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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 August, 2003, 14:32 GMT 15:32 UK
Your Steve Hislop tributes
Steve Hislop in action
British Superbike champion Steve Hislop was tragically killed in a helicopter crash in the Scottish Borders on Wednesday.

The 41-year-old Scot claimed the British Superbike title in 1995 and 2002. He also also won 11 races at the Isle of Man TT.

His death has shocked and saddened the motorsport world, with fans and riders uniting to pay tribute to the talented and likeable star.

This tributes page is now closed. A selection of your Hizzy tributes appears below.

I first met Hizzy in 1989 during TT practice week when I was nine years old - one week later he crashed out of the Junior TT at Quarry Bends.

My brother and I were watching there and whilst he was signing autographs for the spectators my brother, Stephen, asked him if he wanted to go to the nearby Sulby Glen pub for a drink whilst he waited for his team to come and pick him up.

He accepted the offer and we spent the rest of that morning with Hizzy. You can imagine that as a nine-year-old I was amazed to be in the company of one of the best TT riders of the time, and from then on he became my ultimate TT hero.

For me, his greatest victory has to be the 1992 Senior TT when he won on the Norton. That race was probably the greatest ever TT race and I count myself lucky that I was privileged enough to see it. Hislop is a legend and will be sadly missed here on the Island. Rest in peace Steve.
Philip Carter, Ramsey, Isle of Man

It was a privilege to meet him and watch him racing
Richard and Olga Burton

You were truly one of the greats in the biking world, you also put us on the map; you will be sadly missed. You will soon be with your father and brother, rest in peace friend.
Graeme Pringle, Hawick

We had the great pleasure to meet Steve at his book signing at Rockingham last month. We got a signed copy of his book, which Olga took pleasure in reading and laughing at in the stadium waiting for the racing to start, and I was lucky enough to shake his hand and wish him luck in the races.

It was a privilege to meet him and watch him racing in the flesh. We have lost a friend and the best ambassador for both motorcycling and Scotland. Drive free Steve, and our thoughts go to his mum, boys and family.
Richard and Olga Burton, Orkney, Scotland

Still cannot take in the awful news about Steve Hislop. The sad irony is that his old championship bike was waiting to work that magic again with him at Oulton Park. The motorcycling world is a sadder place this year with the loss of Barry Sheene and now Steve Hislop.
Chris 'Spudgun' Heskey, Telford.

Superbike racing will never be the same; to me, he was the best,,put him on a motorcycle and he could do anything. He will be deeply missed by all.
Phil, Derbyshire

I will always treasure my favourite motorcycling footage on bike with Steve for his record breaking lap at the TT. Mind blowing - true grit. Thanks Steve.
Adrian Jones, Brightlingsea

I've never seen Steve from close up. I only saw him on television while I was in Britain for my studies. He was completely amazing. So fast that your mind can't keep up. I returned to Cyprus two years ago but I've never stop watching superbikes and reading magazines.

I remember reading about the record-breaking on the Donington circuit from Hizzy. I was lost for words, just as I am now; it was complete amazement then - and complete sadness now.

Steve will be fondly remembered by all at the BRDC British Superbike Championship Race Organisation
Stuart Higgs, Director of Racing

I would like to give my deepest condolences to his family and I can assure them that he will never be forgotten in the bikers world. Goodbye Steve Hislop, farewell CHAMPION.
Kyprianou Pnayiotis, Nicosia-Cyprus

I like many other will truly miss this great man and racer. My heart goes out to his family and his close friends. Steve Hislop - never to be forgotten.
Antony Moors, Exmouth Devon

It is with a great sense of sadness that we heard of the passing of Steve Hislop. The staff and officials of the British Superbike Championship, who all came into contact with Steve in one way or another over the past years, recognise his professionalism and will all share the profound sense of loss.

He was a very popular champion of the British Superbike Championship and his name will go down in history as a modern day motorcycling hero.

