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Tuesday, 2 July, 2002, 19:54 GMT 20:54 UK
AIB Division Three fixtures
Action from Queen's 31-17 victory over Kilkenny last week
Queen's gained promotion from the junior ranks

AIB League Division Three

26 October

Division Three

Ballina 21-12 City of Derry
Banbridge 29-30 Waterpark
Clonakilty 17-12 Connemara
Highfield 22-14 Queen's
Monkstown 3-11 Corinthians
Naas 33-19 Skerries
Suttonians 6-15 Instonians
Wanderers 18-19 Old Wesley

2 November

City of Derry 13-13 Suttonians
Connemara 6-0 Wanderers
Corinthians 24-15 Banbridge
Instonians 22-13 Ballina
Old Wesley 12-24 Clonakilty
Queen's 11-7 Naas
Skerries 3-17 Highfield
Waterpark 17-11 Monkstown

16 November

Ballina 19-32 Corinthians
Banbridge 5-12 Connemara
Highfield 19-25 Instonians
Monkstown 14-22 Old Wesley
Naas 10-21 City of Derry
Queen's University 23-22 Wanderers
Skerries OFF Clonakilty
Suttonians 17-19 Waterpark

24 November

Skerries 16-10 Clonakilty

30 November

City of Derry 30-23 Highfield
Clonakilty 37-13 Queen's University
Connemara 14-11 Monkstown
Corinthians 10-10 Suttonians
Instonians 33-6 Naas
Old Wesley 32-30 Banbridge
Wanderers 46-12 Skerries
Waterpark 27-14 Ballina

7 December

Banbridge 53-3 Skerries
Clonakilty 10-6 City of Derry
Corinthians 28-16 Old Wesley
Highfield 15-15 Suttonians
Monkstown 8-8 Queen's University
Naas 3-20 Ballina
Wanderers 17-6 Instonians
Waterpark 45-11 Connemara

14 December

Ballina 26-21 Highfield
City of Derry 15-23 Wanderers
Connemara 9-8 Corinthians
Instonians 33-0 Clonakilty
Old Wesley 13-21 Waterpark
Queen's University 13-31 Banbridge
Skerries 35-12 Monkstown
Suttonians 20-17 Naas

4 January

Ballina 10-10 Skerries
Banbridge 15-24 Wanderers
City of Derry -OFF- Connemara
Highfield 19-24 Corinthians
Instonians -OFF- Old Wesley
Monkstown -OFF- Clonakilty
Naas -OFF- Waterpark
Suttonians 19-14 Queen's University

11 January

Clonakilty 9-10 Banbridge
Connemara 6-27 Instonians
Corinthians -OFF- Naas
Old Wesley 32-28 City of Derry
Queen's University -OFF- Ballina
Skerries 10-9 Suttonians
Wanderers 41-7 Monkstown
Waterpark 13-21 Highfield

18 January

Naas 5-10 Waterpark
Monkstown 16-16 Clonakilty
Instonians -OFF- Old Wesley

25 January

Ballina 44-19 Banbridge
City of Derry 7-10 Queens University
Clonakilty 13-22 Corinthians
Highfield 18-16 Old Wesley
Instonians 49-0 Skerries
Naas 13-15 Connemara
Sutonians 23-23 Monkstown
Wanderers 20-20 Waterpark

1 February

Banbridge 17-3 Suttonians
Connemara 0-7 Highfield
Corinthians 8-23 Wanderers
Monkstown 5-27 Ballina
Old Wesley 27-14 Naas
Queen's University 0-26 Instonians
Skerries 29-16 City of Derry
Waterpark 33-7 Clonakilty

8 February

Ballina 3-17 Old Wesley
City of Derry -OFF- Banbrdge
Highfield 18-15 Wanderers
Instonians 29-0 Monkstown
Naas 32-13 Clonakilty
Queen's University 12-36 Waterpark
Skerries 18-13 Corinthians
Suttonians 19-12 Connemara

15 March

Queen's 43-34 Ballina

22 February

City of Derry 31-7 Connemara
Instonians 20-9 Old Wesley

1 March

Banbridge v Highfield
Clonakilty v Suttonians
Connemara v Skerries
Corinthians v Instonians
Monkstown v Naas
Old Wesley v Queen's University
Wanderers v Ballina
Waterpark v City of Derry

15 March

Clonakilty v Wanderers
Corinthians v Waterpark
Instonians v City of Derry
Monkstown v Banbridge
Naas v Highfield
Old Wesley v Connemara
Queen's University v Skerries
Suttonians v Ballina

5 April

Ballina v Clonakilty
City of Derry v Corinthians
Highfield v Monkstown
Instonians v Waterpark
Naas v Banbridge
Queen's University v Connemara
Skerries v Old Wesley
Suttonians v Wanderers

12 April

Monkstown v City of Derry

19 April

Banbridge v Instonians
Clonakilty v Highfield
Connemara v Ballina
Corinthians v Queen's University
Old Wesley v Suttonians
Wanderers v Naas
Waterpark v Skerries








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