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Donington - 20-22 June, 2008

British MotoGP result:

1 C Stoner (Aus) Ducati Marlboro

2 V Rossi (Ita) Fiat Yamaha

3 D Pedrosa (Spa) Repsol Honda

4 C Edwards (US) Tech 3 Yamaha

5 A Dovizioso (Ita) JiR Team Scot

6 J Lorenzo (Spa) Fiat Yamaha

7 N Hayden (US) Respol Honda

8 C Vermeulen (Aus) Rizla Suzuki


By Sam Lyon

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"You could have predicted Stoner would win that race with your eyes closed - he has dominated all weekend and it's been a flawless performance. I feel sorry for Toseland, of course, but I guess we can put it in the perspective that he's not going for the title and it's just one race. It's just a shame it had to happen on his home ground."
BBC Sport's Steve Parrish on BBC Two

"Toseland will always be the best British MotoGP rider of the last few years. He crashed out but he will fight back - he always does."
Paul King, Warrington via text
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"As soon as the race finishes, all the big screens start flashing "DO NOT INVADE THE TRACK". Strangely enough, the presence of big motorbikes still going round it very fast had already made me decide against it."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Stoner wheelies home as he strolls through to victory, followed home by Rossi who won his battle royale with Pedrosa impressively. Important points for Colin Edwards and Andrea Dovizioso too, but a disastrous finale to an utterly demoralising weekend for Briton James Toseland. The Yorkshireman looks completely crestfallen.

Lap 29: Final lap under way and it looks like this is how it will finish. Toseland is still back in 17th - a brave but ultimately fruitless display from the Briton on his home patch.

"Jorge Lorenzo, remember, had a skin graft on his hand just a week ago, and has previously completed a race with two broken ankles. He's moved up from 17th to sixth, and who's to say he won't finish higher than that. Amazing stuff."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Lap 28: Rossi extends his lead over Pedrosa in third, the Spaniard possibly paying the price of having to work his way through the pack - that was always going to take its toll on his Michelins. Lorenzo, meanwhile, passes Hayden round the Old Hairpin to grab sixth and that's a terrific run from the Spaniard.

Lap 26: Hayden and Lorenzo - who has stormed through the pack superbly - pass Vermeulen, but there's time for that to change I'm sure.

Lap 24: Ooh, close! Pedrosa passes Rossi on McLean's Corner, but then runs wide on Coppice Corner, allowing the Italian back into second. If anyone is any doubt, Stoner's lead is nearly 6.5 seconds now - he has this race well and truly sewn up.

Lap 23: Rossi continues to hold off Pedrosa, but every now and then the Spaniard looks on the brink of snatching back second from the Championship leader. An even bigger battle appears to be going on in the battle for fifth, with Dovizioso, Vermeulen and Hayden engaging in a right tussle.

Lap 22: Ouch, that's gotta hurt Nakano, the Honda Gresini relinquishing the position he has held since lap one as Jorge Lorenzo moves into eighth spot with eight to go.

"This is absolutely brilliant racing Moto GP Racing at its best. Classic."
weonlysingwhenwefish on 606
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Lap 20: James Toseland is still circling and moves up into 17th, but it's hard to say whether this is admirable guts and heart from the Briton, or a refusal to face up to the reality of a hugely disappointing weekend. Still, a point or two may be up for grabs if he can up his pace just a touch. Meanwhile, Chris Vermeulen passes Nicky Hayden to grab sixth.

Lap 18: Just like that, Edwards passes Dovizioso to grab fifth. Easy peasy.

"That's spooky - when Pedrosa nipped into second place there, an Italian journalist counted out loud 5-4-3-2-1 and bang on cue of one, Rossi retook second."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Lap 16: Engine trouble for John Hopkins and the American is forced to retire from 10th. Colin Edwards is really on the move now, passing Nicky Hayden to snatch fifth and his lap times suggest Dovizioso in fourth is well within his sights.

"Beautiful entertainment from Dani and Valentino - but they are absolutely handing this race to Casey Stoner on a plate with all this to-ing and fro-ing."
BBC Sport's Charlie Cox on BBC Two

"For someone who claims to dislike Donington Park so much, Casey Stoner seems to be strangely comfortable at riding faster than anyone else here."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Lap 14: Real topsy-turvy between Rossi and Pedrosa - the Spaniard holding off the break on McLean's Corner to nab second, only for Rossi to snatch it back moments later on the old hairpin. Brilliant. Meanwhile, Colin Edwards passes Chris Vermeulen to steal sixth.

Lap 13: Pedrosa continues to push Rossi, the Honda's greater acceleration looking to push Pedrosa through on a couple of occasions, only for Rossi's late-braking to keep his nose in front. Stoner strides away at the front - his lead is now over two seconds.