Steve will be fondly remembered by all at the BRDC British Superbike Championship Race Organisation. Our sincerest condolences are extended to his family and friends.
Stuart Higgs, Director of Racing BRDC/BSB London

I'm in shock - I was really looking forward to seeing Steve ride at Oulton Park. This has been a really sad year for motorcycling. First Ronnie Smith, Barry Sheene, Dajiro Kato, David Jefferies, and now Steve Hislop.

At this time I can only think of the enjoyment he brought to many people; this man was a great rider who deserved better recognition of his talent and should have been on the world stage.

A good family man with his feet firmly on the ground - no prima donna this guy
Trevor Brooker, Islington

He always had time for his fans. My thoughts are with his family and friends in this difficult time. Thanks for everything Steve, you'll be sadly missed.
Neil Hamilton, Southport, Merseyside

Steve was a gentleman, none more so than when he was signing copies of his autobiography at Brands Hatch last month! He waited and signed every last signature in a long queue and despite being at the store longer than scheduled seemed more content than ever!

He was a man of the people, and the authorities now have a chance to give a genuine hero the respect he deserves at Oulton Park at the next round of the British Superbikes (August 8-10).

Ironically, Shane Bryne can win this year's title at Oulton and perhaps as Hizzy is remembered, that will be the fitting tribute as the crown is passed on!
Mike, Kent

My condolences to Steve's family, he appeared to be a good family man with his feet firmly on the ground - no prima donna this guy.

He returned to win the British Championship after some terrible injuries, which is no mean feat in itself. He won 11 TT's and on a short track was World Class when comfortable with his machinery. He deserved to have made it at the highest level - arguably, he did.

Motorcycling and England are far worse places today, without you
John, Corby

Hizzie, you will be missed by more friends and followers than you ever knew you had, mate!
Trevor Brooker, Islington, North London

It is has been a bad year for British motorcycling, first David Jeffries and now Steve Hislop. I have had the pleasure of watching Steve ride at several different tracks and at the TT.

His talent was there for all to see and on a number of different bikes. Yes, sometimes he could not get his head straight with some of the problems he was having, but I would not have said it was a flaw, it was just Steve Hislop striving for perfection.

Two years ago I watched him crash at Rockingham coming out of the chicane - his injuries prevented him completing the season and surely winning the BSB title. This would have broken lesser riders to be so close and lose the title, but not Steve Hislop.

He came back the following year, much better and faster going on to win the title, that's the sort of guy he was. Rest in peace Steve, motorcycling and England are far worse places today, without you.
John, Corby

Even at the age of 41, Hizzy's recently released autobiography would be in need of regular updates, such was his commitment to the sport. This should not be the ending.
Matthew, London

Steve filled me with immense pride whenever he won or gave the opposition a hard time
Peter Bourne, Maidenhead

Farewell tender soul, you will be missed by all.
Eric Robinson, Sarver, Pennsylvania, USA

I was so sad to hear that Steve had been killed; it reminds me how I felt when Graham Hill died - very sad. Hizzy will be missed.
Robert Hall, Wellingborough, Northants

Hizzy was a great racer. I had the pleasure of seeing him race on a number of times. He will be very sadly missed. God bless.
Gaz Dawson, Manchester

This is such a sad loss to the world of sport. Everyone who loves sport will have a lump in there throat for Steve. Have a safe journey home Steve.
Dave Newman, South Wales

I was privileged enough to meet him once. He was in inspiration, a genuinely nice guy and an awesome rider. He will be sadly missed by us bikers.
Mick Bates, Doncaster

For a Scot, Steve filled me with immense pride whenever he won or gave the opposition a hard time, especially on the Norton Rotary. Another great rider to remember along with Hailwood, Sheene and Dunlop to name but three.
Peter Bourne, Maidenhead, Berks

