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Please note: The BBC Sport's Desktop Monkey is no longer available for download or supported by the BBC.

Terms of use:

By downloading and installing the BBC embeddable and executable software application ("Monkey") and using it to display BBC content ("the BBC's Olympics stuff") on your desktop you agree to the terms set out below.

1. Licence

1.1 BBC grants you a non-exclusive licence to download and use Monkey to display the BBC's Olympics stuff on your desktop only.

1.2 All rights including intellectual property rights in Monkey and the BBC's Olympics stuff remain the property of the BBC.

2. Use of Monkey and the BBC's Olympics stuff

2.2 Monkey is for personal non-commercial use only.

2.3 You may not copy, re-publish, edit, alter or add to the BBC's Olympics stuff in any way, nor combine the BBC's Olympics stuff with any other material.

2.4 You may not copy, distribute, unzip, reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise disassemble Monkey or use any of his constituent elements in any way.

3. Warranties & Liability

3.1 Monkey and the BBC's Olympics stuff are made available on an "as is" and "as available" basis and you download, install and use Monkey and access the BBC's Olympics stuff at your own discretion and risk.

3.2 The BBC has taken reasonable care to ensure that Monkey and the BBC's Olympics stuff contain no inaccuracies, errors, viruses or defects however the BBC does not warrant that this is the case.

3.3 To the extent permitted by law, the BBC gives no warranty of any kind (implied, statutory or otherwise) in relation to Monkey, the BBC's Olympics stuff or the BBC website and the BBC shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising form or connected to Monkey or the BBC's Olympics stuff.

3.4 You are advised to take all reasonable precautions to protect your computer from virus infection (he's been through quarantine but you never know, he's a monkey).

3.5 The BBC may change or remove the BBC's Olympics stuff at its sole discretion and may block use of Monkey if you breach these End User Terms.

4. General

4.1 These End User Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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