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F1 team review - Williams

Team Williams-Renault 2009 Season Stats

Last updated: Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:33 UK
Race Date Race Pts Total Pts
Australian GP 29 Mar 2009 3 3
Malaysian GP 5 Apr 2009 0.5 3.5
Chinese GP 19 Apr 2009 0 3.5
Bahrain GP 26 Apr 2009 0 3.5
Spanish GP 10 May 2009 1 4.5
Monaco GP 24 May 2009 3 7.5
Turkish GP 7 Jun 2009 4 11.5
British GP 21 Jun 2009 4 15.5
German GP 12 Jul 2009 5 20.5
Hungarian GP 26 Jul 2009 5 25.5
European GP 23 Aug 2009 4 29.5
Belgian GP 30 Aug 2009 1 30.5
Italian GP 13 Sep 2009 0 30.5
Singapore GP 27 Sep 2009 0 30.5
Japanese GP 4 Oct 2009 4 34.5
Brazilian GP 18 Oct 2009 0 34.5
Abu Dhabi GP 1 Nov 2009 0 34.5

"Team principal Frank Williams is the motor racing follower's hero. No-one dedicates their lives to the sport as much as Frank and his partner, director of engineering Patrick Head.

"In return for their efforts, they've had a steady year, probably better than people expected - the car has certainly been quicker than in recent seasons.

"Nico Rosberg has been the absolute shining up-and-coming driver and it will be very interesting to see how he gets on next year at Brawn with the Mercedes engine.

"Williams clearly weren't happy with Toyota, because they're moving to Cosworth next year. Taking a new, untried engine is a risk, but clearly they feel it is justified.

"They're going with Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg as drivers.

"For his age, Barrichello has impressed me greatly this year and I'm expecting fireworks from Hulkenberg in his first season.

"He could be in the mould of Sebastian Vettel - he has been hugely successful in the junior formulas and I just want to see how he is going to adapt to Formula 1. They could be a good steady team - just like this season."


Can you explain your team's philosophy in three words?
Independent, privately-owned and we just go racing.

Why do Williams race?
Because it's exciting, there is travelling, competition and it's a sport. You can earn a reasonable living at the same time if you know what you're about.

It's a great way to exist.

Nico Rosberg and Kazuki Nakajima
Nationality: English
Headquarters Grove (UK)
Debut season 1975
Test driver: Nico Hulkenberg
Team principal: Sir Frank Williams
Director of engineering: Patrick Head
Technical director: Sam Michael
Engine: Toyota V8
Total Grands Prix wins: 113
2008 position: 8th
Constructors' titles: 9

What is special about Williams?

It's a happy place to work and everyone who comes here wants to go racing. I expect all teams are similar in that respect, though.

What is the team's status in Formula 1?
All the manufacturer teams must look down at Williams and other teams like Red Bull and Force India and think they are small fry and won't be a problem. To some extent that has been true and to some extent it has not been true.

We have a wonderful history of success but we have not delivered anything near that in the last few years and have gone off the boil. You can only be judged on your achievements from race to race.

But we can reinvent ourselves and we hope we have done that over this winter.

Why should people support Williams?
We are an English team, we are pretty accessible and we are a proper racing team.

What does a team boss do?
My principal job is to make sure there is money in the bank at all times and that means marketing. The second job is to represent the team at all the F1 team meetings.

If you are not sharp enough or you dip out on the regulation changes then you come from a different direction, so you need pay attention at team meetings.

What is the most difficult thing about being a team boss?
One is raising the money but as an employer, and it happens very rarely, it is having to say goodbye to a long-time employee.

Williams is not a family business but it is a company that uses christian names from top to bottom and has very good internal communications.

Are you worried about the future of F1?
I don't think so, no. It will be going through some rough times while the world is in this recession but the recession is not everywhere.

If you make a product you have got to sell it and the commercial side of F1 is another way of selling a product.

It's exciting and has enormous television coverage in an international sense and that is a value.

Map of UK showing the Williams F1 base

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Constructors' world championship

Last updated: 27 Nov 2016 14:53 UK
Position Team Points
1 Mercedes 765
2 Red Bull 468
3 Ferrari 398
4 Force India 173
5 Williams 138
6 McLaren 76
7 Toro Rosso 63
8 Haas F1 29
9 Lotus 8
10 Sauber 2

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