Steve Hislop was a friend of mine. He was a talent almost unparalleled on the planet and an enigma. Those of us who knew him will mourn the loss of the man and be saddened for his children, mum Margaret and others who counted him as a pal. God bless you Steve.
Aden Murcutt, UK

I was privileged to meet him at the 2000 TT. God speed Steve. It will be a lesser sport without you. My condolences to his family. He will be in my prayers.
Jimmy Duggan, Boston, USA

I have been going to the races for a couple of years now and Steve Hislop has been an absolute star. Meeting him was special and he will be sorely missed. Gone but not forgotten. Steve Hislop RIP. Race day will never be the same.
Alex McCreath, Peterborough

This last 12 months seems to have been full of terrible losses to the sport. He will be fondly remembered as a great rider.
Adders, visordown

A great racer, pre and post race interviews a pleasure to watch. My impression of him is, "tell it like it is" with bags of talent, talent and more.
steve hall, swindon, wilts

This is a sad day for motorcycling
Mark, Bedford, UK
He gave pleasure to thousands and now thousands will mourn him. He was a great sportsman and competitor. I had the privilege of being on the Isle of Man the evening he broke the 120 mph record for a lap.

Motorcycling still shows other sports what true sportsmanship is about; Steve Hislop was one of its many advocates. He earned the title "World Champion" and has sadly died with it. Race in Peace "Hissy"!
Jamie, Leeds

This is a sad day for motorcycling. Both he and Dave Jeffries were class leaders and will be sorely missed.
Mark, Bedford, UK

I was fortunate enough to see Steve racing on a number of occasions and for me he was clearly the most exciting racer on the track. What a tragic loss. British Superbikes will never be the same.
Dave, Kent

One of my favourite riders, or his style and his humour. I can't imagine superbikes without him, and to be honest I'm having trouble believing it's real and that I won't see him on a bike again. He will be - is - sorely missed
Liz Maxim, Cambridge

Hizzy you will be sadly missed by us all
Rob Potter, East Grinstead, Sussex
I saw Hizzy recently at Oulton Park, both in person signing autographs and then racing on the track. In person he came across as a genuinely nice bloke, laughing and joking with his fans. On the track he was a demon, fast as hell. He will be missed by everybody.
Christian Lewis, Bebington

I never knew Steve but my sons and I watched in awe at his amazing skills over the years. We will miss him greatly!
Mick, Paul & Rich, Doncaster

I remember his electrifying, record-breaking lap of the Isle of Man - not a place for the faint-hearted. This guy was phenomenal - I was so sad to hear of his accident. Rest in Peace, Hizzy.
Pete, USA (Via Yorkshire)

Steve was one of the best riders for nearly two decades, he will be sorely missed!
Phil, Kent

One of the nicest blokes in the sport
Matt Welsh, Guildford
izzy you will be sadly missed by us all. You were a talented rider and a great bloke.
Rob Potter, East Grinstead, Sussex

Steve raced with tremendous conviction and provided some of the most courageous overtaking moves I have ever seen in motorcycling. He was a fantastic rider and will be sorely missed.
Graham Tricker, Denham

On road or track, two stroke or four stroke Steve was supreme. He rode everything from TZ Yamahas to Ducati via Rotary Norton with a skill most can only dream of. He will be missed by all who knew him
Tony Gillam, Darlington , UK

Thanks Steve for the hours of enjoyment you gave both me and my sons. I will never forget seeing you race 'the Island'. You will be sadly missed.
Terry Phillips, Worcester

One of the nicest blokes in the sport, I can't believe it. This is a very sad year; it seems the TT is going to be one big memorial next year. RIP Steve.
Matt Welsh, Guildford

Nine years ago or so I watched the 1994 TT review, a successful year for Hizzy. It was because of him that I took my test and have been hooked ever since. He will be deeply missed.
Gary Lonsdale, Northwich, Cheshire

Hizzy was the Senna of the biking world
Craig, Hampshire

Gone, but never forgotten. A great guy and a fantastic rider.
Al Mounter, Norwich

