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Wolves are Elite League champions


Wolves hung on to take the 2009 Elite League title despite being beaten 52-41 on the night by Swindon in a tense Grand Final second leg at Blunsdon.

Wolves went into Monday night's contest holding a 16-point lead from the first leg seven days earlier.

And, after seven of the night's 15 races, they were still level at 21-21, leaving just eight races for the Robins to make up that 16-point deficit.

But Freddie Lindgren's Heat 13 victory sealed Wolves' 95-90 aggregate win.

"It's a great feeling," said Wolves skipper Peter Karlsson.

"I'm hurting now because of my collarbone injury but it's all been worth it.

"I'm very pleased for everyone connected with the club."

Wolves were given a scare when Swindon pulled off maximum 5-1 wins in Heats 8 and 10. And they then secured a 4-2 in Heat 11 to bring the final to life, with now just six points in it.

But Wolves' Adam Skornicki then made the most of a tactical ride in race 12 for a 6-3 win which calmed the visitors' nerves, taking them nine points in front again with just three heats left.

And, when Lindgren won the next in that restaged heat after recovering from a first-bend crash, Wolves, who finished four points adrift of Swindon during the 2009 league season, were home and dry.

It was Wolves' fourth top flight title in their 81-year history - and their first since becoming the first winners of the reformed Elite League in 2002.

And, in that respect, history repeated, as they also finished runners-up in the league that year, to Eastbourne, before going on to win the play-offs.

SWINDON: Matej Zagar 12+1, Leigh Adams 12+1, Morten Risager 7+3, Travis McGowan 7+2, Simon Stead 7, Ryan Fisher 5+1, Cory Gathercole 2.

WOLVES: Freddie Lindgren 10, Tai Woffinden 10, Adam Skornicki 9, Peter Karlsson 7, Ty Proctor 4+1, Nicolai Klindt 1+1, Chris Kerr 0.

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