Lap 10: A bit of tyre-saving going on at the front I reckon, with Stoner, Rossi and Pedrosa - in that order - happy to extend their lead over the middle pack without pushing their bikes too hard. More of a battle a bit further back, with Nicky Hayden going for the overtake on Dovizioso, only for the Italian respond to hold onto fourth.

"It looks like Stoner is going to run away to the finish 1st unless he somehow screws up."
robbert69 on 606
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Lap seven: An update on Toseland, who does not outwardly appear to be feeling any ill-effects from that early spill. His pace is pretty good and already he is tailing the back markers. Meanwhile, Pedrosa continues to tear strips off his rivals and he passes Dovizioso, meaning the top three are at the front.

"The majority of people in the press room are either Spanish or Italian, and we're all sitting looking up at screens hanging from the ceiling, with statistics constantly updating and numbers changing. It feels a bit like being in a departure lounge."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Lap five: Dani Pedrosa passes Hayden and is almost in the blink of an eye on the tail of Dovizioso in third. Tremendous riding from the Spaniard. Stoner's lead is already 1.5 seconds over Rossi.

Lap four: Nicky Hayden, who enjoyed a flying start, is now having to dig deep to hold off Pedrosa in fifth, the Spaniard nipping at his heels as early as lap four and posting the fastest circuit of the race so far.

"Can't believe JT, absolutely gutted. Lets hope it rains - miracles do happen."
weonlysingwhenwefish on 606

"The only way Toseland's weekend could possibly have got worse has just happened."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Lap two: Meanwhile, it's a cracking start from Casey Stoner, who leads from Valentino Rossi - the Italian having to make up for a poor first corner to regain second from the flying Team Scot bike of Dovizioso. Remarkably, Toseland is back on his bike - brave or foolish from the Brit? We will see.

Lap one: Disaster!! Briton James Toseland crashes out on the first turn and that's not just his race done you would think, but it looks like he's badly hurt his wrist. I'll keep you posted.

1500: The warm-up lap is completed... aaannnddd... we're off...

1458: Today's attendance has just been confirmed and it's an improvement on last year of 88,831. Beautiful scenes.

1457: The grid starts to clear and we're moments away from the warm-up lap. Get ready folks...

1455: Toseland's manager Roger Burnett tells BBC that his charge has "to show just how much heart he has and, if he's feeling good, he must go for broke".

"The paddock area has been jam packed all day but now as race time approaches it's almost deserted - Scott Redding is still about though, flying around on a scooter between interviews and photo opportunities as his remarkable victory starts to sink in. He's been besieged by autograph hunters, well wishers and handshakes wherever he goes. Get used to it Scott, because this is how it's going to be from now on."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

"Stoner, you absolutely must win this race - get in front, dont look back and just win. Win dirty, win by being boring, complain about your team, tyres, engine and the weather as much as you like, but make sure you win!!"
jetl3on on 606
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1452: American Ben Spies, meanwhile, substituting for the injured Loris Capirossi on the Rizla Suzuki, tells BBC that "I don't know the track, I don't know the bike, I'm kind of in at the deep end without a life jacket". There's nothing like confidence, and that was nothing like confidence.

Toseland's team-mate Colin Edwards adds: "I'm gonna wait for the red light and put the hammer down". Textbook.

1447: Toseland, one of the nicest men in showbiz, chats with Ms Perry on the grid, telling BBC: "I made a hash of yesterday but all is not lost - I need a good start, take my opportunities, and there's nothing to lose."

"Toseland is a good rider but his starting position will prevent him finishing in first three. I think Stoner will walk it with his fast Ducati."
anaximender69 on 606
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1435: At the front of the grid, we have world champion Casey Stoner - a man who has torn strips off his rivals with his pace all weekend - championship leader Valentino Rossi, a man you never, ever back against - and Chris Vermeulen, who struggled in warm-up this morning. Dani Pedrosa, meanwhile, second in the riders' race, starts from ninth in the grid. Between them, Stoner, Rossi and Pedrosa have 10 victories at Donington - the former the winner here last campaign.

1430: Toseland, lest we forget, starts today from 16th on the grid after an awful qualifying session on Saturday. The Briton is a fantastic musician and his band, appropriately, is named Crash - and the Yorkshireman spilled three times in the wet yesterday - even more reason he'll be thankful it's dry out there.

Meanwhile, as BBC presenters Charlie Cox and Suzi Perry preview the race from high above the track, Cox points out it's windy enough to "blow your dog off its chain". Perry takes great offence. Highly amusing.