Steve Hislop was a fantastic rider and will never be forgotten. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP Hizzy.
Kelly, Thatcham, UK

I took my eight-year-old son to the Brands Hatch round of BSB in 2002. He came away with his face dented by the wire fence as he had spent his time pressed up against it to get as close as he could to the action. He became a fan of Hizzy that day and he, like the rest of us, shares in the sense of tragedy at the loss of a motorcycling hero.
PJ, Hampshire

Hizzy was the Senna of the biking world. He was everything a sportsman should be and never gave up when everything was against him. The UK has lost one of its biggest sporting assets and he will be dearly missed.
Craig, Hampshire

What a loss. An amazing talent, especially on a Ducati. Just when Hizzy was to return on his old bike to show everybody that he never 'lost it'. We were disappointed not to see him in Mondello when the BSB came for the first time but we will always have the memories of his great achievements and skill on two wheels. God bless you.
Gerard Kane, Dublin, Ireland

I distinctly remember Hizzy racing on his way to his second British Superbike title last season. It was at Knockhill and Hizzy was out in front leading the pack. At the last corner he was knocked off his bike by Michael Rutter who had misjudged his breaking, much to the annoyance of the local partisan crowd.

Despite this, and as Rutter sat waiting for the recovery vehicle to pick him and his bike up, Hizzy manhandled his bike back onto the circuit and managed a respectable finish in sixth or seventh place.

On the warm down lap, and with Rutter sat on the tyre wall, Hizzy pulled up, gestured to him over to the back of his bike and gave him a ride back to the pits. Not an ounce of malice towards his fellow racer - nothing but kindness to a fellow fallen hero. A very sad day for British motorsport indeed. RIP.
Fraser, Kilmarnock

I was saddened to hear of Steve's death on the news. He was a well liked and good racer. My condolences go to his family and friends. British Superbikes will not be the same without him.
Trevor Goldsworthy, Cornwall

He'll never be forgotten on the island for his 11 TT victories. He was a star!
Phil, The One and Only Isle of Man

Hizzy - a true hero to all who met him or saw him race. A flawed genius - if only more people had those same flaws, bike racing would be a better thing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family, a man that will never be forgotten. Long live the memories. Thanks Steve.
Geoff Ridden, Maidenhead

It's such a sad loss. It's hard to grasp that I watched Hizzy take part at the Knockhill round of the British Superbikes only a couple of months ago. When on form there was no better rider.
Linsey Murney, Bridge of Weir, Scotland

He inspired me into becoming a born-again biker
John Manley, Isle of Man

As a fellow former resident of the Scottish Borders I would like to say how proud Steve made me feel, not just as a phenomenal racer but also as a true gentleman. He was a credit to the sport he loved and also to his country and family. My thoughts are with them and his many close friends.

I was so excited about going to Oulton Park this month to see my hero back on a Ducati and mixing it at the front of the field. Memories that will never be forgotten though and how fitting it would be if they name the new chicane at Oulton after him.

The Scottish Borders produced Jim Clark and Steve Hislop both legends who never forgot their fans because they were true sportsmen and gentlemen.
Patrick Allam, Garstang, Lancashire

Steve was a phenomenal rider and on his day could be beaten by nobody. What a shame he was never in the right place at the right time. I'll miss your determination mate.
John Cox, London

Another famous biker dies, the third this year. There's been hardly anything on the telly for this hero and champion. Let's see a good tribute to the man who has given us so much. He will be sadly missed by all. Condolences to his family. Steve ride easy.
Shaun Davies, Cullompton, Devon

I have followed Steve's career for many years, from watching him at the TT to screaming at him to move his ass a couple of weeks ago at Rockingham. At present I'm halfway through reading his autobiography and planned to take it with me to Oulton Park next week to get him to sign it... can't really believe he won't be there for me to scream at this time.

