the keyboard in Shepherds Bush, London, keep an eye out for Salford Quays - home to BBC Sport from now, although only a few residents at the moment. Plus the Great Salford Swim will be taking place near there from 1400 BST. Here come the's cloudy, cool, damp and BANG....the elite men are off thanks to boxer Amir Khan and athlete Jessica Ennis blowing their hooters.

1032: Nikki Emerson, who is coached by Tanni Grey-Thompson's husband Ian, wins the women's wheelchair race in 31 minutes, 45 seconds - about six minutes outside Shelly Woods' course record.

1028: A great view of Manchester's sights. As Clitheroe's long socks fly past the screen (where do you stand on long socks?), there's a nice view of Old Trafford. I wonder if City's and United's celebratory bus will get to meet each other. Although Steve Cram tells us the celebration parade will be on different days. What a day yesterday though. You can read about Manchester's double celebration on Saturday - the Cup for the Blue side and a 19th title for the Red side.

1025: The men's elite runners get going in around 10 minutes. Britain's Chris Thompson, who won European silver over 10,000m in Barcelona last year, will be taking on the legend Haile Gebrselassie in the 10km run: "Hopefully I'll give the big man a run for his money. I'm going to give him the best run I can I want to be brave when I need to be brave and sensible when I need to be sensible. If I pull this off it'll be the biggest win of my career - I was 13 when he was last beaten in 1994." Big chat from the Brit. Good luck Chris.

1022: Want to get involved in all of this? Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved in the athletics/Olympics/Manchester twitter party we're having here by using the hashtag at #bbcathletics ) OR if you prefer some phone operations, then text us on 81111 (UK) with ATHLETICS before your message.

1021: Britain's David Weir wins the men's wheelchair race for the fourth time. He's the course record holder but is a little outside that this year, stopping the clock in 22 minutes, 22 seconds. Women's race 3:12 through the first km which is a decent start, according to BBC Sport commentator Steve Cram.

1018: The women's elite runners are a go-go. Keep an eye out for GB's Helen Clitheroe - the 2011 European indoor 3,000m champion. Also running is former world 10,000m champ Berhane Adere and 2010 Commonwealth 10,000m champ Grace Momanyi. Anybody out for a run this morning? I was a disgrace. I even used the lift to get up to the fifth floor. C'mon folks. Tell me your activity stories this morning. Inspire me. Put me to shame.

1013: Athletes getting ready for the Great 10km Run. Why not check out some sweet video of Ethiopian great Haile Gebrselassie talking about his race preparations and how he was close to training with Manchester United.

1011: First thing to mention is an apology. The video for the Great Manchester Run is supposed to be global. Currently, some IT gremlins have jumped in and enabled the video only to be seen by people in the UK. Sorry folks. We are working feverishly to sort this out. Will keep you posted.

1009: More details to follow. That was a mere taster. Get the kettle on. Start planning your day right now. This is not the sort of day to get involved in your local car boot sale. It's all here for you.

1006: We've got the Great Manchester Run starting the day - pounding the streets for 10km from the likes of Haile Gebrselassie and Helen Clitheroe. The Diamond League from Shanghai is from 1300 BST. Then it's the Great Salford Swim celebrating the Big Splash with all sorts of celebrities and wild and crazy folk jumping into Salford Quays for a chilly dip. It's all about inspiring the nation to swim. Then it's top class athletics action with the Great City Games from 1530. Tyson Gay and Jessica Ennis are winding up their legs don't you know. AND this is all on the BBC. What more could you possibly want from me?

0959: What a weekend for Manchester. What a weekend of sport. What a weekend. What a day. Who's up and ready for seven hours of sporting action that will make you positively ache to aspire to be a future Olympian?

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