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Tuesday, 31 July, 2001, 12:28 GMT 13:28 UK
Ulster's 2001/2 fixture list
Ulster captain David Humphreys holding aloft the European Cup after their 1999 victory in the final against Colomiers
Fri, 3 Aug: at Ravenhill. Ulster 33 (T: Bell, Ward, Best, J Cunningham, Hughes; C: Wallace (4)) Coventry 15.
Wed, 8 Aug: at Ravenhill, Ulster 30 (T: Shields, Haslett, Larkin; P: Wallace (3); C: Humphreys, Wallace) Sale Sharks 17

Celtic League

Fri, 17 Aug: at Ravenhill, Ulster 30 (T: Free, Shields, Topping; P: Humphreys (2); DG: Humphreys; C: Humphreys (3)) Swansea 13 (T: Payne; P: Henson; C: Henson).

Fri, 24 Aug: at Hughenden, Glasgow 25 (T: Simpson (2), Nicol; P: Hayes, McLaren; C: Hayes (2)) Ulster 25 (T: Nelson, Wallace, Constable; P: Humphreys (2); C: Humphreys, Wallace).

Tues, 28 Aug: at Ravenhill, Ulster 26 (T: B Cunningham; P: Humphreys (7)) Llanelli 27 (T: Thomas, Proctor, Evans; P: Jones (2); C: Jones (2)).

Fri, 31 Aug: at Donnybrook, Leinster 31 (T: D'Arcy (2), O'Kelly, Hickie; P: Spooner (2); C: Spooner; DG: Dempsey) Ulster 9 (P: Humphreys (2), Wallace).

Fri, 7 Sep: at Eugene Cross Park, Ebbw Vale 27 (T: Wagstaff, Betts, Green; P: Cull, Mitchell; C: Mitchell (3) Ulster 29 (T: Constable, Howe; P: Wallace (5); C: Wallace (2)).

Wed, 12 Sep: at Ravenhill, Ulster 46 (T: Humphreys (2), Ward (2), Shields, McMillen, Stewart; P: Humphreys; C: Humphreys (4)) Bridgend 16 (T: Ringer, James; C: Rees, Durston).

Sat, 15 Sep: at Sardis Road, Pontypridd 20 (T: McIntosh; P: Sweeney (5)) Ulster 29 (T: Best, Constable, Blair; P: Humphreys (3); C: Humphreys; DG: Humphreys).

Fri, 30 Nov: at Ravenhill, quarter-final: Ulster 38 (T: Blair, Ward; P: Humphreys (8); C: (Humphreys (2)) Neath 29 (T: Tiueti, Moore; P: Jarvis (4); C: Jarvis (2)).

Sat, 8 Dec: at Lansdowne Road, semi-final: Munster 15 (P: O'Gara (5)) Ulster 9 (P: Humphreys (3)).

Heineken Cup

Sat, 29 Sep: at Stadio Comunale di Monigo, Benetton Treviso 28 (T: Perzianio; P: Mason (7); C: Mason) Ulster 33 (T: Topping, Ward, Humphreys; P: Humphreys (4); C: Humphreys (3)).

Fri, 5 Oct: at Ravenhill, Ulster 42 (T: Humphreys, Howe; P: Humphreys (6); DG: Humphreys; C: Humphreys) Wasps 19 (T: Green; P: Logan (4); C: Logan).

Sat, 27 Oct: at Stade Jean Bouin, Stade Francais 40 (T: Marconnet, Jonnet, Galthie; P: Dominguez (3); C: Dominguez, Berthe) Ulster 11 (T: McWhirter; P: Wallace (2)).

Fri, 2 Nov: at Ravenhill, Ulster 19 (T: Howe; P: Humphreys (3), Wallace; C: Wallace) Stade Francais 16 (T: James, Jonnet; P: Dominguez (2)).

Sun, 6 Jan: at Loftus Road, Wasps 36 (T: Waters, Roiser, Denny; P: King (5); C: King (3)). Ulster 32 (T: Ward, Constable; P: Humphreys (2), Wallace (3); C: Wallace (2); DG: Wallace.

Fri, 11 Jan: at Ravenhil, Ulster 59 (T: Howe (2), Doak (2), Longwell, Constable, Larkin, penalty try; P: Humphreys (3); C: Humphreys, Wallace (4)) Benetton Treviso 3 (P: Mason.

Guinness inter-provincials

Fri, 31 Aug: at Donnybrook, Leinster 31 (T: D'Arcy (2), O'Kelly, Hickie; P: Spooner (2); C: Spooner; DG: Dempsey) Ulster 9 (P: Humphreys (2), Wallace).

Sat, Nov 24: at Sportsground, Galway (downgraded to a friendly), Connacht 22 (T: Yapp; P: Elwood (5); C: Elwood) Ulster 16 (T: Larkin, Topping; P: Wallace (2)).

Fri, 28 Dec: at Ravenhill (downgraded to a friendly), Ulster 54 (T: Constable (2), Larkin, Doak, Humphreys, Howe; P: Humphreys (3); C: Humphreys (6) Munster 24 (T: Horan, Staunton; P: Staunton (3), Holland; C: Staunton.

Fri, 19 Apr: at Sportsground, Galway Connacht 17 (T: Uijs; P: McHugh (4)) Ulster 18 (T: Constable, B Cunningham; P: Wallace (2); C: Wallace).

Fri, 10 May: at Ravenhill: Ulster 23 (T: Wallace, Doak; P: Wallace (2); C: Wallace (2); DG: Wallace) Munster 18 (T: O'Connell, Stirnger; P: O'Gara (2); C: O'Gara).

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