I was really looking forward to seeing him ride with the new team at Oulton and proving once again to all the critics that he wasn't past it. I know he would've kicked some serious butt!

Rest in peace Hizzy and have fun up there racing against all your old pals. You will be missed.
Melissa, Hereford

What can I say? I was privileged to meet the man on a number of occasions including last month. He was an inspiration to many, and inspired respect from all involved in the sport. The way he rode was quite unique and my thoughts are with his family and friends.
Colin, London

Joey Dunlop, Barrie Sheen, Dejira Kato, David Jefferies and now Stevie Hislop... God's own team.
Steve DG, Leicester

A true champion, Steve was a credit to his sport. The number one plate in BSB will always be his memorial.
James Cunningham, Leicestershire

A great rider, and a great man. His skill and personality will be sadly missed, especially here on the Island. He inspired me into becoming a born-again biker. My condolences go to his family and friends.
John Manley, Douglas, Isle of Man

I was totally stunned when I found out yesterday. Sending thoughts to all his family and friends.
Jo Sztajnert, Lincoln

Hizzy never forgot his fans, and his fans will never forget him
Lin, Belvedere

After watching him for years, I finally met the man at Rockingham. He signed my copy of his autobiography, had a few words and shook my hand. That was less than a month ago - just can't grasp this :[

Another TT legend, a multi-faceted character, the fastest man on his day - bar none, a huge loss. Rest easy.
Shaun, Northamptonshire

A few years ago I went along to a Virgin Yamaha promo evening. I won a couple of tickets for a BSB round at Brands and collected them from Hizzy. He was laughing at how excited I was to meet him and was completed astounded at how many fans had turned up to see him.

Steve asked me how I'd become a fan of him - I explained that years before I'd seen him ride in a race at Bishopscourt, Northern Ireland - he'd won the race easily and as he was doing his lap of honour I was doing my mad, waving, cheering bit.

Steve stopped right in front of me, gave me a big thumbs up and did a burn-out. After the race he was happy to chat to the fans, sign autographs, pose for photos etc. Hizzy never forgot his fans, and his fans will never forget him. He will be greatly missed.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. RIP Hizzy.
Lin, Belvedere

Condolences to all his family and friends...RIP Hizzy
Paul Donoghue, London

A brave and talented man. Where's the justice in this world. Here's to Hizzy enjoying himself at the circuit in the sky.
Basil Bannayi, Kent

Steve was an absolute talent on a bike, he could race the wheels off of anything. I was watching practice at the end of Cronk Y Voddy straight during the 1994 TT, he was flying and passed another rider going into the 11th milestone at amazing speed.

A collective "wow" went up from all the spectators there, we knew we were watching someone at the top of their game - it was a privilege.

I followed Steve through his career and always admired his analytical approach and his sheer enthusiasm even at 41 for riding fast bikes. I will always treasure the programme he signed for me at the 1992 TT the year he won for Norton.

Condolences to all his family and friends...this has been a tough year for motorcycling. RIP Hizzy.
Paul Donoghue, London

I was saddened to hear of Steve's death. Steve and I raced together briefly in the 250cc class when I was nearing the end of my racing career. Steve went on to Superbikes and I went into academia.

Steve and I shared a passion for aviation. I completed my fixed wing commercial ratings and Steve completed his Helicopter PPL. We spent some time discussing the route that Steve wanted to take toward a commercial helicopter licence.

Steve, you will live on in our memories
Malcolm Jeffries, Droitwich Spa

Steve's approach to flying was one of caution and respect. Like racing, and especially TT racing, flying can be very unforgiving. My work revolves around trying to reduce accidents, particularly in general aviation.

Steve's loss has reminded me of the reasons for my working in human factors and aviation. The racing and aviation worlds will miss Steve.
Dr Tony Head, Cranfield

Sad to lose Steve Hislop, one of my favourite motorcycle racers. He was an ace rider and a great, brave guy. Steve, you will live on in our memories.
Malcolm Jeffries, Droitwich Spa, England.