1421: A few 'fast facts' for you people. Donington is hosting the British Grand Prix for the 22nd time this year, having first hosted the race in 1987. Last year, 132,435 fans attended the race weekend, beating the average of 129,050, while around 660 journalists from 56 separate countries apparently also attended. And, winner of 'fast fact' of the day goes to - the European grand prix paddocks house 150 articulated trucks, 45 hospitality units and 80 motorhomes.


1415: An update on conditions first of all - it's dry and warm, but still blustery at Parkhead. James Toseland, for one, will be thankful it's not raining out there - by his own admission he's a lot more comfortable in the dry. He knows this track well, of course, having won here in the WSB last season - a victory that saw him celebrate by stripping off his kit. Should he repeat that feat in MotoGP, he has vowed to do the full monty - I'm not sure he's done much to earn my support with that promise to be honest.

1410: Right, as Kallio et al take to the podium, we can now turn our attentions to the main event of the afternoon - MotoGP baby!
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Kallio times his run to absolute perfection, passing Bautista and Simoncelli on the final lap and holding off a late charge from the latter to win and extend his lead in the championship. Fantastic performance to come from 14th to 1st, Simoncelli grabbing second and Bautista third. Eugene Laverty, by the way, suffered machine problems eight laps from home and had to retire.

1348: It's all about the front two at Donington in the 250s really, as Simoncelli and Bautista put on a battle royale for the enthusiastic crowd. Bautista takes to the front with six to go, and as those two bob and weave, Kallio - who started 14th on the grid - has crept up in third to lie less than a second behind. This race is a real six-wheeler now.

1335: Simoncelli looking good at the top of the pops, lapping with increasing speed to extend his lead over Bautista in second. Behind those two, Kallio, Barbera, Debon and Simon are fighting it out, while Laverty is up to 16th and the Ulsterman is closing in on the points with 15 to go.

1326: Six of 27 laps down in the 250cc race and Simoncelli leads from Bautista and Simon. Laverty is up three places into 17th - just two off the points. A quick reminder UK users can watch the action live on the Sport website. Web users, click below.
Watch the British GP LIVE

1315: The 250ccc race gets under way, Ulsterman Eugene Laverty starting way back in 20th. His aim for today will be to get among the points, no more, you would have thought. Simoncelli leads from Takahashi after an eventful start to the race, 27 laps to go.

1300: A rather coy Redding tells the gathered media: "It's unbelievable - my first podium and I get to stand on the top! It hasn't sunk in yet, but I'm sure when it does it's going to feel fantastic."

"Great from the youngster Scott - future star !!!!"
roomurrhamil on 606
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1256: Rather amusingly, 15-year-olds Redding and Marquez are not allowed a victory bottle of champagne on the podium, leaving them sitting targets for 20-year-old Di Meglio to spray them with showers of bubbly. Hardly fair, that, they could've given them water pistols or something surely?

"Had a great view of Iannone getting blown off at Craners, no celebs here just real fans!"
Andy, Hampshire via text

1249: Tears, smiles, laughs and sheer emotion in the pits as Redding strolls in to celebrate his maiden victory. He may not have conquered acne yet, but Redding is the master of Donington today. A hug from his father and we're all set for the presentation. Superb work.

Can Briton Eugene Laverty follow that up in the 250s? More to the point, can Toseland in the MotoGP?
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1245: Just caught a glimpse of Marquez celebrating his third-place finish - blimey, he looks about eight. You want to ride bikes at that age round my way, and you wouldn't be allowed out without stabilisers.

"Nothing short of sensational by Scott Redding - he just wouldn't let go of Andrea Iannone, and eventually the Italian cracked allowing him to romp home to a resounding victory. Remember, this boy is 15. How good will he be when he grows up?"
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

Redding sees it home, Di Meglio second and Marquez third. The Briton immediately stops trackside to wrap a British flag around his neck before heading off on a victory lap. Someone line this lad up some Panda Pop Cherryade or something, he deserves a celebratory drink... Bradley Smith, by the way, comes home 10th.

1241: It took Valentino Rossi 11 races to win his first grand prix - Redding is going to do it in eight - and the Donington crowd are loving it. Not quite the mental, tear-the-place-apart ardour you might expect from a Spanish crowd, perhaps, but a top response nonetheless...

1237: Scott Redding, coolness personified, extends his lead over Di Meglio in second to over seven seconds, with Marquez third. For the record, Redding has never ridden at Donington Park - two and a half hours practice and qualifying and, erm, 27 minutes race time later, he is on the verge of victory on his home ground.

1232: Unbelievable! The pressure tells on Andrea Iannone and the Italian pushes it too far, spilling out at Craner Curve, and Scott Redding - British, 15 years old - leads at Donington Park by over six seconds with just five to go in the 125s.

