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Hand pass

Kevin Cassidy demonstates how to hand pass

The hand pass is the easiest and most accurate way of transferring possession of the ball from yourself to a team-mate.

It is the most commonly used pass in the game for short passing as it isn't possible to gain enough power for long range passes.

If you can master the hand pass then you are a long way down the road to getting the basics of Gaelic football right.

With so much of the game being about handling and passing with the hands a lot of players decide to wear gloves for extra grip which could also help with this skill.


When attempting the hand pass the ball is held in the left hand for a right handed player and vice versa.

The ball should then be held out in front of the body to give the striking hand enough room to gain power before striking the ball.

The striking hand can then either be made into a fist in order to strike the ball or else it can be struck with the base of the hand closest to the wrist.

You then need to strike firmly through the ball, making sure the hand holding the ball remains steady throughout.


Once the pass has been struck the hand that makes the pass must follow through in the direction of the target.

This should ensure that the ball reaches it's intended target which is, of course, a team mate.

The hand that was supporting the ball must remain still throughout otherwise the ball may move off the intended course.

Once the pass is completed it is important to keep on the move to get into a position where you can be available to receive the ball again.

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