King of the Island, King of the track,
Perhaps the greatest of them all.
Ride the wind, Ride the heavens,
This world was too small
Too slow
For your spirit.
Alan B Mason, Amstelveen, Netherlands

A true great, a guy that seemed to be able to win on any kind of track...he'll be missed.
Jim, London

A sad loss of a most fantastic talent.
Redders, Ilkley

Steve will be sadly missed, a two wheel hero. On his day there was no better rider!
Rob Andrews, Ibstock, Leicestershire

Hizzy, you were one of the best, British Superbikes won't be the same without a great hero and a great man anymore, Godspeed to ya!!
Ben, Northants

The BSB racing world has lost a truly great man
Tracy, Sudbury

You will be sorely missed Hizzy, you was an inspirational rider to us all. A fitting tribute would be the naming of the new Oulton Park Chicane after you.
Graham, Chester

Hizzy was a great rider with passion for his sport. Even here in the Netherlands the news came as a big shock, this is a terrible loss for motorsport.
R.Loonstra, Kollumerzwaag ,Holland

The BSB racing world has lost a truly great man, with such talent and determination, he really was an inspiration to us all. I will never forget the day Steve Hislop stood on the podium at Donington last year to claim the much-deserved title of British Superbike Champion.

That memory will live on in not only in my heart, but also of all his fans. The skies are yours now Hizzy, the clouds are your race track and the sun your podium. We will miss you so much, BSB will not be the same.
Tracy, Sudbury, Suffolk

This is a tragedy to motor sport. Hislop was a legend in his own right. I have many memories of watching him ride in the Isle of Man TT, where he showed his class as a rider.

My condolences to his family and friends. May the memories of this Steve carry on through his dedicated fans and followers.
Tom Smith, East Sussex

Steve, you were a legend and you did us British proud
Jamie Fullick, Netherlands

We were saddened to hear of the tragic Loss of Steve "Hizzy" Hislop. May he rest in peace - he will now be riding high with the angels. God Bless XX
Robbie and Lynne, Kent

Tragic loss of life for someone who made a real contribution to his chosen sport and way of life. We are all the poorer for this. I extend my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
Clive James, Maidstone

Another motorcycle legend lost!! What a sad year for motorcycle racing. Steve, you were a legend and you did us British proud. You will be missed by a lot of people and never forgotten in the history of motorcycle racing. R.I.P.
Jamie Fullick, Netherlands

It was a big shock to hear of the death of such a great talent. Hizzy will always be remembered.
Norman, Ballymoney

Superbikes has lost one great rider! Steve was one of the best riders that British Superbikes have ever seen. Steve will be a Motorsport Legend for many years to come!
James Charlton, Gravesend Kent

Even here in the States, motorcycle racing fans follow the BSB series, and to see a talent like Steve gone is another terrible loss this year, not just as a racer, but as a person too. He will be missed.
Frank, USA

I work at Brands Hatch and remembered the accident at the end of 2000, he showed such determination, and admired his fight back to full recovery. Winning the championship last year just shows what a rider he was. British Superbike wont be the same without him. Rest In Peace Mate
Jim, Kent

I'm devastated! Steve was an icon to me, a great rider who was always fantastic to watch. I'll miss him.
Tony Kenneford, Gloucestershire

Watching him on the TT just showed his skill and professionalism in the sport that made him a hero to many of his fans
Steve, Selby
Hizzy had a way of making an activity that would scare the pants off most people, look as easy and simple as tying a shoelace - but at about 140mph. Brutally quick, as smooth as silk and one of the best natural talents in the sport. Two-wheeled motorsport won't be the same without him.
Doug, Hertfordshire

Beyond doubt, my favourite rider, and also a friend. Met him a few times when I was reporting on the superbikes and he was always open to chat. Shame he never got the bike or break that he deserved on a bigger stage. Watched him win 2-stroke GPs, TTs and track races many times and he will remain a legend
Jon M, Manchester

