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A profile of the McLaren Formula 1 team

McLaren have not topped the constructors' standings since 1998


"Last season was an indifferent one for McLaren. The team won six races but they failed to mount a sustained title challenge because they started the season slowly.

"The car was off the pace in pre-season testing and beset with problems and the team just left themselves with too much to do to catch Red Bull.

"This year, testing has showed us that McLaren seem to be in a better place than at the same point in 2011. If that's the case and they can hit the ground running, they could be a thorn in the side of Red Bull.

"Jenson Button was the surprise package last year with some outstanding performances. Lewis Hamilton had a tougher season and was out of sorts, but he says he is in a much better place this season. Maybe now we will see him back to his brilliant best."


What is F1's biggest challenge?

The teams working together, surviving, growing the sport and presenting an interesting and exciting spectacle for the fans.

Does F1 need road-car manufacturers?

Nationality: British
Headquarters: Woking (UK)
Debut season: 1966
Test/reserve driver: Oliver Turvey (GB) and Gary Paffett (GB)
Team principal: Martin Whitmarsh
Technical director: Paddy Lowe
Engine: Mercedes-Benz V8
2011 position: 2nd
Constructors' titles: 8

It does not need road-car manufacturers. However, all the road-car manufacturers have made a significant contribution to the sport, and we should be absolutely grateful for that. What Formula 1 needs is an interesting sporting spectacle, to be financially viable and have some good professional teams that want to participate in it and want to create that show.

"It can do that with or without the manufacturers, but certainly we should thank the automotive manufacturers who made a contribution in the past, and we should welcome them in the future."

The best piece of advice I have ever given a driver is...

... come and drive for McLaren!

The best piece of advice I have ever received is...

... think a bit longer before making that decision.

What kind of team boss are you - hairdryer treatment or arm around the shoulder?

"Neither. I hope I'm a balanced individual who is part of the team, who wants to support drivers if they are trying hard. Mistakes will be made by drivers - that's part of motor racing. Mistakes will be made by the team. Provided everyone is working hard together as a team, we avoid the blame when things do not work out.

Are you a wheeler dealer or a techie?

Again, I hope that I'm neither. I hope that I am a balanced leader of this team but I guess by history I was more of a techie than a wheeler dealer.

What was your first paid job?

A paper round when I was 14.

What time do you set your alarm clock for?

Sadly, I don't. I wake up without one from any time around 6 o'clock. I don't need an alarm.

Can you explain your team's philosophy in three words?
McLaren exists to win: we win by being the most technologically advanced and by having the best team spirit within our organisation.

What is special about McLaren?
The people within the organisation are ultimately what makes it special.

The ethos of the company and its heritage are important, but it is the high-quality people working in a professional, dedicated way striving to meet the objectives of the organisation that makes it what it is.

Why should people support McLaren?
People should, we hope, take an interest in F1 and thereafter in determining the team they wish to support. They should look for one that they feel has the values and approach and excitement that they empathise with.

What is the most difficult thing about being a team boss?
The most difficult thing about being a team boss in F1 is the pressure and the desire to win. There are 10, we hope, teams at the first race which have good budgets, good organisations and which are extremely difficult to beat. So inevitably winning has never been more difficult than it is now in F1.

Are you worried about the future of F1?
F1 has evolved and changed many times over the years. It faces particular challenges, as does every other business or enterprise in the world at the moment.

But the underlying offering of the best drivers in the world, in the most advanced cars, racing each other is a solid proposition and, I'm sure, while it may change in form in response to outside pressures, it will be sustained as a sport.

Map of McLaren HQ

Team McLaren-Mercedes 2011 Season Stats

Last updated: Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:31 UK
Race Date Race Pts Total Pts
Australian GP 27 Mar 2011 26 26
Malaysian GP 10 Apr 2011 22 48
Chinese GP 17 Apr 2011 37 85
Turkish GP 8 May 2011 20 105
Spanish GP 22 May 2011 33 138
Monaco GP 29 May 2011 23 161
Canadian Grand Prix 12 Jun 2011 25 186
European GP 26 Jun 2011 20 206
British GP 10 Jul 2011 12 218
German GP 24 Jul 2011 25 243
Hungarian GP 31 Jul 2011 37 280
Belgian GP 28 Aug 2011 15 295
Italian GP 11 Sep 2011 30 325
Singapore GP 25 Sep 2011 28 353
Japanese GP 9 Oct 2011 35 388
Korean Grand Prix 16 Oct 2011 30 418
Indian Grand Prix 30 Oct 2011 24 442
Abu Dhabi GP 13 Nov 2011 40 482
Brazilian GP 27 Nov 2011 15 497

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Constructors' world championship

Last updated: 27 Nov 2016 14:53 UK
Position Team Points
1 Mercedes 765
2 Red Bull 468
3 Ferrari 398
4 Force India 173
5 Williams 138
6 McLaren 76
7 Toro Rosso 63
8 Haas F1 29
9 Lotus 8
10 Sauber 2

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