1227: A stunning new best lap from Redding of 1.38.700 and all of a sudden the 15-year-old Brit is right on Iannone's tail with nine to go. A quite sensational talent this lad is and he has a real, real chance of a maiden 125cc victory on his home track - the stuff of dreams. Bradley Smith, meanwhile, is up to ninth.

1223: So, I meant to ask, anyone out there reading this on their mobile from Donington? Give us some chat peeps. What's the atmosphere like? Spotted any celebs? What've you brought for lunch? I want the gossip!
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1219: Redding is nibbling at Iannone's lead, but the gap remains at around a second - the Brit might struggle to reign that in with 15 laps to go. Mike Di Meglio now leads the second pack, but they are nearly six seconds adrift of the front two.

1212: Scott Redding posts the fastest lap of the race so far as he keeps the pressure on Andrea Iannone - traditionally a wet-track specialist - at the head of the race. Those two are five seconds ahead of the rest of the pack with 18 laps to go. Gadea tops that group in third, but Bradley Smith has slipped back into 11th - his pace in warm-up suggested he might struggle to keep up with the front-runners.

1206: A usual tame, dull start from the 125s - not. Two riders spill out with less than two laps gone - one of them being champion Talmasci - while 15-year-old Briton Scott Redding rips up into second from fourth on the grid and Bradley Smith jumps five places to sixth. Iannone leads.

1200: Simone Corsi leads the 125s away in the first race proper of the day, 25 laps that one. The drier weather seems to have brought the fans out en force, be interesting to see whether the official attendance tops last year's 84,785 on race day. BBC Sport's Shea-man, meanwhile, continues to hob-nob it with the stars trackside. It's a tough life...

1155: The 125s are about to get under way - I don't envy the boys having to control those slight machines in this wind. That said, they all look rather steady next to the track girls, whose hair-dos are being blown about like some sort of shampoo advert. With the added bonus that most are dressed in lycra. Isn't motorcycling great?!
All geared up for Donington

"It's Stoner's race to lose. Every session since Friday morning he's been consistently half a second quicker than the next best rider - a huge margin... Another one to watch is Hayden, who seems to like the way the new engine goes in his Honda. Lorenzo & Toseland have no chance from way back down the grid, although a charge from Pedrosa starting 9th is a poss."
hygroscopic on 606

"I think maybe Toseland is a victim of trying too hard to please everyone in the build-up to the race - collosal amounts of press, doing gigs with his band up until Friday night and also leading a charity bicycle ride round the circuit with some lucky fans a day or so earlier. Would Lee Westwood be playing pitch and putt with charity auction winners the night before The Open? Somehow I doubt it."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

"I think we will be able to see a great battle between Stoner and Rossi. Stoner was very quick in qualifying, lets see how the race turns out."
Ninad13 on 606
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1150: Of course, it's not all about MotoGP today - the 125s get started in 10 minutes and Britain have plenty of interest there. Scott Redding, who starts fourth on the grid, was sixth fastest in warm-up this morning, two places behind Bradley Smith, who will start from 11th. Danny Webb, who starts 13th on the grid, was only 30th fastest.

"The serious business of the morning is celeb-spotting in the pit lane. Keith from the Prodigy is here, as usual, and comedians Ross Noble and Alan Davies have been strutting around in bright red Ducati leathers. Ross Noble has massive hair, they must have had to borrow one of Marco Simoncelli's spare crash helmets for hair like that."
BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Donington

1145: I know us Brits are famed for our dull chat about the weather, but I have to say even by our standards, this weekend has been remarkable at Donington Park.

Dry on Friday, wet and rainy through Saturday, and we've now got bright sunshine and near gale-force winds at Parkhead - spare a thought for the team technicians and strategists huh?

Not that it affected Casey Stoner, the Australia world champion ripping round at a sensational pace throughout practice and qualifying to start from pole when the British MotoGP gets under way proper at 1500 BST.
Stoner storms to Donington pole

Ominously for his rivals, Stoner was quickest again in Sunday morning warm-up, by the way.

Championship leader Valentino Rossi will be breathing down his neck from second on the grid, though, while Dani Pedrosa - despite starting from ninth on the grid - will be looking to make up ground in the riders' title race. He was third fastest in warm-up.

However, hope hopes of a first British podium finish since Jeremy McWilliams in 2000 appear remote.
Practice pace encourages Toseland

James Toseland had been tipped to impress on a track upon which he won a World Superbike Championship race last season, but the Yorkshireman struggled in the wet on Saturday, crashing three times, and starts from 16th on the grid.

He barely improved in Sunday's warm-up, lapping 12th fastest, but you never know...

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