Pure genius. I can't actually believe it! He will be greatly missed and our thoughts go to his family and friends as he was a fab guy!
Dave Hall, West Byfleet, Surrey

Steve had such a talent for riding bikes fast. Watching him on the TT just showed his skill and professionalism in the sport that made him a hero to many of his fans. Such a sad loss. R.I.P.
Steve, Selby

Steve was a good friend that I first met many years ago at the Macau Grand Prix. He always said what was on his mind, even when it would possibly hurt his career - and it did, many times. Throughout his life he would suffer depression because of this, as all he wanted to do was ride at the limit of both himself and the machine.

I was fortunate and honoured to meet Hizzy on more than one occasion
Jo, Abingdon
If the machine wasn't good enough, he couldn't ride it...but if it was close to prefection, "Hizzy" could ride it better than ANYONE else by a huge margin. He couldn't get up real enthusiasm for a machine which just wasn't good enough for him.

Steve Hislop was one of the biggest unrealized talents in the world of bike racing. He took on and beat the best, even smashing Valentino's track record at Donington. I will always remember "Hizzy" coming around the mountain at the Island on the Norton Rotary and knowing that he would win that year.

An awesome talent and a much-misunderstood racer.
Clive McNeil, London

I was fortunate and honoured to meet Hizzy on more than one occasion, and I can say that he never forgot his roots and was one of the most down-to-earth men in the paddock. The world of motorcycle racing has lost another hero. Thanks for the memories Steve. We'll never forget you.
Jo, Abingdon, Oxon

Goodbye Steve we will miss your colourful style. What a champion. A great loss to the world.
Madge, London

Steve was an absolute marvel to watch and a very sound bloke to listen to. What a talent to loose.
Nik Smith, Norwich

The epitome of true grit and determination. A tragic loss to the biking world
Paul Rodgers, Greenock
His talent on the track was second to none, such a gentleman off the track, and so brave in the process.
Peter, Northants

I can't believe this has happened. Such talent, so smooth and ferociously fast. He never got the big break he deserved. I will miss BSB without him.
Martin, Malvern

I have only got into bike racing in the last couple of years and Steve was one of the best. The sport truly has lost a great.
Kevin, Shrewsbury

The epitome of true grit and determination. A tragic loss to the biking world.
Paul Rodgers, Greenock, Scotland

If you never stood at Rhencullen watching Hizzy with his front wheel at least three feet off the ground at over 130mph enjoying himself, you missed out on one the greatest motorcycling and sporting spectacles I have ever seen. Thanks for the memories Hizzy.
Peter Hudson, Harrogate

A genius and a gentleman, he will be missed for all the right reasons. RIP.
Ian, Edinburgh

Cheers Hizzy, you were very, very special
Paul Berryman, Bucks

There are many who could learn from the example Steve has set as an ambassador of British Sport. His exceptional talent will be an enormous loss to Superbikes.
Clare, Kent

An inspiration to the sport and one of the reasons I got into Superbikes in the first place. He will be missed greatly.
Ross, Wellingborough

I had the pleasure of watching Hizzy on a quiet practice day at Oulton Park from the pit wall. He was on the Monstermob Ducati and was just awesome.

As he crested the rise just before the finish line the bike was doing about 120. The front wheel was a foot and a half in the air and he was cranked over and seemingly unbothered by a quite vigorous tank slapper.

150 yards on, he had turned the bike the other way, braked and laid it into the next bend smoother than melting chocolate onto the back of a spoon.

I have watched an awful lot of bike racing and raced myself for many years. It takes a lot to impress me, but that day I was simply in awe. I am gutted. Cheers Hizzy, you were very, very special.
Paul Berryman, Bucks

Like so many others I too was looking forward to seeing Hizzy back on a Ducati and hoping for a turnaround in fortune for him.

