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Adrian Sutil

Force India

F1 team review - Force India

Adrian Sutil 2009 Season Stats

Last updated: Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:33 UK
Race Date Start Finish Race Pts Total Pts
Australian GP 29 Mar 2009 16 9 0 0
Malaysian GP 5 Apr 2009 19 17 0 0
Chinese GP 19 Apr 2009 18 17 0 0
Bahrain GP 26 Apr 2009 19 16 0 0
Spanish GP 10 May 2009 19 20 0 0
Monaco GP 24 May 2009 15 14 0 0
Turkish GP 7 Jun 2009 15 17 0 0
British GP 21 Jun 2009 20 17 0 0
German GP 12 Jul 2009 7 15 0 0
Hungarian GP 26 Jul 2009 17 19 0 0
European GP 23 Aug 2009 12 10 0 0
Belgian GP 30 Aug 2009 11 11 0 0
Italian GP 13 Sep 2009 2 4 5 5
Singapore GP 27 Sep 2009 15 18 0 5
Japanese GP 4 Oct 2009 8 13 0 5
Brazilian GP 18 Oct 2009 3 18 0 5
Abu Dhabi GP 1 Nov 2009 17 17 0 5

"Force India have had an ever-improving car and a great Mercedes-Benz engine in 2009, and Adrian Sutil has made good use of it to an extent.

"He scored his best result of his career with fourth at the Italian Grand Prix but it was a bit of a lonely race.

"Those were his only points of the season mainly because he seems to be an accident magnet.

"He's not a Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton but he's more than good enough for an F1 seat.

"I expect him to stay at Force India in 2010 along with Vitantonio Liuzzi."


Adrian Sutil
German Sutil is a backmarker hoping to make a move up the grid in 2009

What three words would you use to describe what it's like to be a Formula 1 driver?
It's very difficult to put it into three words. I can do three phrases: discipline, hard work but fun and satisfying.

What is the biggest perk of the job?
You're one of only 20 drivers to be able to drive F1 cars in races. The reaction to this from the outside world is very positive - everyone is happy to see you and you're treated well on the whole.

How would you like to be remembered as an F1 driver?
As somebody who takes a risk.

What is your most embarrassing sporting moment?
There was one in Formula BMW some time ago. I was racing another car and was really concentrating on slipstreaming him that I forgot to brake!

I flew over the top of him and when I say flew, I really mean it! There were a lot of problems after that.

The organisers threatened to take my licence away from me. It was just one risk too far that time.

Who is the worst dressed Formula One driver?
I have some ideas, but I don't think I can really say! I'm not a fashion designer so I don't think I can judge.

Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost?

Spa or Monaco?
A really difficult question as I love them both, but I'd have to say Spa. I like the way it flows through nature, there's a real flair to it.

Monaco is great, too, but when you're off the track there's so much going on. Spa is just pure racing.

Adrian Sutil's 2009 helmet
Previous team: Spyker
Car number: 20
Nationality: German
Born: 11/01/1983, Starnberg
Grand Prix debut: Australia 2007
Grands Prix entered: 52
Highest race finish: 4th
Points: 6

If you weren't an F1 driver what would you be?

A stuntman. I love adrenaline and taking risks.

Who is the greatest sportsman of all time?
There are so many people you could say; Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, but I would have to go for Roger Federer.

He has been at the top of his game for so long and he really is the best. His head is so strong, it's unbelievable.

Even when he is losing, he can change the course of the match by being strong. It's a real talent to have.

What would be your perfect day off?
It depends. There are some times that you get to spend five weeks in five-star hotels that are great, but at the end of the time all you want to do is go home.

Yet when I'm at home, I really want to be away again!

If I had to choose a setting though it would be outdoors in a location where the scenery is beautiful, it's quiet and you really enjoy nature.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
I like Asia a lot. I've been to Bali every year for the past few years and I like Thailand too.

Apart from a house what is the most expensive thing that you own?
My road car - I drive an Audi RS4 at the moment.

What is your favourite item of clothing?
I change my wardrobe a lot but I like anything by DSquared.

What is your favourite music to drive to?
Plenty of house music, but right now I'm listening to the new Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy. It's a great album.

Which famous person - dead or alive - would you like to have dinner with and why?
I'm a huge James Bond fan so it would have to be Sean Connery. He was the best Bond in my mind.

Tell us something about yourself that most F1 fans might not know
When I was younger we used to go sailing a lot. My father was really into boats and I spent a lot of time out on the water with him.

I also used to be a very good inline skater. I could do flips and lots of moves - I even had the right clothes. Very baggy trousers and big T-shirts. A bit like (Force India test driver) Tonio (Liuzzi) wears now.

Steve McQueen or Paul Newman?
They are both big racers and I like them both as they are fantastic actors, but Paul Newman just has it in the end. He had great success as a team owner.

Boxers or briefs?

Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley?
(Adrian didn't know who Keira Knightley was - he was then shown a photograph)

I don't like Angelina Jolie, she is really not my type and Keira Knightley - I don't know her. Actually neither. Neither are my type!

James Bond or Austin Powers?
James Bond for sure. It's obvious.

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