My thoughts are with Steve's family and friends. Such a sad loss. So many of us will be missing him for a very long time to come.
Lorna Cattell, Milton Keynes

I can hardly believe it. I could never choose between Hizzy, Reynolds, Walker and Mackenzie as to who was my top hero but will always remember Hizzy's TV interviews in his Cadbury Boost season with special fondness.

In many ways for me he defined what a bike racer should be
Alan, Southampton

He was intelligent, forthright, flawed, intense, fun and hugely likeable. Thousands of people will miss you, Hizzy. My best wishes and thoughts to your friends and family.
Tim Cherrett, London

What a terrible year for bike racing - Kato, DJ, and now Hizzy. I'm a fairly recent convert to bike racing and Hizzy was the first guy that really stood out.

At times he was just so much faster than the rest of the field. When he was on it he came across as being tough, committed, and totally enjoying his racing.

If he'd got the right breaks at the right time he could have been as big as Foggy or Rossi and have beaten them. Sadly missed, in many ways for me he defined what a bike racer should be.
Alan, Southampton

Absolutely tragic. If there was ever an example of how a natural born superstar who was not appreciated by the suited people upstairs it was Steve. Motorcycle racing in any form will never be the same again.

I was privileged enough to see him race several times, and I was there at Brands when he broke his neck. He was a true hero to even consider getting on a bike after something like that.

Nobody has ever looked so comfortable, going so fast on a motorcycle.
Richard Piper, Dartford

What a terrible year so far for the motorcycling world
Paul, Dudley

Thank you so much for the enjoyment you gave to so many over these years. You will be sorely missed. Yet another star in the night sky watching over us...yours will be one of the brightest. Godspeed.
Steve David, Essex

Steve was undoubtedly the nicest and most genuine Superbike star I've met. He was an inspirational character and a true talent on the track. He will be deeply missed.
Darren Ware, Kent

Sheene, Kato, Jeffries and now Steve Hislop. What a terrible year so far for the motorcycling world. A sad loss and he will indeed be greatly missed.
Paul, Dudley

I saw Hizzy on numerous occasions this season and it was so clear that he was not getting on with the R1. The move back to a Ducati with ETI was his chance to prove once again that he was still the man.

This chance has now been taken away from him and his legion of fans throughout Superbike racing. I still cannot believe that I will never see him again.

Motorcycle sport has suffered another massive loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. God speed Steve.
Peter Stokes, West Sussex

What a shock. Steve will be remembered in much the same way as Joey Dunlop. Any rider who can win 11 TTs by 'aiming for daylight between the green bits' must be special. RIP Hizzy.
Simon, Melton Mowbray, Leics.

It is hard to imagine Superbikes without him
Craig, Burton

The first year I took my two boys to the TT, Hizzy won and they were over the moon. He will always be a hero to them.
Erika Pryde, Newbattle, Midlothian

Hizzy, you will be sadly missed - have followed you for 20 years and what a brilliant performer, especially on your ol Norton!!
Lynn and Kelly Swansborough, Godalming, Surrey

Hizzy was one of the reasons people travelled miles to see live racing.

A master at the TT and also of short circuits and so exciting on his day. He showed unbelievable determination to come back from the broken neck and Rockingham accident too, to regain the BSB championship.

Thanks for the fun along the way Hizzy, you will be sadly missed.
David Eyre, Oldham

A great talent in British and world motorcycling, he will be sadly missed. Long live the king.
Garry Holman, East Sussex, England

Steve was a wonderful talent and it is hard to imagine Superbikes without him.
Craig, Burton

Hislop was one of the greatest riders of his generation
Jon, London

Steve was a genius on a bike and a gentleman off it - he will be sadly missed.
Brian, Blackpool

He was unbelievably fast and although he will always be regarded as a flawed genius he was one of the nicest and most honest men in the sport.
Emma, Bolton

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